How To Play Rocket League Like JSTN

  • Am 21 Jun 2018 veröffentlicht
    Here's my take on how JSTN got so good at rocket league. I hope you guys find this one helpful!
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  • Epicduckster poopsagain

    How is the ball trail short instead of long and faint, someone please reply and tell me how or what happened to do this. I have been wondering for so long

  • Peanut
    Peanut Vor Monat

    you cant play like jstn. only jstn can play like jstn

  • Victal Faithful
    Victal Faithful Vor 5 Monate

    This vid can turn alot of lower ranks into ballchasers lol

  • Kyle Swart
    Kyle Swart Vor 7 Monate

    anyone have a friend who uses ball cam only 10% of the time and 90% of the time keeps it off? cuz i do and hes bad but im just wondering if thats actually common

  • VSJ Cuber
    VSJ Cuber Vor 7 Monate

    Do you know what graphics card you got in your pc cos you get real high fps. Nice video btw.. really inspiring 👍🏼👌🏼

  • WI P
    WI P Vor 8 Monate

    No hate but it’s funny that his outro was a minute long just for the the 10 min mark

  • snakeX XdFox
    snakeX XdFox Vor 10 Monate +1

    Jstns nuttiest shots are all of his goals

  • That Guy
    That Guy Vor 10 Monate

    Car cam use it

  • IdoRL
    IdoRL Vor 10 Monate

    i was for real in free play listening to this and over the time passed throw the video i was speeding and speeding up idk why and how but omg thank u

  • Kawaii_Lusor_Elgeslp
    Kawaii_Lusor_Elgeslp Vor 11 Monate

    Youre right I feel trash, my goal of this season is to get c3 but I had already my Promo to get ce but I lost it and now im again c2 div 2, may to improved I tell you things I can do good that you recognize what my playstyle looks Like the Most of a pro, so my playstyle looks Similar to a pro, good at arial stuff Like air dribbles, Double Touches but bad at Rebounds and i have a really fast movment and dribbles im not bad at it but also not the Best, why do I tell you that ? Because to improve faster.

  • Q phox
    Q phox Vor year

    never give upo? Justin Wong, is that you?

  • AweSomenis9000 *
    AweSomenis9000 * Vor year

    How to play like Jstn. *shows clips* “you don’t” end of video

  • cbrown
    cbrown Vor year


  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf Vor year

    Please do how to play like garretg, hes also one of the best and is more about judgement than mechanics not that hes bad at that either hes great at it while also being more interesting than fire or torment

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf Vor year

    Please do how to play like garretg, hes also one of the best and is more about judgement than mechanics not that hes bad at that either hes great at it while also being more interesting than fire or torment

  • MmaDL1
    MmaDL1 Vor year

    wonders instrumental is still wonders

  • Xocion.
    Xocion. Vor year

    **well well**

  • Xocion.
    Xocion. Vor year


  • Jens Bentsen
    Jens Bentsen Vor year

    Wow your actually right thanks man..

  • Latts
    Latts Vor year

    and after the 0 second goal fireburner match fixed

  • Red Fox
    Red Fox Vor year

    JSTN is my spirit animal

  • Harrison Lanes
    Harrison Lanes Vor year

    7:20 season 3 rlcs grand finals bracket reset went to game 7

  • its_ vix
    its_ vix Vor year

    Can i play with you?

  • Tetrxx
    Tetrxx Vor year


  • Βασίλης Βλάχος

    Were you talking? I was watching godlike plays

  • ilDstn
    ilDstn Vor year

    So, to sum it all down, know when to be a tryhard, and not to be one

  • Vetriq The Trashcan

    and having fucking alpha boost

  • Lennart Nordmann
    Lennart Nordmann Vor year

    @FLuuMP whats that playlist you took at the end?

  • Lucky
    Lucky Vor year

    What sens use jstn?

  • Jim May
    Jim May Vor year

    Unfortunetely, these kids play all day long and most of them have 10000 hrs over most of us. So even though we can improve we will never touch same ground as these guys.

  • drewforce12
    drewforce12 Vor year


  • gambino
    gambino Vor year

    some players also have insane natural talent in the game

  • Jimmy Lopez
    Jimmy Lopez Vor year

    Every time I start feeling down about rocket league thinking I’m never going to get better I’ll watch one of your videos like this and it makes me wanna get back into freeplay and practice and get better and not worry about the scoreboard. Started playing more quickplay instead of ranked all the time and my enjoyment of the game has improved which has made my skill improve because I play more relaxed. Love your videos fluump even tho I’m nowhere near your skill level you break things down to basics that anyone rank can use.

  • Davione
    Davione Vor year +1

    It's easy, you can't

  • Niji
    Niji Vor year +1

    JSTN is still my favourite rocket league player and I've watched his streams a lot, and because of him have I been practising to be much faster! A few weeks ago I played a 1v1 against a friend of mine and he was so upset because he just couldn't get the ball because I was just too fast for him! I really found this video helpfull and thanks to you I'll go and play some more in free play to get much and much faster!!

  • Junior Portillo
    Junior Portillo Vor year

    Do how to rotate and pass like dignitas

  • amustycow
    amustycow Vor year +2

    Love these kinds of vids. And nice training pack at the end xD

  • Fynn Novak Tiessen

    I learned a perfect half flip in like 3 minutes

  • opliko
    opliko Vor year

    Why does this video stutter so much? The rest of YT is fine

  • Vermin0us
    Vermin0us Vor year +1

    How to play rocket league like rizzo

  • Mr. 101
    Mr. 101 Vor year

    Hey... I’m a small DEclipsr trying to make it and I put a ton of time into each of my videos. Could you take a second to give me some feedback (good and bad) so I can improve more? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • stratasphere5 5
    stratasphere5 5 Vor year

    U have so many good pointers thank you

  • The Ben Plays-Place
    The Ben Plays-Place Vor year +1

    Idk if thats just me but you smh stretch almost every video to barely 10 minutes and put 5 ads in it...

  • Squee-Z Mane
    Squee-Z Mane Vor year

    9:01 he's jstncrdbl indeed

  • TheHumiliator
    TheHumiliator Vor year

    This is probably the best tutorial on how to get better at rocket league I have ever seen 😂! Good job FLuuMP!!

  • FLYWER Padoru
    FLYWER Padoru Vor year


  • Alex Paul
    Alex Paul Vor year

    Keep making solid content bro. Nice vid as always!

  • Nicholas K.
    Nicholas K. Vor year

    7:40 when you lost the first 4 games of a best of 7, it should be too late for changing your playstyle

  • 3g0
    3g0 Vor year


  • Feuzaed
    Feuzaed Vor year +1

    thousandth like

  • Splarff
    Splarff Vor year +2

    I started rocket league last week, and this game is one of the few games that hasn't come naturally..
    In solos I started in bronze. I went up to mid silver, and dropped back to bronze 3. Horrible feeling.
    In 3's I got carried to gold 1, and 2's I am going between gold 2 and silver 3 all the time. ..
    It's like I'm stuck in some kind of limbo.
    While ultimately I'm making progress, it's extremely slow and it just feels off to for once not be "above average" naturally.

    Btw add RAGE_flamingwate on PS4 if u wanna play/help :)
    (I also play Blops3 a lot and will carry u if u want for some reason)

    • opliko
      opliko Vor year

      If you've ever played a real sport, just try comparing it to the skill curve with that kind of thing. You can pick it up and score goals in bronze yes, but it takes months/years to get to grand champ level.

  • Splarff
    Splarff Vor year

    I would have thought a player like you would achieve top 100 with ease

  • 74elma74
    74elma74 Vor year +1

    Wow FLuuMP you’ve done soooooooo well lately just like 2 or 3 days ago u were at 80k subs now ur at 83 that’s a huge number in just a few days great job I’ve been a sub for a while. Thanks for bringing us some really great content finally on DEclips.

  • Rocketeers
    Rocketeers Vor year

    Hey fluump, thank you for this amazing vid but i have one struggle if i try the tips from your vids and go in ranked it works perfect for like 3 games and then i just lose it again and i take losses. What can i do??

  • Jose _
    Jose _ Vor year

    This is ROCKET LEAGUE!!!!!!

  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson Vor year

    This was a great video. Thanks!

  • Cinemacamproductions

    very influential video!

  • Klotikk
    Klotikk Vor year

    How To play rl like fluuMP

  • That one Object
    That one Object Vor year


  • Confusion
    Confusion Vor year

    Make a stall tutorial