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I Built Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!

  • Am 3 Jun 2022 veröffentlicht
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KOMMENTARE • 173 632

  • MrBeast
    MrBeast   +87

    Try our new Milk Chocolate and Sea Salt bars, you could win a tesla and be in a video! -

  • Wriot
    Wriot  +137

    That dude deserved the win. He literally crushed every event.

  • Rhythmic Ace93
    Rhythmic Ace93 Vor 4 Stunden +65

    Gordons face when Jimmy said he was judging the taste was priceless 🤣

  • fafi mktn
    fafi mktn Vor 9 Stunden +184

    He can climb he can shoot he can make good decisions and he can cook daaamn he deserves that cash

  • _Gamboll_Knify_
    _Gamboll_Knify_ Vor 12 Stunden +8

    Так интересно... Последний раз читали это произведение в классе 6, а теперь это ещё и воплощено в реальности.. Классно.. 🥰

  • Ugho
    Ugho Vor 7 Stunden +138

    изначально знал победителя, он правда заслужил победу 👏🏻🎊

  • Jackson S.

    The fact Gordon doesn't spit out his food, already makes him a winner.

  • たなか
    たなか Vor 2 Stunden +7

    Your videos are amazing!

  • Scorpionniii
    Scorpionniii Vor 4 Stunden +39

    He literally won almost every challenge my bets were on him

  • Elijah Flack
    Elijah Flack Vor 9 Stunden +85

    Gordon Ramsey showing up is great honestly

  • Lucas Sanor
    Lucas Sanor Vor 4 Stunden +12

    The editing on this stuff is excellent.

  • Medussa Gotti
    Medussa Gotti Vor 2 Stunden +5

    Mr beast is doing incredible things 🎉

  • iamdevilking

    That man, right there is gonna make history for sure.

  • Melissa Hopper
    Melissa Hopper Vor 4 Stunden +4

    👍 I so wanna try these Feastable Chocolate bars!!

  • おしゃれになりたい黒猫くん


  • 水谷チャーリー
    水谷チャーリー Vor 4 Stunden +7


  • Naiany Ramal
    Naiany Ramal Vor 4 Stunden +7

    Aiii meu Deus 🙏 estão dublados ❤️ eu ameiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Addison Stephens
    Addison Stephens Vor 16 Stunden +2

    Order that chocolate thing to my house immediately I want to come there so bad

  • Wriot
    Wriot  +31

    The fact that Jimmy is at the point where hes giving away factories is just mental. Makes me excited to see what hes able to pull off a few years down the line.

  • Myriam Bernard
    Myriam Bernard Vor 2 Stunden +6

    I was rooting for that guy so bad, idk why lol