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Mastriano Getting Desperate In PA | Frankie Lasagna Misses Judge's 61st Home Run

  • Am 28 Sep 2022 veröffentlicht
  • The GOP nominee for governor of Pennsylvania is taking extreme measures to boost his chances at the polls, and we're feeling sorry for the guy who almost caught Aaron Judge's history-making home run.
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  • Kay2Jay
    Kay2Jay  +1

    Ok but seriously why does the news need to have people stand out in a hurricane during 60 mile an hour winds and rain completely blinding them? We know hurricanes are terrible so don't send those people out there, I hope they got triple pay for doing that.

  • Josée Lepire

    I love how Stephen and the late show are mindful of people needing help and involve themselves in creating solidarity.

  • Rogue Wolf
    Rogue Wolf  +578

    As a Mississippi citizen who lives close to & works in the city where Farve lives…we all knew he wasn’t a good person. I was a paramedic for several years & we got multiple calls to his property for injuries related to drinking & other unsafe behavior. And of course he

  • Joe W.
    Joe W.  +18

    I am from Germany, and whenever I feel the need to make the biggest WTF face for minutes continuously, I am watching this show. Thank you very much Stephen.

  • 7177
    7177  +240

    The band picking up the lick by ear was awesome. Colbert sure hired some talented musicians. Cheers.

  • Hornswroggle


  • Josh Rabatin

    "When Your rally has more stairs than people"

  • Maribel Caudillo

    I live thousands of miles away from PA and that Monstriano still gives me the goosebumps! what a horrible human being!

  • Justin
    Justin  +56

    I love how Louis instantly recreated that guitar riff 😂

  • Just Aguy
    Just Aguy  +19

    Dan Rather kind of started the "let's film me standing in a hurricane" thing. He did that with hurricane Carla in Galveston back in 1961. That alone garnered him national attention, but he was ALSO the first journalist to air a radar MAP of a hurricane. He did this by getting a meteorologist to draw a rough outline of the Gulf Coast on transparent film then lay it over the actual radar screen, to show both it's form and it's scale. It changed the way people saw hurricanes.

  • #PoliticsAF! #TRISTA4GOVERNATOR! Podcast 🎸

    When it comes to roasting the real arseholes in our society, Stephen Colbert never fails to deliver! You can quote me on that ☺️

  • me2i81sour2

    Thank you Steven Colbert and staff for your contribution to the effort to salvage Florida! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte

    And, Marjorie is getting a divorce and hilariously asked for privacy…

  • Sharon Montag

    Ronnie's trickle down theory was the start of our problems

  • briancc2100

    Maybe DeSantis should have saved those millions of dollars he spent to ship those people to Martha's Vinyard for a situation like this

  • saycibon
    saycibon  +27

    Brett Favre "trying to remember the password to his shoelaces" is such a funny line, I had to rewind twice!

  • Sharon Shumpert

    The monologue tonight was on 🔥 tonight! I was drinking wine and laugh mid swallow and it squirted it out my nose! So worth it!

  • Ruth Slone

    Thank you Stephen and writers all. Comic relief is real.😅👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Desdemona’s pal

    Amazing how anyone could ever trust that woman 😢

  • ali shaygan

    I didn’t think I could hate her any more than I already did.