Zazie Beetz Explains Net Neutrality | Now You Know | Vogue

  • Am 17 Okt 2018 veröffentlicht
  • Before you vote in the midterm elections this November, Zazie Beetz wants you to understand net neutrality.

    Director: Hailey Gates
    Fashion Editor: Anny Choi
    Filmed at SouthBox Gym
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    Zazie Beetz Explains Net Neutrality | Now You Know | Vogue


  • xerxes
    xerxes Vor 2 Monate


  • Marty Rushmore
    Marty Rushmore Vor 2 Monate +1

    0:47. Yup, I'm into Politics now.

  • Hureji
    Hureji Vor 3 Monate

    awesome way to do this video but i can't be the only one who was begging her to take her earrings off
    i know it was just for the video but ahhhhh

  • kevinth86
    kevinth86 Vor 3 Monate

    She was really good in Deadpool 2

  • mulenga sampa
    mulenga sampa Vor 3 Monate

    Earrings in boxing

  • decentradical
    decentradical Vor 3 Monate

    She's terrible for this role. I didn't hear a single word she said. I was hypnotized throughout the video.

  • Ariel Muñoz Rojas
    Ariel Muñoz Rojas Vor 4 Monate


  • 5hawn
    5hawn Vor 4 Monate +1

    Why do Boxing couches Massage the boxers shoulders? I never got that.

  • FrozenFish
    FrozenFish Vor 4 Monate

    Is it weird that I want her to beat me up?

  • TheKlauspc
    TheKlauspc Vor 5 Monate

    i'm in love with this woman!

  • Dope Action
    Dope Action Vor 5 Monate

    i snack on here all night

  • Cybercity Oedo 808
    Cybercity Oedo 808 Vor 5 Monate

    Is this Educational Erotica? 🤔

  • nathanieldayspring00
    nathanieldayspring00 Vor 5 Monate

    Nothing and no one is neutral. No matter what it says on paper.

  • Incredible Tom
    Incredible Tom Vor 6 Monate +2

    Omg she looks exactly like my ex girlfriend 😱😱😱.

  • Joe Gibbs
    Joe Gibbs Vor 6 Monate +1

    I really ought to buy my wife a skipping rope.

    THEWALRUSBALL Vor 7 Monate


  • Upor Jordan
    Upor Jordan Vor 8 Monate +1

    bruh she's so hot I can hardly focus on what she's saying.

  • Cjango Freeman
    Cjango Freeman Vor 8 Monate

    Trump, an incompetent Indian (are there other kinds?). corporate evil, what can go wrong?

  • katsupoi
    katsupoi Vor 8 Monate +5


  • From5To95
    From5To95 Vor 9 Monate

    Smart move, Vogue :)

  • dd14ization
    dd14ization Vor 9 Monate


  • Dark Sky
    Dark Sky Vor 9 Monate

    I need her

  • J H
    J H Vor 9 Monate

    my lort...

  • Speek Geek Unlimited
    Speek Geek Unlimited Vor 9 Monate

    I was proposing the entire video!!!!

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez Vor 9 Monate +1

    She’s so pretty

  • Michael Sanon
    Michael Sanon Vor 9 Monate

    Skin tone on point phewww

  • Pretty Ahki
    Pretty Ahki Vor 9 Monate


  • Kiko Alonso
    Kiko Alonso Vor 9 Monate

    Net neutrality is supported by Big online Corporations (DEclips, Google, Facebook, Netflix) because they don't want to pay more for all the bandwidth they use. They use the government to create regulations which allow them to get free unlimited bandwidth OR ELSE

    Da BUTCHER Vor 9 Monate

    I have no clue what this add is about, but she is hot!

  • Mr. Spiteful
    Mr. Spiteful Vor 9 Monate

    Love me some Zazie ❤

  • foosmonkey
    foosmonkey Vor 9 Monate

    Zazie Beets, CCNA, MCSE certified systems and networking engineer explains net "neutrality".

    VCHRIS Vor 9 Monate

    Can we smash? I kinda forgot the rest of the conversation every time I watch this. Maybe if we meet up, I might understand what you are talking about.

  • dnwilliams
    dnwilliams Vor 9 Monate

    Someone liked The Big Short.

  • Th3 Company
    Th3 Company Vor 9 Monate +1

    I'm sure she made a great point...

  • Brian Carter
    Brian Carter Vor 9 Monate

    This is giving me big short vibes!

  • Jugg Season
    Jugg Season Vor 9 Monate

    She bad 👀

  • Ari Wilson
    Ari Wilson Vor 9 Monate

    Do I feel a little manipulated because Vogue got the absolutely gorgeous Zazie Beatz, to explain Net Neutrality to me? Yes! But, do I now have a better understanding of the gravity of what Net Neutrality is? Also yes! LOL

  • HSC 209th
    HSC 209th Vor 9 Monate

    No nut November 😞

  • Justin Beckford
    Justin Beckford Vor 9 Monate

    Thank you for breaking it down, and making it so accessible for people to understand

  • Ahmet Kurum
    Ahmet Kurum Vor 9 Monate

    I'm sorry what ??

  • M1StudioLlc
    M1StudioLlc Vor 9 Monate

    I was all in ti she start jumping rope... What was this vid about?

  • YoungBlaze
    YoungBlaze Vor 9 Monate

    Creed part iii ?

  • Cranston Marques
    Cranston Marques Vor 9 Monate

    She is hot

  • Rizpii Gaming
    Rizpii Gaming Vor 9 Monate

    I love her beautiful self

  • El_Padrón_17
    El_Padrón_17 Vor 9 Monate

    Now I know why my pornhub buffers as soon as im about to nut

  • A.Username
    A.Username Vor 9 Monate


  • Najee Films LLC
    Najee Films LLC Vor 9 Monate

    She cute i like vanessa on atlanta but i hate when they do this. Shes acting.

  • earthian11
    earthian11 Vor 9 Monate

    If this is what it takes to explain net neutrality to people, that’s a new low

  • Anish Tandukar
    Anish Tandukar Vor 9 Monate

    This topic needs more publicity than it is getting.

  • Ash Menon
    Ash Menon Vor 9 Monate

    Definition of beautiful.

  • Josh Bourke
    Josh Bourke Vor 9 Monate

    That hairs gross, and imma go vote

  • simon says
    simon says Vor 9 Monate

    Zazie Beetz Germany loves you wishes you all the best "Wir lieben Dich Zazie"

  • subaru [RATED]
    subaru [RATED] Vor 9 Monate

    Zazie Beetz! Oh Lord....😍

  • Cecilia Loloa
    Cecilia Loloa Vor 9 Monate

    Lady luck knocking out the lies and bringing truth to the ring ❤️

  • StephTheCoolKid
    StephTheCoolKid Vor 9 Monate +1

    Still dont get Net Neutrality ?? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?? Anyways it only concerns the US
    The rest of the world is safe

    • Joe Gibbs
      Joe Gibbs Vor 6 Monate

      Yeah China's internet is real safe.

    • Gtfoh
      Gtfoh Vor 9 Monate

      Until your political leaders take up on net neutrality

  • Adonijah Henderson
    Adonijah Henderson Vor 10 Monate +4

    Eric literally has the best job ever

  • Imran Becks
    Imran Becks Vor 10 Monate +7

    I have no idea who she is.. But she is hot... And now I know who she is.

    • Imran Becks
      Imran Becks Vor 9 Monate

      @Rohit Rajput I've already seen DP2 months ago on opening night, I just didn't realise it's the same person...

    • Rohit Rajput
      Rohit Rajput Vor 9 Monate +1

      Go and watch deadpool 2, you won't regret it

  • AuzMurri Hart
    AuzMurri Hart Vor 10 Monate

    I’m in love Bruh. My God!

  • ElricBro
    ElricBro Vor 10 Monate +40

    The message was good, the video was distracting...

  • Logan Strom
    Logan Strom Vor 10 Monate

    Ay, I'll rub her shoulders. I bet I'm better than Eric, he wasn't showing off any technique.

  • keanda Bennett
    keanda Bennett Vor 10 Monate

    I didn’t hear anything she said. She’s too fine

  • acdnan
    acdnan Vor 10 Monate +1

    She can dominate me any day or night

  • Regular Guy
    Regular Guy Vor 10 Monate

    Take the top off and I'll do whatever you want.

  • Daniel Casttillo
    Daniel Casttillo Vor 10 Monate +1

    New Crush

  • Daniel Casttillo
    Daniel Casttillo Vor 10 Monate

    Yeap I'm in love

  • supercooltime
    supercooltime Vor 10 Monate

    I didn't hear a word she said

  • lexip396able
    lexip396able Vor 10 Monate

    It is so Vogue to have a beautiful woman spreading false information *rolls eyes*

  • DaNo1Killa
    DaNo1Killa Vor 10 Monate

    This is a joke right?

  • David Potts
    David Potts Vor 10 Monate

    Ew why wouldn’t they get Evangeline Lilly to be in this video? She’s got so much to say about net neutrality…

  • Luis Mateo
    Luis Mateo Vor 10 Monate

    Dose she even know anything about boxing?

  • AAL
    AAL Vor 10 Monate

    wait I'm watching this and I'm slowly realizing that this has absolutely nothing to do with net neutrality

  • TonyDracon
    TonyDracon Vor 10 Monate

    i still have no idea what net neutrality is lol

  • Entertainment Plus
    Entertainment Plus Vor 10 Monate

    shutup and go wear some clothes woman!!

  • Trevor Thiel
    Trevor Thiel Vor 10 Monate +1

    This is pretty sexist 😂

  • André Tavares
    André Tavares Vor 10 Monate

    Beautiful woman