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  • George Georgiou
    George Georgiou Vor 2 Tage

    70 ping are you kidding me , man if i had 70 ping i would shut my mouth and thank the gods of internet try playing with 90-100 every game sh*t tilts you when you know you are good but someone as good as you maybe worse comes with the 20 ms ping and can win those last second fights

  • Philip Penkov
    Philip Penkov Vor 8 Tage

    lol you can flash mid Q on mord, wtf? like an shen E or gragas E :O

  • mahmoud mahjoubi
    mahmoud mahjoubi Vor 11 Tage

    the link for the test ? plz

  • Jimboone Fortnite
    Jimboone Fortnite Vor 29 Tage

    nice one

  • PearsTaste Good
    PearsTaste Good Vor 29 Tage

    Just got the notification...

  • Brett Rigby
    Brett Rigby Vor 29 Tage

    you lied so mucch in this, i can link you to countless times you've blamed the team for failing

  • Jose Augusto Garcia Veiga

    pinoy carrying the damn video

  • Vesko Pijanica
    Vesko Pijanica Vor Monat

    moe is crying because of 70ms,its big brain time

  • Brock1412
    Brock1412 Vor Monat +1

    Pokémon Gen 4 champion battle theme at end I rate!

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy Vor Monat

    Since when does Pinoy show off Moe's highlights

  • PapaBear
    PapaBear Vor Monat

    12:55 that Lee sin play is blowing my mi d. Why would he waste his flash to hit his E, when he literally could have Q + Q + E + AA + W himself + AA, and flash away. Like is that really challenger lol.

  • EOne
    EOne Vor Monat

    i louged out before taking the test

  • Ateef Hanif
    Ateef Hanif Vor Monat

    Yo not gonna lie, does 70 ping even make a difference xD maybe it does maybe it doesn't

  • Nicholas Nguyen
    Nicholas Nguyen Vor Monat +1

    Proof of autism 0:44

  • Animelordd
    Animelordd Vor Monat

    9:51 reflex be like

  • thedeadligest channel

    hardstuck dia "bootcmab" lulz

  • Yoschicks
    Yoschicks Vor Monat

    Lmao I had barbarian as well

  • Hideki Lolkowicz
    Hideki Lolkowicz Vor Monat

    Maybe try hitting rank 1 on any server

  • Kenny D
    Kenny D Vor Monat

    Oh yeah pinoy using the team galactic theme. Giving me pokemon platinum flashbacks

  • Aleks Aleksiev
    Aleks Aleksiev Vor Monat

    HHAHA WHEN HE SAID EVEN DOGS LIKE LITTLE DOGS ''arf arf arf''. im dead, Moe u are pure entertainer , i swear down.

  • AJXV35 ///
    AJXV35 /// Vor Monat

    I'm at Paladin :u

  • Kiều Linh
    Kiều Linh Vor Monat +1

    Việt nam

  • evil soldier
    evil soldier Vor Monat

    9:51, that flash was just wow

  • Vihren Neychev
    Vihren Neychev Vor Monat

    family friendly

  • Vihren Neychev
    Vihren Neychev Vor Monat

    family friendly dick head hahhaha

  • jos3r5
    jos3r5 Vor Monat

    Moe was on fire this video ngl

  • Marios Panayiotou
    Marios Panayiotou Vor Monat

    moe in every stream: ' tell me i don't look scary rn'

  • Marios Panayiotou
    Marios Panayiotou Vor Monat

    either league is gonna kill moe, or his headphones wire. damn

  • Phenex - LoL - Reformed

    9:34 nice ult Gragas

  • GudziGudzi
    GudziGudzi Vor Monat

    imagine being toxic and do this quiz and after that *PERMABAN*

  • kool yeee
    kool yeee Vor Monat

    this gragas lol

  • Daniel Simmons
    Daniel Simmons Vor Monat

    im ngl this was some of the best gameplay ive seen from moe like he was on fire

  • Newboy Box
    Newboy Box Vor Monat

    Pinoy’s editing is ligit so good wtf

  • Lavieendeces
    Lavieendeces Vor Monat

    moe talks a lot about fighting people and getting girls for a virgin nerd

  • Nboss137
    Nboss137 Vor Monat

    He's right about florida

  • Skark Shark
    Skark Shark Vor Monat

    This man be serious asking if he looks scary big? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Crazygamer 199
    Crazygamer 199 Vor Monat

    The Team Galactic music at the end

  • Bogdan-Kun
    Bogdan-Kun Vor Monat

    I am the traumatiesed veteran

  • Leon1472
    Leon1472 Vor Monat

    6:57 sounds like voldemort

  • Red Shoes
    Red Shoes Vor Monat

    15 seconds Walmart unskippable ads yikes

  • Solo Penta
    Solo Penta Vor Monat

    I Make my test im a warrior

  • Pau Bares
    Pau Bares Vor Monat

    the fact that TFBlade got banned for what you said at min 7:48 is upsetting

  • MrMataz
    MrMataz Vor Monat

    ur insane

  • Jakub Janoušek
    Jakub Janoušek Vor Monat

    13:54 xddddd

  • Wiktor Cozman
    Wiktor Cozman Vor Monat

    Barbarian type here, that's why I'm Trynda OTP

  • TempestScythe
    TempestScythe Vor Monat

    YASSUO (MOE) does a Primitive

  • ADEM Larn
    ADEM Larn Vor Monat

    sa , hi TM switch to server

  • nothing here :D
    nothing here :D Vor Monat

    8:24 look at his arms LOL

  • Cameron Wedd
    Cameron Wedd Vor Monat

    Take a shot for every time Moe says “Shove” this video

  • Joevanni Sanchez
    Joevanni Sanchez Vor Monat

    666 triumph

  • boek le terrible
    boek le terrible Vor Monat +1

    Pinoy works is so big in this channel like 90 %

  • Cúrse
    Cúrse Vor Monat

    Please help me grow and Sub

  • Pedro Lopes
    Pedro Lopes Vor Monat

    8:29 you sure do, look at that face

  • Dziecko Cygana
    Dziecko Cygana Vor Monat

    8:23 love you Pinoy

  • Kahta Doe
    Kahta Doe Vor Monat

    man, this alistar is braindead

  • Xiphire
    Xiphire Vor Monat

    2:08 Same

  • Roko Puljiz
    Roko Puljiz Vor Monat

    11:50 DAT morde so bad player

  • Tiago Carvalho
    Tiago Carvalho Vor Monat

    That sonic soundtrack at the dead so nostalgic that game

  • vincdragon
    vincdragon Vor Monat

    so i already saw this exact play with the gragas my question is why did you reupload it with the tilt test in front?

  • Kappa Pappa
    Kappa Pappa Vor Monat

    i love how much hes calling people dogs now after tf's ban LULW