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    Do you know how many useful and versatile pieces of soap you can do? We know! And show you at 8:55 😉Which of these ideas do you like the most? What do you try to do?

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    If your a roblox player add me

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    Why you upload same video

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    10:04 초 해봤는데 진짜 되여!!!할상 써먹어야겟음

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    So no one will use that tomato ketchup bottle to wash hands^_^

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    I don't try them but I am just watching this bcoz It looks interesting

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    cái nước bỏ vào lúc đồ bị ra màu là nước gì vậy ạ?? ai biết không??

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    Lo ví completo 21:56
    Lo mejor: Usar Coca Cola para limpiar la taza del baño xD

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    the only problem I have is the act that it says 5-minute crafts but practically every single one of these takes longer than 5 minutes

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    I hate this channel so much

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    *i really wanted to say a joke about*

    *the good stuff*

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    did you just put soap on your glasses for antifog
    that seems a bit counter productive

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    music at 4:40?

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    Isint the first part poisons

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    I think these are fake

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    Again I'm reminded I'm wierd for carrying around a mending kit...

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    So who let those stoners get a head scratch

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    7:20 - worst nail polish ever! Looks like she have fungal infection. Gross.

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    6:40 thgey just put powder on her shoulder

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    The pen one happened to me today in class😂😂😂🤮🤮🤮🤮 ink doesn’t taste good

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    0:10 YOU. ARE. GONNA. DIE!!!!!

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    everything was *OK* until 15:51

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    0:50 why would you bring a knife to the toilet

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    How can any of this even happen to you

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    0:29 su dokecen ona

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    احد عربي هووون ؟ احكيلنا من اي بلد انت

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    I'm watching this so it'll get off my recommended the thumbnail just looks nasty.

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    I learned from this video is LEMON IS LIFE hahaha lol

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    Ставь лайк чтоб америкосы думали что мы обсуждаем подкоп в Америку.

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    Why do they always cut it when they reach the result of the life hack.

    Answer: Cuz its fake.


    Very bad

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    근데 잉크 먹으면 죽지않나?

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    Is it necessary to wear tight pants that rips off.

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    Wait the ink go to the girls mouth and you only care about the clothes what is that

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    Why does lemons are always handy

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    Humans scare me...

    Wait does that mean..

    Wait so I scare myself😂

    I guess so.

    But dats true....😂😂😭😂😂

    Read the 2 first words.
    Have a great day, remember you are AmAZinG!!

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    Even Aloe Vera itself helps

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    5:30 wow teaching 6 year olds how to make drugs

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    That last one was a waste of buying a coke no affence

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    1:17 yes touch a potentially hot iron brilliant idea but I know were not done yet next she throws a potentially hot iron in a plastic bag

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    Ummm,there’s an Israeli tv channel of HOT called diy and they use your videos, just wanted to make sure you’re aware and that they’re paying well

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    Question? Can you get banned for using these hacks?

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    What if the staple loosens? Don't think I'll ever use that hack. Ouch

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    That thumbnail about fixing your nose could've really helped. I guess you can't hack what you look. XD