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Man in Cave

  • Am 28 Sep 2022 veröffentlicht
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    Man in cave. Trapped.
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  • Wendigoon
    Wendigoon  +160

    I’m still not sure if trapping me in an actual cave for 72 hours was necessary to record my lines, but it certainly got results. We should probably go check on the editors though, even if “they don’t deserve food” I don’t think sealing them in was appropriate.

    HI THERE  +12

    The cruel irony here is that he wanted to turn the cave into a tourist attraction, but instead HE became the tourist attraction

  • Matt Mann
    Matt Mann Vor 19 Stunden +463

    The contrast between the hilarious animation and voice acting versus the incredibly intense story was amazing. One of the best YT documentaries I've ever seen.

  • Lord Alzorn
    Lord Alzorn Vor 21 Tag +2

    Two things people also gotta realize: The Turnaround Room isn't really a room. It's a widening of the tunnel that collapses to the 9 inch gap. It's just big enough to get your bearings, decide which way you want to go in, or turn back. It's not a 10 foot tall room that you can stretch your legs in preparation to go into the squeeze.

  • Emma Esta
    Emma Esta Vor 2 Stunden +21

    Homers love and care for his brother makes me weep a little. The fact that he was able to overpower 5 other men and yank the rope from their hands is astounding. I wish this couldve had a happy ending for all of them. I cant imagine the grief and stress they both went through

  • Kirsten Golnaz

    The sentence "the cave refuses to let him go" always gives me chills. It's as if the cave is alive, and has a will on its own. On every turn, the cave is just refusing to let him go. Floyd tried to profit off of it, and now it has screwed him right back.

  • DustedThrusters

    Gerald, Homer, and Miller really were the realest here. Absolute Kings trying to get their friend and brother out. And Miller didn't even know the guy but he put his life on the line.

  • Jonathan Price

    I'm in awe of the moral integrity on Miller. He goes there for a scoop but ends up risking his own safety time and again for a man he barely knows. Even when Floyd passed going so far as to decline that million dollar contract to stay humble. He deserved more than just a Pulitzer.

  • copta
    copta Vor 12 Stunden +121

    I'm a fairly claustrophobic person, especially about things that pin your limbs to your side, or otherwise limit their movement. Basically, the start of this video was incredibly physically disconcerting.

  • Pontius Aquila
    Pontius Aquila Vor 14 Stunden +83

    Man, these are the kind of stories that really remind you how terrifying nature , and the world around us can be. It takes these kind of stories to put in check mankind’s hubris, and remind us that we are not masters of the earth.

  • knight hunter
    knight hunter Vor 9 Stunden +26

    I can’t believe that so many things went wrong and the first thing they had to do was clear out the people. And when the Calvary finally came, it was practically too late. I’m thank full to the person that made this video, because as long as the internet doesn’t go down, his story will forever be remembered.

  • Karma
    Karma  +596

    I think the most tragic part of it all is that, you hear the details of what methods they tried and you think "I could've done that better" which is the exact problem that caused so many to show up and hinder the rescue in the first place

  • Jacob Trapp
    Jacob Trapp Vor 7 Stunden +17

    Furiously crying and cheering along as I watch on the edge of my GOD DAMN SEAT!! This is amazing and thank you for making this. Like these people could have Very well just said 'eh it's just one cave weirdo, who cares?' But no. Hundreds of people came together for One Man. God damn this is beautiful

  • Orchlon Gala

    His brother is a real one. Immediately travels 10 hours to the cave, enters the cave still in city clothes, squeezes through a small ass hole no one else wanted to go through and starts digging through a large amount of gravel bare handed for 8 whole ass hours and after all that he raises money to get his body out the cave to properly bury him.

  • bald bread
    bald bread Vor 19 Stunden +82

    I was super duper high when I watch this and I sat there for the whole hour waiting for it to get wholesome, and holy fucking shit that was one of the most depressing, terrifying and downright sad hours of my life

  • Weebu
    Weebu Vor 2 Stunden +5

    as someone with claustrophobia, this has been the most uncomfortable yet most engaging video i have watched in a long time

  • Cymes
    Cymes  +583

    Floyd: I'm going to make a fortune with this cave!

  • Mothman
    Mothman Vor 9 Stunden +1

    I would love it if you made more long form videos like this every once in a while. You're a great narrator

  • Vampire
    Vampire Vor 12 Stunden +27

    i wish we could have brought back the technology and new ideas and abilities to help this man out alive. I am sorry for his passing in such a way.

  • Harleymotor

    I've heard this story before, and the thing that gets me is just how Homer didn't hesitate to help his brother. He crawled into a cave tunnel, spent hours trying to bury him out with his hands, fed him, chastised everyone who wouldn't help, pulled the rope outta 5 mens' hands, and did his best to get Floyd outta that cave whether alive or dead- like that is some real family. Mad Respect for Homer.