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First to Catch Ash Ketchum's Pokémon Wins

  • Am 30 Sep 2022 veröffentlicht
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    Edited by Katie Rose
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    Songs included from Lud and Schlatts Musical Emporium
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  • MandJTV Plays
    MandJTV Plays  Vor Monat +1024

    "You forgot Beedrill/Raticate/Seaking!" We did not! As I say at 2:26, we only care about Pokemon Ash had for at least one episode. All of those he had for less than the duration of an entire episode. (also get your Mytey plush and Team Sky merch at ▶ mandjtvmerch.com/ ◀)

    • T Games
      T Games Vor 19 Tage

      @carlas 17 plus, you can only get it from pokemon go.

    • T Games
      T Games Vor 19 Tage

      @carlas 17 its literally mythical.


      You forgot arbok,weezing and meowth.Remember the graduation episode?

    • Aaron Le Grande
      Aaron Le Grande Vor Monat

      We need Team Sky Mytey Merch

    • PKMN Trainer Mark
      PKMN Trainer Mark Vor Monat

      When did he have Seaking?

  • PM7
    PM7 Vor Monat +863

    I still can't believe Bulbasaur would do that to me

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy Vor Monat +1473

    I think if the John Michael cup comes down to Mikey and John having 11 points, the final should be a metronome battle
    Edit: o please lord let the michael groth see this comment for the cup is in the perfect situation for this

  • LadyLiddell
    LadyLiddell Vor Monat +302

    Seeing Grunty Boy go from stealing Mikey's sponsored products to asking for his code has been such great character growth.

  • UnovaKid 24
    UnovaKid 24 Vor Monat +881

    Mikey saying "I don't want another Churro incident" has the same energy and casualness of "I would have had extras but, you know, the Llama incident" from Milo Murphy's Law lol

  • Art Block
    Art Block Vor Monat +449

    I love how much pain could be avoided if John would just battle the trainers during his play throughs lol

    • Leoxxnela
      Leoxxnela Vor Monat

      Did you notice that Michael dressed up in ash’s clothes?

    • Steakismeat
      Steakismeat Vor Monat +4

      @Lord Remiem I want to get to the next town and fighting trainers can get so tedious if a pokemon faints and then I need to go back and heal before continuing

    • Oiram 94
      Oiram 94 Vor Monat +5

      @Lord Remiem possibly due to overleveling issues. If you fight every trainer and catch every pokemon in lets go then you do tend to overlevel quick.

    • Lord Remiem
      Lord Remiem Vor Monat +5

      Honestly it shocks me when people skips trainers. Why are you leaving content behind? You are SKIPPING things and not completing everything?!

    • Steakismeat
      Steakismeat Vor Monat +17

      I dont blame PM7 I do the same thing, what I do blame him for is not going back and beating them in preparation for these vids

    ARLOW Vor Monat +103

    I don’t read the comments much so not sure if this has been mentioned already but I got to say Mikey’s little team sky voice along with his grunty boi voice is just iconic. Please never stop the voices! They are so entertaining. Also John rocks! Love the collabs

  • emmettspeaks
    emmettspeaks Vor Monat +63

    Even if the competition ends with a mikey victory, can y'all still keep making videos together this year? I would love to see more videos of you two together, especially during the holidays, etc.

    • MandJTV Plays
      MandJTV Plays  Vor Monat +53

      Oh don't you worry, Scarlet and Violet will be the start of a lot of fun stuff

    • The Mildly Concerned Kitten
      The Mildly Concerned Kitten Vor Monat +12

      Tbis is labelled as s1 on the playlist so we will at least (hopefully) get a s2 in the future. Super psyched.
      Would love to see more collabs from them, though, it would he awesome to see them do more outside of the JM Cup too if they have the time and inspiration and want~

  • Davis Dunkleberger
    Davis Dunkleberger Vor Monat +28

    If Mikey wins this cup, the editors need to put the clip from Fairly OddParents in with John's face on Timmy's Dad. "This is where I'd put my trophy. IF I HAD ONE"

  • Jon Olivier
    Jon Olivier Vor Monat +89

    I feel like John is never gonna let you live the Drowzee thing down.

    • Jennifer Daza
      Jennifer Daza Vor Monat +3

      He will never,even in death

    • Kylie Skousen
      Kylie Skousen Vor Monat +7

      @Kaleidos well, a sabbatical is a paid leave, and Mikey was still getting paid from other videos, and it had been about seven years of hard work…

    • Brendan Hart
      Brendan Hart Vor Monat +7

      I love the drowzee jokes, hope they continue

    • Kaleidos
      Kaleidos Vor Monat +13

      Every time he misuses "Sabbatical" because he erroneously thinks it's synonymous with "Hiatus" John will make another Drowzee joke. It's simply a law of the universe.

  • InsaneTacoz
    InsaneTacoz Vor Monat +26

    That Lapras moment was so beautifully timed

  • TheNova'sAura
    TheNova'sAura Vor Monat +142

    Let's appreciate the amount of time and effort he puts into these videos!

    • Ditto
      Ditto Vor Monat +1

      Appreciated 😃

  • Neotono
    Neotono Vor Monat +22

    I hope that when the John Michael cup is over it isn't the end of the random contests. The banter as they compete is some if the best content on either channel.

  • 92CheshireCat
    92CheshireCat Vor Monat +67

    Couldn’t have asked for a better start to my birthday than seeing these 2 go at it again!

  • Savannah Mae
    Savannah Mae Vor Monat +77

    This competition has brought me such Joy this year. I honestly want them to get down till 11:00 versus 11:00 so the final competition decides it all. But mostly I just want more videos with these guys cuz they're absolutely hilarious

  • LARVA en Español
    LARVA en Español Vor Monat +3

    I love how much pain could be avoided if John would just battle the trainers during his play throughs lol

  • Vena Cava
    Vena Cava Vor Monat +538

    That "no repeat" rule is critical because of all those Tauros he caught.

    • Nugget
      Nugget Vor Monat

      @01Danni10 evolution only counts if the Pokemon can't be caught in the wild.

    • 01Danni10
      01Danni10 Vor Monat

      @Nugget Yeah! I know but Ash caught Caterpie first and Evolve it to Butterfree.

    • Pokemon Star Wars
      Pokemon Star Wars Vor Monat

      @01Danni10 evolution only counted for Mankey because you can't find a Primeape in the wild

    • Nugget
      Nugget Vor Monat +1

      @01Danni10 Butterfree was the final form it had when it left ash. Ash's Butterfree, not Ash's Caterpie.

    • 01Danni10
      01Danni10 Vor Monat

      @Nugget 12:18 Evolution counts? 🤔
      Is Evolving a Caterpie also counts?

  • Daniel Jay
    Daniel Jay Vor Monat +30

    I will never not be amazed at how Mikey constantly has better luck than John😂

  • Chris Schoenthaler
    Chris Schoenthaler Vor Monat +46

    I’m just happy that Mikey and Grunty Boy are making plans to visit a county fair.
    It’s wonderful how this friendship has blossomed.

  • Safi Draws
    Safi Draws Vor Monat +30

    The Sun and Moon anime had some very emotional moments. Even a whole episode dealing with the concept of death and grief.

    • Foxian Manaphy
      Foxian Manaphy Vor Monat +3

      @Kiryn I absolutely agree. It's one of the few times I've cried watching Pokemon.

    • Kiryn
      Kiryn Vor Monat +4

      God, I'm still not over those 2 episodes ("One Journey Ends, Another Begins" and "Memories in the Mist", iirc). 😭😭😭😭

  • Eevee Lord
    Eevee Lord Vor Monat +24

    You should do this for every generation! Then again that'd be pretty short for Sun & Moon, XY, and Journeys

    • Yovi
      Yovi Vor Monat

      or they could just play sword and shield, where they are allowed to catch any pokemon ever owned by Ash, even those like the Raticate in Kanto. So basically anyone who counts as a Caught pokemon in Ash's pikedex.

    • Eevee Lord
      Eevee Lord Vor Monat

      @R4nd0m Guy or they could include past regions?

    • R4nd0m Guy
      R4nd0m Guy Vor Monat +2

      XY would be especially easy, because, including Pikachu, Ash only had 6 team members for that region. I would add the condition to also catch every Pokemon that he has that could mega-evolve. I'm not sure if they should count Gible though, because he didn't get to evolve it. Maybe all fully evolved Pokemon capable of mega-evolution?

  • Red Pyramid
    Red Pyramid Vor Monat +11

    That ending was heart pounding, I didn't know who was gonna win.

  • Maw The MAW
    Maw The MAW Vor Monat +17

    The way the Lapras just stop right in front of Mikey is astounding to me

  • MegaMaster1021
    MegaMaster1021 Vor Monat +9

    since you mentioned emotional moments in the sun and moon anime the Litten's mentor a stoutland was slowly dying and during the episode there was a tree with a few leafs on it which at times were being blown off one by one showing how little time the stoutland had until he passed away, Litten screamed into the sky sadden by the news
    meowth was also sadden by the news that he came to cheer the Litten up the last thing he see is clouds forming Stoutland

  • LuckyOwl777
    LuckyOwl777 Vor Monat +5

    It would be really cool to see you two work together to do BirdKeeperToby's Masterdex challenge. It would be a lot of work, but I think it would be cool to see a co-op series like that

  • Insult to the Human Race

    Even if Team Sky's leader wins the competition overall, John does get many points for that comeback with the Snorlax catch. That was cool.

  • J75Pootle
    J75Pootle Vor Monat +11

    1:00 if the editor deliberately synced Mikey's laugh with the music here then they are absolutely genius

  • jordan Butler
    jordan Butler Vor 22 Tage +1

    I love how witty the commentary between Mikey and John is. John says things that don’t make sense, Mikey calls him out, John retaliates with some witty comeback and it just works and dramatic edit of Mikey being fake offended. Love it. Also, love how John is driving the Drowsee thing into the ground whenever he can. No matter what, he finds a way to bring it up.

  • Ancientelixir 1
    Ancientelixir 1 Vor Monat +19

    The laugh Mikey makes is always the best part of these videos.

  • The_Godbodor
    The_Godbodor Vor Monat +4

    Ash’s Gengar was abandoned by his previous trainer at the steps of what became the professor’s lab where he would play pranks on the researchers until Ash helped him and Gengar joined Ash’s team. The guy who previously owned the Gengar left him there because he was sick of Gengar’s pranks.

  • Pokepplayer Dumbass
    Pokepplayer Dumbass Vor Monat +1

    I thought Mikey would honestly just find a Snorlax while John was catching his and masterball it lmao

  • Cheese man
    Cheese man Vor Monat +7

    The lapras suddenly appearing and stopping in front of mikey was hilarious

  • SMToon Malay
    SMToon Malay Vor Monat +3

    Mikey saying "I don't want another Churro incident" has the same energy and casualness of "I would have had extras but, you know, the Llama incident" from Milo Murphy's Law lol

  • Some random guy on the internet

    The way 1:00 is timed with the music is absolutely amazing

  • Kedo
    Kedo Vor Monat +1

    I love how much pain could be avoided if John would just battle the trainers during his play throughs lol

  • Ryan Guilherme
    Ryan Guilherme Vor Monat +7

    1:01 to 1:03
    I Love how Michael's laugh synced perfectly with the music

  • TheShinyMagician
    TheShinyMagician Vor Monat +4

    You and PM7 should do a halloween one. Where you give each other a random ghost type pokedex entry. You would have to try to guess the ghost type by catching it. If you get it right you get a point. The dex entry can be from any game that existed. However you would be playing in the switch games only.

  • Ribotto Studios
    Ribotto Studios Vor Monat +60

    Yes Gengar was abandoned because his original trainer couldn't win and couldn't catch Pokemon. He attributed his bad luck to Gengar, and told Gengar to wait for him to come back.
    And so he did. But because it was abandoned when the trainer returned, it attacked him, and all humans. I honestly don't get how people can be so mean to Pokemon. Like animal abuse tends to land people with the inability to have animals and prison time in some cases. I wonder what the law for Pokemon abuse would be like.
    Also yes Ash releasing Greninja THE dumbest thing the anime has done since just all of black and white. And for the DUMBEST REASON too. And no I will never shut up about it.

    • Ash Greninja-Flurriko
      Ash Greninja-Flurriko Vor Monat

      @Ribotto Studios so yeah. It has no excuse of needing Greninja to find those roots. Your job is literally cleaning up the ecosystem. That's like having someone else water your plants when it's your responsibility to take care of them.

    • Ribotto Studios
      Ribotto Studios Vor Monat

      @Ash Greninja-Flurriko make it make sense 😆

    • Ash Greninja-Flurriko
      Ash Greninja-Flurriko Vor Monat

      @Zekromtrainer12 and that's coming from the so-called legendary whose main purpose is to protect Kalos' ecosystem.

    • Pharrel Donkor
      Pharrel Donkor Vor Monat

      @Ribotto Studios who dont

    • Ribotto Studios
      Ribotto Studios Vor Monat

      @Zekromtrainer12 Thanks, I _HATE_ it.

  • MatsuyoRific
    MatsuyoRific Vor Monat +2

    I would have gone for the Mankey earlier on, so that other catches would count towards his lvl up exp

  • TheFireSpecialist
    TheFireSpecialist Vor Monat +3

    This is awesome!! I love anime crossover content! In terms of currently Owned (Oak's Lab/On Team) Kanto Pokemon, Ash has- Pikachu, Charizard, Bulbasaur, Kingler, Snorlax, Muk, Gengar, Mr. Mime, Tauros, and Dragonite.
    Pokemon he has Given Away/Released/Traded Away- Butterfree, Pidgeot, Primeape, Raticate, Beedrill, Seaking, and Laprus.
    In total: 10 Owned, 7 Use to Own.

  • Supreme King 17
    Supreme King 17 Vor Monat +5

    Congratulations on your victory. Your videos with John are always fun to watch.

  • 01Danni10
    01Danni10 Vor Monat +1

    1:46 Technically that should be 3 Points for PM7! 🤔
    He just caught a Caterpie instead when the Bulbasaur he tried to Catch disappeared!
    Caterpie was Ash's first ever Pokemon Catch! 😄

  • Hughes Tube
    Hughes Tube Vor Monat +3

    I'd just like to say that you and the other Pokémon content creators on DEclips are some of the most wholesome and enjoyable gaming channels around. Highly recommended to absolutely everyone!

  • Riley Neville
    Riley Neville Vor Monat +1

    That was such a good episode of the JM cup! Keep up the good work, maybe in a future video you could do the first person to catch the other person’s top 10 favourite Pokémon barring legends wins

    • Jet Saige
      Jet Saige Vor Monat

      Or a stretch of forcing them to catch their least favorite pokemon barring legendaries

  • The Corrupt Guy
    The Corrupt Guy Vor Monat

    My heart absolutely dropped when he said 'I remember magnemite taking a ridiculously long time' because guess who's shiny hunting one while watching this

    • The Corrupt Guy
      The Corrupt Guy Vor Monat

      I'm on the second attempt because i found the wrong shiny the first time

  • Jessica Frawley
    Jessica Frawley Vor Monat

    I love the video and I hope you do a second one where you catch all of Ash’s Pokémon including the Kanto’s ones also would love see what Pokémon would you get if you trade the 29 Tauros that Ash (he least would keep the one that he battle with) has just for the fun of it

  • Blake Cochran
    Blake Cochran Vor Monat

    You guys should do this same challenge but in different generations I know I would love it!

  • Billy Kepner
    Billy Kepner Vor Monat +1

    Subtly breaking the 4th wall when you told grunty boy that you’re the same when discussing the coffee. Smooth 😎

  • Alex Butala
    Alex Butala Vor Monat +1

    As for emotional moments in newer Pokemon, there's a whole episode in Sun and Moon that deals with a Pokemon dying of old age. That one gets emotional.

  • Roblox Animation
    Roblox Animation Vor Monat +1

    I love watching your DEclips channel! It's always fun to watch.

  • IAmMissingnoMaster
    IAmMissingnoMaster Vor Monat

    Idea for the next one- catch all the Unown in Gen 2 in alphabetical order. I specify Gen 2 because the Unown Dex in Gen 2 fills in in the order in which you caught the Unown, and does not have an option to switch to alphabetical. Also, in Gen 2, Unown can flee, giving this an added element of risk. Optionally, you can choose to allow or forbid stuff like sleep-inducing moves to try and improve your chances, depends on how intense you want to make it.

  • DryBones271
    DryBones271 Vor Monat

    This is gonna sound mean, but I want Mikey to lose enough times so Jon catch up, so the last challenge is 11 - 11 so it can be for all the marbles. Stakes!

  • Mekoma Mizuko
    Mekoma Mizuko Vor Monat +2

    Y’all are iconic I love it 😂

  • Scott Sandler
    Scott Sandler Vor Monat +303

    Wondering if John and Mikey remember to catch Raticate, Beedrill, and Seaking

    • Glenda Page
      Glenda Page Vor 16 Tage

      It was to op to add

    • Raichu games
      Raichu games Vor Monat +1

      @MandJTV Plays don’t tell pm7 but I hope you win😊

    • Aerix
      Aerix Vor Monat

      @MandJTV Plays ok but. he had a snorlax in more than one episode

    • Ash Greninja-Flurriko
      Ash Greninja-Flurriko Vor Monat

      @Robbie Q that was only from a fishing competition in the anime

    • Majestic Espeon
      Majestic Espeon Vor Monat +1

      @Dustin Benzel I know but I was just saying if you wanna get technical like for instance his Pideot He didn’t have that for a full episode he only had it for half an episode so technically the pre-evolved form should be caught not the final evolution

  • Nexo
    Nexo Vor Monat +9

    Anyone ever wonder if meltan/melmetal counts since those Pokemon are in let's go but require pogo to get

    • Joshua Daveluy
      Joshua Daveluy Vor Monat +2

      ​@MandJTV Plays lol KING MICHAEL WITH THE MEMES!🥳🥳🥳 also, if I pay you $1,000,000,000, can I be a Team SKY Admin??? I will forward you the cash after you reply. I am not joking, I WILL DO IT!!

    • Charizard78
      Charizard78 Vor Monat +2

      aw man

    • MandJTV Plays
      MandJTV Plays  Vor Monat +13

      ain't nobody got time for that

  • Christopher Burris
    Christopher Burris Vor Monat

    You know i love the thought of Mikey stopping in the middle of the competition in order to do the promo and in all that time John still doesn't make any progress. I know that it's done separately and inserted later but the thought still makes me chuckle.

  • Bladed Chaos
    Bladed Chaos Vor Monat

    It's hilarious to me how the frogs keep betraying him when he is known as the frog guy.

  • Turner Family
    Turner Family Vor Monat +1

    While watching this vid I made it to the elite four and I’m so happy thx for the great content😇

  • Mazhar Siddiqi
    Mazhar Siddiqi Vor Monat +1

    Loved this idea and video
    Hope do rest of the teams as well
    Competition idea for Halloween: Catch the Pokémon after only hearing it's DARKEST Dex entry

  • Erik Anderson
    Erik Anderson Vor Monat

    This is not a sponsored comment but OMG, Trade is dope! I’ve had my subscription for over a year and loooove it. My thanks to Michael & Trade for keeping me caffeinated!

  • M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!

    Mikey saying "I don't want another Churro incident" has the same energy and casualness of "I would have had extras but, you know, the Llama incident" from Milo Murphy's Law lol

  • Vigilante PH
    Vigilante PH Vor Monat

    This series is so good it makes my tail wiggles

  • Katie Simms
    Katie Simms Vor Monat

    It’s fun seeing challenges like this! Maybe a sequel challenge of sorts with catching Pokémon Ash or his friends caught in different regions. Of course, that’d be challenging for certain games (Ash only having 2 Galarian Pokémon and Goh having way too many to count), but other than that...or even having to find Pokémon caught by certain characters. Just a suggestion. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Isabella Sears
    Isabella Sears Vor Monat +2

    Of course the original series made me cry sometimes, but Ash releasing Goodra and Greninja was just so sad. My brother and I watched it together and we were NOT ok

  • Kirby Kong
    Kirby Kong Vor Monat +4

    Add "Churro incident" to the list of incidents that grunty boi has caused while hanging out with Mikey

  • Logan Lopp
    Logan Lopp Vor 23 Tage +2

    "Come to me, Chairizahd" is the best line I've ever heard

  • NinJenna
    NinJenna Vor Monat

    I've been rooting for you this whole time Mikey, but I want John to catch up so the ending will be more exciting 😁

  • Ryujomaru15
    Ryujomaru15 Vor Monat +2

    I have a fun idea, since you both caught different Pokémon Ash owns how about you both make the best possible teams of 6 out of the Pokémon you caught to see which Ash team is the best. Does that sound good?

  • Majora Ex
    Majora Ex Vor Monat

    tiebreaker could have been Raticate since Ash received one in a trade, even though he traded it back he still had it for a little bit.

  • Gaming Cindy Youngers

    I love how Mikey and Grunty Boi once had this rivalry, and now they are friends.

  • Unikittie_11
    Unikittie_11 Vor Monat +1

    I feel like John's gonna tie the cup and them either win or lose to a drowzee

  • Wafflz
    Wafflz Vor Monat

    I love your content ❤

  • SoCal Trojan
    SoCal Trojan Vor Monat

    Your competitions make Pokémon more enjoyable. Please sirs may I have some more. 😁

  • GBHtrain
    GBHtrain Vor Monat

    When this competition is over, I'm gonna playlist your challenges and watch them all in order

  • DragonTamerPennie
    DragonTamerPennie Vor Monat

    I also thought Mikey was going to call the Cubone a peasant. 😂

  • Oscar Willimott
    Oscar Willimott Vor Monat +1

    Anyone remember Ash's Snorlax that had 6 moves? Me too.

  • galactic pheonix
    galactic pheonix Vor Monat

    i'm gonna miss the cup, seeing them recording together and racing to getting things is one of the most entertainign thingso n youtube for me rn

  • RedThunderDan
    RedThunderDan Vor Monat +1

    The one who loses should quickly catch Seaking and Beedrill to win! Ash caught a beedrill in the Bug catching Contest and gave it to Casey, Ash Also caught a seaking and then I think just released it.
    An arguement could be made for Raticate too when he owned one breifly when he traded butterfree

  • Demascus3
    Demascus3 Vor Monat

    Y'all, you can aim the PokeBall before you throw it. Just point the joycon at the Pokemon, press the button, THEN wind up. The reason it keeps going to the side is because you don't aim it so it doesn't know where to go

  • Ashley Lewis
    Ashley Lewis Vor Monat +1

    I feel so bad for John especially after last episode with the Eternatus nonsense xd

  • hcherni
    hcherni Vor Monat +2

    Congrats on getting on trending!

  • ILostMyRobloxUser
    ILostMyRobloxUser Vor Monat


  • Good Gregory
    Good Gregory Vor Monat +3

    1:00 I like how his laugh synced up with the music

  • Lux Mundi
    Lux Mundi Vor Monat

    also a fun thing would be Ash's Beedrill that he caught in Johto and gave to Casey

    MUSHROOM! Vor Monat +6

    "I removed my Pikachu's closing"

  • just some random dude

    PM7: "YES YES YES!"

  • Sandy sander
    Sandy sander Vor Monat

    The way Mikey's laugh lines up perfectly with captain toad's theme

  • Lord Remiem
    Lord Remiem Vor Monat +1

    Wow 🤔 last time I remember Ash, he had Pikachu, Charizard, Butterfree, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pidgeotto and... no other mons 😳

  • Electricat
    Electricat Vor Monat +1

    Fun fact about squirtle and charmander spawns charmander can spawn after entering the cave and before the town. And squirtle can be found in the icy cave in the middle of the ocean.

  • ArthurTRead
    ArthurTRead Vor Monat +2

    I was gonna say the tiebreaker should've been the first to catch 30 tauros
    also john losing after that clutch snorlax :')

  • TheKidblazer1
    TheKidblazer1 Vor Monat

    i believe ash can literally visit his pidgeot anytime he goes to pallet town atleast he promised to come back for it
    that gengar jab was just ow gengar was abandoned and had a great training moment with the rest of ash's pokemons

  • Joey Elliott
    Joey Elliott Vor Monat

    I want to see you both race to catch Ash’s entire roster (atleast final stage) and get them in home.

  • Drew McIndoe
    Drew McIndoe Vor Monat

    Also this has been the best episode of the JM Cup yet.....prove me wrong

  • Phillip Bracha
    Phillip Bracha Vor Monat

    Fun fact. Even if John pressed B, the haunter would still evolve. You can't stop trade and/or stone evolutions

  • DryBones271
    DryBones271 Vor Monat

    Y'know in theory one of you SHOULD have gotten Mankey first, that way the xp you get from the other captures would have build up to get Primeape.

  • Sayer!
    Sayer! Vor Monat +1

    is it just me or did michael's laugh match with the music at 1:00
    that had me laughing so hard

  • Simply Michi
    Simply Michi Vor Monat +1

    Currently staying up past midnight (which is very unusual for me) due to nausea and anxiety. Thanks for being such a great and funny distraction from it, I think I might be able to finally fall asleep now 💖

  • Kedo
    Kedo Vor Monat

    Let's appreciate the amount of time and effort he puts into these videos!

  • ZenoDLC
    ZenoDLC Vor Monat

    Are everstones a thing in let's go? Would be incredible to have the winner give the loser an everstone haunter and the loser keeps the everstone as a consolation prize

  • King Leonidas
    King Leonidas Vor Monat

    If it were me I would’ve caught a mankey first just to get the levels going early. Also I totally forgot about Snorlax.