$995 Louis Vuitton AirPods! + My Biggest Giveaway Ever!

  • Am 13 Feb 2019 veröffentlicht
  • $995 Louis Vuitton AirPods Review.. & My BIGGEST Giveaway EVER! 3 iPhone XS Max, 15 AirPods!! Details Below
    1. Donation Giveaway Has ENDED, Goals Reached. Thank you everyone! GoFundMe did not like my raffle idea and froze the campaigns from receiving any more funds. It's cool, at least we reached over $16k for the planet! That's insane thanks guys. Other giveaways still active.
    2. My Instagram Giveaway (1 XS Max 256GB, 5 AirPods)
    - Follow Me: phonerebel
    - Like & Comment on Latest Post!
    3. This Video Giveaway (1 XS Max 256GB, 5 AirPods)
    - Be subscribed to this channel
    - Like this video
    - Comment anything!
    Help get the word out guys, the planet & I really would appreciate it!
    TechSmartt's Video: declips.net/video/tD53k19NHDY/video.html
    Justin Tse's Video: declips.net/video/xyj-dYWD36c/video.html
    Pitaka Cases (Thank you!): www.ipitaka.com
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    1. Donation Giveaway Has ENDED, Goals Reached. Thank you everyone! GoFundMe did not like my raffle idea and froze the campaigns from receiving any more funds. It's cool, at least we reached over $16k for the planet! That's insane thanks guys. Other giveaways still active.

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    Love you

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    Iphone 11 is better than 11 pro

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    I hope I win!!

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    Thanks for giveway

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    I wish i am the winner the iphone x max $$$=$$=££

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    I wanted that Xs max for a long time now lets check if I'm lucky enough or not

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    Keep it up bro!

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    I've been watching your videos for a while now, i just want to say that what you're doing, your videos gives me important things and features that i don't even think that exists, i was an android user before, but then i did buy an iphone 4s ( used one) when they released the iphone 6, and it's cool, i say, i will not change anymore, i think i'm in". Then i was just curious of your video and then i'm here...watching every now and then... thanks and more power....✌🏼 peace!!!

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    Oh my god please may I win i always ask my mum and she would always say your not having it so this is going to be 1 percent of me winning

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    Hey Guys! I’m also doing a giveaway on my channel. I’m going to be picking two winners for two AirPods. The giveaway end in a month GoodLuck!

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    Hey I've been watching you for awhile now and I absolutely love your videos and winning would mean the world to me . I couldn't never really afford this airpods

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    God bless you for doing this I hope I win thanks you have a very great heart for doing this 😊💗

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    I wish I could win !,! Thank you so much for this giveaway 😊

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    I love entering every giveaway and never winning anything *sarcasm*

    Literally the only ruffle I've won was on a school event that was giving a bunch of potato chips away.

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    I want the giveaway!

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    Sir I love my phone I never buy iPhone because I don't have money

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    What's the name of that jacket?

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    Bro that is so awesome that you would do that for us and for nature keep doing what your doing it is awesome
    IG issaqueenduhh

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    I subscribe, like n comment and I follow
    , like and comment your ig but i didnt get it rip me i really want 1 pack of airpods only

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    I want to win, for my academic purposes ❤️ Lovin' your content, More subs to come❤️ from the Philippines anyway

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    superr video

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    I Have Entered 1000+ Giveaways Like This And Never Won Anything Yet

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    I want to win

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    roses are red
    violets are blue
    i really want airpods
    pls make my wish come true

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    loved your video!

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    Not 1000$ it’s 995$

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    Has this already ended...I would love to win

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    Good to hear

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    Best the Apple phone bro

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    Apple is the best

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    Why does he keep shoving it in our faces that he donated to charity once we get it

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    I want gold iPhone

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    I give you 190000000000000thums up

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    Can I have on pair of airpods please?

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    i want that xs max !!!!

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    So he didn’t give away anything? Well I guess I’m not winning today

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    i really wona win

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    يززقق فلووس مايدري وش يسوي فيها

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    When will you announce the winners?

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    nowadays it’s just brand over quality

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    3:59 all the things on that table is like my rent

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    Love ur vids

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    Can the public buy LV AirPods and if so where can I find them for sale?

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    Osm bro