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  • Elise Brodeur-Jacobs
    Elise Brodeur-Jacobs Vor Stunde +1

    Youb should be addressing the part of you that took advantage! You didn't even want to go to school!

  • Joel
    Joel Vor Stunde

    what happened?

  • jose lopez
    jose lopez Vor Stunde

    This is a slap in the face for all the students who can’t even get into college because they don’t have enough money . This system is way too fucked up

  • Maria Villagran
    Maria Villagran Vor 2 Stunden +1

    Please go away... Just go away... You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Jackie
    Jackie Vor 2 Stunden +1

    The moral of the story, where's the apology?
    You can't apologize because that would mean you were admitting guilt.

  • Levio Stagnaro
    Levio Stagnaro Vor 2 Stunden +1

    She’s living on recruit difficulty

  • Mar K
    Mar K Vor 2 Stunden

    I’m lost. What happened?!🤪

  • Kelly Davis
    Kelly Davis Vor 2 Stunden +1

    Go away again...

  • Sown Intergral
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  • Sown Intergral
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  • Anthony Scott
    Anthony Scott Vor 2 Stunden +1

    Literally didn’t know wtf she was talking about until I figured out who her mom is lol 🅱️razy

  • Julian Velasquez
    Julian Velasquez Vor 2 Stunden +3

    Someone’s low on cash again

  • Thomas White
    Thomas White Vor 3 Stunden

    At the age that this all started Olivia was probably like 17. I would imagine the situation was almost entirely the doing of her parents, I don't think blaming her for this makes much sense especially considering we don't know the full story. Sure, her life has been insanely easy and pretty much bought for her, but none of this is really her doing.

    • I'dena Allen
      I'dena Allen Vor 2 Stunden +1

      Thomas White Eh. I don’t think she truly thought it was correct. 18 is very old enough to know right from wrong. I just think that she didn’t care/didn’t think it was a big deal. She probably knew other rich kids who did it. It may have been the thing to do amongst their circle.

    • Thomas White
      Thomas White Vor 2 Stunden

      @I'dena Allen At 18 its still really easy to be convinced by your parents that what they're doing is the correct thing to do. I know at that age I didn't give a shit about much at all, and if I was raised rich I'm fairly certain I would accept a ticket to college like that.

    • I'dena Allen
      I'dena Allen Vor 2 Stunden +1

      I understand what you’re saying, but I also think that she could’ve not gone through with it. She turned 18. She had options. She makes bank from DEclips, so I doubt she HAD to live with her parents. So what could they hold over her head? A relationship? Lol I doubt they were gonna disown her.

  • Julien Blanc Dubois
    Julien Blanc Dubois Vor 3 Stunden

    Baby, come back. DEclips has been pretty boring without you. We need more drama on here to liven things up a bit.

  • Khaleesi
    Khaleesi Vor 3 Stunden +1

    See if you wanted to FIX this you would pay for a couple of scholarships. But you won’t. Because you don’t care. Because you’re better than people who gave their soul to a rowing team for a scholarship.
    You’re evil and you don’t care about “normal” people. FIX it instead of having people fix it for you. You robbed people of an education.

  • Carla Mlna
    Carla Mlna Vor 3 Stunden +1

    do everyone a favor and don‘t return to yt ever again 🙄 girl bye

  • Mariah
    Mariah Vor 3 Stunden +1

    Such a shame her parents are trying to plead not guilty so she can’t even make an apology video cos it’s an admittance of guilt. Like obviously her parents scammed the system, why are they being so dumb as to try to claim they aren’t guilty? Sis ya fam done goofed.. come back when the trials are over and you can make that apology video.

  • A C
    A C Vor 3 Stunden +1

    Must be nice being able to move on and “start over” because most people who are normal can’t do that...literally she’s coming back on DEclips to get more hate.

  • M Z
    M Z Vor 3 Stunden +2

    No. Moral of the story is that people spend sleepless nights studying aiming for scholarships when it was only handed to you because of your wealth and unfortunately you are ungrateful for all of it.

  • citrus meat
    citrus meat Vor 3 Stunden +2

    you clearly don't fucking care about what you and your mom have done. you can't rebound from this olivia. you ruined a kid's chances of getting into usc who cared more about getting an education than you did. you can't move on from this.

    CYBER PUNCH Vor 3 Stunden +1

    It's not her fault it's her parents leave her alone

  • Triple Oof
    Triple Oof Vor 4 Stunden +2

    Guess “””rowing””” just isn’t your thing huh

  • Henry Von Henrick
    Henry Von Henrick Vor 4 Stunden +1

    I hope your parents go to jail and stay there lmao

  • Cristal R Soto
    Cristal R Soto Vor 4 Stunden

    Please come back!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺😭😭😭

  • Katie Brownawell
    Katie Brownawell Vor 4 Stunden

    Plot twist she had a kid

  • Chan Thon
    Chan Thon Vor 4 Stunden +1

    it's heartbreaking that someone worked so hard to get into usc and she got in instead

  • Hokie Joe
    Hokie Joe Vor 4 Stunden

    Honestly, D1 athletes get paid by colleges and universities to attend their school. I don't see any difference except that you're not actually an athlete and your family paid them instead of them paying your family. And we pay colleges to get in anyway for tuition, all your family did was pay extra for a guranteed spot.

  • Alyaa H
    Alyaa H Vor 4 Stunden +1

    Girl you should close the comment section.

  • uwu help me
    uwu help me Vor 4 Stunden +3

    this video reminded me why france decided to guillotine the rich

    CHSNY Vor 4 Stunden

    Nobody missed you

  • b gab
    b gab Vor 4 Stunden +1

    Where are her 1.95 million subscribers? You would think with all those people subscribed to her videos, she would have more than the less than 300 thousand thumbs up/down votes. I think her subscription numbers may be inflated.

  • sboudreaux27
    sboudreaux27 Vor 4 Stunden

    Go away you damn freak.

  • Matthew Rodriguez
    Matthew Rodriguez Vor 4 Stunden +1

    Why tf she on yt she don’t need the money and she doesn’t need to go to college either she fr doesn’t have to work a day in her life

  • Fizza Shaikh
    Fizza Shaikh Vor 4 Stunden

    Brave having the comments on

  • EdBoi
    EdBoi Vor 4 Stunden +1

    Get outta her

  • ASsa sss
    ASsa sss Vor 5 Stunden

    i dont get it u blame her maybe blame parents they wanna to have the best start jeezz u dont have problem about her u have problem about his rich family u all have problem :D

  • Izamai
    Izamai Vor 5 Stunden

    Don't you all think you're being alittle much rn she can't speak on it so just fucking relax jeez

  • dayna ross
    dayna ross Vor 5 Stunden +1

    don't come back to youtube.

  • Lava
    Lava Vor 5 Stunden +1

    what was the point of this video ?

  • bobo fattt
    bobo fattt Vor 5 Stunden

    You are a trashy pathetic slimeball that doesnt deserve to be handed success. You keep the poor poorer. How do you feel knowing you ruined a whole families future. You dont deserve to be happy and flipping America off. You should be doing hours of community service without pay. And should not be allowed to go to any D1 school ever again. Piece of fucking ugly ass garbage

  • Elizabeth Himes
    Elizabeth Himes Vor 5 Stunden +1

    Putting this girl down and saying hateful things is also wrong. We get it - people mess up and make the wrong decisions. But, we are also accountable for how we treat others. Please let the legal system take care of any consequences instead of being verbally abusive.

    • Elizabeth Himes
      Elizabeth Himes Vor Stunde

      Teren Brome I am not saying that I agree with her actions. I am saying that a human being does not deserve this kind of cruelty. And I am speaking of other posts calling her stupid and verbally abusing her. People don’t have to watch her content if they do not want to. Just because someone did something wrong does not make it okay for people to cyber bully.

    • Teren Brome
      Teren Brome Vor 4 Stunden

      Elizabeth Himes only narcissistic people make videos about themselves in the midst of a criminal trial where it’s been indicated that they partook in the criminal activity. When the wrong decision is a criminal act she should at least have the decency to wait until the trial is over and the verdict is in before she goes posting about how much she’s missed vlogging. Another wrong decision on her part. It’s immoral and insensitive to the significant majority of the community she has deeply upset and offended, so I can see why people might not be down for Vlogmas! Just seems like pouring salt in a wound that is still very much open

  • Snake
    Snake Vor 5 Stunden +1

    Why the f does this have so many likes? This was a non video, she said nothing. Are that many sad man that want to see things like this because she is kind of pretty?

    • Sandra Rhodes
      Sandra Rhodes Vor 5 Stunden +1

      Something doesn’t make sense. Taking 20 random comments you get: 3 neutral, 3 positive and 14 negative. Taking that statistically you would (and best case scenario of assuming the neutrals voted thumbs up), there should be 112k thumbs up not 127k. But because neutral people often don’t vote, it should be 48k thumbs up.

  • Nick Yoon
    Nick Yoon Vor 5 Stunden +1

    How tf is the likes a 1:1 ratio??

    • Sandra Rhodes
      Sandra Rhodes Vor 5 Stunden +1

      Something doesn’t make sense. Taking 20 random comments you get: 3 neutral, 3 positive and 14 negative. Taking that statistically you would (and best case scenario of assuming the neutrals voted thumbs up), there should be 112k thumbs up not 127k. But because neutral people often don’t vote, it should be 48k thumbs up.

  • sailek
    sailek Vor 5 Stunden +1

    DEclipsrs are good at talking while not saying anything

    EEECHIMAAH!! WOOT Vor 5 Stunden

    I bet this girl constantly thinks that NO ONE can walk a foot in her shoes and has to repeat that She has "OCD" haha

  • uh uh stinky
    uh uh stinky Vor 5 Stunden

    yess the queen is back

  • simplycc
    simplycc Vor 6 Stunden +2

    I feel like everyone deserves to grow. She probably grew up not fully understanding the reality of how most people live. Not saying she didn't have her own challenges, but this situation in the first place is an example of pretty much having things, that many have to work their asses off for, handed to her. Honestly, that's always been the reality of wealth - being surrounded those with the same privilege blurs morals that outsiders (you could say 98% of the rest of the population) can clearly see. Honestly, I'm glad this happened to her at her age. Hopefully she takes this and learns the consequences of abusing your privilege, and how it can hurt others. Her coming back to DEclips is a step forward, if she were to cower back into the comfort of her family's wealth (because its still, very much, abundant) would teach her nothing. She should mature from this and move forward. Everyone messes up, her family just happens to be famous and the gravity of the situation is greater. Personally, while - as a college student who had to work my ass off - I'm angry at the situation, I think it's immature for people to not allow her to show willingness to become a person more than this. hopefully a better person. Her videos before evidently displayed her obliviousness to how she lives in comparison to others. moral of the story (lol) everyone deserves a second chance and this is an opportunity for her to grow.

  • Sandra Rhodes
    Sandra Rhodes Vor 6 Stunden +1

    To whom much is given, much will be required (Luke 12:48). If you have heard that line of wisdom, you know it means we are held responsible for what we have. If we have been blessed with talents, wealth, knowledge, time, and the like, it is expected that we benefit others.

  • Daniel B.
    Daniel B. Vor 6 Stunden +1

    She has no control over her parents actions , yall are out of control in these comments ! She said herself she didnt want to go to college , who knows if she was even aware that her parents paid for her to get in ! like all of yall piss me off like yall applied to that school at the same time

  • Dazed Starfish
    Dazed Starfish Vor 6 Stunden +1

    No we want you to take responsibility for once and you apparently cannot so you are going to be continued to be viewed as a selfish entitled spoiled brat that takes for more deserving people... would have way more respect if this wasnt so fake and desperate.

    CRYING ONOIN Vor 6 Stunden +3

    Olivia trying to be cute for two mins straight hoping we forgive that she took away someone else’s opportunity to achieve. Spoiled brat.

    CRYING ONOIN Vor 6 Stunden +2

    Remember when she said she doesn’t care about school lol

  • Your moms moms mom
    Your moms moms mom Vor 6 Stunden +2

    Yeah I’d want my fat stack of money back too.

  • Much Sofaism
    Much Sofaism Vor 6 Stunden +2

    What the fuck is this video about? Are you sorry for something?
    Also, if you like filming then why do you use so many jump cuts?

  • N0de7 3xists
    N0de7 3xists Vor 6 Stunden

    Moral? You have none! Your a joke!

  • Tovah
    Tovah Vor 6 Stunden

    Your mom & dad are going to jail just stop girl..Cheater ..

  • crash bandicoot
    crash bandicoot Vor 6 Stunden

    Could you imagine the type of job she would have to get if her parents will not super f****** wealthy you can clearly tell that she would not be getting a good paying job she be lucky if she can get a job working at Mickey D's flipping burgers talk about being a complete and utter scumbag in a spoiled rotten brat I do not have the slightest bit of sympathy for this pile of trash we need to quit idolizing these celebrities quit treating on my biggest second coming of Jesus Christ they're just humans and they make mistakes only difference is this person refuses to admit to their mistakes

  • Marvin White III
    Marvin White III Vor 6 Stunden +1

    NO! BOOOOO!!!!!! 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

  • Suga Kookie
    Suga Kookie Vor 6 Stunden +1

    Im really freakin mad at her and her family but im ngl i feel bad for her at the same time😕

  • Tzu Nami
    Tzu Nami Vor 6 Stunden +1