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MrBeast Reveals His Secret YouTube Formula and How He Plans to be Worth $100 Billion!

  • Am 28 Sep 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Happy Dad

    Fruit Punch was stocked !

  • Robert Riley
    Robert Riley Vor 14 Stunden +23

    Brad is absolutely crushing the pod. You can tell he really cares, does his research, and prepares for each one

  • Michael Rivera

    Stieny is like that little brother your mom forces you to bring along with you.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy  +750

    Brad's value to this pod is insane, he is really good at opening up the guest without making them uncomfortable

  • BornYesterday
    BornYesterday Vor 4 Stunden +4

    Damnnn bro he was so ready to get that clout and i know he felt that BURN when he found out they were joking

  • Diamond
    Diamond Vor 9 Stunden +1

    I don't usually watch podcast like this but I saw a clip from a short that got me intrigued, did not disappoint! & can't wait to try Happy Dad!

    CHOPO Vor 12 Stunden

    The only thing I ever can ask for is a personal

  • Scalpie
    Scalpie  +2

    Brad deserves to be a host, he elevates the whole podcast imo.

  • Mateo Garzon
    Mateo Garzon Vor 2 Stunden

    This guy loves his life

  • Nikyo Onion

    Brad nailed this interview, had his research and questions in line - came prepared and comes across so natural. I don’t know why Steiny is even here he repeated questions like 3 times, asked garbage questions and cut off the others when they were on a roll - get him booted

    CHOPO Vor 12 Stunden

    And I’m not even commenting about brad because he is the best of the podcast without him or Kyle this shit would be nothing but at the end of the day I respect your guys decisions more than my own because you are successful and that’s okay fuck jealousy and envy learn from other people have an healthy ego these people can teach you a lot ; natural talents are more important than any agenda you can Cook up from the government or conspiracies these guys are learning jus as mush as we are but the fact they are blessed with Millions of dollars we are lost sometimes to mix them up with the “lizard “ people but like I said I can be wrong I’m not speaking from and standpoint aspect of knowing it all but I have a perception of beyond of what is showed beyond what we know I believe you guys are leaning as you go as we go the same way and jus because of your success we are lost in the sauce and if I’m wrong fuck it feed your family guys I understand this shit is hard to deal

  • Mason Gronen

    Stein gotta go, the fact he’s still online with you guys or Steve or anyone is mind blowing.

  • ArturoG
    ArturoG  +114

    Brad carried this hard. He actually researches and asks questions on that. Incredible job

  • Michael Winterson

    No joke. Brad kept this podcast alive. Need to get him on more. Dude really knows what to ask.


    Brad is nice addition he brings so much more perspective to the show and his curiosity makes him a great addition. I almost forgot steiny was a host as well.

  • Prithvi Kewalramani

    Bradley is such a fantastic co-host you should keep him on

  • chris sanchez

    Brad is soooo good at podcasting. You have to keep getting him on.

  • Thomas Richardson

    Starting from

  • Justinexo
    Justinexo Vor 9 Stunden

    BrAd makes The podcast only reason I watch

  • jazmin sanchez

    The best part about Brad is his curiosity. You can tell he genuinely cares to learn about another person. Makes this podcast so much more entertaining. He’s a keeper !!!