Model Yoon Young Bae’s Guide to Cool-Girl Glitter Eyes and Red Lipstick | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

  • Am 22 Mär 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Punctuating her everyday no-makeup makeup look with a pop of glitter on the eyes and rich red lip, Yoon Young Bae gives Vogue a behind-the-scenes look at her beauty regimen.

    Director: Talia Collis
    Filmed at The Standard

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    Model Yoon Young Bae’s Guide to Cool-Girl Glitter Eyes and Red Lipstick | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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  • 쑥떡
    쑥떡 Vor 15 Stunden

    배윤영 짱 ㅠㅠㅠ최고야

  • Magnisky B
    Magnisky B Vor 3 Tage

    So natural

  • graciela vila
    graciela vila Vor 4 Tage

    Omg shes adorable

  • Shefali Agarwal
    Shefali Agarwal Vor 4 Tage

    I love how she is doing makeup like normally girls do , with fingers and not too much products

  • Hoshie
    Hoshie Vor 8 Tage

    She's so cute. Thank you for the translation

  • wuitokyo
    wuitokyo Vor 9 Tage

    does anyone know the glitter liner she used ?

  • Queen Fey Rey
    Queen Fey Rey Vor 9 Tage

    Korea's hot model!

  • maryam
    maryam Vor 14 Tage

    She’s very prettyyyyy

  • chilllaif :
    chilllaif : Vor 16 Tage +2

    이걸 자막없이 볼수있는건 여기서 나뿐이가 (더있나요??✋✋)

  • I
    I Vor 16 Tage

    cant she speak english tf?

    • S O P H I E
      S O P H I E Vor 9 Stunden

      I that makes you even more embarrassing lmao you should know how hard it is to speak in a foreign language. What you’re doing is ignorant. Werd erwachsen omg

    • I
      I Vor 9 Stunden

      S O P H I E i can speak english, turkish and german fluently :)))))

    • S O P H I E
      S O P H I E Vor 12 Stunden

      I i bet you cant speak another language too lmao. She does speak english but shes native korean and more comfortable in speaking korean.

  • Kleting Merah
    Kleting Merah Vor 17 Tage

    I like her unique face! 😍

  • 김동아
    김동아 Vor 19 Tage

    Asian beauty

  • Megan Jingwi
    Megan Jingwi Vor 25 Tage

    She's so beautiful! omg

  • 캠ᄒ미첼
    캠ᄒ미첼 Vor 28 Tage

    웃는 모습 너무 귀여우셔🥰😍

  • Min Lee
    Min Lee Vor 28 Tage

    언니 너무 예뻐요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • しのむのひのがの


  • 九州ひろちゃん
    九州ひろちゃん Vor 28 Tage


  • Zel Nel
    Zel Nel Vor 28 Tage

    Did vogue get the subs wrong? Cause I'm pretty sure her eyes aren't double lid

    • ᄋᄋ
      ᄋᄋ Vor 28 Tage

      She has inner double eyelid

  • Ookamitsu
    Ookamitsu Vor Monat

    She's so cuuuuute

  • Vimen Angelica Calangi


  • Siena May
    Siena May Vor Monat

    Why do they pick such a bad photo for the thumbnail compared to all the other girls :(

  • Mano, que loucura
    Mano, que loucura Vor Monat


  • てんこところ
    てんこところ Vor Monat


  • waldo emerson
    waldo emerson Vor Monat

    Is she related to Doona Bae?

  • Lin-Lin Renita
    Lin-Lin Renita Vor Monat

    She's beautifull without plastic surgery like other Kpop girlband...

    • S O P H I E
      S O P H I E Vor 12 Stunden

      Lin-Lin Renita imagine having to shame other girls for getting surgery lmao pathetic

  • حنين والعنود .

    All "makeups" ..cry lool😂
    But your beautiful:(💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • karla lovato
    karla lovato Vor Monat

    She is beautiful😍. And so is her language!

  • Ilona Vahoua
    Ilona Vahoua Vor Monat

    Her skin is so perfect omg

  • 김서연
    김서연 Vor Monat

    아 윤영언니 진짜 너무 매력있어요♡♡ 보그채널에서 한국모델을보다니❣❣

  • Lina_Rosero
    Lina_Rosero Vor Monat

    Her eyes are so beautiful

  • kutie_ intact
    kutie_ intact Vor Monat

    Omg guuuuuurl she was the cutest thing!! I loved her!

  • Andy S
    Andy S Vor Monat +1

    Sis really showed her face and called my skin a joke🥴 I-

  • alfida
    alfida Vor Monat +1


  • alfida
    alfida Vor Monat

    i dont mean to complain but she totally said ‘cushion’ but the step said ‘powder’ it was different things omg hahaha

  • Daisy Chan
    Daisy Chan Vor Monat


  • Karys Munster
    Karys Munster Vor Monat

    Natural beauty!!☝🏻😙 Great vid.

  • 간간하다
    간간하다 Vor Monat

    증말 매력적... 팩만 했을때 이미 완벽

  • Sam Fitz
    Sam Fitz Vor Monat

    Dear vogue,
    I wish you do a persian female beauty toooooo,

  • And then the Infires Nation attacked my hearteu

    Omg the makeup looks so natural and beautiful

  • Danielle Argueta
    Danielle Argueta Vor Monat

    the most beautiful face ever

  • Toni Stank
    Toni Stank Vor Monat

    Asian accents are so pretty I could listen all day


    Who thought her blush was nail polish at first? 😂

  • Jennifer Bibi
    Jennifer Bibi Vor Monat +1

    Idk if it's just me but she looks like the typical ice skater or gymnist you would see competing at the Olympics. Not that that's a bad thing lol idk she just has that look.

  • Kylie Smith
    Kylie Smith Vor Monat

    Her cheeks are soooo cute

  • Samdara
    Samdara Vor Monat

    did she just say she has double eye lids? lmaooooo

  • Alexandra Chery
    Alexandra Chery Vor Monat

    Vogue a cushion is foundation not powder

  • Cyra Lee
    Cyra Lee Vor Monat

    Umm.. isn't it cushion not powder?

  • Maritza Guadarrama
    Maritza Guadarrama Vor Monat

    i think this is my favorite makeup look she so pretty!!!

  • Alex Hutcherson
    Alex Hutcherson Vor Monat +1

    When she rubbed in the blush I audibly gasped. She’s so beautiful wowowowow

  • river
    river Vor Monat

    i wonder what it would be like to be as pretty as her. she’s so beautiful that i can’t help but wonder, “what if i were / or could be pretty (than i am) as her?”. but she really is beautiful and i adore her.

  • Özlem
    Özlem Vor Monat

    You know she has money if she's rolling up the whole lipstick without even worrying that it might break lmao



  • Antonio Duarte
    Antonio Duarte Vor Monat

    My favorite model

  • 누나가 너를 좀 많이 사랑한데이

    Does anyone know which eyelash curler she is using ?!?! Must know

  • eli Dyn
    eli Dyn Vor Monat

    gotta love my asians ❤️

  • Dania Madyna
    Dania Madyna Vor Monat

    Get lee sung kyung!

  • spicyfroot
    spicyfroot Vor Monat

    her face is so naturally pretty she doesn't need much makeup and it's great she knows what works for her. she gained a new fan

  • smoothie càrdôza
    smoothie càrdôza Vor Monat

    where is her cleanser

  • Hanna Banana
    Hanna Banana Vor Monat

    Shes so beautiful!!

  • Xx xX
    Xx xX Vor Monat

    Okey then, i wanna fvkin see *_Anggun C Sasmi_* doing this

  • it's mimi
    it's mimi Vor Monat

    Oh wow... i'm in love

  • Jenny Tam
    Jenny Tam Vor Monat +5

    Her skin is perfect! I love that Vogue is having more Asian/ POC faces too!

  • Ahri Park
    Ahri Park Vor Monat +1

    Can you bring on model Park Sora??

  • unnchy
    unnchy Vor Monat

    She is soo cute and beautiful,protect

  • Amy Ortega
    Amy Ortega Vor Monat

    She's so pretty, I love her ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • L•U•N•A •E•R•I•N

    My routine is nearly the same as hers but I use different products ♡💜

  • Millet Fan
    Millet Fan Vor Monat

    Why always same backgrounds? Aren’t they at their own place?

    • S O P H I E
      S O P H I E Vor 12 Stunden

      Millet Fan no lmao its a studio set

  • 응!나가잇그라!
    응!나가잇그라! Vor Monat +1

    점을 빼자!!

  • Khet Khet Oo
    Khet Khet Oo Vor Monat

    Does anyone know what eye glitter she used??

    • Khet Khet Oo
      Khet Khet Oo Vor Monat

      Wendy Yay oh thank you!!! Love 3ce one of my favorites

    • Wendy Yay
      Wendy Yay Vor Monat

      I think it's the 3ce eye switch in double note.
      3ce is a korean makeup brand. They ships everywhere.

  • Ricardo García
    Ricardo García Vor Monat

    Omg! She is super funny and cute

  • Crystal Lam
    Crystal Lam Vor Monat +4

    Can you guys please get Sora on here? 😭

  • TheAlexanderMagnum
    TheAlexanderMagnum Vor Monat

    Jesus Christ she is stunning !

  • Gay Butters
    Gay Butters Vor Monat

    She's so pretty and her makeup is amazing

  • 이수영
    이수영 Vor Monat +1

    당당하게 한국말 하니까 자연스럽네용
    재밌게 잘봤어요 ❤️

  • Marta XO
    Marta XO Vor Monat

    What's the lipstick??

  • joo 0
    joo 0 Vor Monat

    so cuteeee!!!!!!

  • Shela Alfia
    Shela Alfia Vor Monat


  • 먀옹
    먀옹 Vor Monat

    Omg so luvly

  • britishlola
    britishlola Vor Monat

    my baby :( ❤️

  • Alice Li
    Alice Li Vor Monat

    Anyone know what eyelash curler she used!

  • Darina L
    Darina L Vor Monat +1

    I LOVE this tutorial, she is such a nice girl, her makeup is so natural, and her skin is so good. Her inst:@mulan_bae

  • Sarah Whittle
    Sarah Whittle Vor Monat +1

    YES KOREAN PRIDE! YEPO! < --- idk how to write pretty in Korean in English

  • Twice Is Love
    Twice Is Love Vor Monat +2

    She is uniquely beautiful😍

  • Freya M
    Freya M Vor Monat

    73 questions with David Dobrik

  • Reina Godoy
    Reina Godoy Vor Monat

    I loved her!

  • sara sed
    sara sed Vor Monat +78

    Products used:
    Toner: Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner
    Mask: Mediheal Bamboo Charcoal 4D Black Sheet Mask
    Moisturizer: Avène TriXera Nutrition Nutri-Fluid Lotion

    - NARS Aqua Glow Cushion Foundation
    - Shu Uemura Brow Sword Eyebrow Pencil
    - Too Cool for School Contour
    - Shiseido Eyelash Curler
    - WAKEMAKE Color Styler Multi Cheek (PK03)
    - MAC Haute and Naughty Lash Mascara
    - Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Color

    • Leah Lums_F
      Leah Lums_F Vor 18 Tage

      wakemake eye glitter

    • redaafilm m
      redaafilm m Vor 21 Tag

      but what shade is the lipstick

    • Princess Mia
      Princess Mia Vor Monat +1

      We appreciate people like you for leaving the products!!

    • Wendy Yay
      Wendy Yay Vor Monat

      The too cool for school one is a contour, not a blush.

  • Amanda Fernandes
    Amanda Fernandes Vor Monat

    It's so good to watch it in Korean and understand most of the lines without the subs

  • Tika Nguyen
    Tika Nguyen Vor Monat

    More beautiful without makeup.

  • Nabila Yasmin
    Nabila Yasmin Vor Monat +18

    I like how she has moles but doesn't try to hide it. Growing up with it on my face, I'm always very insecure about that part of my face and always wish for it to be gone. But seeing a model, with the exact same condition of skin, I feel somewhat, idk, empowered?
    Her make up is also exactly my type that I usually do so I found it very relatable. Thank you very much for this tutorial 💞💞

    • aubrey dacaymat
      aubrey dacaymat Vor Monat +1

      I have moles on my face too and I never tried to hide it because people say it's beautiful like a constellation on my cheeks hahahahha

  • TheGrouchDnD
    TheGrouchDnD Vor Monat

    Step 1: Be super hot

  • O V E R C O M E
    O V E R C O M E Vor Monat

    o want to see Asian men doing their own makeup 🤩

  • H S
    H S Vor Monat +3

    DO depeeka padakone and Priyanka Chopra!

  • Jinx Vi
    Jinx Vi Vor Monat

    OMG! She is so pretty

  • Susanne Jensen
    Susanne Jensen Vor Monat +1

    Really beautiful with and without makeup, and her rosacea was very little and kinda cute - not like mine 😅

  • Emily Alston
    Emily Alston Vor Monat +1

    This is much more interesting and informative than many other American models (her anecdotes about getting tips backstage, comparing Korean and other countries fashion shows). Look forward to more international or more interesting models!!

  • Ana D
    Ana D Vor Monat +1

    Ok but I was not expecting that mask to be black lol i thought it was going to be gold for some really startled me

  • Shin Ning
    Shin Ning Vor Monat

    she is really beautiful! btw does anyone else notice her name Young Bae is same as Bigbang's Taeyang? Two gorgeous human ❤️

  • Marina Dooley
    Marina Dooley Vor Monat

    Does anyone know what eyelash curler she was using??

  • 미다Kiha
    미다Kiha Vor Monat +13

    when she put her hair down i was SHOOK

  • Aline Nguyen
    Aline Nguyen Vor Monat +2

    Her lipstick is rouge allure velvet extrême #112 ideal right?

    • redaafilm m
      redaafilm m Vor 21 Tag

      Aline Nguyen i really want to know too