If this video doesn’t make you facepalm then nothing will



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    just an FYI, this video has been scheduled for a couple of days now. Coincidences happen! I apologize to the triggered SorrowTV fans, but stripping content from subreddits isn't anything new, on any level.

  • TwistyTwistiiYT
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    4:21 No, it is just ONE SYMBOL for both meanings, you just flip it. What it says is My Husband (IS LESS THAN) Your Husband, so all of them are stupid!

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    3:00 technically he's not wrong

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    I like how the one at 4:02 is on the subReddit called r/nostupidquestions

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    Why are people still commenting on this old ass video

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    Leave. It might be contagious. 😷

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    0:31 The way he says "Lol it is a kitten"
    Edit: Also at 6:30 lmaoooo

  • James Warren
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    3:41 I tried the same thing, and dumped the entire bottle in my eyes


    I am genuinely disappointed in the anti-vaxxer saying vaccines aren't in the Bible. As a Christian, we already get crap from some people. You're only making it worse.

  • Quentin Mead
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    Yeah. That no tears shampoo thing... I squeezed it into my eyes once thinking it wouldn’t sting. It did.

  • Absoulute SadLad
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    I just realized u cant make a triangle with all obtuse angles...

  • Aaron Evans
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    5:08 i was the same

  • MXCI
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    Oh yeah yeah

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    Oh yeah yeah

  • Angelina jackson
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    Oh yeah yeah

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    Woosh woosh woosh woosh

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    scooby got waves

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    I remember when I was a kid I always thought flamingos had only 1 leg

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    I'm supposed to be at work at 10am, I couldn't sleep, so here I am watching at 6am. Thanks for the content

  • Matthew Haverkamp
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    2:49 I thought that hell's bells was actually house pets.

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    Can't facepalm!

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    1:30 "you cunt"

  • Grayson
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    The dude at 3:28 is still an idiot cause if you went to the hospital for KISSING it, its poisonous
    if you went to the hospital cause it BIT you, its venomous

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    When I was a little kid, I thought that the year was the age of the earth.
    In elementary school, when the teacher talked about dinosaurs I thought "How can dinosaurs have existed millions of years ago when the earth is only 2004 years old?"

  • Süshi~Vølcano
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    Poison Ivy kissed a venomous toad and it died.

  • Travis Retriever
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    Cowbelly > SorrowTV.
    Change my mind.

  • DeterminatedHero
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    3:44 he had to call QUADRUPLE A

  • MarioS BaiRAKTARIS
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    Once at my friends house i was looking through my photocopies from school and one was half writen, and i tried to make a joke by saying 'and they killed me half way through that word.' and my friend replied in a SERIOUS and suprised way (he was not joking) 'did you actually die?'

  • hope dean
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    2:10 this whole time I thought the guys who send dick pics are just isolated idiots, turns out their friends encourage them?

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    Typical Siblings Vor Monat

    5:26 What you came for

  • Shadow Renegade
    Shadow Renegade Vor Monat

    Sometimes you wonder...
    If people are telling jokes...
    Or if people who corrected others are getting wooshed...
    Or if people are REALLY that stupid and shouldn’t breed.

  • Love it BOI
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    1:56 isn't a facepalm it's a joke lol

  • Aari Moonlight
    Aari Moonlight Vor Monat

    But what if your arms are broken

  • Common Cool Channel

    No. She asked to reschedule the moon.

  • k a t e l o v e l e s s

    * *

    yeah I know this sucks

  • Sawyer Briggs
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    5:19 did you just ask the internet to be gentle

  • emma suorsa
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    Even the thumbnail made me facepalm

  • Jesse Counts
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    5:29 I fixed ur picture on instagram , my instagram is talomaewingism

  • Jesse Counts
    Jesse Counts Vor Monat

    2:32, I use to say "Jesus namen

  • MainEagleX
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    2:55 r/technicallythetruth

  • l i l l y p a d
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    5:04 I thought the exact same thing when I was younger

  • Not Not
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    2:50 I had to play the song lol... it kind of sounds like a "Fax machine", but it's "fast machine"

  • Avocado Pancakes
    Avocado Pancakes Vor 2 Monate

    3:02 that's one way to look at fines

  • Minh Đức GamingVn//Intro Và Gaming

    R/woooosh buddy...

  • Lizzy Grace
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    FYI guys, these people get there pictures from websites that offer it to them, so they will obviously have the same videos! 😊

  • spoiled tea
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    i didn't facepalm, i just cried.

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    Who else facepalmed at the thumbnail?

    MEME SLOTH Vor 2 Monate


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  • Chris Kringle
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    The anti Vaxxer ones tho

  • Prajwol Koirala
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    I was so done at the triangle one

  • Junior Mechanica
    Junior Mechanica Vor 2 Monate

    You motherfucking musty bitch. Do you think this is the past century where you can expect for a MAN to do you a favor anytime you want? Nah bitch dis is the 21st century where NO ONE gives a fuck about being gentlemen for the ladies anymore...

    (P.S. Dis comment is a joke. But I'm still mad..)

    PHANTOMITE 1000 Vor 2 Monate

    I Already face-palmed at the first one

  • Maggie Laemmle
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    2:58 so, here’s a story for you, my dad had a sign that’s said No Parking $100 Fine, we still have it lol, he took signs as a kid idek, but he had to remove it because when his mom came over, she would park there, side of my yard, and I was like “ I didn’t actually say this it was in my head “ I was like “ dad, why can’t you leave it there? She could just pay $100 dollars and it would be fine! “

  • Good Raccoon404
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    3:00 I mean that’s not entirely wrong

  • A lonely tenno
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    5:14 Plot twist he is actually 15

  • DynamicDecru
    DynamicDecru Vor 2 Monate

    I used to think that lions and tigers where the same and the tigers where female and lions where the males

  • Lukas Li
    Lukas Li Vor 2 Monate

    If tik tok was healthy, you could put it into a syringe and inject it into your eyes. Try it, you'll die

  • Baplo B
    Baplo B Vor 2 Monate

    It was pretty justified, but I used to think that really tall grass would then be referred to as wheat and would be harvested.
    (Tall grass tended to turn that beige color so it made sense to me)

  • Redelk 47
    Redelk 47 Vor 2 Monate

    You have now entered “Manual Breathing Mode”

  • Alton Wasylow
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    I think Dwayne Johnson and the rock might be the same person

  • мun exe
    мun exe Vor 2 Monate

    Can we just talk about how fucking nice that teacher with the online class mix up is?

  • Anime Dragon
    Anime Dragon Vor 2 Monate

    If I facepalmed any harder I’d break my fucking nose

  • My Ass Is Wrecked 24/7 As A Multifandom

    why am I interested

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    1 millionth view

  • Damn Pineapples
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    "If vaccines are so great, why aren't they mentioned in the bible"
    Funny I remember a antivaxxer trying to use the bible to prove vaccines immoral. Almost as if it were realy vauge and open for interpretation.

  • momo mumu
    momo mumu Vor 3 Monate

    I literally watched an 1 hour and 50 minutes ad for this...

  • fiberrabit
    fiberrabit Vor 3 Monate

    Ask james fridman to flip it

  • Nickh or something
    Nickh or something Vor 3 Monate

    I'm not face palming

    I'm just dying inside

  • X Kill Me
    X Kill Me Vor 3 Monate

    this channel makes me facepalm

  • Celeste Woodworth
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    I didn't face palm. I wanted to so bad, but I didn't. Challenge completed.

  • TeamDead Meme
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    It's no tears as in no hair tears (ters) A FACEPALM WITHIN A FACEPALM???

  • Diamond The Hedgehog
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    Some of these things are more "whooosh" than "facepalm"

  • Alej The legend
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    5:05 that’s what I thought

  • Memester40
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  • Hanjo
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    1:38 wind shield

  • another user.
    another user. Vor 3 Monate

    0:34 swedish.

  • Electric Blueberry
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    I facepalmed at the entire video

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord Vor 3 Monate

    Hey just the gay passing by😁

  • Just A Guy Who Is A Youtuber For Fun


  • Mateo
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    Well... I guess no more facepalming..

    *insert facepalm meme*

  • Breezy Poiised
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    I’m guessing this is about suicide. But the thing is, if you were actually going to kill yourself you wouldn’t post it anywhere. This is a cry for attention.

  • Webis Tebis 492
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  • Kevin Schwecke
    Kevin Schwecke Vor 3 Monate

    She was a fax machine, she kept her motor clean, she was the best damn printer I had ever seen!

  • Cyber Snow
    Cyber Snow Vor 3 Monate

    What did the librarian say to the boy?

    *Read More*

  • Egs Rhr
    Egs Rhr Vor 3 Monate

    *_commits deathpacito_*

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  • MK Maniac
    MK Maniac Vor 3 Monate

    And here I thought my sister was an idiot... She's a fucking genius compared to these people. (And she had to ask my parents multiple times when was her birthday.)

    THEMY Vor 3 Monate

    5:08 SAAAAAAME

  • Crystal the Poodle
    Crystal the Poodle Vor 3 Monate

    Oh my God it's hard not to!

  • Animation Girl Ruth
    Animation Girl Ruth Vor 3 Monate

    I didn't facepalm but I did laugh really hard

  • Me 101
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    If this video doesn't make you facepalm then you DESERVE a facepalm. PERIOD

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    During the ad i got before the video i facepalmed ^~^

  • Excali the calibur
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    0:23 omg that one got me rolling! lmao!