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Why Most Indians Live Above This Line

  • Am 21 Nov 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Abdul Rahman
    Abdul Rahman Vor 4 Tage +5841

    Lmao this man manages to put a line in every country.

    • Rahul TH
      Rahul TH Vor 5 Stunden


    • Alex Popa
      Alex Popa Vor 6 Stunden +1

      Why do you gender him

    • Amarjeet kumar
      Amarjeet kumar Vor 7 Stunden

      Your video is very good but you are looking at the Indian map incomplete, it is very bad.😡😡😡😡😡😡
      you search about india map😡😡😡😡

    • Amit
      Amit Vor 16 Stunden

      He would be the second person from the West to put a line in India.

    • Narayan Barath
      Narayan Barath Vor 19 Stunden


  • Saad Ali's Art and Drawing

    India is itself a Continent, a separate World having diverse, colorful and beautiful mix of races, cultures, religions, ethnicities, languages and traditions. Almost every kind of Geographical feature is available in India from coastal plains, rivers, streams, delta, bays, seas, Oceans and islands to deserts , plateau, fertile lands, valleys, hills and high snow covered mountains. I admire and Love Indian Geography

    • Patrick Bateman
      Patrick Bateman Vor 5 Stunden +3

      thats why there is indian subcontinent which includes today's whole india,bangkadesh,nepal.bhutan and pakstan's sindh punjab provinces only.

    • Vladivostok
      Vladivostok Vor 8 Stunden

      @Vulcan Memes ur mom

    • Uncle Zulu
      Uncle Zulu Vor 9 Stunden +2

      European supremism is the only reason Europe is classified as a continent. The justification given is diversity of culture that is distinct from Asia and Africa.
      By that, a lot of places should then be considered continents. India + a few of its neighbours have orders of magnitude more diversity than Europe, and should be given the same treatment.
      Of course, the ideal thing would be to formalise the definition of continents and apply it consistently, whatever that may look like.
      Fuck Eurocentrism and neocolonialism.

    • mangoshake
      mangoshake Vor 20 Stunden +1

      @Vulcan Memes yes it's a sub continent

    • Ornessar Hithfaeron
      Ornessar Hithfaeron Vor 20 Stunden

      yo mama's a continent

  • SayonR
    SayonR Vor Tag +31

    This guy just managed to teach us Indian Geography upto the 10th standard in under 15 minutes lol

    • AsTiClol
      AsTiClol Vor 20 Stunden +2

      bas ek hi baat hai usne kerala ke bare me baat nhi ki, where that wind splits into two and goes to kerala and bay of bengal

  • Akcent Badal
    Akcent Badal Vor 2 Tage +73

    I wish this video was available when I was appearing for my high school Geography exams! I’ve learned more Geography of India than my textbooks haha 😂

    • Marcos
      Marcos Vor 3 Stunden

      Except the Map, everything you can learn

    • Funny Valentine
      Funny Valentine Vor 21 Stunde

      ​@Nabam Akin true

    • Nabam Akin
      Nabam Akin Vor Tag +4

      Because you never focus on class

  • Alan Greenwood
    Alan Greenwood Vor 2 Tage +14

    EXCELLENT job. This video was stuffed with information, and as a thirty-year veteran of teaching such information, I was happy to learn some things myself. 🥇

  • Empruror
    Empruror Vor 4 Tage +3707

    Me, being an Indian had no idea northeastern states (Meghalaya and Manipur) had a such a high fertility rate! It's astonishing to to see the diversity in India... one could live just a 500 miles apart and look, dress and speak completely different!

    • rannanjay singh chauhan
      rannanjay singh chauhan Vor 38 Minuten

      Being indian you must raise your voice against incorrect map of india
      He is not showing pok and siachin as part of india

    • Sarthak
      Sarthak Vor Stunde

      @TheSpiritombsableye I didn't noticed I was typing so much😓😅

    • Sarthak
      Sarthak Vor Stunde

      @But Not Me you should be donated to mental asylum then.

    • TheSpiritombsableye
      TheSpiritombsableye Vor Stunde

      @Sarthak, /whoosh

    • Sarthak
      Sarthak Vor Stunde

      @Boarbot 78 just make it 50 km or even 25 km, you will find very different kind of people having different custom for same festival.

  • Avery the Cuban-American
    Avery the Cuban-American Vor 2 Tage +28

    As you rightly said, the population is very densely concentrated in the plains and the basins of rivers of north India. Rivers have been a crucial part of the Indian civilization. The Indus valley culture, the Vedic society, and other cultures flourished because of the rivers of India and Pakistan. Indian religious texts give a lot of importance to rivers. Rivers are considered sacred. Like a god or a goddess. Even if the Ganges is polluted, people still bathe in it because they see it as a purifying ritual to wash away their sins.

    • Medusa
      Medusa Vor 5 Stunden

      Hindi is a religon worse than Islam.
      Remove religon & think logically like your better neighbor east 🇨🇳🇨🇳
      Zhōnggòng jiāng cuīhuǐ yìndù bìng jiāng tāmen de héliú biàn chéng wū ní.

  • lorrygoth
    lorrygoth Vor 2 Tage +6

    As a Canadian with so much of our population along the border, as I actually learned from your video on Canada, I can understand but am still surprised.

  • Sriram Sujit
    Sriram Sujit Vor 2 Tage +9

    *Map of INDIA* When you do a video on India, it is important to be sensitive and to respect the borders that India recognizes. Hence in the interest of being neutral, I would ask you to show the disputed territory as DISPUTED TERRITORY and not part of other nations. That aside...its a good video!

  • Vishnu Srigiriraju
    Vishnu Srigiriraju Vor Tag +5

    I’ve been watching this channel for quite a long time now and I’m really happy to see a video on my country :)
    Much love from India❤

    • TransPenX
      TransPenX Vor 12 Stunden

      love india from malaysia.
      we have a lot of indians here

  • Dr. Irina Luminesk
    Dr. Irina Luminesk Vor 4 Tage +1809

    It feels like every nation has a population "Line" and real-lifelore is going to cover it all.

    • Modi can't Speak English
      Modi can't Speak English  Vor 17 Stunden

      West Bengal, Bihar, Chatisghar, UP, Jharkhand, Orisha along with North East & Andaman Nicobar islands are integral part of Bangladesh which is currently iIIegaIIy occupied by cooloniaI India. Bangladesh demands immediate withdrawal & cessation of hostile & iIIegaII occupation of colonial India ASAP according to the UN charter. Thank you & Bangladesh Zindabad.

    • Gods Bloody Hammer
      Gods Bloody Hammer Vor 23 Stunden

      2:03 map of Mughalistan.

    • DieJ
      DieJ Vor Tag +1

      As a Chilean, i am waiting for him to show our "LINE".

    • Rude Awakening
      Rude Awakening  Vor 2 Tage

      It's crazy the north is home to India's Hindu extremist and the south follows are civilised tolerant ideology. Though the norths extremism is slowly moving to the south.

    • Arindam Paul
      Arindam Paul Vor 2 Tage

      @Philocracis I would also love to learn. I always knew about India, China and the US.

  • Nikhil M
    Nikhil M Vor 2 Tage +14

    03:33 What western minds are fed by their media.
    04:55 What they never wanted to know about India.
    Thanks RealLifeLore for such an informative video.

  • Vivek Agarwal
    Vivek Agarwal Vor 2 Tage +39

    This is the geography lesson taught in school which we never paid attention to but then, the professors never used such awesome graphics to explain the diversity of our country. Thanks a lot for the video !!!!

    • Mohit Bhalotia
      Mohit Bhalotia Vor 21 Stunde

      You are thanking a terrorist showing wrong map of you country , you should immediately leave india , shame of our motherland ,idiot

  • Larry Moran
    Larry Moran Vor 2 Tage +4

    November 24, 2022 - Videos like this one obviously represent a particular view point, based on data selected by the video host. I think it, and other videos presented on similar channels are very important. I definitely learned something from it. Sadly, "News reporting" in Western countries, especially in the U.S.A., is confined to expressing opinions, and not reporting on, or explaining important issues that impact on the international community. Academia is even worse, and is preoccupied with social and political issues. Rather than dispensing knowledge in the classic subjects and curricula. I hope more people are inspired by channels like this one. To learn more about important issues similar the one discussed in this video.

  • Targaryen
    Targaryen Vor 2 Tage +1

    I think it's a perfectly balanced line because most of Rajasthan and some parts of Gujarat have a dessert area and if we equate this land it's almost equal.

  • David OMalley
    David OMalley Vor 4 Tage +1072

    I traveled overland from Chennai to Kochi, across the dry plains of Tamil Nadu, over the Western Ghats, and down into the lush jungles of Kerala. Aside from the region being fascinating culturally, the geographic diversity of South India is incredible. The best of this was Munnar, where the climate is just right for mass tea production. The verdant hills covered with tea plantations makes it one of the most beautiful places I've visited.

    • Avanish Awade
      Avanish Awade Vor Tag

      @Aneetha Salim Yeah I understand that but I just wanted you to know that it was a bit of an overshare lol. I used to do it a lot until I realised that trolls just take advantage of that to ridicule. On DEclips, this happens so sooo much, just take a look at the number of replies on a remotely Indian comment.

    • Aneetha Salim
      Aneetha Salim Vor Tag

      @Avanish Awade I didn't mean to be apprehensive I was just using the vegetation as an example to show the stark differences in climate.

    • Avanish Awade
      Avanish Awade Vor Tag +1

      To all my mallu friends, you guys need to chill, man. Geography of India is being discussed and the comment here is appreciative. You don't need to reply to every minute mistake (and it's correction lol) and write a paragraph of information while just sliding in your political affiliation or opinion on the regional divide. The man here's just appreciative of his well spent time in your lovely land.
      P.S. - I think this applies to all Indians. Not just the mallus.

    • Avanish Awade
      Avanish Awade Vor Tag

      @Aneetha Salim Well, I did say similar climate, not same. I also said that the vegetation is vastly different, didn't I? :)

    • k jeyabalan
      k jeyabalan Vor Tag +1

      @Sujith Menon if he passed over kumily?😀

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar Vor 2 Tage +1

    Astonishing remark : In ancient time the area above the line was the most powerful and all the capital were located in Bihar ( Patliputra, etc) and UP (many places)..... whereas at same time, rest of the world was not that powerful... to me, it seems like every thing including place/Land has its life cycle as well

  • Nitin Saxena
    Nitin Saxena Vor 2 Tage +7

    Finally one of these videos for INDIA!!! :) And I suppose most of the pronunciations of our names and states is pretty good for an average foreigner :)

  • Dr. Salman Mahi Ruhul Kowser

    You should make a video about Bangladesh.

  • Amit
    Amit Vor 16 Stunden

    I am amazed that he failed to mention that the place that recieved the highest amount of rainfall is also in India, specifically in Meghalaya where the pattern in similar to Western ghats. The moist clouds hits the hills of Meghalaya and rain down so much that the edge of Meghalaya is filled with waterfalls. Most of rain flows in Bangladesh which floods when monsoon arrives.
    Since the availability of arable land is highest in Old World, I don't think Indo Gangetic plain was even second to any other region in terms of population and since India will continue to grow crop, that plain will continue to hold highest amount of people forever.

  • ZTEmax Gaming
    ZTEmax Gaming Vor 4 Tage +1854

    This video fully explains why Bangladesh has a higher population than Russia as well, it's just the fact that throughout the human history this region has been so fertile that people in general never had to go through the similar hardship faced by people living in colder or dryer regions
    and if certain indian states were to be independent like west bengal or uttar pradesh they'd have similar to even higher population then Bangladesh

    • The Mr. Man
      The Mr. Man Vor Stunde +1

      @Snehil Jain least coping endian

    • Snehil Jain
      Snehil Jain Vor Stunde

      or also you can say these Bangladesh and west bengal has high muslim population. & you know their mentality , they produce kids like animals, like one family will have atleast 7-8 kids , even if they're not financially stable.

    • Swastika Das
      Swastika Das Vor 13 Stunden

      No. West Bengal actually isn't that populated . Look at 1:55 Despite being in the fertile region, it still continues to maintain average fertility rates.

    • The Mr. Man
      The Mr. Man Vor Tag

      @k r ew white

    • The Mr. Man
      The Mr. Man Vor Tag

      @S K true, the british are a large source of historical problems throughout the world

  • Tom Riley
    Tom Riley Vor 2 Tage +1

    India is kind of a continent in a country. I think you might be rather over opptomistic about the future though - considering the shrinking of glaciers it's likely that these will cease to be a source of headwaters. To see what happens when the glaciers run out look at the Indus civilisation. There's also the risk of monsoon failure. Famine was a widespread, periodic problem in India basically until the colonial period and then during world war 2, I'm very much afraid it could occur again.

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un Vor 2 Tage +46

    I know not many people like side quests, but i LOVE that you're doing them. Side quests lets us learn more of the world we are walking on, explore different sites, experience new things through the characters we play, see their interactions with other characters and watch as they change and grow through them. It feels SO MUCH richer and we actually get to grow EVEN MORE attached to each character as we play through the game

    • Krish Kumar
      Krish Kumar Vor 5 Stunden

      My visa to Democratic People's Republic of Korea has been approved. Thanks, Kim bro. 🙂

    • waii_ki
      waii_ki Vor 8 Stunden

      Long live our leader

    • Ornessar Hithfaeron
      Ornessar Hithfaeron Vor 20 Stunden

      All Hail our Glorious Leader

    • Krish Kumar
      Krish Kumar Vor Tag +2

      Hey! Kim, how are you ?
      I applied for a visa to DPR of Korea. It hasn't been approved yet. Please tell your officials to hurry up.

    • Brightsun Singh
      Brightsun Singh Vor Tag +1


  • Sergio Basilio
    Sergio Basilio Vor 18 Stunden +1

    Some time ago I saw a night map showing the lighting concentrations of urban centers, and it struck me that in India they were closer to the mountains than on the coast. I have never known the reason until now.

  • Praveen Hegde
    Praveen Hegde Vor 20 Stunden

    Population also reflects the time period humans have been living there. The multiplier effect is the longest if that ancient civilisation survived with a continued presence. The population line can be better explained through the river ‘Ganges’ which has been the fertile ground for the Indian population to thrive. That is why it is held in high esteem and regarded holy as it has been the cradle to that civilisation. Population thrives on those fertile plains & basins and thereby leading to the skewness in terms of population density especially due to the multiplier effect of thousands of years of growth.

  • Gita Naturals
    Gita Naturals Vor Tag

    Great insight into the geographical influence on population. It's time for these states to curb their population. India has states representation in parliament proportional to their population. This really hurts south India. It's almost like whoever has votes of uttar pradesh and Bihar can win election. Despite being the main contributor to GDP, our states gets neglected.

  • Shaswat Shrey
    Shaswat Shrey Vor 5 Stunden

    This is ironic, India has everything for itself separately “Indian tectonic plate”, “Indian Ocean”, “Indian Subcontinent”, “Himalayas” and its very different and unique climate conditions 😮😮

  • karthik R
    karthik R Vor 2 Tage +1

    Apart from geographic reasons, you should check the education levels in south and north. North is still backwards and are not industrially developed like south. So people still tend to have more kids, whereas in south people are more educated and tend of have lesser kids.

  • Fishy Fish
    Fishy Fish Vor 2 Tage +2

    I'm from Meghalaya and I definitely didn't realize that's how high the fertility rate is in our state 😂. It's still a pretty small population tho, we're only 3.4 million strong. Less than a quarter of Mumbai I think

  • TüranSpider
    TüranSpider Vor 4 Tage +1717

    Fun Fact: Mumbai City has not only the same population as My Country, Kazakhstan 🇰🇿, but also both of them also has a same GDP of $225,000,000,000 Billion, Wow 👏 😳.

    • Shikhar Tiwari
      Shikhar Tiwari Vor Tag

      @AdeleiTeillana those are just rookie numbers

    • Chutzpah Talks
      Chutzpah Talks Vor Tag

      Mumbai is not just a city.. It is a city of dreams..

      FACTWICH Vor Tag +1

      @Alpha heyy it's not count in revenue, these 90B are assets not an year revenue, GDP means total total production of goods and services in a year...

    • Alpha
      Alpha Vor Tag

      Mukesh Ambani alone gives 90 billion out of it.

      FACTWICH Vor Tag +1

      Mumbai GDP is $280B Nominal and $660 as PPP

  • Raj Patel
    Raj Patel Vor Tag

    With all due respect about sharing good knowledge through informative videos, but as an Indian I am obligated to mention that your map is incorrect in video, POK and Aksai Chin are considered as part of India.🇮🇳

  • Vidu Sharma
    Vidu Sharma Vor 18 Stunden

    As an indian, you just revised my geography. All of the geographical facts you said are taught in schools.

  • mayoite160
    mayoite160 Vor 20 Stunden

    Great video. I was unaware of such a huge population disparity even though I grew up here. Now please do the bigger (density-wise), badder and more insane sequel: Bangladesh

  • Shaw Boi
    Shaw Boi Vor 19 Stunden

    Hey There, I see that You have not drawn India in its entirety, POK is still part and parcel of India, and excluding it causes a puzzling dilemma in my mind. I have learnt and mapped Indian terrain, crop patterns, rivers and so much more on India maps all through school and when I see this video, I felt something strange, and later came to the understanding that you have excluded part of it. It would be nice if you could explain your reasoning for this decision.

  • Maulik
    Maulik Vor 4 Tage +893

    So basically he covered the geography syllabus of cbse/icse till class 10 in a single video lmao

    • beataoo
      beataoo Vor 9 Stunden

      @Lord Vader I think there was an chapter very small one regarding population in class 8 i guess but it got ommited

    • beataoo
      beataoo Vor 9 Stunden

      @Lord Vader cbse

    • Lord Vader
      Lord Vader Vor 9 Stunden

      @beataoo bhai which board were you in? I was in icse..... check morningstar geo book i think class 8 or 9

    • beataoo
      beataoo Vor 10 Stunden

      @Lord Vader geography wasn't even a subject till class 6 also there was never a chapter named population its there in class 11

    • AsTiClol
      AsTiClol Vor 20 Stunden

      bc usne bas kerala ka rains ke bare me nahi baat ki 😂

  • photon in double slit
    photon in double slit Vor 9 Stunden

    Because of our dependency for the rains for the water in rivers in south India ,we built a tons of dams in the rivers which help us for agriculture and irrigation process..😁

  • shweta
    shweta Vor 8 Stunden

    I have a request to make.
    I think if you can add sources of the data and statistics in the description box of not only this but for every video then it would be great.

  • Jon
    Jon Vor 8 Stunden +1

    It’s really interesting to note that a majority of India’s population is not concentrated in the major urban city centers like most countries in the world!

  • Mercedes Benz
    Mercedes Benz Vor 2 Tage +1

    The word HIMALAYA
    Him/Hima in Sanskrit mean Snow or Ice
    Alaya means abode or Mountain.
    Himalay is also considered holy by many hindus, as it's somewhat related to lord shiva. Ravana lifted the himalaya on his arms to praise lord Shiva.

  • Gil
    Gil Vor 4 Tage +464

    As a non-Indian, I always think the Brahmaputra river deserves more attention. It's not as famous as Nile, Amazon, or Mississippi, but Brahmaputra's trail is simply equally impressive, originating from high plateau of Tibet and flowing through vast portion of Tibet as well, carving through Himalayas to create some of the deepest valleys around the world, and when the river actually reaches the lowland of India, the sheer scale of the river becomes simply mighty. I haven't been to India to see the river myself, but just the photos and footage on the Internet already amaze me.

    • Just a simple country boy
      Just a simple country boy Vor 9 Stunden

      @Rude Awakening it happened after Modi came to power 🤣

    • Tech Freak
      Tech Freak Vor 10 Stunden

      Lol few lunatic people commenting on Hindu extremism ... Yes , Hindus are extreme people who now became a majority in Pakistan , Afghanistan , Bangladesh , Kashmir , POK , Kurdistan , Armenia , Baluchistan through extremism .. And are responsible for Armenian , Kurdish , Bangladesh , Kashmir , Holocaust , Baloch genocides also for massive Decline in minority populations in Pakistan , Bangladesh , Afghanistan , China , Iran , Iraq , Turkey , Azerbaijan , Libya , Somalia , Yemen , Sudan etc. 🤡

    • Amit
      Amit Vor 16 Stunden

      Brahmaputra deserves the adjective Mighty.

    • Get Good Sleep
      Get Good Sleep Vor Tag +1

      @Hyper Void World He is right, and you should probably say the same to @RudeAwakeking who literally started this here..

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne Vor Tag +1

      @Hyper Void World I didn't started it. I just gave him clarification. I am also from Kerala 🇮🇳.

  • MR
    MR Vor 2 Tage +2

    Bottom line, if you live in India and want to relocate or plan on moving to India, pick a location in the southwest 3/4 of the country away from the coast. And, give away and promote the use of condoms and women having their tubes tied / men having vasectomies after having 1-3 children.

  • Sarfaraz
    Sarfaraz Vor Tag +2

    1:42 i like how the map of India represented Andhra Pradesh as whole with Telangana

  • Tatvam Krishnam
    Tatvam Krishnam Vor 7 Stunden +3

    A dislike for the wrong map shown in clickbait.
    Does any world map show Crimea to be a part of Russia? No. Because it was illegally annexed into Russia.
    Similarly pok (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) is an illegal annexation.
    Why should the world recognise it as Pakistan's in world map.
    Germany openly supports Pakistan in the Kashmir issue. The USA says India is an important strategic partner bla bla. But US envoy to Pak goes to POK and woes Pak calling POK 'Azad Hind'.
    Also the US recently gave billions of dollars and F16 to Pakistan. F16 planes to kill whom?
    The west also supported Pak when it was a dictator run, dumping Indians by giving Pak massive weapons. Once in a war, Pak got 700+ tanks, we had to manage with 200- . Yet we won the war. In another, 93,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered.
    Now just yesterday, the European nation of Turkiye supports Pak by pumping their own soldiers in PoK.
    Enough seriously, the way west sees Crimea and POK shows the double standards.

  • vanaja rajineni
    vanaja rajineni Vor Tag +1

    Brilliant video I also think that cultural aspect also come into factor as uttarpradesh and Bihar are very much patriarchal driven where women are expected to have many children

  • R N
    R N Vor 4 Tage +316

    My hometown was on the edge of Western Ghats and believe me, the amount of rainfall most places in India receive is something most Westerners cannot comprehend.. It is genuinely an ungodly amount of rain to the point that it is more destructive than helpful to agriculture.. Also most of the water goes back to the Arabian Sea and some of it flows eastward..
    I moved to Toronto a few years ago and I can guarantee you that what people might call an afternoon's worth of rain in India will overflow Toronto's Don River and flood the road..

    • Aneetha Salim
      Aneetha Salim Vor Tag

      @R N that's the case in the central and northern parts of the country but the south-west and north-east recieves high levels of rainfall year-round.

    • Charles
      Charles Vor 2 Tage

      @Aleena Prasannan well rainfall in most places is erratic it kinda always has been everywhere in the world but we’re seeing such crazy contrasts now because of climate change,it’s true that rainfall in India has become a lot more erratic than it used to be but the whole world is experiencing that as well.

    • Aleena Prasannan
      Aleena Prasannan Vor 2 Tage

      @Charles The thing is most times one monsoon season that extend 2-3 months will precipitate all the rain in one or 2 stretches of 3-4 days. The 3-4 months is just the extend of time frame for the wind direction, doesn't mean their will be rain continuously, and neither does that mean any less rainfall happens.
      The result is floods and landslide, because there is an additional 'blessing' of having topsoil sitting right on top of impermeable crystalline basement rock and no porous rocks in between in Western Ghats. So the top soil gets saturated during such heavy rain and liquefies and moves down as landslides and mudslides along the contact of basement rock and top soil

    • Denshi_lives💘
      Denshi_lives💘 Vor 2 Tage

      @rayelgatubelo are we glorifying colonization for sucking out wealth :)

    • shubham dhull
      shubham dhull Vor 2 Tage

      @Buffalo Bill it is just that u r used to diffrent climate

  • Shock Aagitten
    Shock Aagitten Vor 2 Tage

    Not only rivers are the only reason… All over India pretty much in every state you can do agriculture throughout year as India has eastern and western ghats mountains covering most states… The main reason is southern states has strict rules for controlling the population using health education with good healthcare infrastructure while the states above the line lacks both… That is the main reason…

  • Bharath Reddy
    Bharath Reddy Vor Tag +1

    High agricultural productivity does not explain why those areas have high population. Correlation does not imply causation. The states that you mention as having the highest population and fertility rates (Uttar Pradesh and Bihar) are also the ones with the lowest income levels across the country. With rising income levels, education (especially of women), health, life expectancy and living conditions improve and fertility rates go down. Poverty could be explained by the weak institutions in these regions (governments, markets, law enforcement, etc).

  • Shaydow Sith
    Shaydow Sith Vor Tag

    One thing that isn't covered: with global warming and the possibility of the sea levels rising is the very real dangers of populations which live at sea-level being threatened.

  • Anjna Pratap
    Anjna Pratap Vor 12 Stunden

    Much work has been put in this video. All great Civilisations have prospered around major rivers. Fertile soil, nourishing water.
    But that was back then. In the modern day scenario of global networks and supply chains of food, water, housing and transportation, the population distribution is bound to change.
    For those studying timelines of demographics this would be an interesting shift.

  • tsu
    tsu Vor 4 Tage +519

    As a South Indian(from Karnataka), our dams and other infrastructure have become part of our identity. They have literally transformed our lands from arid, infertile patches to land that can even grow rice. The Krishnaraja Sagara Dam(KRS) in particular is a tourist attraction for us but most non-Kannadigas don't understand why we travel 100s of kilometres to cherish a wall of concrete so much lol.

    • Bonemarrow
      Bonemarrow Vor 6 Stunden

      @Karthik Munishamaiah Have you seen the state board syllabus of Karnataka? Nothing about the history. Tamils are very proud of their language and culture more than so than kannadigas. The state of Banglore is filled with Hindi speakers who don't even try to learn the language. It is not the same case in Tamilnadu Or even Andra. If kannadigas only get proud on Rajyotsava. That's the sad state of our state

    • nish the indian commenter
      nish the indian commenter Vor 7 Stunden

      LOL same! , i am from Bengaluru

    • Karthik Munishamaiah
      Karthik Munishamaiah Vor 9 Stunden

      @Bonemarrow That’s just BS. Every Kannadiga I know is proud of the entire state. I’m sure there’s lots of Tamils who don’t know a lot important things about TN’s history and geography. That’s true of any state. That has nothing to do with how the Kaveri should be shared.

    • Karthik Munishamaiah
      Karthik Munishamaiah Vor 9 Stunden

      @Bonemarrow We have plains in the south too. And we have drinking water needs. We just want our fair share. It was extremely unfair till the re-apportionment. TN essentially took advantage of some century old agreement that was signed when we didn’t have elected governments. It is a little less unfair after the re-apportionment. If not for all the TN biased judges on the SC we would have got fairer judgement.

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    I live in Kerala in the narrow strip of land between the Arabian Sea and Western Ghats. On some clear days if we stand near the coast, we can see the sea on one side and the mountains on the other.
    Western Ghats are UNESCO World Heritage Site with some unique flora and fauna. Some amazing hill stations are located in these mountains in all states through which it passes.

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    The difference is relative.Though I live below the line, it doesn't one bit feel like I live in a region of sparser population, there are just too many people. There is overpopulation in the country as a whole.

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    One thing which wasn't discussed in this video are that most of those areas of India with the highest fertility rates also are the poorest states in India and lag behind when it comes to education, GDP, and access to birth control. More developed parts tend to have lower fertility rates for the same reason we see it in highly industrialized countries and cities.

    • Swastika Das
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      Exactly! You're right! That's why West Bengal despite being in the high fertily region, and being surrounded by Bihar, Jharkhand, UP, Meghalaya with their whopping populations, still Bengal has wayy lesser fertility rates (see 1:55).The more developed, educated and conscious you are, the less you'll reproduce, the more you'll focus on growing your GDP than growing your family :3

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      Being the most fertile land you guys should be driving the country's economy! But look where we are rn. Still using the outdated farming tech, being stubborn to protest against any farm reforms 🗿 desperate to have a stagnant household economy without any growth. We are on par with the western service sector or even a tadbit higher, but we are no where closer to the western farmers, that's where India is lagging behind.

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      @Naruto Uzumaki ya its low when you compare with up or bihar,
      And small states like kerala had 3.5 cr with land area lessthan half of haryana its population density is also much higher than haryana.....
      And haryana and punjab had one of the most fertility land in the world its their advantage
      And costal states had its disadvantage, like cyclones...
      And what you saying bimaru states are ignoring?
      I don't know about bihar but central government is blindly pumbing a lots of money in up...
      Actually northeast south and mineral rich states like jharknd is the most ignoring states by central government because their vote politics doesn't fit there....

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      @Naruto Uzumaki "Im not ashamed for excepting that Bengaluru is better than my Delhi.
      Then you should do the same. " - I don't belong to either of the places. So, there is not question o being shamed or ashamed. I was just pointing out that the data you provided might not be accurate.

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    As an Indian, it is very surprising why you aren't showing complete state of Jammu and Kashmir within India.
    You are showing only half of the state in your maps.
    And you call yourself good at Geography!

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    A key point missed, the population as numbers was diverse between north and the rest. The recent population difference and difference in replacement rates are because of the regional difference in attitudes of regional goverments towards birth control, developmental policies, social policies, economic policies.

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    The more education you have the more you know that high population is no advantage for the country rather an huge disadvantage, but UP doesn't seem to be understanding that

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    That line gives a false impression though, the 50% in the bigger part is actually still highly populated. And also, it is a mathematical theorem that you will find such a line in literally every direction, for every country. Many of the states you put in the smaller fifty percent region have low birthrates on par with the rest of India. It is literally just four states that have a high birthrate.

    • s9 ka9
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      True , States like Kerala until 90s used to have very similar density of population like Bihar but they gradually reduce the birth rate .

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    Our Geography teacher always say that We Indians never realise how lucky we are that we have largest agriculture land, Large supply of fresh water and we don't have to worry about cold winter despite our geographical location.

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    As a Bangladeshi and as a part of North Indian Plain I can confirm that the amount of rain that pours here is unfathomable to most of the westerners. Assam & Meghalaya(Wettest place on earth) recorded 858mm of rain just in June 2022 and we happened to be on the receiver end of all the water. For context London receives 585 mm of rain throughout the year.

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      @Floppy Lukiee Thanks, yeah I quite enjoyed myself.

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      @bram callebert Wow that was a wonderful journey i guess. Yeah I checked the city and found out that it was located right on the slope of the Western Ghat. That was a great research❣️

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      @bram callebert sorry to correct you, we love staying here. I am not going to anywhere else if you give me millions of dollars 🙌🏼

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      @Floppy Lukiee I actualy looked into climate of India and where I'd want to live after watching this video. There's a narrow strip mostly in Karnataka where the temperature and rain are pretty modest compare to most of India. That's where I'd settle. I even found a city= Chikmagalur.

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      @bram callebert sadly westerners colonises all these areas once.

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    From 1970s onwards the indian government continuous family planning had significance impact in reducing population control another reason is literacy rate in south of india is more than north of india ( Up, Bihar,jaarkhand etc.,) As the north indian state governments neglected family planning programmes and literacy resulted in population explosion in North of india

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    Hello bro, this video is great. The video was very informative. But I just wanna tell one thing, When I look into the Kashmir part of India, it's not proper in the map. 0:02 The Kashmir side of map is wrong. J&K is an Indian state and I don't know why everyone is considering POK as Pakistan's region. Bro POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) is an Indian region where they're (Pakistan) illegally occupying it. Please correct it bro. POK is not Pakistan's, it's an Indian Region

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    This video would be perfect if it didn't have a completely inaccurate map of India. Next time you produce a video on India, you might want to include an actual map. Please be mindful of these factors and avoid doing things like exhibiting an inaccurate map of a nation which is insulting to its citizens.

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    It is mind-blowing that Uttar Pradesh have similar population with that an entire Indonesia, another country who known for having a huge population, despite having 8times more land than Uttar Pradesh, their population is somewhere similar, it's like Java of India, but it only contain 20% of India's population, unlike Java who have 60% of Indonesia's

    • Piyush Negi
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      @Naveen " I think Himachal is too polluted because of tourists and also has some drug problems. Sikkim is incredible, and I really like Uttarakhand too"
      I think the first line explains it well. Yeah why you should bother reading your won comment when you yourself are this dumb. Go watch some cartoons kid, this stuff is not for you.

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      no,UP and pakistan population is the same. indonesia has 280M people while UP has 240 million

    • Naveen
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      @Piyush Negi idk why I even bother but read my comment again. "Sikkim is incredible, but I really like Uttarakhand"

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      @Naveen yknow who could get some help if he could read? .... Yeah it's you, coz you are this dumb that you can't even read your own comments and can't even read what others have written. You gave your opinion? Where? Last time I checked you gave your "opinion" about himachal being polluted not about what your favourite state is..smh people like you really need education hope your government takes good care of that.

    • Naveen
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      @Piyush Negi bruh, learn to read. The comment asked which everyone's favorite state is, and I gave mine. I'm sorry if that offended you so much that your gaslighting and hating on other Indians

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    North India being the most fertile land has affected the north economy very badly. Union Government doesn't make any effort to promote industrialization in northern states. all of the major industries are shifted to coastal states of India while north India a landlocked area has no means to capitalize on their greatest assest and that is Food production ( even sands near river sides are used to grow veggies and fruits ). this policy of keeping these states economy an agricultural one forces skilled people from northern states to migrate to other states that most probably have entirely different culture and so North Indians face racism and blatant discrimination. policies like the freight equalization policy forced mineral-rich states of north India like Bihar, Jharkhand, etc to give up their mineral almost free for the development of industries in coastal areas and these mineral-rich states got nothing in return. Media can discredit states like UP and Bihar all they want but No other states have sacrificed more men for this ungrateful nation than these two. First time in a long time present UP state government is pushing aggressively for a capitalized economy.

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    • vamsi krishna
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      @Gods Bloody Hammer Also india has always been bigger than China (total land doesn’t matter, total cultivable land matter). India lost 1/3rd of population during partition.

    • vamsi krishna
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      @Gods Bloody Hammer And India’s population trajectory is growing in an healthy way unlike China where dependents quickly raising as proportion of productive people.

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    All areas in the Indo-Gangetic Plain are super populous, including Punjab & Sindh in Pakistan (due to Indus River), and Bangladesh (due to confluence of Ganga & Brahmaputra forming deltas)

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    Love from Mumbai, India!! ❤️❤️

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    if Uttar Predesh was gaining 240,000,000 people per day (9:43) then either it would match the population of the planet in under a month (8,000,000,000) or the average life span of an Indian in there would have to be measured on the other of days, not years...
    I think you might be mixing up days and years?

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    I am from Chhattisgarh- a tiny anamoly between the north and south divide. You might have noticed in the precipitation map that a deep blue stretch was seen in the middle of the country. That's the Mahanadi Basin. The name "Mahanadi" literally translates to "The Great River". Mahanadi is one of the biggest rivers of the country and the river provides continuous water supply to Chhattisgarh forming an arch and thus a wonderful river basin. Chhatiisgarh on a political map looks like a sea horse, but on a topographical map looks like a sink, or a bowl. Its surrounded by hills- a segment of Aravalli mountain ranges and various other hills that trap the monsoon winds forming almost a lake like catchment. This generates a suitable enviornment if paddy plantation which is why CG is also a leading producer of rice. The population of Chhattisgarh is quite low compared to other states, however its still more than the entire population of Australia.

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      @Naveen yes chattisgarh is a state a burglar state to be better
      It steals all the mahanadi water from odisha

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    Fun Fact: Mumbai City has not only the same population as My Country, Kazakhstan 🇰🇿, but also both of them also has a same GDP of $200,000,000,000 Billion, Wow 👏 😳.

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    The IGB rivers are not perennial because of the glaciers - but through subsurface flows from massive spring-sheds and aquifers in the mountains and the old alluvial piedmonts. As is well known in geographic / hydrologic circles - not enough snow in the mountains to account for 8 months of non-rainy season flows in the rivers only from glaciers. So no, the mountains may be feeding the waters (subsurface springshed/aquifers) but not "glaciers".

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    I like how u showed some rural kind pics of India , but civilized centres of China in the beginning...nice equality🥲

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    It’s not accurate to say that the mountains block the movement of air. The air does flow over the mountains, but nearly all the moisture in the air precipitates out before reaching the summit due to adiabatic cooling. The process happens in reverse as the air descends the other side of the mountain, where the air warms as air pressure increases, resulting in a humid air mass that can hold almost all the remaining moisture in the air without precipitating.

    • Jeff Nicholson
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      @VVayVVard maybe in part, but uplift of all air, combined with lateral air movement is going to tend to shove the whole mass diagonally up the slope of the mountain, with denser air lower in the air column forcing less dense higher air even higher still, limiting the amount of mixing that occurs. It’s adiabatic because the temperature and pressure changes are largely contained to the unit of air rather than passing through to other surrounding matter, including nearby units of air. If you could thermally insulate a latex balloon and rapidly ascend a mountain with it the air inside would cool based on the reduction in pressure alone, without any mixing of air or thermal exchange with the environment outside the balloon.

    • VVayVVard
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      Why would it be adiabatic? Wouldn't the cooling mostly be due to the moisture-containing air hitting the mountain slope and, consequently, rising upward and mixing with cooler air above, thereby being diabatic?

    • Jeff Nicholson
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      @Ben Williams but my credentials are pretty modest. Just a b.s. in geography. Global wind patterns are pretty basic and taught in introductory courses.

    • Jeff Nicholson
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      @Ben Williams I’ve posted my sources twice and the posts aren’t publishing. It’s very easy to look this up. Nowhere on earth does the wind blow straight from the Arctic to the ITC.

    • Jeff Nicholson
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      @Ben Williams don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

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    Here in Assam we receive very high rainfall. 8/12 months you will find rain from heavy showers, hailstorm to cold weather. The Brahmaputra plains are very fertile.