What is happening with this anime?

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  • Anime Sensei
    Anime Sensei  Vor Monat +81


    • Mark O'Helm
      Mark O'Helm Vor 29 Tage

      Just thought about it. Knowing that Unfunimation dropped the show after episode 3, makes the opening of episode 4 even funnier. 🤣🤣🤣

    • ZeroTwoWasTaken
      ZeroTwoWasTaken Vor Monat

      I agree.

    • Mark O'Helm
      Mark O'Helm Vor Monat

      @thomas Farrell Ishuzoku reviewers. www.kickassanime.rs/anime/ishuzoku-reviewers-uncensored-427920?mt=1582311590

    • thomas Farrell
      thomas Farrell Vor Monat

      Whats it called

    • Mark O'Helm
      Mark O'Helm Vor Monat

      It got pushed down to #1531. declips.net/video/_L3x0Jsb8NQ/video.html About 20000 votes disappeared. Now it's rising again. Slowly. It's at #1242 right now.
      I think, the reason it got dropped is it's depiction of prostitution. In this show, prostitution is fun, romantic and enjoyable. The girls all do it with glee and passion. It could also be just the gender bender and yuri stuff in episode 3. Who knows.🤗

  • CapitãooDzn
    CapitãooDzn Vor Monat

    Tu é br?

  • ZeroTwoWasTaken
    ZeroTwoWasTaken Vor Monat +1

    Anime sensei I see so you watch aitneh

  • Sora Shiro Kuhaku
    Sora Shiro Kuhaku Vor Monat

    Its like google but for hentai only

  • Trenze Uba
    Trenze Uba Vor Monat

    Sauce: Ishuzoku Reviewers
    English: Sex Reviewers
    Me: Welp, that explains it...

  • KennyAhDon 5x
    KennyAhDon 5x Vor Monat

    This isn’t anime it’s hentai

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Vor Monat

    Isnt it weird that full metal alchemist is the only #1 anime in my anime list even after we've seen anime that have passed it
    Its almost like the admins want fullmetal alchemist as #1

  • Nothing Here
    Nothing Here Vor Monat

    How about I dont watch this anime.

  • Damon Blade
    Damon Blade Vor Monat

    DEclips and the world media are very antisex and sex negative. No wonder no one likes sex anymore. Kids are too expensive to raise , everything is expensive and the world media is doing it's part to destroy the sex lives of law abiding adults . These people and their sexist algorithms make me sick

  • Alex TK
    Alex TK Vor Monat

    If I die, i would want to reincarnate to this kind of anime style world.

  • Bishal Ghosh
    Bishal Ghosh Vor Monat

    So that means there is no upcoming dub episodes any more!! 🥺😭😭😭

    STOPHACK ROS Vor Monat

    One thing for sure I'm not watch this anime and I'm not a pervert so it useless to make me aroused and this anime is for pervert

  • Unknown Name
    Unknown Name Vor Monat

    What do you mean "Grey like button"? Mine is blue. Well I guess ill press it even If its blue 😅

  • Alcid-Codex
    Alcid-Codex Vor Monat +1

    THE NAME IS Slifer

    • Alcid-Codex
      Alcid-Codex Vor Monat

      also there is a japanese letter/word in the end of his name I can't copypaste it so... he got 200k subs

  • jul ian
    jul ian Vor Monat

    I love this anime😆😝

  • Reksio
    Reksio Vor Monat +1

    The best anime I ever watch

  • Tanjil Hasan
    Tanjil Hasan Vor Monat

    Anime name pls?

    STORM SHADOW Vor Monat


  • ALEX 45 ita
    ALEX 45 ita Vor Monat

    This anime is good I reccomand to watch this animme

  • A salamander
    A salamander Vor Monat

    its just a censored hentai but I digg

  • Alex Robles
    Alex Robles Vor Monat

    I love this anime

  • John Blue
    John Blue Vor Monat +1

    well alot of hater made alt account to downvote the anime as well

  • John Blue
    John Blue Vor Monat +1

    yea one of the best anime lol

  • Aniruddh Sharma
    Aniruddh Sharma Vor Monat

    I wish the headquarters of Dullmetal alchemist gets burned and the director and producers die. And female fans gets reviewed in real life by many mens.

  • X-izor
    X-izor Vor Monat

    Anime sensei do u know when the promise never land season 2 come out?

  • X-izor
    X-izor Vor Monat

    This Anime is so interesting 🤔

  • Anthony Night
    Anthony Night Vor Monat +1

    WE NEED MORE GOOD FULL SEASON ENG DUB ANIME NOW !!!! 😢 I am dyslexic so watching anime that's only subbed is so hard 😔 so I miss out on all these good anime

  • TriggerHappyEU
    TriggerHappyEU Vor Monat

    It's pure art wym?

  • Qwery Will Die
    Qwery Will Die Vor Monat

    The amount of trash grammar in the comments is fucking horillbe

  • Shrikar Gujjeti
    Shrikar Gujjeti Vor Monat +1

    Before cum: 0:51
    After cum: 1:02

  • JhonnADM I
    JhonnADM I Vor Monat

    Its 2nd anyway

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel Vor Monat

    If I had heat resistance I'd impregnate salander girl

  • Ezekiel renville
    Ezekiel renville Vor Monat

    Is it sad that I saw this somewhere else than any actual ANIME sites.

  • Ezekiel renville
    Ezekiel renville Vor Monat

    Is this hentai

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel Vor Monat

    If they start showing the sex I will be better the full metal

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel Vor Monat


  • hughjazz44
    hughjazz44 Vor Monat

    4 billion dollars? Math is hard...

  • Y_xD &
    Y_xD & Vor Monat

    I think anime name is at 8:16

  • Just a Simple lolicon

    The only question for this is... WHY TF IS THIS NOT HENTAI?

  • Jay 78
    Jay 78 Vor Monat +2

    Oh i seen this anime don't ask me where tho

    • X-izor
      X-izor Vor Monat

      Jay 78 pornhub

  • The Great And powerful

    Who ever that 1 dislike is can go jump off a bridge! Lol

  • loyd morales
    loyd morales Vor Monat +1

    anime name

  • loyd morales
    loyd morales Vor Monat

    anime name

  • Blue flame
    Blue flame Vor Monat +1


  • Epic Killer
    Epic Killer Vor Monat

    It a good anime

    HELL FIRE69 Vor Monat

    This is the best anime/henty of 2020 no doubt

  • chewy ripz
    chewy ripz Vor Monat

    What's this anime called?

    • flimsta 316
      flimsta 316 Vor Monat +1

      Ishuzoku reviewers. U can find it on kiss anime

  • ray petrosky
    ray petrosky Vor Monat

    Can’t find it anywhere. I watch the first three on Funimation and haven’t laughed that much in a while. Thinking of canceling with them. Anyone know a good place to watch.

  • Fai Eucliwood
    Fai Eucliwood Vor Monat +1

    Still a pretty good anime

  • Martha Weasel Bear
    Martha Weasel Bear Vor Monat +1

    It became my favorite Anime the first time I watched it both dub an sub my score 10 out of 10 .

  • MeDzanix
    MeDzanix Vor Monat +1

    Hello sensei teach me hentai shows

  • Skedge
    Skedge Vor Monat +1

    even FMA is worse than this and i havent watched this

  • Tarou Jaeger
    Tarou Jaeger Vor Monat +1

    It's hentai desu
    Di Molto!

  • Eric Piccard
    Eric Piccard Vor Monat

    I don't know what's happening.

    ,but I like it.

  • LiterallyDoNotKnowWhatIAmDoing 1111

    What is the anime called? And yes. I know. I live under a rock.

  • tookies_suchaweeb
    tookies_suchaweeb Vor Monat +3

    Why cant people just enjoy a MASTER PIECE !

  • The Legendary Man
    The Legendary Man Vor Monat

    but it's a hentai right?

  • ReiGen 99
    ReiGen 99 Vor Monat

    this why i hate anime hentai everwhere

    • Biraj Ghale
      Biraj Ghale Vor Monat

      🤣🤣 but i love hentai type anime bcz it is comedy and enjoyable . Its better than hentai and pornhubs

  • chris tps
    chris tps Vor Monat

    good video

  • Romulous Black
    Romulous Black Vor Monat +1

    Didn't quite catch the name of the anime

  • Spiritual Jesus
    Spiritual Jesus Vor Monat +5

    Welcome to another episode of 'I cannot believe it's nit hentai!' and 'After all, why shouldn't i beat it.'

  • JazzyTable
    JazzyTable Vor Monat +2

    This anime is fd up
    Who had shared a bed with over 100 year old women that looks young

  • KnightSlash17
    KnightSlash17 Vor Monat +1

    Forbidden fruit indeed 🤦

  • Bruce Estarija
    Bruce Estarija Vor Monat

    The thumbnail is um... Its ok i guess but can you change it so its not innapropriate

  • Ans Tarek
    Ans Tarek Vor Monat +38

    This anime explain everything about hentai, every single category
    It like a guide

  • Kishko
    Kishko Vor Monat +2

    I love this anime i give it a solid 10/10 😂

  • VeitingMan
    VeitingMan Vor Monat

    9 Views and 28 likes
    Something seems wrong

  • osahon omozee
    osahon omozee Vor Monat +5

    gigguk said they finally did it they’ve made hentai and anime indistinguishable 😂 expect more of this

  • Dominick Collazo
    Dominick Collazo Vor Monat +4

    2:40 I'm subbed to both there pretty cool

    • Fai Eucliwood
      Fai Eucliwood Vor Monat

      The guy on the left is sped but his hentai is pretty good

  • LNC MJ
    LNC MJ Vor Monat


  • Nicholas Preville
    Nicholas Preville Vor Monat

    That's why I rated it

  • Fault ace Max
    Fault ace Max Vor Monat

    I'm gonna cut this video and left

  • Nicholas Preville
    Nicholas Preville Vor Monat +1

    Nux was the main reason

  • Gaming2Night
    Gaming2Night Vor Monat

    Damn hearting all the comments

  • Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun

    Who knew the opening to Interspecies Reviewer goes well with Shrek?

  • MobileOnline
    MobileOnline Vor Monat


  • Fault ace Max
    Fault ace Max Vor Monat

    This anime I try to watch it but it's don't hold me.so boring anime I ever wanted to watch

    INS HEAT Vor Monat

    Funimation stop streaming this show for graphic reasons

  • Dominick Collazo
    Dominick Collazo Vor Monat +15

    You can find a uncensored version of this on the hub you know what I'm talking about and its the actual episodes

  • BruhMology
    BruhMology Vor Monat +1

    Lord Nuxanor has made it take over MAL

    • BruhMology
      BruhMology Vor Monat

      Lolo Derrick all hail the great lord

    • Lolo Derrick
      Lolo Derrick Vor Monat +1

      ChillVybz are lord is all powerful