Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Hero Spotlight - Chief Chirpa

  • Am 20 Apr 2016 veröffentlicht
  • Chief Chirpa is a powerful Ewok Leader that greatly improves the Basic abilities of his allies in Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes.
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  • TheReal704Champ
    TheReal704Champ Vor 7 Monate

    just threw a zeta on this little fella a couple weeks ago

  • mark lunny
    mark lunny Vor 2 years


  • Toshiba1177
    Toshiba1177 Vor 3 years +1

    this is dum

  • Ssoss
    Ssoss Vor 3 years +1

    The first scene of gameplay looked like it was running at 15FPS

  • Collin Gibson
    Collin Gibson Vor 3 years


  • Cheese Grater
    Cheese Grater Vor 3 years

    is this star wars: battlefront?

  • Austin Rojas
    Austin Rojas Vor 3 years

    Hiiiii yeeeeee yahhhhhhh!!!

  • Thomas BlackWolf
    Thomas BlackWolf Vor 3 years

    put this guy in battle front what's wrong with you EA

  • ybr
    ybr Vor 3 years

    On the Loading Cantina screen, it won't load and I can't play, why?? Help

  • CzDragoon
    CzDragoon Vor 3 years +2

    I don't really care about the video. I'm here to read comments

  • Twandepan
    Twandepan Vor 3 years

    They upload more of this shit than from battlefront

  • Dominc Fanelli
    Dominc Fanelli Vor 3 years


  • Koala Krush
    Koala Krush Vor 3 years

    no 8m not

  • Anthony Romano
    Anthony Romano Vor 3 years

    You guys need to fix battlefront servers because they are complete shit. I can't even play one game with out it crashing

  • LashedWalnut 979
    LashedWalnut 979 Vor 3 years

    Ea wtf my battlefront crashes whenever im playing as the hero

  • Crakecrow
    Crakecrow Vor 3 years

    why......just why....

  • James Cowell
    James Cowell Vor 3 years

    we dont get space battles but we can have an overly developed app that shouldn't exist

  • Suron2012
    Suron2012 Vor 3 years

    This looks absolutely retarded

  • Tristan_ melfi13
    Tristan_ melfi13 Vor 3 years

    the new vehicles for bespin should be the tie bomber with a carpet bombing ability and playable y-wings with accessible turrets

  • Your dad isn't always forty four

    "collect to conquer"should be "continue to cancer" :D

  • Arturo Gatti
    Arturo Gatti Vor 3 years

    Prepare your annuss )

  • Walter White
    Walter White Vor 3 years

    More content than Battlefront!

  • Antonín Melenovský
    Antonín Melenovský Vor 3 years

    Come on, guys, stop spitting on the work of some developers, even if the game is bad, the developers have spend huge of time on making any game. As far as the game isn't exact copy or it isn't anyhow offensive, I dont't think dislikes should be given. It has to be really demoralizing to see the amount of the dislikes for the developers. :/

    • Ingridk2
      Ingridk2 Vor 3 years


  • Majak Daw Is God
    Majak Daw Is God Vor 3 years +1

    Love this game!

  • Jeffery Baggins
    Jeffery Baggins Vor 3 years

    Fucking ewoks ruined episode 6

  • Lalo
    Lalo Vor 3 years +2

    Why is there so many dislikes??? ( i liked )

  • josh
    josh Vor 3 years

    this game looks like shit

  • Aaron
    Aaron Vor 3 years

    I thought I couldn't be less interested in this pathetic excuse for a Star Wars game, then I saw an Ewok in the thumbnail. GG EA, you've done it again!

  • TheMitchwheelz
    TheMitchwheelz Vor 3 years

    SKATE 4!!!!

  • Ian Martin
    Ian Martin Vor 3 years

    Fuck ewoks. I misspelled and didn't capitalize their misspelled name to show my disdain for them. Die, all ewoks.

  • Koala Krush
    Koala Krush Vor 3 years

    I have a DEclips channel but I only have 10 subscriber can you give me the bespin dlc earlier

  • DBproductions
    DBproductions Vor 3 years

    for fucks sake, make some animations for hit feedback.

  • Anrighe
    Anrighe Vor 3 years +1

    I love how EA can ruin everything they work on

  • Labraskion
    Labraskion Vor 3 years

    Ooo. New battlefront update! Annnnddd it's gone

  • Swany37
    Swany37 Vor 3 years

    Does anyone remember back in the day when you got your moneys worth from video games?
    You know back before EA was a thing.....
    I know it sounds like a myth but back in the day when you spent full price on a game you got your moneys worth and sometimes more.
    I feel old.

  • Brian Park
    Brian Park Vor 3 years +18

    I hate how everyone's hating on this game. I probably have more playtime on this than battlefront and I have the shadow trooper and twilek.

  • PlasmaBacon
    PlasmaBacon Vor 3 years

    At least this Ewok can fight the Empire, unlike Star Wars Battlefront EA

  • jonsoles
    jonsoles Vor 3 years


  • TotalDrganMania
    TotalDrganMania Vor 3 years

    Guess they celebrated 420 blaze it today

  • victor7741
    victor7741 Vor 3 years +1

    Is that Simon Says?

  • Moosey
    Moosey Vor 3 years

    A little under-whelming really.

  • Leo Frössling
    Leo Frössling Vor 3 years +3

    Can we make this comment get more likes than the video itself??

  • Samuel Barton
    Samuel Barton Vor 3 years

    Why are there more dislikes than Likes ? xD

  • Tylernavarro
    Tylernavarro Vor 3 years

    Dice lol who cares what ppl think u get money lol jk

  • Shelton Díaz
    Shelton Díaz Vor 3 years +1

    More of a story than Battlefront

  • Jenah mohamed
    Jenah mohamed Vor 3 years +1

    this game have more content than battlefront

    • Isaiah H
      Isaiah H Vor 3 years

      Not more content, more characters

    • Jenah mohamed
      Jenah mohamed Vor 3 years

      both them the original and the battlefront ea

  • PukaPlays
    PukaPlays Vor 3 years

    This Game is ASS.

  • Firedog 248
    Firedog 248 Vor 3 years

    I have it

  • ZepolJohn
    ZepolJohn Vor 3 years

    Fuck off

  • Sara Mae
    Sara Mae Vor 3 years

    Please give us characters we actually want like Padme

    • Luke Yost
      Luke Yost Vor 3 years

      +Sara Mae nah

    • Sara Mae
      Sara Mae Vor 3 years

      +Luke Yost lols I'm not surprised u would rather have an ewok 😂

    • Luke Yost
      Luke Yost Vor 3 years

      No one wants her....

  • MrSefe
    MrSefe Vor 3 years

    Eworks OP plese nerf

  • Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin

    Boy what a FUCKING "HERO", HUH?

  • Adam Romigh
    Adam Romigh Vor 3 years

    A pretty pointless spotlight. Maybe throw in a voice over describing what's going on, or at least the text that goes with the attack, its name is pretty meaningless, especially without context or knowledge of the game.

    DeDREWS1F Vor 3 years

    Stop chasing these dumb mobile game franchises and go back to what people love. ie: Empire at War, star wars galaxies (you can scrap the old republic too), and another commando game, or even a second bounty hunter game! Remember when everyone loved those?? I dont think you do, bec star wars is crap when it comes to gaming now! The best thing i've seen so far these past 3 years is lego star wars and it hasn't even come out yet!!!

    • Isaiah H
      Isaiah H Vor 3 years

      The only problem is that ea has to go through Disney to do anything with Star Wars, and if they don't want it, it's not going to happen

    • TotalDrganMania
      TotalDrganMania Vor 3 years

      And battlefront 1,2 and prealpha 3

  • Nitz Conquers
    Nitz Conquers Vor 3 years +1


  • Jack
    Jack Vor 3 years +2

    pay to win game!

  • Kevin Balog
    Kevin Balog Vor 3 years

    can anyone explain me what the fuck is this shit?

  • Johnnyboi 2.0
    Johnnyboi 2.0 Vor 3 years

    what the actual fuck

  • Kodar Gaming
    Kodar Gaming Vor 3 years

    Dang it, I thought it was another Star Wars battlefront video. EA you tricked me again.

    • Kodar Gaming
      Kodar Gaming Vor 3 years

      No not really

    • SMOKE
      SMOKE Vor 3 years

      So you didn't read the title? Lol

    WOLFMAN Vor 3 years

    Bring back ty the Tasmanian tiger please ps4 exclusive

  • WorasLT
    WorasLT Vor 3 years +10

    What is this kung fu panda?

  • Woah Men
    Woah Men Vor 3 years

    Omg 😅😅😂😂

  • Joe Hopwood
    Joe Hopwood Vor 3 years +38

    No body cares about starwars Galaxy of heroes... Shut the studio down and start working on battlefront content

    • Star Wars NL
      Star Wars NL Vor 3 years

      that is star ware to!

    • Jess Porter
      Jess Porter Vor 3 years +1

      +Joe Hopwood haha if you hate the idea of SW mobile games you may hate it... but it's got an engaging story and some cool elements. Ties into Lost Stars and Aftermath a bit if you've read them.

    • Jess Porter
      Jess Porter Vor 3 years

      +Joe Hopwood +IKhanMakeWAR2 Do you guys play Uprising? I really enjoy it... but still not sure if it's because it's a good game or just because I'm a sucker for 'canon' SW shit... :P

    • Joe Hopwood
      Joe Hopwood Vor 3 years

      +Jess Porter right on man! :)

    • Jess Porter
      Jess Porter Vor 3 years +1

      +Joe Hopwood haha cheers man. here's to star wars eh!

  • Darth Walrus
    Darth Walrus Vor 3 years +36

    EA, could you please focus on making REAL games?

    • ICBM
      ICBM Vor 3 years

      +Darth Walrus The focus is money, not games.

    • Land3x
      Land3x Vor 3 years

      best words ever

  • MrEliteProfessional
    MrEliteProfessional Vor 3 years +1


  • Dominik
    Dominik Vor 3 years

    bedpin trailer

  • TrollSlayer
    TrollSlayer Vor 3 years

    Disney fucked up Star Wars

    • Luke McNamara
      Luke McNamara Vor 3 years still say Disney ruined it?

    • TrollSlayer
      TrollSlayer Vor 3 years

      +trollsnrats the movie could've been better but I still liked it.

    • TrollSlayer
      TrollSlayer Vor 3 years

      +Robert Kanzamar derp

    • TrollSlayer
      TrollSlayer Vor 3 years

      +stijn fe I liked the movie. the game was and is crap.

    • TrollSlayer
      TrollSlayer Vor 3 years

      +trollsnrats I know it was Disneys idea for helmetless storm troopers to promote diversity. Fuckin gay

  • Garrison Taylor
    Garrison Taylor Vor 3 years +51

    I love how this video has more dislikes than likes XD

    • Atomic Horizen
      Atomic Horizen Vor 3 years

      @Willthekilla5 umm yeah iit has more dislikes than likes so i think it is 100% ture, you should of lernt this sorta stuff already

    • Garrison Taylor
      Garrison Taylor Vor 3 years

      +Willthekilla5 sorry to burst your bubble... But it kinda is true XD at the moment the likes are around 229 and the dislikes are 423. Those aren't the exact numbers but still... There are more dislikes than like, as I said... So it is in fact, 100% TRUE. ;)

    • Willthekilla5
      Willthekilla5 Vor 3 years

      +Garrison Taylor 100% not true and should go fuck yourself.

    • Atomic Horizen
      Atomic Horizen Vor 3 years +2

      Let's keep it that way and then maybe EA will realise

    • Land3x
      Land3x Vor 3 years


  • Morgulvale
    Morgulvale Vor 3 years +26

    Empire at War 2 please, not these shit mobile games.

    • Darth Walrus
      Darth Walrus Vor 3 years +2

      @Jimbob32165 the fiddle You are right. EA should be forced to abandon the licence.

    • Jack
      Jack Vor 3 years +2

      +Morgulvale And have them mess up that game like they did battlefront?

    • Darth Walrus
      Darth Walrus Vor 3 years +4

      Or Republic Commando 2, or a new Jedi Knight game, or... there are too many possibilities! Damn it EA make some good games! And now that you reminded me of Empire at War... I'm sad. My game doesn't work anymore. :(

  • Veym
    Veym Vor 3 years +1

    Why are there so many dislikes? Do people sub just so they can get here to dislike right when the vid uploads? So damn immature.

    • Veym
      Veym Vor 3 years

      @Garrison Taylor And a good one at that. I salute you for not hopping on the hate train.

    • Garrison Taylor
      Garrison Taylor Vor 3 years

      +Land3x You do realize that EA probably has different teams working on the two separate games. They aren't investing all of their time on one game.

    • Land3x
      Land3x Vor 3 years

      @MitchellVeyMC true dat but ea could be working on battlefront than this

    • Garrison Taylor
      Garrison Taylor Vor 3 years

      +MitchellVeyMC true, true. But it was just a suggestion...

    • Veym
      Veym Vor 3 years

      @Land3x So? No need for them to act so immature about it.