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KSI - Summer Is Over [Official Visualiser]

  • Am 28 Sep 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Film and edited by - Tim Egerton shotbytince?igs...
    🎧Download/Stream: lnk.to/Summer-Is-Over
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  • Heel Moxley

    All of his OG audience must feel like proud parents. We’ve literally watch this guy grow and evolve for over 10 years.

  • Jay Yaso
    Jay Yaso Vor 14 Stunden +7

    When I first heard this song I rmb this was the best song I’ve ever heard in my life like never before man I love this it makes me cry rn đŸ„č😭

  • Tatsu
    Tatsu  +228

    Y'know, the Sidemen in its entirety has taught me way more than school ever had, on being a human, relationships and family. There's so much true heart in the group. This song reminds me of that, JJ's feelings are fully out there with this song. The lyrics are so full of heart that it's like a true perfect melody.

  • Luzian Gupta

    I'm that dude at

  • Kronic procrastinator

    This song actually feels so relaxing and comforting. JJ seriously keeps amazing me with how skilled he is in everything

  • MultiChristyk

    Many youtubers come and go, many change for the worse but with you JJ, it feels like we're on the right side of DEclips.

  • nawt
    nawt  +1

    as a nigerian, we literally flex your existence over here, JJ. we're so proud of you

    DRAAGONITE  +242

    I'm so proud of how far JJ has come. After everything he's had to go through, he's stayed strong and fought on. From a simple teenager in his room making DEclips videos, to becoming a worldwide sensation, entrepreneur, boxer, musician, and international inspiration, I think I speak for all of JJ's fans when I say we are so proud of you. This song is sensational, the vulnerability you've shown, not being afraid, it's admirable. Lots of love to you, JJ, you deserve the world x

  • DN
    DN  +4

    Living in a past life

  • SDMG
    SDMG  +58

    He’s everything. DEclipsr, Boxer, Singer & more. Actually huge respect ✊


    One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us, the audience, and his team, and he is always polite in all of his videos. We congratulate ourselves on this achievement. More to come and everything to come.

  • Carlos Lagos

    we’re proud of you JJ, what an amazing song, we love you

  • TheQuietKid

    Just imagine how much he has achieved and how much he has worked for it.

  • Mixed Fragment

    This song is absolutely amazing, it would fit perfectly at the end of a movie.

  • Ghadi Ghali

    Bro you're sick! So proud of what you have achieved... So much more to come!!

  • Dan Bull

    This is something different and it's great.. I remember you starting your music journey with tiny steps 10 years ago, it's mad to see the progress you have made. Not just music either

  • DkTs JB
    DkTs JB  +9

    This video is 200x better then the actual video clip. The sense of closeness he has with his fan base is so emotional, he makes us feel like real family. Love you JJ, you are really a unique human being, thanks for everything thing bro!! 🙏💚

  • mika Critchley

    It makes me so happy to see jj from when I was 14 now 22 progress the way he has! He’s an inspection not just to be but millions and millions over the world much love bro ❀

  • J0A5
    J0A5  +16

    I absolutely LOVE this song. Have already had it on repeat for a few hours

  • RikuTheBest

    I think this is your best song, honestly words can’t even express how much I enjoy this. Just oozing inspiration man