Add 40 LBS to Your Bench Press (NEXT WORKOUT!)

  • If you want to increase your bench press by as much as 40 pounds the very next time you perform the exercise, then you will want to watch this video. I’m going to show you how to add up to 40 pounds to your bench in your next workout just by incorporating two commonly misperformed elements of the bench press. For this, I’m bringing in powerlifter and expert KC Mitchell (That 1 Legged Monster) to help showcase exactly what it is that I’m teaching.
    The first thing that many people overlook, which is costing them a significant amount of weight lifted in the exercise, is the lack of leg drive. The force of the bench press literally starts with the drive of the feet on the floor. More than that however is, the direction of that force. Many people think that the direction you want to push your feet is straight down into the ground. This is incorrect.
    In order to properly perform your leg drive you need to learn to push your feet away from your head. This will drive your body up the bench if performed the right way. When you understand this concept you see how this ties into the second tip given in this video about proper bar path. We will get to that in a little bit. For now however, the feet will initiate the upward power of the lift and are therefore needed to be positioned properly.
    You can do this by setting up as you normally would under the bar and then sliding your body down the bench. From here, bend the knees and bring the feet back as far as you can under your body. You will point your toes down into the ground to apply the brakes and anchor your body in place. From here, when you push you want to think about trying to perform a leg extension. The toes should want to extend out as if you were straightening your knee.
    This will want to drive your body up the bench and slide your head closer to the top of the bench. If you contract your glutes while you do this however you will stay in place and transfer the upward and angled momentum into the bar instead. This is where bar path comes in. Many will incorrectly try and push the bar straight up over their head instead of back toward the rack. This is a mistake.
    Physics will dictate that a path of efficiency is what we are after when pursuing maximal strength. The most efficient path to press the bar is on an angle rather than steeply opposed to gravity. Drive that bar from the point on your chest back on a straight but angled line back to the rack. The leg drive shown will assist you in getting this right every single time.
    You also want to be sure that you are sliding your body far enough down the rack to perform the lift or you will have no room to push the bar back without it hitting the pins. This is going to be best accomplished by having a spotter who can help you unrack the weight. It doesn’t matter how little weight you are using, never feel intimidated or self conscious about it. Instead, perfect your form by lifting what you can control in the right way and your strength will increase quickly.
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    • Ultrax Thicc
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      ATHLEAN-X™ great video man I see a lot of people getting this stuff wrong all the time keep up the great videos

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      @Arturo Kayser Just get a gym membership?

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      Not sure if Jeff reads these but is the leg drive & bar path just for maxing or is it for standard sets?

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      Luis Vor 8 Monate

      ATHLEAN-X™ man can you do a video talking about how to fix the inbalance muscles?

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    All I use to bench is my smith machine. Am I hurting myself? I do get shoulder pain.

    • Pot FlipTop
      Pot FlipTop Vor 19 Tage

      Tom Miglieri if you have shoulder pain then you’re probably hurting yourself. With a smith machine you have to make sure your initial set up is fine because you’re stuck on a fixed bar path. Set up will vary depending on the bar path of the smith whether it goes straight up or at an angle. The angled smith will be better for benching than the completely vertical one.

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      Edward Talerico nothing you can do about it. You just have to work around but still keep the same technical cues of benching. It’s a lot more important to make sure you’re in the right position because you can adjust the bar into position unless it’s one of those dual action smith aka 3D smiths.

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    • Pot FlipTop
      Pot FlipTop Vor 19 Tage

      Jajaj Djdjdj just keep it up. Push yourself but try to keep your form as good as possible. It’s going to take time. Make sure you get enough sleep and nutrition.

  • Jajaj Djdjdj
    Jajaj Djdjdj Vor Monat

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    PixelRelatedismyname Vor Monat +1

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    • PixelRelatedismyname
      PixelRelatedismyname Vor Monat

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    • Chris Hahn
      Chris Hahn Vor Monat +1

      I'm guessing it's the arch he has. So his chest is actually angled backward. My arch isnt anywhere near that high so my chest faces the ceiling. So bar path would be different depending on how much of an arch you have. That's my guess.

  • Mike Fu
    Mike Fu Vor Monat

    BAR PATH = bar towards Belly Button on way Down.......and bar towards Nipples on way UP. It's a Diagonal "slingshot" type exercise.....nothing is Exact, as everyone has varying Heights and Lengths of body parts, you have to rely on Feel too.

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    • Mike Fu
      Mike Fu Vor Monat

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      Fannberg l Vor Monat

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    • vvvs 2145s
      vvvs 2145s Vor Monat

      Fannberg l nice bro, I’m in the same place really, started with the bar and doing like 100lbs for low reps, everyone’s got to start somewhere tho aha

    • Fannberg l
      Fannberg l Vor Monat +1

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    • Mike Fu
      Mike Fu Vor Monat

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    Im not suggesting athletes should seek to move as inefficiently as possible in the weightroom but for people moving lighter weight but much faster and with much shorter rest that kind of benching helpful? i totally agree with certain principles of core tightening and glute contraction etc, etc...but throwing the bar backward like that because you've turned ur torso into a crescent shape looks sketchy if ur doing multiple reps and have to bring the bar back down that flight path. It feels like its geared for single reps unless you have a guy pushing the bar back out over ur torso after every rep

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    Mike Oxmall Vor Monat +1

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