If this video doesn’t make you facepalm then nothing will



  • Cowbelly
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    just an FYI, this video has been scheduled for a couple of days now. Coincidences happen! I apologize to the triggered SorrowTV fans, but stripping content from subreddits isn't anything new, on any level.

  • X Kill Me
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    this channel makes me facepalm

  • Celeste Woodworth
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    I didn't face palm. I wanted to so bad, but I didn't. Challenge completed.

  • TeamDead Meme
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    It's no tears as in no hair tears (ters) A FACEPALM WITHIN A FACEPALM???

  • Diamond The Hedgehog

    Some of these things are more "whooosh" than "facepalm"

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    5:05 that’s what I thought

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    1:38 wind shield

  • chmirkol YT
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    0:34 swedish.

  • Electric Blueberry

    I facepalmed at the entire video

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    Hey just the gay passing by😁

  • Just A Guy Who Is A Youtuber For Fun


  • DaKing
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    Well... I guess no more facepalming..

    *insert facepalm meme*

  • Breezypoiised Gamer
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    I’m guessing this is about suicide. But the thing is, if you were actually going to kill yourself you wouldn’t post it anywhere. This is a cry for attention.

  • AwesomeAndrhhg ٤٩٢


  • Kevin Schwecke
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    She was a fax machine, she kept her motor clean, she was the best damn printer I had ever seen!

  • Cyber Snow
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    What did the librarian say to the boy?

    *Read More*

  • Egs Rhr
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    *_commits deathpacito_*

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  • Homocidal Maniac
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    And here I thought my sister was an idiot... She's a fucking genius compared to these people. (And she had to ask my parents multiple times when was her birthday.)

  • Sugar Leaf
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    Oh my God it's hard not to!

  • Animation Girl Ruth
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    I didn't facepalm but I did laugh really hard

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    If this video doesn't make you facepalm then you DESERVE a facepalm. PERIOD

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    During the ad i got before the video i facepalmed ^~^

  • Excali the calibur
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    0:23 omg that one got me rolling! lmao!

  • shookii chicken
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    when i was younger i thought nova scotia was a goddamn country
    its a province in canada >:O

    • Homocidal Maniac
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      When I was younger I thought Lake Michigan was a damn ocean... Clearly I never looked at a map growing up.

  • KC Buarao
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    My face hurts

  • Dee_Are_johnny Inc
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    The “no tear” shampoo and the dogs are male and cats females isn’t really a facepalm if they were younger tbh

  • Dee_Are_johnny Inc
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    “Is it an original” had me fuckin dead 😂😂😂💀

  • The Rabid Badger
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    Howard Gardner isn’t dead yet

  • No Hetero
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    3:30 *poisonous

  • ThatAspieCalledMyth
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    no facepalm, but a lot of internal screaming.

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    title should be top woooosh moment

  • cleverpug 135
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    2:00 cowbelly did a r/whoosh

  • Everything is Behind You

    4:00 the post was under r/NoStupidQuestions...

  • TheEventHorizon
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    As a professional photographer the thumbnail makes me lose faith in humanity

  • Midnight Mistress
    Midnight Mistress Vor 9 Tage

    I just laughed

  • Kitajima Chisato
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    iS iT aN oRigiNaL?

  • Me, Myself and I
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    0:00-6:57 I facepalmed so hard at the part of the video that I now have a hand shaped crater in my skull

  • Zyx Xyz
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    I want to face palm but I’m too lazy

  • really active not
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    1:04 that happened to my family 😂😂

  • caloy the pabustan
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    2:01 wooooosh

  • Meatbulb
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    2:17 WOW. OK.

  • chariti
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    I love how this channel is almost reaching a million

  • Ghost McGhost.
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    3:26 When Canadians bump into Americans.

  • peanut butter baby
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    the next person to be featured your mom gay
    have fun with that.

  • newguy. exe
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  • PepperoniBoi Gaming
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    I didn’t facepalm

  • Tank Soldier
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    Actually, the "$250 fine" one DOES mean that if you pay $250 you can park there...

  • Daring Derpy
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    I left no tears baby shampoo in my eyes for a test and forgot about it and got out of the shower. After 10 minutes it started stinging like hell and then I remembered.

  • Kaden Olson
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    Anyone else nut in November to a bug and a woman having sex?

  • derpy owo
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    We are of the dumbass ~(-w-)~

  • Rafael Thome
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  • mooncraze yt
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    i facepalmed so hard i facepalmed at my facepalm

  • Chithrra K
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    These people, hidden under the anonymity of social media, are actually the catalysts of the 21st century.


  • BootlegScarce
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    I thought the pizza button on a microwave gave you free pizza so I pressed the pizza button

  • Olivia Edmundson
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    670 dislike u had to do it I’m sorry

  • Olivia Edmundson
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    While I’m cooking so I can’t facepalm

  • Albany 500
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    *God left the server*

  • Chloie Kwirant
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    Or. OR. You could ask for no pickles on your burger so you don’t even have to waste them. Or if you’re not at a restaurant you could just not put pickles on the burger???

  • Just Random Life
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    _i cant believe how stupid people are_

  • Just Random Life
    Just Random Life Vor 16 Tage

    -cowbelly is actually educational-
    Cowbelly is actually _HILARIOUS_

  • Cad Bane
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    That last one is hilarious if you’ve read the book

  • Kanye West
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    What is our generation anymore

  • Kawaii Dere
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    4:12, she OBVIOUSLY means my husband is turning into your husband🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
    Anyone who disagrees is an idiot

  • Yeoss :3
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    666 dislikes?
    ........dear god....

  • Yeoss :3
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    6:22 woosh

    • Kawaii Dere
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      Yeah, there must be a lot of sound with the glass broken like that

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    The dislikes wtf

  • Jgaming HQ
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    666th dislike sorry i had to do it

  • Jacek Niedzielski
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    How do you comment?

  • Abdul Arif
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    2:12 😂😂😂

  • Øta Tschú
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    Am I too patient or do I deal with too many idiots?

  • Fizzle Dragon
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    People are just so stupid
    My favorite ones are the anti-vax ones
    Anti-vaxxer mom: *doesnt vaccinate kids*
    Kids: *die*
    Antivaxxer mom: *H M M*

  • MintyCodes
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    half of these are just jokes

  • TheKHfan358over3d
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    my memes > current spooktober memes
    their opinion?
    my memes < current spooktober memes.

  • weiwei
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    2:57 ... technically that’s true....

  • The Main
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    Loading comment...

  • Test128
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    How should we introduce memes to blind people?
    My guess: ..••....•.•.•.••••...

  • Jr The Annoying Cheeseburger

    I never understood the greater then less then sign bullshit.

  • Castiel Winchester
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    "dude don't go full retard"
    Me: I understood that reference

  • Liam T.W
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    2:14 at least he said "you first." if he had just straight up sent it, that would have been WAY worse

  • Night Blep
    Night Blep Vor 23 Tage

    the thumbnail tho

  • Brianna Franklin
    Brianna Franklin Vor 24 Tage

    It's actually not uncommon for people to post suicide notes on the web before killing themselves...

  • Killer_._Mickey
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    2:59 I choked

  • Wasting My Time
    Wasting My Time Vor 27 Tage

    5:03 I legit used to think that too

  • Enzo Ong
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    I’m ok

  • føøt løøps
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  • Zachary Lappe
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    *unfunny unoriginal uninteresting joke I’ve posted just to get more likes because I crave validation from strangers on the internet*

  • G i e g u e
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    The amen one was funny

  • Matthew Dvorak
    Matthew Dvorak Vor Monat

    The doctor says i might get a concussion

  • Timber Wolf
    Timber Wolf Vor Monat

    Those over 40 doing anything these days

  • Truce Truce
    Truce Truce Vor Monat

    The last one had me on the floor

  • Braixen The Fox
    Braixen The Fox Vor Monat

    Didn't facepalm once

  • G4mmaLotus
    G4mmaLotus Vor Monat

    Half these people say they "used to" which I can understand that you made a mistake. The other half don't even seem to realize they're idiots.

  • Lady Guccii
    Lady Guccii Vor Monat

    this made my headache worse.

  • Matija Skuk
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  • Table Tippers
    Table Tippers Vor Monat

    I facepalmed so hard i have a headache

  • xXAveryDaBestXx !
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    *Honestly, why are all the ppl in this vid me tho?*