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SABATON - Father (Official Lyric Video)

  • Am 28 Sep 2022 veröffentlicht
  • The official lyric video for "Father" by Sabaton. Taken from the EP Weapons Of The Modern Age.
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    ========= Father LYRICS ==========
    A long ago in eastern Prussia
    Young men with great ambitions rise
    So who can tell me who can say for sure
    Which one will win the Nobel Prize?
    It was a golden age for science
    The kaiserreich would hold the key
    And as the conflict came and tensions rose
    The manifest of the 93
    Haber-Bosch, the great alliance
    Where’s the contradiction?
    Fed the world by ways of science
    Sinner or a saint?
    Father of toxic gas, and chemical warfare
    His dark creation has been revealed
    Flow over no man’s land, a poisonous nightmare
    A deadly mist on the battlefield
    “Perversions of ideals of science”
    Lost words of alienated wife
    And in the trenches of the western front
    Unknowing soldiers pay the price
    And on the battlefield they’re dying
    And on the fields the crops are grown
    So who can tell us what is right or wrong
    Maths or morality alone?
    During times when there’s peace he belonged to the world
    During times when there’s war he belonged to his place of birth
    Where, will this lead? What’s coming next?
    From your inventions?
    We wonder where, where does it end?
    Who can foresee, see what will be?
    ========= Historic Fact ==========
    Fritz Haber, often referred to as the “father of chemical warfare”, weaponised lethal gas for the Germans during World War I. Haber is also responsible for the Haber-Bosch process, an invention that resulted in a boom in the world’s population due to a significant increase in agricultural produce.
    Read more about Fritz Haber 👉 www.sabaton.net/historical-fa...
    The illustrations used at at 0:56 - 1:05 and 3:45 - 3:54 are courtesy of tanks-encyclopedia.com . Illustrations are created by David Bocquelet.
    Recorded, mixed and mastered at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
    The lyric video was produced by Dime Stamenov from instagoodpromotion.wixsite.co...
    Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.
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  • Sabaton
    Sabaton  Vor Monat +2724

    Fritz Haber, often referred to as the “father of chemical warfare”, weaponised lethal gas for the Germans during World War I. Haber is also responsible for the Haber-Bosch process, an invention that resulted in a boom in the world’s population due to a significant increase in agricultural produce. Read more about Fritz Haber 👉 www.sabaton.net/historical-facts/fritz-haber-was-born/
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    • Arche Sworn
      Arche Sworn Vor 11 Tage

      Bruh civilization being more productive caused the population boom. This scientist was at the peak of the wave of industrialization, which was already happening.

    • tomate furtivo
      tomate furtivo Vor 12 Tage

      I have a new idol

    • Heather Taylor
      Heather Taylor Vor 13 Tage

      Was learning about him when someone pointed out this badass song for everyone.. so awesome!
      His wife was a little baddie too, if you read up on her history. She stubbornly was hell bent on getting an education when women weren't really allowed a higher education and built her career all my herself with tutors and pure fortitude and balls of steel for such a lil lady 😅

    • Jorge Gawlik
      Jorge Gawlik Vor 13 Tage

      Winged Hussars peaked my interest in Sabaton. The more I listened to your music, the more I wanted to hear more and more of your music. All I can say is rock on! Your songs are awesom🦾🤟

    • Centurion Wizofid
      Centurion Wizofid Vor 16 Tage

      @Bruce Brakebill Let me paint a bit more of the picture. In High School, I graduated with 1000 classmates. In an hour, on any field, they could be reduced to 1 or 0 - in 60 minutes or less. My grandfather and his 3 brothers, were -"over there" - April 1915, till almost 1920. At Waterloo - the wounded - lay dying for weeks. WW1 - only allowed for the war to be more humane, less likely to be wounded. More likely to be outright killed. For the soldier it was a little better. I wish you well!

  • Bartosz
    Bartosz Vor Monat +2493

    "In peace-time the scientist belongs to humanity, in war-time to his fatherland" - Fritz Haber
    fantastic song as always, keep up with the good work!

    • Gamer Xi Jinping
      Gamer Xi Jinping Vor 8 Tage

      and eh was not even a bad guy he made an invention that was used for good but later developed into explosives then gas

    • Creatures in the Dark
      Creatures in the Dark Vor 12 Tage

      @ bocchi the an-cap What? When did I ever say anything about him dreaming about chemical warfare?

    •  bocchi the an-cap
      bocchi the an-cap Vor 12 Tage +1

      @Creatures in the Dark he didn't dream chemical warfare he was just outspoken about it

    • Creatures in the Dark
      Creatures in the Dark Vor 12 Tage +1

      @ bocchi the an-cap You could argue that the creation of chemical warfare, is what killed millions, and not just chlorine gas. The chlorine only killed about 100,000 during the war if I remember correctly.

    •  bocchi the an-cap
      bocchi the an-cap Vor 12 Tage

      @Creatures in the Dark no
      He didn't
      Chlorine while deadly could be protected against

  • dinos daniel
    dinos daniel Vor Monat +2495

    I love two things the most about this song.
    1) The feeling of Halloween it gives me
    2) The way the father moves his hands. It looks like he is directing the orchestra and the battle scenes that happen on the bottom of the screen

  • Robert Hoerz
    Robert Hoerz Vor Monat +1504

    I love how the melody of this song really portrays the feeling of a man caught between good and evil. The lifts and guitar ringing with a feeling of hopeful energy and the bass and drums reverberating with a sense of doom and dread. A wonderful song for a man who, if there ever was one, deserves the title of "Nephalem".

    • Tzizenorec
      Tzizenorec Vor Tag

      @Elder Millennial Your mistake is in thinking being a devout Christian in any way precludes dealing with demons. Christianity is itself a project by those astral horrors to wipe out true paganism by calling gods "demons" and calling the smarter demons "angels". So, maybe he learned how to make ammonia from an "angel"; it's the same thing.

    • Elder Millennial
      Elder Millennial Vor Tag

      …you think he made a deal with a demon to learn how to make ammonia? The man was a HighChurch Lutheran! Formally baptized at around 20 or so. There’s no evidence that he had anything whatsoever to do with the trendy neopagan nonsense such lunatics as Himmler and his occult friends were already dabbling in by 1910.

    • scp_foundation
      scp_foundation Vor 5 Tage +1

      @Sabaton could you do a song about the american revolution or civil war

    • Elder Millennial
      Elder Millennial Vor 21 Tag

      @Christian Vincent Costanilla
      And now opioids have become a new weapon: fentanyl, which is as much about weaponized political/cultural stupidity as it is chemistry. Stupid left wing politics that refuse to close the borders or stop migrants, who are themselves innocent patsies of America’s enemies, China and the Cartels in alliance to use them to sow chaos, confusion, despair at finding their desiccated corpses on border farms by the literal truckload, and finally, hiding their drug smuggling agents easily among the huge throngs, who take advantage of all the people who got a monkey on their backs from Percocet so to turn that monkey into A near unbeatable King Kong pounding on their backs if they miss a fix by even an hour. And it could be stopped if we got the border under control and bombed the shit out of the cartels.

    • Random Polish Guy
      Random Polish Guy Vor 22 Tage +1


  • Gigabyte Guru
    Gigabyte Guru Vor Monat +624

    For anyone who might not know: The song is about the guy who’s work led to mass fertilizer production, saving people from famine, and also some of the most horrific chemical weapons in history.

    • Blurb
      Blurb Vor 4 Tage +3

      @Grabel ess he got a Nobel prize for preventing a global food shortage via ammonia production

    • Aaron
      Aaron Vor 8 Tage

      his work led the the original idea for using zyklon B for the holocaust

    • Jon Bon Ton
      Jon Bon Ton Vor 8 Tage

      Yes total history 👍

    • Guano
      Guano Vor 10 Tage +7

      "saving people from famine" is a bit of an understatement. Like 50% of all humans just exist thanks to his process.

    • DuDono
      DuDono Vor 11 Tage +8

      @Grabel ess the prize was for ammoniac synthesis

  • Nat P
    Nat P Vor Monat +204

    The song does a good job of pointing out the horrors Fritz Haber unleashed, but at the same time, it reminds people he did do good work for everyone. This is fair. To be honest, he did what most people would do: he used his talents for his people during war. It's just that his talents fell into the realm of chemistry. At least he didn't pretend what he was doing WASN'T killing people, he just looked at it as his job, like any soldier.

    • Nat P
      Nat P Vor 13 Stunden

      @bobg9 As I said, he did his job and applied his field of learning to the war as best he could. You also realize in WW1 there were no 'allies' given everyone shifted alliances at the drop of a hat right? It wasn't like WW2 where there were clear lines of battle all the time.

    • bobg9
      bobg9 Vor 19 Stunden

      he didnt really "only did his job" he was a german patriot, and wanted to whatever he could so they could win ww1, he hoped the chemical attacks would immediately force the allies to surrender, like the atomic bomb did to Japan. he was wrong

    • Elder Millennial
      Elder Millennial Vor Tag

      You see more reluctance when the weapon is born out of “mutual plausibility”, that is, someone on each side is merely “talking about” a new discovery being possibly applied to war, but not really wanting to go that far since it’s too powerful, then some spy or other hears and reports on them “talking about it”, and the same happens with the OTHER side’s spies. If the spies don’t catch on to the discussion of the REALLY bad weapons, than they might, ironically, never get off the drawing board. I think that was the case with nukes, the German and American spies creating a feedback loop between their top intelligence and weapons development departments, until you had Germany’s hard water project (that was ultimately stopped by professional skiers, of all people), and the Manhattan Project. The war in Europe ended just before America completed its first prototype, but it could still be used against Japan. I’ve had to rethink this, and I wish they hadn’t. It was really only justified as part of the German nuclear feedback phenomenon, and Hitler never authorized the hard water project to be shared with Hirohito’s generals; he wanted it for Germany alone; even as his defeat inevitably loomed, he sent no warning to Japan that such a weapon was at least possible, which could have made a difference. So Japan had no idea such a thing was even possible.

    • Randy19
      Randy19 Vor 13 Tage +12

      @Morgoth Astartes A lot of the people who invented the nuke didn't. And toxic gas is not quite the same as "any other soldier". There's definitely a difference between putting a bullet through someones head or inventing a mass killing device that horribly tortures thousands to death over prolonged periods of time.

    • Morgoth Astartes
      Morgoth Astartes Vor 14 Tage +5

      @Maple Flag Everyone would

  • Mannimut
    Mannimut Vor Monat +2611

    More songs about such scientific inventions would honestly be amazing

    • Commander Toast CZ
      Commander Toast CZ Vor Monat +1

      @Mannimut V2 and stuff? "The angels of death", maybe?

    • Charles 7
      Charles 7 Vor Monat

      @John Stuart it simply shows that the weapons these famous people made in history, are just tools of destruction.

    • John Stuart
      John Stuart Vor Monat +1

      @Indrick Boreale or John Moses Browning

    • John Stuart
      John Stuart Vor Monat

      There are many inventors of weapons who had interesting views on their weapons.
      Alfred Nobel invented dynamite and other powerful explosives. He felt bad about the destruction they caused, so he dedicated his fortune to establish the Nobel Prizes.
      John Moses Browning revolutionized firearms (seriously, we’re still using his designs nowadays with very few modifications) and was deeply motivated by the religious persecution that his family and people of his faith had suffered. He made his firearms hoping to allow his people to protect themselves.
      There are tons more. Weapons are, by their nature, morally complex things. This makes thoughtful discussion about their inventors very fascinating.

    • Charles 7
      Charles 7 Vor Monat +1

      it's only a matter of time until sabaton does one about Wernher von Braun that started the foundation of making rockets, and J. Robert Oppenheimer that become the destroyer of worlds

  • Marc Torrez
    Marc Torrez Vor Monat +58

    I’m a 58 year old father and my 11 year old son asked me to take him and his friend to see “Sabaton” at the Arizona Federal Theater. I had never heard of Sabaton. They were awesome! Whenever Sabaton comes to Arizona I’m going to see them, with him or without him!

    • Marc Torrez
      Marc Torrez Vor 6 Tage +6

      @Tharein Potuhera LOL!!! You are SO right my friend! You might have just given Sabaton a new song to write about!

    • Tharein Potuhera
      Tharein Potuhera Vor 6 Tage +3

      Having a child at 47... that was RISKY

    • Sabaton
      Sabaton  Vor Monat +22

      Thank you for sharing this Marc! See you there next time

  • john hernandez
    john hernandez Vor Monat +605

    My brain: "Father? How good can this be" my body: (chills the whole time the song plays)

    • grifyn 88
      grifyn 88 Vor 15 Tage +2

      Why have you forsaken me, In your eyes forsaken me, In your thoughts forsaken me, In your heart ....

    • Nobelissimos
      Nobelissimos Vor Monat +4

      Dang man put a coat on if you're chilly.

    • Kresna B. Perdana
      Kresna B. Perdana Vor Monat +2

      same, and yet I can't stop listen to this

    • Theodore Tener
      Theodore Tener Vor Monat +1

      Great for October!

    • Willie Earles
      Willie Earles Vor Monat +8

      Same, fella

  • Crystal LXIX
    Crystal LXIX Vor Monat +80

    “Who can tell us what is right or wrong, maths or morality alone”

    • SeanB1009
      SeanB1009 Vor Monat +6

      Especially the way it was delivered with that riff chugging in the background

  •  Choose your Gift Card
    Choose your Gift Card Vor Monat +227

    I don’t know if you’re replying to comments so soon, but if you see this Sabaton team, just know that you are a gift to my life. I’ve binged your songs so much and I cannot get enough of them. I’ve already left several comments under many different songs, but I want to reiterate how much you guys mean to me. I barely even listened to music before I came across this band. It’s a phenomenal sight to see that there isn’t a single bad song from you guys(that I know of)

    • EmberTheShark
      EmberTheShark Vor 6 Tage

      @grifyn 88 do you mean me ? No im 27 actually

    • grifyn 88
      grifyn 88 Vor 15 Tage +2

      great ...you must be 15...no ?

    • EmberTheShark
      EmberTheShark Vor 17 Tage

      I got laid the first time while having the heroes Album on in the background, so yeah same

    • Call Me Spence
      Call Me Spence Vor 24 Tage

      @Sabaton many of us share the same sentiment(s) towards you. We love y'all!❤🤘🏻

    • lior yunfh
      lior yunfh Vor Monat +1

      hard work, it is not his fault. Thank you Sabaton for make him immortal.

  • Chinmaya Naithani
    Chinmaya Naithani Vor Monat +2551

    Around this time 2 years back, I submitted a request to Sabaton to do a song on the life and works of Fritz Haber. Absolutely stoked to suddenly find they released this masterpiece today! Made my day!

    • T26e3 pershing tank "Avenging Angel"
      T26e3 pershing tank "Avenging Angel" Vor Monat

      Still waiting for a song about the german conscripts, like my best friends great uncle, who was an officer in part of an artillery battalion that was responsible for the shelling of stalingrad and later leningrad. He survived the war and escaped to Canada through sweden, then moved down to the midwestern US. He had to watch as a group of jews were rounded up into a barn, and then the barn was set ablaze, and then forced to shoot any who tried escaping from the blaze, there was nothing he could do to help them.

    • Wjoik
      Wjoik Vor Monat

      There's a video of hom on Chanel Sabaton history

    • Nerobyrne
      Nerobyrne Vor Monat

      The Father giveth, and the Father taketh away...

    • A'den Kyramud
      A'den Kyramud Vor Monat

      @THE GREAT MEME WIZARD taffy 3 down there making sure the kaiju don't ever dare to show up 🤘🏼

    • A'den Kyramud
      A'den Kyramud Vor Monat

      @Airplane Maniac Gaming didn't they also flash their lights saying I am a pole in morse?

  • Rodrigo Martincic
    Rodrigo Martincic Vor Monat +88

    A great villain and a great hero. We have to recognize that we are here today talking and listening to this song because of this guy, can you imagine a world without fertilizers?

    • M Zrnchik
      M Zrnchik Vor 24 Tage

      then moving camp

    • M Zrnchik
      M Zrnchik Vor 24 Tage

      gypsy caravans selling drugs and robbing shallow graves for their prized customer watch snatch by the pulp fiction guy

    • M Zrnchik
      M Zrnchik Vor 24 Tage

      and trailer park

    • M Zrnchik
      M Zrnchik Vor 24 Tage +1

      predetermined sample of acceptable wash of of campgrounds

    • Gustav Ju
      Gustav Ju Vor 25 Tage +2

      We might get a glimpse soon with the amount of fertilizer being limited this year.

  • Opasnif
    Opasnif Vor Monat +177

    Sabaton is the band that helps me not to drown in depression and keep looking for inspiration in your songs. Keep up the good work you guys are the best

    • Willie Earles
      Willie Earles Vor Monat +1

      @Tech-Priest Never lose that entrepreneurial spirit, friend!

    • Airplane Maniac Gaming
      Airplane Maniac Gaming Vor Monat +2

      @Tech-Priest OI, go pray to a malfunctioning blender to appease its machine-spirit or something instead!

    • Tech-Priest
      Tech-Priest Vor Monat +26

      My words exactly!
      This song inspired me to start my own chemical weapons bussiness.
      Never let your dreams be dreams. 🙏

  • Raeth Darkflame
    Raeth Darkflame Vor Monat +34

    The duality of man really comes through with this song. In both lyrics and the music. Even Alfred Nobel felt it with his invention of dynamite. Many lives were saved in mining and tunneling operations, but the military applications and successive compounds have killed more people than J Robert Oppenheimer. So far anyway.

  • Paulo Profissional
    Paulo Profissional Vor Monat +136

    "Father of Toxic gas and Chemical warfare". INCREDIBLE PHRASE! THIS BAND SABATON IS FANTASTIC!

    • lior yunfh
      lior yunfh Vor Monat +3

      Fritz Haber, had a passion about exploring, he saved the world by splitting nitrogen. Make it possible to grow more food for us, so we can grow. When the duty calls to serve h

  • Zlavy69
    Zlavy69 Vor Monat +3174

    "Father of toxic gas, and chemical warfare" This line gives me goosebumps.

    • Little Challenger Yamin
      Little Challenger Yamin Vor 13 Tage +1

      @Grace- CHECK MY PROFILE "His dark creation has been revealed"

    • Hatien Tacetlen
      Hatien Tacetlen Vor 17 Tage

      It goes so hard

    • ww2mate68
      ww2mate68 Vor 18 Tage


    • Inavaible
      Inavaible Vor 18 Tage

      Soo basically every big ckmunity

    • EGSt.
      EGSt. Vor 20 Tage

      @Andrea Tomasi funnily enough depending on how you see it those guys might've saved billions of lifes because the fear of all out nuclear warfare is one of the bigger reasons we've avoided large scale conflicts. Now noone can say that guaranteed but it is fact that we haven't had any world war since.

  • Ice banna
    Ice banna Vor 16 Tage +23

    Dude im addicted to this song... I literally heard it like 50 times... it's a masterpiece!
    Weird part I Keep Listening to it while studying for my finals in Med school...

    • TheAKgunner
      TheAKgunner Vor 2 Tage

      That might be a bad omen.

    • Rui Leite
      Rui Leite Vor 8 Tage +2

      I feel like you're gonna lose your medical license after you graduate, and sell the souls of a mercenary team in order to escape going to hell
      (this is a tf2 reference in case you couldn't tell)

    • Shukes
      Shukes Vor 12 Tage

      along ago in eastern prussia..

  • Dinie09
    Dinie09 Vor 3 Tage +1

    Honestly, a masterpiece of a song. Lyrically giving me goosebumps and kept me hooked. Fritz Haber is both a hero and a villian, saved billions by providing food to eat, but killed millions in his development of chemical warfare.

  • Austriaball Productions

    Never thought a sabaton song could be categorized as "horror music" but here we are. Still slaps regardless!

  • AJ Dynastie
    AJ Dynastie Vor Monat +48

    "During times when there’s peace he belonged to the world
    During times when there’s war he belonged to his place of birth"
    My fav. part

  • NeocountTarrant
    NeocountTarrant Vor Monat +1820

    "So who can tell us what is right or wrong, maths or morality alone?" Such a powerful phrase, gave me absolute goosebumps!

    • Connor Hilchie
      Connor Hilchie Vor 25 Tage

      ​@Gurra Palm Even if people are still using his fertilizer to this day, over a hundred years after his death?

    • Ryan Riveland
      Ryan Riveland Vor Monat

      @Gurra PalmWhat do you mean "making genocide more easy", Haber can't time travel to see what will happen. Also that "more people" was billions, most of the people in the comment section, including me are likely alive because of him. Also his intention was to end the war faster, making his motive more to save then end lives. While I agree chemical warfare is immoral, I believe the man who made it is not. Not to mention that history is written by the victors, If Japan won WW2, Hiroshima and Nagasaki would considered an atrocity in all text books. If Germany won WW1, chemical warfare would be seen as a ground breaking scientific breakthrough.

    • REgamesplayer
      REgamesplayer Vor Monat

      I can. I often use mathematics to answer my day to day moral questions.

    • 名無し
      名無し Vor Monat

      @Moon Cricket Stinks he was as evil as Hitler...

    • Moon Cricket Stinks
      Moon Cricket Stinks Vor Monat

      @名無し depends who you ask some say mengele was just as evil as hitler or more. Haber and Mengele are 2 of the most controversial men I've ever seen. Who's to say whether what they did was good or evil. All we can do is accept history and use their work for as much good as possible.

  • Bob Taylor
    Bob Taylor Vor Monat +12

    If the absolute Musical Masterminds known as Sabaton should see this, from Day 1, you have been, are now, and will forever be my #1 go-to Epic, Historical Metal. Rock on, Brothers!🤘

    • Sabaton
      Sabaton  Vor Monat +5

      Thanks a lot for your message Bob 🤘🏼

  • Sauron's Right hand man
    Sauron's Right hand man Vor 16 Tage +15

    I actually first learned about Fritz Haber from a podcast (I don't remember where) that told his entire story. To hear his work summed up in this fantastic song is really awesome! I'm gonna listen to it again, now.
    Edit: Oh, one last thing, a chilling historical fact that Sabaton didn't mention on their website about Haber (Which everyone should totally read btw) During the Second World War, after Haber was exiled from Germany, his work would eventually be used to develop Zyklon B, the gas that would later become widespread in the Nazi gas chambers.

    • Cristian Verdugo Galaz
      Cristian Verdugo Galaz Vor 6 Tage +4

      about the Zyklon B
      Where, will this lead? What’s coming next?
      From your inventions?
      We wonder where, where does it end?
      Who can foresee, see what will be?
      implied in the lyrics at least

  • henr akjo
    henr akjo Vor 24 Tage +20

    "So who can tell us what is right or wrong, maths or morality alone?" Such a powerful phrase, gave me absolute goosebumps!

  • Connor O'Hare
    Connor O'Hare Vor Monat +17

    At some point, I'm betting there's going to be a song titled "Metal Monsters" depicting the horrors of drone and automated warfare

  • Aaron Wright
    Aaron Wright Vor Monat +1586

    The lyrics to this song are some powerful stuff. The Haber-Bosch process was developed in the early 1900's and was the first feasible method to produce ammonia in a laboratory. That was a very big deal. It allowed for mass scale production of fertilizer to feed the growing world population. Half of the world's population today relies on food grown using ammonia from this method. In 1918, the German chemist Fritz Haber was awarded a Nobel Prize for the discovery. But then it gets uglier. WWI happens, and it turns out that the ammonia is also a critical component of explosives. Even worse, Haber himself was called the "father of chemical warfare" because he studied ways to build chemical weapons out of chlorine gas. He even showed up at the Second Battle of Ypres to see chlorine gas used in combat for the first time. He defended the use of chemical weapons and his contributions to military research in general, at one point saying: "during peace time a scientist belongs to the World, but during war time he belongs to his country." (2:34) He came from a Jewish family but he died before WWII started, so he never witnessed the millions being murdered by poison gas in concentration camps, including a few members of his extended family. The discovery that has fed millions of people also led to one of the most horrific weapons ever created. Science is a double-edged sword.

    • Nix91
      Nix91 Vor 16 Tage

      @AcridCrowd Very typical of his kind.

    • Jean Rémi
      Jean Rémi Vor 23 Tage

      Nah, science is a fucking hexadecimal edged sword

    • Nerobyrne
      Nerobyrne Vor 26 Tage

      @Medieval armor Exptert yeah, the main problem with artillery is that because the projectile is unguided, you can't really get it pin-point accurate.
      But it is true that has masks don't protect against it 😁

    • Medieval armor Exptert
      Medieval armor Exptert Vor 26 Tage

      @Nerobyrne well people also started using gasmasks. I meant that artilley is the best weapon on paper ofc. Being abled to basically drop a high explosive bomb onto some sitting ducks. But artillery often doesnt know their targets locations complitely, but there isnt any country measures to explosions when theyre well exploding.

    • Nerobyrne
      Nerobyrne Vor 26 Tage

      @Medieval armor Exptert considering that trenches were built to counter artillery and were extremely effective, I'd say you're wrong ^^
      Although they did often load gas into artillery shells, so ...

  • Rr Rgu
    Rr Rgu Vor Monat +106


  • Ben Shank
    Ben Shank Vor Monat +58

    This song and the animation are so erie! Another great song as always Saboton! I can't imagine the terror on the battlefield with the introduction of gas sweeping across the front. You guys do so much to keep history alive! May we always learn from it so as to never to repeat it! Keep on rockin!🤘👊

    • Christian Vincent Costanilla
      Christian Vincent Costanilla Vor Monat

      What scientists do in War
      In war scientists make an
      Inventions breakthrough to turn the tide of war and Weapons

    • Christian Vincent Costanilla
      Christian Vincent Costanilla Vor Monat

      What scientists do in peace
      In peace scientist make inventions
      Helping people and Stuff

    • Sabaton
      Sabaton  Vor Monat +22

      Thank you for your message Ben

  • Samuel Araújo Medeiros

    Franz Haber is a great example of how technology doesn't exist in a vaccuum and must be handled with reponsibility. The same discovery that led to what could be called a second agricultural revolution was also employed as the most vicious weapon to be used in WWI.

    • Randy19
      Randy19 Vor 13 Tage

      @1Kräuter Quark Again, technology can always be used for good and evil. That the Nazis used it to gas people does not invalidate that it was also used for a lot of good.

    • Bono Giamboni
      Bono Giamboni Vor 26 Tage

      @Stephen are you sure you're not getting mixed up with zyklon a? Zyklon a was a pesticide that he worked on iirc, and obviously being a pesticide it had an added chemical to make it smell horrible so people would stay away from it, while zyklon b was just zyklon a without the smell chemical and it was used in the "showers" in the concentration camps.
      Unless you were being sarcastic maybe.

    • Zeno Iapadre
      Zeno Iapadre Vor 28 Tage

      Haber was of Jewish ancestry, and directly developed Zyklon chemicals. He most definitely had not intention of having them used as they were, tools of horrid genocide, and intended them as part of his peacetime work. Nazis had a true talent for ruining everything they touched. To say the banal and overstated part out loud: in the intended hands it was a cure, and in the hands it fell in it was a weapon.

    • Sebastian Raab
      Sebastian Raab Vor Monat

      @Stephen absolute anjd utter bullshit. This is holocoust denial and is wrong in all forms and is a made up story created to legitimize the murder of millions. You are reported

    • Stephen
      Stephen Vor Monat

      @1Kräuter Quark Definitely was, helped delouse many people and saved many camps from major death during their starvation.

  • 大日本帝国
    大日本帝国 Vor Monat +36

    I dont think its possible for sabaton to not suprise me with their good songs thank alot sabaton ❤

    • 大日本帝国
      大日本帝国 Vor Monat +6

      @Sabaton thanks for your great music

    • Sabaton
      Sabaton  Vor Monat +15

      Thanks for your message Linus! 🤘🏼

  • Leaf Soto
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    Love the ominous ambience of this track.

    • Tech-Priest
      Tech-Priest Vor Monat

      @Don't Read My Profile Photo
      Wow. How original. Definitely haven't seen this in 100 other attention whores...

    • Dmitry Obukhov
      Dmitry Obukhov Vor Monat

      @Don't Read My Profile Photo thats a great joke

    • Fletchdings Harding
      Fletchdings Harding Vor Monat

      I think it is pretty cool as well

      Grace- CHECK MY PROFILE Vor Monat +1

      "Father of toxic gas and chemical warfare"

    • Max Björk
      Max Björk Vor Monat +2

      Sounds like boss music and i love it

  • Colonel H. Stinkmeaner

    As a physicist/chemist, I truly appreciate the nuanced approach to Haber's life.

  • Dank Dave
    Dank Dave Vor Monat +16

    I'm not sure if the Sabaton team reads the comments or not but if you guys do I just want to let you know that this band has single-handedly altered some big aspects of my life. I know that sounds a bit much lol but ever since I started lisening to this band and first heard Bismark in 2019, it sparked an interest in history for me, and has just carried me through a lot of dark times of mine. Having all of these songs on repeat whether it be a spotify playlist, youtube, or elsewhere has just been such a fun journey. Every new song from you guys becomes an instant classic to me and I instantly listen to it on loop for hours on end doing homework or some other thing lol.
    I've introduced you guys to my history teachers and they love the content + you're the first group of anyone that I've ever gotten merch from lol, and will soon be my first time hearing a band live at a concert, I got tickets to the US tour in NY!! 😎Very hyped to see you guys on stage!
    Never stop making the most unique and cool songs I've ever listen to! I wish you guys the best

    • Sabaton
      Sabaton  Vor Monat +12

      Thank you so much for your support and your message, we appreciate it very much 😎 Best wishes!

  • Виктор А.
    Виктор А. Vor 14 Stunden

    I recently learned from a friend about the existence of this group, after listening to it, I was amazed at how cool, beautiful, rhythmically the artists perform, I listen daily, this is now one of my favorite groups

  • Nᴇᴅ
    Nᴇᴅ Vor Monat +20

    Last winter we got blessed with a Christmas song, and now we have a Halloween-ish sounding song that tells an intriguing, tragic bit of history - as always. Sabaton truly never disappoints.

  • Daniel Yu
    Daniel Yu Vor Monat +2878

    I think we can all appreciate the amount of styles of metal Sabaton is able to masterfully pull off. Not all songs have to be loud and rough to give one goosebumps.

    • ogyrfiwargf
      ogyrfiwargf Vor Monat

      @Garrison Pendergrass Yes, father is indeed very powerful. As I said, I prefer the art of war, but that's my favorite song ever... and maybe it just reminds me of the time I was sixteen years old (maybe that's the case partially)
      Well, I can't force myself to enjoy every new song but I'm glad there are still some that I like, I can't deny that

    • Garrison Pendergrass
      Garrison Pendergrass Vor Monat

      @ogyrfiwargf I agree, and I actually see that song in this one. I enjoyed Art of War as much as I did this one. I respect that you enjoyed this song less, but I think I like this song more, or equally to Art of War. Art of War is one of my favorites, too.

    • ogyrfiwargf
      ogyrfiwargf Vor Monat

      @Garrison Pendergrass Debatable. I still enjoy some of their songs, not gonna lie, but it's just not the same as when I heard the art of war (the song) for the first time. That was a true masterpiece.

    • Garrison Pendergrass
      Garrison Pendergrass Vor Monat +1

      @ogyrfiwargf There are only so many combinations of notes that sound good.

    • jmykl
      jmykl Vor Monat

      Incredibly true

  • JJ Music
    JJ Music Vor 23 Tage +125

    2 hours after i had the best bean soup from my grandma in my entire life, i totally felt this lines:
    "Father of toxic gas and chemical warfare"
    "a poisonous nightmare, a deadly mist on the battlefield"

  • Jacqueline Van Bierk
    Jacqueline Van Bierk Vor 6 Tage +2

    Sabaton is amazing, who else has the ability to give us some badass metal, be entertaining while educating us. Schools should use Sabaton for history lessons.

    • Sabaton
      Sabaton  Vor 6 Tage +1

      Thanks for that Jacqueline

  • Joe Bennett
    Joe Bennett Vor Monat +28

    Genuinely can't get the chorus out of my head now. The tone of the song definitely has that heavy feel of the First World War too, Lumbering and strong

  • Michel Roes
    Michel Roes Vor Monat +10

    Another great historylesson given by Sabaton. Never knew the connection between Fritz Haber and the abuse of Zyklon-B as poisonous gas. Great song once again and keep up the excellent work. Can't way until may the 3rd when you guys will play in the Netherlands.

    • Kaiser Wilhelm II did nothing wrong
      Kaiser Wilhelm II did nothing wrong Vor Monat

      Get this.
      Haber was Jewish. So his very creation was used to murder millions of his people.
      Hitler ignored his contributions to Germany in WWI and exiled him.

  • The 13th Hussar
    The 13th Hussar Vor Monat +4105

    "Every change of sensation in the nose and mouth nags in the mind, it creates utter confusion eroding the soldiers inner strength."
    -Fritz Haber "Father of toxic gas and chemical warfare"

      BAALSLEGION 07 Vor Monat

      Oh, he for sure did! But he also discovered that the same chemicals he used to invent the technique for the creation of modern fertilizer could also be used to create poisonous gas. As he kept working on it he came up with increasingly inhumane ways of modifying it and even showed up to a battle to test his creation.
      That said though, if he didn't invent the firtilizer (which caused him to invent the gas) the world would have starved to death at a certain point, especially after the 1st world war.
      He was a visionary and did it for his country, he showed no remorse. What makes this especially terrible, is the fact that a modified version of his own gas was used in the second world war to terminate the jews. He died before that, but as he himself was jewish, so his extended family was killed using his creation.
      This is why many people, including this song, ask the question if he is a sinner or a saint. He got the praise of the world and the nobel prize for chemistry for his inventions, saved billions and made all our lifes today possible, but he also created the most inhumane way of killing someone, apart from some forms of torture and personally tested it on a bunch of soldiers on the battlefield.

    • Креван Гартенлий
      Креван Гартенлий Vor Monat +1

      @Tem I think so, especially considering the fact that both Mussolini and Hitler appeared as a response to the threat of communism. They were wrong, but in general they coped with their task - the red plague of Bolshevism could not move far to the West.

    • Tem
      Tem Vor Monat

      @Креван Гартенлий Probably we would have been in a much better world, no Russian revolution, no Stalin, no Mao, no Mussolini, no Hitler and no Franco

    • Blantickal 32
      Blantickal 32 Vor Monat +2

      @No Mad this right here is the answer, he did what any man with that level of intelligence and morals would do. simply by "in peace for the world" "in war for the homeland" i can safely assume he has good moral characteristics and pride in himself and culture etc. It's a entirely expected action of a man of such nature.

    • Maple Flag
      Maple Flag Vor Monat

      @Yet Another Yet look what was used during the Holocaust

  • Matt Dylla
    Matt Dylla Vor Monat +5

    To me, he represents the truth of humanity. He fed billions, and killed millions. Humanity has great capacity for both, but fortunately tends to lean more one way than the other.

  • Ragehaven
    Ragehaven Vor Monat +9

    So many of Sabatons song make me go and research these events and people because often I've had little knowledge of them or the implications of certain lyrics.
    It's truly wonderful

  • Taylor Hilton
    Taylor Hilton Vor 10 Tage

    Love this you guys! I've been introducing all your songs to my rocker friends and my 2 nephews to get them interested in history to great effect and now they can sing most of them word for word almost to the point that my nephews are gonna know most of these cool stories before they get to the subject in school. Keep making learning both fun and badass guys!

    • Sabaton
      Sabaton  Vor 9 Tage

      Thanks for that Taylor!

  • ARGENONE Thibaud
    ARGENONE Thibaud Vor Monat +2

    I really loved this song.
    One element that brings one more slice of irony to the cake is the fact that Fritz Haber was Jewish, and forced to leave Europe before the WW2. He died during his escape from a stroke. But his scientific legacy was also the instrument to the birth of another horror known by a lot of victims as the Zyklon B.

  • Benjamin O'Konski
    Benjamin O'Konski Vor Monat +452

    Love the spine-chilling chorus. Can't remember the last time Joakim sang that low for that long, but it sounds really good.

  • SuperMan2019
    SuperMan2019 Vor Monat +9

    Y'all made me rediscover my love for history, and it was because of that I decided to work on becoming a history major. I had the wonderful opportunity to see you guys last Saturday in Houston, and the show was everything I expected from y'all and more! Please keep up the work and making absolute bangers🤘🤘🤘

  • oJim
    oJim Vor 18 Tage +5

    2:36 This is Quote from Fritz Haber himself "During peace time a scientist belongs to the World, but during war time he belongs to his country"

  • Anna Lang
    Anna Lang Vor Monat +3

    To anyone not familiar with Fritz Haber: He invented the Haber-Bosch process, which takes hydrogen (H2) and nitrogen (N2) and turns it into ammonia (NH3). Ammonia is an ingredient for fertilizer. With this invention, it was possible to easily and cheaply produce ammonia to feed the rapidly increasing population. Previously, people needed to rely on naturally recurring ammonia- obviously a very limited resource. This process is what the got the Nobel Price for.
    He is also considered the father of chemical warfare because he is responsible for mustard gas, chlorine gas and phosgene gas being developed as chemical weapons in WW1.

  • Nehil Shrivastava
    Nehil Shrivastava Vor Monat +3

    The most relatable line, and the one that explains world today: "During Times when there's peace he belonged to the world, During Times when there's a war, he belonged to his place of birth!" We should all take lessons from it. Humans are tribalistic and commune in nature. This world is not a unified piece of land. Several people, several cultures, several borders Were and Are and Will always be the truth.

    • Randy19
      Randy19 Vor 13 Tage +1

      It is in fact a statement made by Fritz Haber. Roughly translated it goes "In times of peace a scientist belongs to the world, but in times of war he belongs to his fatherland". And that is how he explained his duality. He did invent the first way to mass produce fertilizer during times of peace for the world to benefit from, but during the first world war he developed poison gas for use by the germans to give his country an edge.

  • Lord Robin
    Lord Robin Vor Monat +4374

    I appreciate the fact that Sabaton can just casually release a song about someone who is effectively a mad scientist, and for it to also be a fucking BANGER

    • Xryazr Noone
      Xryazr Noone Vor 11 Tage

      my guy, this isn't just a banger, its an artwork among all bangers, its the banger of all bangers

    •  bocchi the an-cap
      bocchi the an-cap Vor 11 Tage

      Chemist here
      Hubers work is basically the start of catalytic Chemistry very important

    • SpitFire
      SpitFire Vor 12 Tage +1

      Sabaton could make a song about a iPhone 13 and it would be a banger

    • Slin
      Slin Vor 15 Tage

      Not mad. patriot!

    • Alvaro 1234
      Alvaro 1234 Vor 16 Tage

      Haber was many things but he wasn't mad. He saved many lifes with his science. One of his sentence explain it: in peace a scientific is for the humanity, in war times is for his country

  • Neptaly Carrera
    Neptaly Carrera Vor Monat +32

    The ability to create incredibly catchy choruses and back it up with insane instrumentals make any song these guys make a absolute slam.
    Big fan from the USA! Went to Warsaw to see you guys live!

  • MikeTheAnt11
    MikeTheAnt11 Vor 3 Tage

    As a chemestry student, I would just like to say that everything about this terrifies me. The music,the lyrics, Fritz Haber's contradictory achievements... it's a great song.

  • Highground Obi wan
    Highground Obi wan Vor Monat +76

    I love how sabaton can make history fun to learn about

  • Abhishank Paul
    Abhishank Paul Vor Monat +2

    Unfortunately for critics, Haber was absolutely right when he explained his position in the Great War. He contributed for both the world as well as in his country's security inspite of the horrors of chemical warfare and the suffering caused to the soldiers

  • Девергент Айс

    Очень круто и атмосферно, я обожаю SABATON, эта уникальная группа.

  • SeanB1009
    SeanB1009 Vor Monat +21

    This is definitely one of the most haunting sounding Sabaton songs

  • Johan O
    Johan O Vor 20 Tage +18

    All the times I've worn a gas mask for training, never gave it deeper thought untill now, but I would not be here without it's invention. This song truly reminds you of the horrors your own kin faced in no mans land.

    • Alex Bull
      Alex Bull Vor 9 Tage +1

      We are indebted to our forebears

  • Zarko Petrovic
    Zarko Petrovic Vor 6 Tage

    Perfect song. This chorus rips! Sabaton became one of the most loved bands with its attitude. It's amazing that all their songs are equally great!

  • CharmingBeast 77
    CharmingBeast 77 Vor Monat +498

    This absolute banger came out of nowhere, and I can’t argue, I can only listen to another 10/10

    • Clashof 6d
      Clashof 6d Vor Monat +2

      They just looked at all recommendations which the fans wanted and nuked the standard out of the chart

    • biggie mongus(meme thief)
      biggie mongus(meme thief) Vor Monat +12

      My guys just came out of nowhere and started spitting bars

  • Otto Karl
    Otto Karl Vor Monat +2

    I think this song captures an aspect about the outbreak of World War I that is often overlooked. Usually we talk about Wilhelms stupid diplomacy/politics, about imperialism and of course the clash for independency on the Balkan. But it is often forgotten how much the creation of the german Kaiserreich destroyed the world balance on a scale that is hard to imagine today.
    Suddenly there was this gigantic empire in the middle of Europe, leading on fields like industry, science and military, while also providing a relatively modern democracy to its people. It took three other world powers and the help of the USA to finally take down Germany (and Austria-Hungary, yes) in the end...that is how much the scales of power shifted after 1970/71.

  • ledocteur7
    ledocteur7 Vor Monat +5

    the legend himself, he who once single-handedly saved our civilisation from destruction, and followed by creating the keys to chemically induced hell.
    a man of science, devoted to his art and country, no matter what the cost may be.

  • The1rust
    The1rust Vor Monat +4

    The be in "See what will be?" feels like a foreshadowing of Zyklon B which Degesch also created and we all know what that brought.

  • Ackalan
    Ackalan Vor 17 Tage +4

    The indisputable proof that knowledge is not good nor evil, it simply is.

  • BunnyRabbit
    BunnyRabbit Vor 19 Tage +3

    From the little that I’ve heard, his research and invention of how to easily get nitrogen from the atmosphere helped in the production of fertilisers - which in turn saved ~ 3 billion people from starvation

    • Anonymer Overlord
      Anonymer Overlord Vor 7 Tage

      Indeed, about half of all nitrogen atoms in our bodies are made usable by the Haber-Bosch process. The process is currently the biggest contributor of bioavailable nitrogen in the biosphere of earth.

  • Jmarc
    Jmarc Vor Monat +1

    “Father of toxic gas and chemical warfare his dark creation has been revealed flow over no mans land a poisonous nightmare a deadly mist on the battlefield” that line just stands out

  • Jose Mojica Perez
    Jose Mojica Perez Vor 21 Tag +7

    Is a killer song as usual...
    This is the reason that i'm a Sabaton fan since 2010.

  • John Stuart
    John Stuart Vor Monat +5

    Sabaton, I appreciate how you take a nuanced view of history. You could have easily decried Haber as a monster in this song, but instead you make focus of the song the complicated question of the morality of his legacy. Respect.

  • Red Hausser
    Red Hausser Vor Monat +1561

    "During times when there's peace he belonged to the world. During times when there's war he belonged to his place of birth!" That is quite the deep phrase to think how people of good may turn into monsters when arms are raised.

    • Nerobyrne
      Nerobyrne Vor Monat

      Well, his goal was to break the stale-mate.
      So, if it had worked, it would have ended a war that seemed like it would never end.
      Thankfully, where his invention failed, the tank ended up succeeding.

    • StaringGasMask
      StaringGasMask Vor Monat

      @Jack Ster there's no way to cure concentrated cyanide poisoning. Chemical intoxication is way deadlier than some disease, I'm not sure why you said that

    • Jack Ster
      Jack Ster Vor Monat +1

      @Evan Garnier also I’m grateful that this guy was the one to make it. It could’ve easily been made with no way to cure it and then less Jews would’ve been saved.

    • Jack Ster
      Jack Ster Vor Monat

      I believe he stated that gas was originally to only be used when enemy soldiers had reached a certain distance from Civilian zones.

    • Lord Pfeiffer
      Lord Pfeiffer Vor Monat

      @Preston Jones Hitler gave him a pass as a true non Jew

  • Nícolas Pereira
    Nícolas Pereira Vor Monat +2

    Great song, but I wish it talked more about Haber's true impact on the world.
    Because he's so controversial, most don't know how important this man truly was.
    In a way, one can say he is responsible for saving human civilization from imminent starvation.
    In a way, this monster saved the world.

    • Tog II* electric boogaloo
      Tog II* electric boogaloo  Vor 23 Tage

      I think he sped up the end...
      Think about it, the majority of our problems stem from overpopulation and the industries to cater to our population thus causing extreme global warming
      Without his invention it could be possible we would be in a better place, environmentally anyway

  • Minecraft world
    Minecraft world Vor Monat +1

    This song sounds absolutely gorgeous to sing, which feels kinda wrong due to the subject matter.
    Also, since we had a brief discussion about this guy in Chemistry class, I told my Chemistry teacher about this song. Turns out that he’s a good fan of Sabaton.

  • Geoffrey Bell
    Geoffrey Bell Vor 20 Tage +4

    The man who wanted to make war as horrifically quick as possible to save as many lives as possible, and also saved BILLIONS with his fertilizer processing. He was not an evil man, just a man who wanted to keep suffering from being prolonged even if it meant "a few" horrific deaths.
    Patriot, scientist, humanitarian, and realist.

    • Shukes
      Shukes Vor 16 Tage

      well not really.

    • Smol_dude
      Smol_dude Vor 17 Tage

      This description low-key fits mr. Oppenheimer too

  • David Mallon
    David Mallon Vor Monat +9

    It's wild how Haunting Joakim's low range is during the chorus.
    It fits so perfectly with not just the music but even the video.
    Sabaton really doesn't know how to release a bad song.

  • EddyKidPlayzYT
    EddyKidPlayzYT Vor Monat +1117

    I don’t know if you’re replying to comments so soon, but if you see this Sabaton team, just know that you are a gift to my life. I’ve binged your songs so much and I cannot get enough of them. I’ve already left several comments under many different songs, but I want to reiterate how much you guys mean to me. I barely even listened to music before I came across this band. It’s a phenomenal sight to see that there isn’t a single bad song from you guys(that I know of)

    • disrespecc
      disrespecc Vor Monat +2

      @Baldur the Impious they… definitely aren’t.

    • Baldur the Impious
      Baldur the Impious Vor Monat

      @disrespecc PRAY THAT ONE DAY THEY WILL!

    • disrespecc
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      @Baldur the Impious they never comin to tasmania

    • Baldur the Impious
      Baldur the Impious Vor Monat

      @disrespecc keep your eyes peeled for when they are nearest you, save what money you can, its an experience worth having, hopefully they'll come to your city one day!

    • disrespecc
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      @Baldur the Impious well they’re definitely never going near me. as close as they might, it will require a plane.

  • Alex Alanis
    Alex Alanis Vor 29 Tage +7

    Que música poderosa! Melhor parte 3:17. 🤘

  • Exger
    Exger Vor Monat +5

    "I fucking love science" -Fritz Haber probably

    • nkr dinla
      nkr dinla Vor Monat

      Well I have my characters theme song for Pathfinder...

  • Marc H
    Marc H Vor Monat +6

    god how can Sabaton make every song have an absolutely brutal and catchy chorus? I can't even make it through the song before I'm singing along with those haunting lines, truly bone chilling

  • Matvey Kuznetsov
    Matvey Kuznetsov Vor Monat +1

    I know, that many of your russian fans like your songs' poetic translations, made by radio tapok. Well, since guys are a bit slow, I'm attaching my version. Completely singable!
    Явилось в Пруссии восточной
    Талантов много молодых.
    Кто скажет мне, кто знает точно,
    Кто Нобель заслужил из них?
    То был науки век великий,
    Что Кайзеррайху ключ скуёт.
    И рос конфликта дух двуликий,
    Пришёл четырнадцатый год!
    Габер-Бош - союз величья!
    Где противоречье?
    Мир обрёл с наукой пищу...
    Искуплён ли грех?
    Химической войны по праву он отец;
    Его творенье явило лик...
    Отравленный кошмар - как сумрачный венец,
    Над полем брани туман возник!
    "Идей науки извращенье!" -
    Слова потерянной жены.
    И нет в траншеях уж спасенья...
    Солдаты - вы обречены!
    В бою здесь люди умирают,
    И здесь же урожай растёт.
    Кто скажет мне, где правда, а где ложь?
    На цифру иль мораль расчёт?
    Габер-Бош - союз величья!
    Где противоречье?
    Мир обрёл с наукой пищу...
    Искуплён ли грех?
    Химической войны по праву он отец;
    Его творенье явило лик...
    Отравленный кошмар - как сумрачный венец,
    Над полем брани туман возник!
    Ныне, в мира часы, миру он посвящён.
    Но в минуты войны он вернётся туда, где рождён!
    Куда идём? Куда ведут твои свершенья?
    Гадаем мы, где, где конец?
    Кому узреть, что может быть?
    Габер-Бош - союз величья!
    Где противоречье?
    Мир обрёл с наукой пищу...
    Искуплён ли грех?
    Химической войны по праву он отец;
    Его творенье явило лик...
    Отравленный кошмар - как сумрачный венец,
    Над полем брани туман возник!

  • CT-2864 Clone 1853034
    CT-2864 Clone 1853034 Vor Monat +611

    An ominous song about one of the most horrible weapons ever used in war released just before we enter October, the month of Halloween? I don't know if this is a coincidence or done on purpose, but the song is absolutely amazing as always!

    • Maple Flag
      Maple Flag Vor Monat +1

      @Rainer Haider I know

    • Rainer Haider
      Rainer Haider Vor Monat +3

      @Maple Flag He was not mad

    • Maple Flag
      Maple Flag Vor Monat +2

      Also Haber was essentially a mad scientist

    • Nathan
      Nathan Vor Monat

      I know who Im gonna be for Hallowen lmao

    • RebelWulf
      RebelWulf Vor Monat +1

      ​@rebel6301 lol I am also Half-Life enjoyer, but this is not Alyx Vance. Profile pic is featuring Tetsuo Shima from Akira manga/anime and I just photoshopped the meme pixel glasses on his face. (Unrelated, but Akira partially inspired Half-Life with environment design)

  • Gokes93
    Gokes93 Vor Monat +2

    I feel like the contrasting nature of Haber's inventions, (& story in general) could be a driving force behind the old phrase "On the Fritz"

  • Sreias
    Sreias Vor Monat +6

    This song has been on repeat in my brain for almost a week now. It is SO good! Can't wait to see you guys live again.

  • Kreativkopf
    Kreativkopf Vor Monat +3

    First time I heard it, I though: Meh, a bad song for the niveau of Sabaton.
    10th time I heard it on the same day: Actually it's a great piece of music with its own style and I should learn more about the use of gas in the First World War.

  • Matvey Kuznetsov
    Matvey Kuznetsov Vor Monat +3

    Perfect song. Clearly shows, how unobvious can be the things we create. Every coin has a second side... Be careful, when you let your fantasy go!

  • teale peck
    teale peck Vor Monat +723

    I love how dark and haunting this is. The guitars along with Joakim's vocals REALLY evoke that creeping terror of gas crawling along the ground with the wind to choke and maim thousands. Well done! It hits exactly the spot of ominous and oppressive horrir while also reminding the listener that they benefit DIRECTLY from Haber's work in the creation of powerful fertilizers for high yield crops. Beyond the grave, he feeds us still.

  • CK47CD
    CK47CD Vor Monat

    I can't stop listening to this ever since it got released, great job Sabaton, I think this overtook Hearts of Iron as my favorite.

  •  waffle
    waffle Vor 3 Tage

    Your guitar solos are amazing, always love them

  • Rich v1nce
    Rich v1nce Vor 17 Tage +2

    Me before this: Father? How good can it be.
    Me after:Shook

  • iluan Hernandez
    iluan Hernandez Vor Monat +1

    I raise my test tube in praise of Dr. Fritz Haber, the most glorious monster of the 20th century. Standing on a true mountain of corpses, with his hands drenched in the blood of soldier and civilian alike, he delivered billions from the faith of starvation.

  • Manuel C
    Manuel C Vor Monat +380

    Literally two days ago I was trying to remember the name of the German scientist who invented fertilizer and developped toxic gas in WW1, and now this song dropped. Amazing!
    If you want to know more about Fritz Haber, there is an excellent video about him on the Veritasium channel.
    Edit: there is also an episode of sabaton history with Par and Indie

    • UberFubarius
      UberFubarius Vor Monat

      @AbsolX Guardian yep. It was a great controversy when he received the Nobel Prize for discovering the process to mass produce nitrogen fertilizer after it was known that he also invented chemical warfare.
      In a great irony, he was a Jew, and one of his work on chemical warfare later became was Zyklon B, and guess what's one of the chemicals used for the Holocaust?

    • AbsolX Guardian
      AbsolX Guardian Vor Monat +2

      Oh that's why the song has "fed the world by the ways of science" and "on the fields crops grow"

    • Ian Studios
      Ian Studios Vor Monat

      ironically I watched that video veritasium made on Haber not too long ago and then this came out

    • Maple Flag
      Maple Flag Vor Monat

      @The Junktown Sheriff Killian Darkwater Got a source for that claim?

    • Ivo Ivanov
      Ivo Ivanov Vor Monat

      @Winged_Hussar14 Or maybe it isn't your school but you're just a liar?

  • Trollwholivesu
    Trollwholivesu Vor Monat

    This song is perhaps my favorite, just everything about it. This isn’t of course to say that I dont love other Sabaton songs

  • Vlad Kutepoff
    Vlad Kutepoff Vor Monat +1

    "Сабатон" как всегда вне конкуренции.

  • Natalie Barnett
    Natalie Barnett Vor Monat

    My son loves history and you have become his favorite band. I love learning about lost or forgotten history and you have helped. My husband will be playing this at work.

  • Иван Гвоздь
    Иван Гвоздь Vor Monat +1

    I think it is one of the best Sabbaton songs. Deep and philosophical. It cause people to think
    My answers: It is only math. And Haber do more good things than evil.

  • Mister DB
    Mister DB Vor Monat +969

    I did my studies in chemistry, in particular in research and development in the ammonia sector.
    I have studied and discussed a lot about the Haber-Bosch process. Every so often with my colleagues and professors I have discussed who the 2 inventors actually were. As a result, Fritz Haber was ultimately someone who in my opinion did more good than harm in this world. He will go down in history as the most controversial person ever. But he will remain one of the greats of chemistry.

    • Иван Гвоздь
      Иван Гвоздь Vor Monat +1

      @B S Do not think there is a major difference. During WW1 (unlike WW2) civlians were not considered to be legit target - it was not total war in the worst sense. WW2 was and civilians were considered as a production force which had to be reduced in numbers. If WW1 would be a truly total chemical weapons would be used on civilians just like nukes was used during WW2.

    • B S
      B S Vor Monat

      @Иван Гвоздь What I meant was hauber developed his weapon to be used on the battlefield while openheimer developed his weapon to be used on civilians. That is the difference between the people from the manhatten prodject and the kaisers chemical weapons developers.

    • Elen Degenerate
      Elen Degenerate Vor Monat

      @Михаил Данилов There is a fundamental difference in thought process between Haber and Mengele, specifically the scientific aspect, Mengele was so far "out there" that the approach can best be described as "clueless torture" versus "well meaning but unethical applikation of chemistry"
      Torturing twins because you got a gut feeling they are warhammer 40k psykers is fucking dumb

    • Micha B
      Micha B Vor Monat +1

      @artturi siikanen He wasn't forced directly, that much is true. But he was not save either because the nazis did not much care about conversion one way or the other - for them, being jewish was a question of "race", not one of confession.

    • Starslayer83
      Starslayer83 Vor Monat +1

      @Макс Бурый That's an excellent idea. Unfortunately, every time a well meaning inventor uses that thought process, it backfires. The man who invented the Gatling gun had a similar idea, and the man who invented the cotton gin thought it would reduce the rate of slavery, not increase it. When you make something more efficient, those in power almost always double down. Not that Haber could have known how it would turn out, but that's how it is.

  • john doe
    john doe Vor 28 Tage +3

    It's hard to choose my favourite Sabaton song they have so many amazing ones but this is definitely one of the best if not the best. Creepy, informative and forces you to think. I love it. Video is great too.

  • alex last
    alex last Vor Monat

    i really like the slight symphonic doom metal vibe i get from this song, great work sabaton

  • John Harding
    John Harding Vor Monat +1

    I love it. History is my favorite subject, and I plan to teach it. Fritz Harber is one of history’s most controversial figures. He simultaneously created life and death. Interesting how science can make one feel like a god.

  • Marcel Schreier
    Marcel Schreier Vor Monat +3

    I really recommend reading about his wife Clara Immerwahr, because no one felt the two sides of Fritz Haber anymore, because of this conflict she unfortunately took her own life in the end.

  • Kaiser Declan
    Kaiser Declan Vor Monat +7395

    The random guy who leaked the information about this song a week ago: They called me a madman.

    • ElectricDragon
      ElectricDragon Vor 7 Stunden

      Strangely, I didn't hear anything about the leak. And yet, the song is amazing

      STURMTIGER380 Vor 6 Tage

      @Don't Read My Profile Photo oh hello again

    • Nala Scarlet
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      @WinterCoffin They have a ton of great of songs! Hope you can find something you like.

    • WinterCoffin
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      @Nala Scarlet i’ve heard sabaton before, and i’m into metal- but i don’t listen to them often. i’ll have to check them out more haha

    • Nala Scarlet
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      @WinterCoffin I think I know which short you're talking about. Is this your first time hearing Sabaton?