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  • Kori Trellis
    Kori Trellis Vor 3 Tage

    I laughed a C note for about 2 seconds this is too funny

  • TR_SLimey
    TR_SLimey Vor 3 Tage +1

    8:00 everyone but 1. Poland successfully took over Moscow and took the contemporary ruler of Russia prisoner. 😁

  • Spoopy Steve
    Spoopy Steve Vor 4 Tage

    8:29 that, is from roblox phantom forces.
    The top quote.

  • Hiruko Winter
    Hiruko Winter Vor 4 Tage

    busses in new zealand also say 'sorry...' sometimes not even an accident, just if they have to skip a stop because it's too full or not in service

  • Gaby Furlong
    Gaby Furlong Vor 5 Tage +1

    1 like equals 1 love for this snek

    >-(w u)(-------------)->

  • bust the nut in the gut

    4:28 FruitHub

  • Paige Hendrix
    Paige Hendrix Vor 8 Tage

    7:39 I can confirm that it is indeed a sex hotline

  • Alitza Flanderz Productions

    “Are there any benefits to turning 17? 16 was driving 18 is adult hood. There is none. This is the null year.
    You become a dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen.
    Also you can legally preform magic outside of Hogwarts.”
    You can sing “Seventeen” from Heathers: The Musical and have everything make sense.

  • Friendly Neighborhood Plague Doctor

    5:14 I typically wear two leather jackets. Two jackets in one, Very warm and comforting.

  • Mary Constapel
    Mary Constapel Vor 8 Tage

    7:16 let me try.
    GC ghost in the Shell gas station and HV

  • Popsickle
    Popsickle Vor 9 Tage

    childish gambino has the same bday as me

  • veronica
    veronica Vor 9 Tage

    these videos make me wanna download tumblr

  • FBI
    FBI Vor 9 Tage



  • Camille London
    Camille London Vor 9 Tage

    Its Monday, I've only slept for two hours last night
    I arrive at school only to be harassed by other kids
    I walk into counselling
    She asks me how I'm doing on this fine day
    Me: 3:30

  • Ravenlay
    Ravenlay Vor 10 Tage

    When you turn 17, you can watch R rated movies in theaters and purchase Mature rated video games without a parent (if the clerk actually gave a fuck)

  • turtles at play
    turtles at play Vor 11 Tage +1

    Fu k m

  • Space Invader
    Space Invader Vor 11 Tage

    8:48 is genius

  • Lincon Tay
    Lincon Tay Vor 13 Tage

    Was Thanos' fight on his home planet... attack on Titan?

  • xd Noggz
    xd Noggz Vor 13 Tage


  • Talon Carpenter
    Talon Carpenter Vor 14 Tage

    No its Barack O' Lee

  • Hank Ballard
    Hank Ballard Vor 15 Tage

    7:44. Deadass?

  • Wes Raevens
    Wes Raevens Vor 15 Tage +1

    12:57 the bullet went through blue first

  • Luke Crain
    Luke Crain Vor 16 Tage

    Add a public comment...

  • Cool Cheese
    Cool Cheese Vor 16 Tage

    You are so cute mi b cum
    I typed that with my eyes closed
    It was supposed to say "you are so fucking dumb"
    I hate my life

  • Cool Cheese
    Cool Cheese Vor 16 Tage

    3:57 if she was the FBI she would've said you're instead of your

  • sarcastic emo kpopper
    sarcastic emo kpopper Vor 19 Tage


  • Smig
    Smig Vor 19 Tage

    So I tested the hot line... The Tumblr post was right

  • A Duck
    A Duck Vor 20 Tage

    Enshrine eye eyebrow

  • animelover12465
    animelover12465 Vor 20 Tage

    No that's what the pig said

  • animelover12465
    animelover12465 Vor 20 Tage

    That's a cursed image

  • animelover12465
    animelover12465 Vor 20 Tage

    Does anyone else see the 👌 On Canada??

  • Alex Richards
    Alex Richards Vor 20 Tage

    why did they censor cuddling

  • Sweetie's ForLiFe
    Sweetie's ForLiFe Vor 20 Tage

    0:40 i mean it makes sense

  • MogulCrasher
    MogulCrasher Vor 21 Tag

    _eats three raspberries_ if i continue i will suffer.

  • MichalH
    MichalH Vor 21 Tag

    1:24 this is what happens when you self diagnose

  • The penguin squad XL coke

    Canada: Mr. America.... I don't feel so good...

  • milo
    milo Vor 22 Tage


  • Vee Mantis
    Vee Mantis Vor 22 Tage

    binge watching these episodes really makes it stand out how many fucking homestuck blogs are on here

  • my chemical phandom! trash at the green day


  • Pepsi-Man Prime
    Pepsi-Man Prime Vor 24 Tage

    Disappointed in the lack of rock lee for the Barack lee joke

  • Gabriele Serretti
    Gabriele Serretti Vor 25 Tage

    Why cuddling is censored?

  • Fat
    Fat Vor 25 Tage

    Anyone else here who doesn't really laugh when u hear a funny joke in this but still think it's funny?

  • Andrew Kenney
    Andrew Kenney Vor 25 Tage

    0:39 Canada I dont feel so good

  • SydSmiles 47
    SydSmiles 47 Vor 25 Tage

    6:35 There's nothing wrong with just a taste of what you paid for...... 😏

  • Alex The SweatyMan
    Alex The SweatyMan Vor 26 Tage

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  • Nutela saur
    Nutela saur Vor 26 Tage


  • Philip Yao
    Philip Yao Vor 27 Tage

    10:04 I laughed way too hard at this

  • paper jam DMT
    paper jam DMT Vor 27 Tage

    *that wasn't very subbed anime of you*

  • carolina
    carolina Vor 28 Tage

    come to brazil

  • Mini Magnus
    Mini Magnus Vor 28 Tage

    0:39 i don’t feel so good

  • KatyDoesStuff
    KatyDoesStuff Vor 28 Tage


  • KatyDoesStuff
    KatyDoesStuff Vor 28 Tage +1

    5:07 it's a beenis

    • KatyDoesStuff
      KatyDoesStuff Vor 3 Stunden

      +Alexis Bowers you're welcome

    • Alexis Bowers
      Alexis Bowers Vor 5 Tage +1

      dude tysfm. i have scoured the ends of the internet for this fucken joke bc i couldnt get it for the life of me

  • Rudasae Orien
    Rudasae Orien Vor 28 Tage

    Medusa was a Gorgon. She had the lower half of a snake.

  • Publicly Chatting as This User

    вы хотите купить незаконные мемы

  • Yol Stumah
    Yol Stumah Vor 29 Tage

    7:45 it worse when you realize that the director of the show was a pedo

  • Sheriff Llama
    Sheriff Llama Vor 29 Tage


  • Nido’s Wonders
    Nido’s Wonders Vor 29 Tage

    Roses are red
    Tumblr Awards
    I dunno what to say here
    But check out his discord

  • Lily Pomroy
    Lily Pomroy Vor 29 Tage

    I used my skills as a veiwer to comment and hope I get featured. Chances are low but its worth a shot 🔫

  • Noah Brouillet
    Noah Brouillet Vor 29 Tage

    Вы хотите купить незаконные мемы?

  • UnderLust_Sins
    UnderLust_Sins Vor 29 Tage

    Medusa is a Gorgon, her bottom half is a SNAKE so no her leg hairs are not tiny snakes as she HAS NO LEGS seriously read a mythology book people.

  • cat boi
    cat boi Vor 29 Tage

    Why the fuck did that person spell it "c*ddling"

  • Faith Miller
    Faith Miller Vor 29 Tage

    7:46 omg it is help

    LUCKY KILLER32 Vor 29 Tage

    3:00 well now...

  • Yggdrasil Incar
    Yggdrasil Incar Vor 29 Tage

    i love how over time more and more homestuck jokes creep into these

  • TSrikeTWM
    TSrikeTWM Vor 29 Tage

    1:17 i read 'locker' and had no idea what that was all about

  • Cinnamongamer
    Cinnamongamer Vor Monat

    when hot cheetos aren't even hot but someone gets fucking hospitalized by eating too many

  • I'm Sorry NotSorry
    I'm Sorry NotSorry Vor Monat

    *You **_weakling_*

  • Mista Guido
    Mista Guido Vor Monat

    *thanks lil nigga*

  • ii sam.antha ii
    ii sam.antha ii Vor Monat

    3:01 theres a snake in my boot, and a cap in your ass, bitch you better watch out, cause I'm on the attack 😂

  • Volcano buster
    Volcano buster Vor Monat

    0:44 America... I don’t feel so good

  • kwibalda lol
    kwibalda lol Vor Monat +1


  • Noble Aura
    Noble Aura Vor Monat +3

    0:42 North America.. I don't feel so good

  • d007ization
    d007ization Vor Monat

    the heck does the recycling bin one mean?

  • Toes Bros
    Toes Bros Vor Monat

    Me: Ur is gonna be get the die lmao
    friend: no u
    Me: *insert uno reverse card
    friend: *insert reverse of the reverses
    Me: what the fuck
    Me: *dies
    Ghost Me: Fuck

  • ze medic main
    ze medic main Vor Monat


  • Ulises Cabrera
    Ulises Cabrera Vor Monat


  • Lee Greene
    Lee Greene Vor Monat

    0:39 US... I dont feel so good.

  • The multifandom nerd who has nothing better to do

    I gotta say
    Comment awards is pretty original
    *Several people are typing*

  • Cassidy Burgess
    Cassidy Burgess Vor Monat

    omfg I tried the suite life number and it really was a sex hotline

  • Francis
    Francis Vor Monat


  • J. User
    J. User Vor Monat

    I hate the play doh one cause the bullet went through blue first...

  • Struggle Gaming
    Struggle Gaming Vor Monat

    *faint buzzing ensues* 4:58

  • Potato Lord
    Potato Lord Vor Monat +2

    5:43 Wait other countries don’t do that?

  • Samantha May
    Samantha May Vor Monat

    7:02 actually you get Heathers privilege

  • the finisher
    the finisher Vor Monat

    Jdjrufhr fgfhr f dud. Did dhd dhx d did. Sis woa x sow djcjwoe djdufheie fiend fiadn
    Well that didn't work

  • Megadash452
    Megadash452 Vor Monat

    *Canada* - I don't feel so good...

  • Meliodas
    Meliodas Vor Monat


    PEASHOOTER 6023 Vor Monat

    Why do you breathe.

  • Hiking Squire
    Hiking Squire Vor Monat

    9:07 grandma made battle royale

  • Harrison Mair
    Harrison Mair Vor Monat

    the first one makes no sense without the rest of the post

  • Mythicality [{2-D}]


  • Lord Whoops
    Lord Whoops Vor Monat

    I don’t eh so good...

  • pugacraftero 17
    pugacraftero 17 Vor Monat

    Ironman: u ok canada?
    Canada: i dont feel so good

  • Cameron Lorenz
    Cameron Lorenz Vor Monat


  • Semi Proz
    Semi Proz Vor Monat

    (someone beat me to this but ill still do it)
    Canada: I don't feel so good...….

  • Rozu
    Rozu Vor Monat

    3:59 I'm triggered

  • Harmonixa
    Harmonixa Vor Monat

    "Here lies Johnny Piss-hands"
    -Tumblur 2k 18

  • Cheddar4Lyfe
    Cheddar4Lyfe Vor Monat

    Me: Yo pass the aux cord.
    Friend: Okay but this better be fire.
    Me: bitch lasagna declips.net/video/6Dh-RL__uN4/video.html

  • Cartooonykitten 3265

    Satan: “again really I’m not taking you to hell”

  • Hunnid K Beatz
    Hunnid K Beatz Vor Monat +1

    Canada: US, I don’t feel so good...