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  • Jack Long
    Jack Long Vor Tag +1

    When you watch an old Cowbelly video and he says the N-Word

  • Yung Ct
    Yung Ct Vor Tag

    DEclipsr :There are two kids Sarah and Johnny. Sarah is six Johnny is half her age Sarah is 96 how old is Johnny

    Comment nibbas: u retarded he's 48

  • Polly the Bird
    Polly the Bird Vor 2 Tage


  • Headcrab Films
    Headcrab Films Vor 7 Tage

    7:13 is it bad that I found that really funny?

  • Jonah Johnson
    Jonah Johnson Vor 7 Tage

    I will bet $20 that this wont get featured

  • Space_lia
    Space_lia Vor 9 Tage

    soup and memes

  • ZanMan Not Just Gaming

    Do you wanna have a bad time?

    Do you aspire a poor endeavor?

    By producing a vibration transmitted through air particles, I would like to expand my existing knowledge and thereby the actions I shall carry out, by inquiring your opinion upon the following subject. Would the individual in question, also know as the person I am currently conversing with at this exact moment, abbreviated as "you", desire or crave in any way, shape, or form, to be put through a series of unpleasant and harrowing experiences, thereby discouraging the homosapien in topic from continuing to progress into an unfavorable situation for myself?
    _-sans skeleton_

  • iLoveMusic
    iLoveMusic Vor 13 Tage

    Whippity dip

    *Kill me*

  • Malachi Green
    Malachi Green Vor 14 Tage

    me *makes meme* cow belly : hippity hoppity that meme is my property

  • Do u no da wea
    Do u no da wea Vor 14 Tage

    1:19 this is exactly what happed with me too

  • Windows Virus
    Windows Virus Vor 17 Tage

    2019 anYoNE

  • toxic boy
    toxic boy Vor 17 Tage

    I have to time my dad is a mime bc he be gone all the time.

  • ashton browning
    ashton browning Vor 18 Tage

    MAKESHIFT SCHOOL WEAPON paper clip + rubber band = mass destruction

  • Lucy Martin
    Lucy Martin Vor 19 Tage

    Ya know wane your the only one in class and your teacher looks at you and you can just tell she's trying NOT to say "Oh hello I've been expecting~" Well I am just gonna walk away slowly~!

  • Some_guy_that_does_ ytube

    So, due to my calculations, I am -2 years old

  • Lilo X Charlie
    Lilo X Charlie Vor 20 Tage

    Clippity clop my mother goes nowhere without wearing flippity flop

  • SoapNinja
    SoapNinja Vor 20 Tage

    I had a fucking add from the RobbinsBrother and half way I thought it was about the size of dicks but then they said diamond...It was about rings

  • got tazed in the balls

    "oil found in some middle eastern country "
    america: whippity whine , that oil is mine!

  • The Magnificent SaFriskns

    Wippity whine

    That booty is mine

  • The Magnificent SaFriskns

    Is that a dog barfing? I'm so fucking confused

  • My Name is THEMY And I Play ROBLOX

    4:18 r/boneappletea

  • holycowman88
    holycowman88 Vor 23 Tage


  • Elvar Snær Ágústsson


  • Elvar Snær Ágústsson


  • Sparklestackxx
    Sparklestackxx Vor 27 Tage


  • OTB _
    OTB _ Vor 27 Tage +1

    6:19 they bought save the world

  • V Green
    V Green Vor 28 Tage

    hhi noobgzss yoioi7us aredv satat mhgin=im dhhtjjmom gaygjj yuiiig kgvkhgc

  • Alexnickrl Nothing
    Alexnickrl Nothing Vor 29 Tage

    My dick rise waluigi:BITCH Ahhhhhhhh

  • large willyman
    large willyman Vor Monat

    2:35 holy shit, thats a proper juji gatame and shit

  • Pink Spongebob 35
    Pink Spongebob 35 Vor Monat

    *_100% of deaths are caused by dying_*

  • lerd herlix
    lerd herlix Vor Monat

    i fucking lost it at the naruto car

  • scp nine tailed fox soldier

    (Game) ac130 above (me) crap

  • LinkinPack
    LinkinPack Vor Monat

    But where's Justin Y?

  • Firecracker
    Firecracker Vor Monat

    What is right but not left?


  • DerpyGuy3333
    DerpyGuy3333 Vor Monat

    roses are red
    blood is also red
    the world is broken and fortnite is dead

  • Dark Vulcan
    Dark Vulcan Vor Monat

    8:43 Or you could do what our CRJ professor did. Almost every class he said "When I say you name you say 'here' " and i was almost always in some crazy tone. For the last class period of the semester he said say "here" holding it with a high pitch. I always went along with it.

  • Fantaman240807
    Fantaman240807 Vor Monat

    When my dad searches up dank memes they become dead memes
    Dat boi: oh sh... (dying noises)

  • Cade Reinberger
    Cade Reinberger Vor Monat


  • JohnThe Boi
    JohnThe Boi Vor Monat

    Bank:What is your first name? Me:Robin. Bank:Last name? Me:Dabank. Bank: So your full name is Robin Dabank? Me:HANDS UP!

  • Cringey Podcasts
    Cringey Podcasts Vor Monat

    This is chief the furries are coming from the west side grab your shotguns and get that victory royal

    YELDAH Vor Monat

    fortnut isn't free, the shitty br is

  • DJ Tile Turnip
    DJ Tile Turnip Vor Monat +1

    No one will read this

  • Xtremepro4355
    Xtremepro4355 Vor Monat

    Whippity whine
    Cowbelly's memes are mine
    Edit: 6:18 Fortnite can be bought because of Save The World

  • mr420apples
    mr420apples Vor Monat

    Y u use voice translator

  • Jillian Burns
    Jillian Burns Vor Monat

    My face is funny case lots of people laugh at it like my freinds when I day let's hang

  • Muffin Saint
    Muffin Saint Vor Monat

    7:47 but the text in the translator isn’t even the same in the tweet

  • Aybra M
    Aybra M Vor Monat

    I sniffed my milk to see if it was old and it went up my nose..

    *Top 10 most saddest anime love stories*

  • Can We get 500 Subs with no videos?

    Me: Why did the chicken cross the road
    My friend: Idk
    Me: to its friends house
    My friend: Ok....?
    Me: Nock Nock
    My friend: Who’s their?

  • Cobalt Wolf
    Cobalt Wolf Vor Monat

    My friends: what are you talking about you don't have friends
    Me: R.I.P.

  • Jackson Pennington
    Jackson Pennington Vor Monat

    The Comment Awards youtube channel is a rip off of cowbelly and even uses almost the exact same logo

  • The spooktacular Donut 000000

    9:27 is this boy stalking me

  • Foxy Lover
    Foxy Lover Vor Monat

    Whipity whine these comments are mine

  • Richatd Luttrell
    Richatd Luttrell Vor Monat

    Redrum but back words

  • Cyber plays
    Cyber plays Vor Monat

    I did it will my little brother and this happend:

  • skíttч
    skíttч Vor Monat

    how to use a puffle

    eat it

  • TarGo l
    TarGo l Vor Monat +1

    Heck you u mother flipper

  • Ronan Clark
    Ronan Clark Vor Monat

    Don't click read more

    That's not nice

  • David Djokovic
    David Djokovic Vor Monat

    6:20 thats not a free game thats fortnite save the world

  • Jennifer Cargill
    Jennifer Cargill Vor Monat

    Pause at 1:09 my fav part

  • Yusuf Kaya
    Yusuf Kaya Vor Monat

    ca looks like my cock

  • monkeyninja
    monkeyninja Vor Monat

    Ali a: starts using memes
    Audience: is this legit

  • Zadielly HD
    Zadielly HD Vor Monat

    Roses are red
    Fallout is Fun
    You are carrying to much
    to be able to run

  • gamer Tuc
    gamer Tuc Vor Monat

    Mrs. puff hijacked SpongeBob's car in season to look it up

  • owl_126
    owl_126 Vor Monat


  • xxKyleighxx
    xxKyleighxx Vor Monat

    If love is a sin, every teen going through puberty is going to Hell.

  • Hockey Dudes
    Hockey Dudes Vor Monat

    Can we get a rip in the chat for Dusty Diviot

  • Sensoryhail
    Sensoryhail Vor Monat

    9:20 so true

  • Arcticphantom 9
    Arcticphantom 9 Vor Monat


  • Kfaiti505
    Kfaiti505 Vor Monat

    Day 1 without being featured

  • Cas Keizer
    Cas Keizer Vor Monat

    Rosea are red
    Violents are blue
    I thought I was ugly

    But then I saw you

  • killer_monster 290
    killer_monster 290 Vor Monat

    Roses are red
    Look at the news
    Man dies after eating weird looking mushroons

  • Icarion Icarus
    Icarion Icarus Vor Monat

    India: lets dethrone pewdiepie
    Mr.Beast: **puts billboards**
    India: oh no lets tell other indians that pewd is racist
    **Later theres some video of naive indians getting triggered**

  • mad awsomness
    mad awsomness Vor Monat

    First rule of fight club


  • Birb Boy
    Birb Boy Vor Monat

    Wiimote nunchucks without the strap

    *Top Ten Most Dangerous Weapons Ever*


    Me: spell pig backwards. Friend: g i p. Me: I made you say gee I pee.

  • Abdulrahman Almashaal


  • T A E P A R T Y
    T A E P A R T Y Vor Monat

    When you do deep research to try to find a good meme to get into the Comment Awards, but then realize that there have been at least more than 50 Comment Awards, and the meme is probably already in there...

    😭 ಥ_ಥ (╥_╥) (;﹏;)

  • Woll Akol
    Woll Akol Vor Monat

    9:28 how did she know

  • Clown 20
    Clown 20 Vor Monat

    Subscribe to me

  • RainbowWafflez YT
    RainbowWafflez YT Vor Monat

    First time using microwave: 10 seconds

    Second time: 20 seconds

    Third time: 40 seconds

    All the rest: 15 minutes

  • RainbowWafflez YT
    RainbowWafflez YT Vor Monat

    Elementary: I finished the test first

    Students: your so smart

    High school: i finished first

    Teacher: your first to fail

  • dat_ ELi
    dat_ ELi Vor Monat

    does anyone know how to get this British robot voice if so plz tell me

  • Mistic Delkatty
    Mistic Delkatty Vor Monat +1

    paul logan VS logan paul, the fight of the year coming to you in 2030.

  • Morgan Kilbourn
    Morgan Kilbourn Vor Monat

    Veggie tales: no arms or hands but picks things up
    Extra history: no arms but hands are still there

  • moggles s
    moggles s Vor Monat

    Kinky dong

  • Wallhacks are 100% Ok, Unless you are Battle-eye.


  • Kathy Heffner
    Kathy Heffner Vor Monat

    Where's my global warming report

  • LukeIsChilling
    LukeIsChilling Vor Monat

    At least the music is nice.

  • LukeIsChilling
    LukeIsChilling Vor Monat

    *_This comment was never edited in the first place._*

  • Amanda Silk
    Amanda Silk Vor Monat

    Kinky dong

  • Abbi Valencia
    Abbi Valencia Vor Monat

    saw ur profile thingy and thought it was club penguin

    DR TECH MAN Vor Monat +2

    2:35 how Ronda Rousey started her Career

  • dope as frick ninja

    a funny comment

  • Ava Noyola
    Ava Noyola Vor Monat

    9:22 I can confirm this 91923403021% true

  • whyyoubllymeh
    whyyoubllymeh Vor Monat

    Ractis vedio

  • HairClippingJesus
    HairClippingJesus Vor Monat

    *what is dusty divot*

  • Mst Begum
    Mst Begum Vor Monat

    Who the hell is kails

  • chris peters
    chris peters Vor Monat

    1. Fhuck you
    2. You read wrong
    3. You read that wrong to
    4 why are u still watching this

  • Forza Universal
    Forza Universal Vor Monat