Full Day of Eating - Jeff Cavaliere (REVEALED!)

  • What does Jeff Cavaliere eat in a day? In this video, I’m going to reveal what I eat at every single meal; breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks throughout the day. Many people have wanted to know what to eat to stay ripped and shredded year round without sacrificing hard earned muscle or being too skinny. This will show you exactly what to eat to build muscle and stay lean 365 days a year.
    It starts with breakfast. Here my staple meal is pumpkin walnut oatmeal. One thing you will see is that I don’t often measure any of the foods I eat. I find this to be too time consuming and likely to turn eating into too much of a process. Once a person becomes even the slightest bit inconvenienced by the process, they opt for an easier (and often times unhealthier mechanism) and the quality of the nutrition suffers greatly.
    Here however, I show that I have about a cup of uncooked oats in my oatmeal. This equates to about 300 calories. When you add in the maple syrup, pumpkin, walnuts and brown sugar you are looking at about 550 calories for this portion of the breakfast. I get in additional protein however in the form of an egg white soufflé. This is made by putting in about 7-10 egg whites into a microwave safe bowl and cooking them for a little over 2 minutes. Finish with some pickled ginger and salsa and you have an incredibly fast and tasty side dish. I have a glass of skim milk as well which brings this breakfast to about 850 calories.
    Moving on, for lunch I tend to have a grilled chicken wrap with grilled or sautéed veggies. For this particular wrap it’s zucchini and eggplant. On top, I usually have a combination of hot sauce and pesto (for some additional healthy fats) at a fairly large size wrap, which brings the total to about 550 calories. Throw in a full fat greek yogurt with some whipped cream and the lunch totals just about 755 calories.
    Dinner usually varies quite often but follows the plate concept that I shared in a previous video on youtube. I like to divide my plate into zones. The two occupying the largest amount of space on the plate are my protein and fibrous carbohydrates or vegetables. The remainder of the plate is filled up with a starchy carb or two. On this particular night I had grilled chicken as my protein with a mango ginger salsa on top. The fibrous carb was corn but could just as easily be asparagus, broccoli, grilled mushrooms, etc. The starchy carbs are a combo of sweet potato mash (with butter and cinnamon) and pasta.
    I have sparkling water with this (and almost every other meal as well) since it makes hydration more interesting and helps me to ensure I’m getting in enough fluids throughout the day. The total amount of calories here (when included with the tomato chicken orzo soup is around 900 calories or so.
    I finish the night with dessert. That’s right. I may only eat carrot cake once a year but I have a dish of fat free frozen yogurt with whipped cream every single night. I do tend to stick to the lower calorie variations for dessert since I don’t want to turn this into a mammoth calorie bomb at night before going to bed. I feel this would certainly cost me my leanness.
    The meals or snacks in between consist of an RX2 X-LR8 protein shake. I don’t show this since I didn’t want to turn this into a commercial for the supplements. While I believe I have the highest quality supplements on the market I don’t want you to feel as if you need to have them to get results eating the way I do. You will. The supplements simply make it easier to stay consistent with getting the high quality nutrition that my muscles need from their hard training.
    While these are calorie estimates, the most important thing is that you can see that I’m not taking in 1400 calories to stay as lean as I do. I’m also not eating in excess of 5,000 calories in a day. I take in just about 3000 to 3500 calories in a day to support my efforts in the gym. The key is my consistency in doing it. If you want to see best results you have to stay consistent with the quality of the nutrition that you take in each day, regardless of which style of eating works best for you.
    For a step by step meal plan that comes with almost every single program I create, head to the link below and get the program that best suits your training goals. Along with that will be a day by day meal plan telling you exactly what to eat to get ripped and build muscle at the same time.
    For more videos on how to eat to build muscle and the best foods to avoid to lose fat, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at the link below and turn on your notifications so you never miss a new video when it’s published.
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