Shark Tank's Cast's 11 Best Investing Tips | Vanity Fair

  • Am 8 Okt 2018 veröffentlicht
  • The cast of 'Shark Tank,' Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Kevin O'Leary, give you their best tips for investing. Back for a momentous 10th season, ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ returns; and for the first time ever, Chief Inventor of Ring and former ‘Shark Tank’ entrepreneur, Jamie Siminoff, earns a seat as a shark in the season premiere, Sunday, October 7th.
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    Shark Tank's Cast's 11 Best Investing Tips | Vanity Fair
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    UNITED MONEY Vor 4 Tage

    What did Barbara say? I’m was out

  • Erie J
    Erie J Vor 4 Tage

    Watching this show for a while now and I’ve learned a lot surprisingly?

  • bella v
    bella v Vor 4 Tage

    Sometimes in the first meeting, Barbara is out. 😂

  • GS S
    GS S Vor 6 Tage

    Superb Tips. Sharks 🐬
    Play On with the interest
    Keep learning on the Go
    Invest wise in RealEstate
    Invest in good people
    Invest in stuff you are familiar with
    Explore new innovative mkts go after diversity
    Do smthg you Really Love
    Beware of scammers
    Bet on street smart ppl who can adapt quickly
    Proactive. & Be Nice.
    Not every investment will return your money. Risk
    and return are inversely related. But pull the plug early if things seem going downhill. And stick to your guns with ones you believe in, give it your best, it is sure to sail you to the bank. Happy minting

  • Suhrid Maitra
    Suhrid Maitra Vor 8 Tage

    Kevin sitting on the side is bothering me. Always seen him in the center

  • vishal patel
    vishal patel Vor 13 Tage

    M not in US, and for that reason, i m out!

  • Americanmade36 'MERICA

    They give lots of great advice. One very important tip is to, be content with what you have. Don't try to keep up with the Joneses, maxing out credit cards. Turn around and invest start earning passive income.

  • Mayuresh Indapurkar
    Mayuresh Indapurkar Vor 13 Tage +1

    As usual Lori's hot and Barbara's out

  • Sashank Srinivasan
    Sashank Srinivasan Vor 16 Tage +1

    So you telling me, Buzz lightyear owns the dallas mavericks

  • Harvey Jennings
    Harvey Jennings Vor 16 Tage

    Mark Cuban every shark is wearing a tie but you, and looking professional is crucial in this business, and for that reason I'm out.

  • Erik Yumul
    Erik Yumul Vor 17 Tage

    Chavalier tu Tastevin!

  • Khadyut Hazarika
    Khadyut Hazarika Vor 18 Tage +1

    Lori is love

  • SweetPSRR
    SweetPSRR Vor 21 Tag

    Great advice, for that reason I'm IN. :D Where is Robert? And yes, Lori could sell mud if she wanted too :)

  • etaylor38
    etaylor38 Vor 27 Tage


  • Dieanother Day
    Dieanother Day Vor Monat

    I watch finish this video and for this im out

    GWEN GOLD Vor Monat

    I don't like losing streaks
    And for that reason I'm out

  • kjh311
    kjh311 Vor Monat

    1:39 "All our employees are slaves with no personal lives and we don't respect their privacy"

    • Victor Castro
      Victor Castro Vor 2 Tage

      But the dude they are talking about is out of buisness so whats your point?

    WINSTON MOSCOW Vor 2 Monate +4

    Tip 1: be rich,invest,be richer

  • rlm rlm
    rlm rlm Vor 2 Monate

    and for all that reason, I'm....wait for it.....stinson out

  • Inti Huda
    Inti Huda Vor 2 Monate

    I’ve watched this video and for that reason im out

  • Marizela Munoz
    Marizela Munoz Vor 2 Monate

    Barbara looking bomb af🔥🔥

  • ebay seller
    ebay seller Vor 2 Monate

    i dont know why I am watching this
    i doubt have any real investment funds in hand lol

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez Vor 2 Monate

    Mark Cuban gives good advice effort you put in

  • Gotee Gotee
    Gotee Gotee Vor 2 Monate

    So unfair Cuban and Lowry have 95% of the wiseness here.

  • Prestige Anonymous
    Prestige Anonymous Vor 2 Monate


  • Iron Man
    Iron Man Vor 2 Monate

    I wouldn't mind helping out.

  • Ehlie Luna
    Ehlie Luna Vor 2 Monate

    Love that Damon and Mark shared their mistakes.

  • your mom
    your mom Vor 2 Monate +65

    Father: what’s ur intentions with my daughter?
    Me: 4:51

  • Ifeanyi Nwokolo
    Ifeanyi Nwokolo Vor 2 Monate


  • Steven henao
    Steven henao Vor 2 Monate

    Did anyomne notice how kevin right leg started movign in placed when put on the spot??lol fubu is bold. ok ok he did it before fubu spoke of him but i bet you it was his intuition getting ready for the punch.

  • christine white
    christine white Vor 2 Monate +5

    Such valuable advice! My husband and I have owned our own businesses for 17 years each. Top points that I 100% agree with:
    -invest in the property that you do business in (purchase your own property as soon as possible)
    -do what you love, do what you know, do what you are passionate about.
    -NICE sells! The world needs more nice, kind people and people like to do business with friendly, kind, warm business people.
    Thank you, Sharks!! 🤗💗

  • Martinez Diaz
    Martinez Diaz Vor 3 Monate

    I'll do Barbara, thats a great investment, if she cant take the deal, im out

  • Marcy Abarca
    Marcy Abarca Vor 3 Monate +1

    "If you check your portfolio every 36 months or every 3 years" 🤔🤔 for a minute there it made me question myself. How many months are there in 3 years lol 😅😅

  • kevin Mackay
    kevin Mackay Vor 3 Monate

    I need to contact Barbara to pitch my real estate idea.. Someone help me please.

  • The Norwegian Investor
    The Norwegian Investor Vor 3 Monate

    This is a youtube video,and for that reason.... I'm out.

  • Argjend Kamili
    Argjend Kamili Vor 3 Monate +1

    the best advice I can give you guys is: Say I'm out.

  • Jose Paz
    Jose Paz Vor 3 Monate +79

    That white background hurts my eyes and for that reason I’m out!

  • Rishabh
    Rishabh Vor 3 Monate

    is that Claire Underwood?

  • John Carton
    John Carton Vor 3 Monate +29

    solid: "the one thing in life you can control is your own effort", and "it doesn't matter how many times you fail, you only have to be right one time".

  • Mad
    Mad Vor 3 Monate +2

    Barbara: I’m beside two bald guys, and for that reason I’m out.

  • Perry Simpson
    Perry Simpson Vor 3 Monate

    Nxisbsldosjd dmdixbe.xlcie dlxjd for that reason I'm out

  • Estella Trevino
    Estella Trevino Vor 3 Monate

    I love Shark Tank, you all are honest you try to help people you're so positive, we need more people like you in this world. Thank you for your advice

  • joaquin favela
    joaquin favela Vor 4 Monate +1

    Barbra’s eye was not having it 😂

  • kirin
    kirin Vor 5 Monate +1

    Why is Kevin wearing 2 watches?

  • Lucas de Souza
    Lucas de Souza Vor 5 Monate +1

    Great advises. I love them, but the audio quality sounded bad. I'm out!

  • Brian Cain
    Brian Cain Vor 6 Monate +2

    Anyone else feel Kevin O'Leary looks like Walter, Jeff Dunham's grumpy puppet?

  • Stephen Color
    Stephen Color Vor 6 Monate

    Why is everyone bashing the lighting?

  • Parth Patel
    Parth Patel Vor 6 Monate +15

    The reason they are all so successful is because they aren't scared to duck up.

    • Сергей Владимирович
      Сергей Владимирович Vor 5 Monate +2

      During the week of January 18, global stock indices ended in a positive zone. The focus of investors was a vote of protest in the…

  • Genesis De La Nuez
    Genesis De La Nuez Vor 6 Monate +168

    Im in, and for that reason im out

  • Brent Dady
    Brent Dady Vor 6 Monate

    Yo Kev, you are the man but why are you wearing a watch on each wrist?

  • Adinda Putri
    Adinda Putri Vor 7 Monate +1

    Mark Cuban has a HUGE ego

  • Brian Perkins
    Brian Perkins Vor 7 Monate +5

    Barbara: Sometimes in the first meeting, I pull the plug on them.
    Everyone: Barbara's already out.

  • Satchin Joseph
    Satchin Joseph Vor 7 Monate +4

    2:09 You know fashion? Nice outfit you got there lmao 😂

  • Forrest Harvey
    Forrest Harvey Vor 7 Monate

    I love how ruthless DEclips is

  • Triveni Baishya
    Triveni Baishya Vor 7 Monate

    I want to buy mud. 😅

  • Primary Disguise
    Primary Disguise Vor 7 Monate +14

    Where’s Robert?

    • JustLikeRAV
      JustLikeRAV Vor 2 Monate

      The lighting was too bad. For that reason he's out.

  • Steve G
    Steve G Vor 7 Monate +28

    Should be called Kevin gives advice that may actually apply to you while other sharks ramble on about the type of investing that almost nobody does, has time for, or money for

  • Christian Ciattei
    Christian Ciattei Vor 8 Monate +23

    Barbara: Don't invest.

  • Liam Aleman
    Liam Aleman Vor 8 Monate +1

    Kevin merks all the other shark's anytime anyplace.

  • Sidney LC
    Sidney LC Vor 8 Monate +2

    The last saying is what I needed to know before, never give up, thanks for the advice

  • Rob Tha God
    Rob Tha God Vor 8 Monate +37


    • Naked Potato
      Naked Potato Vor 5 Monate

      The one on his left wrist is a regular watch, while the one on the right wrist is a smart watch.

    • Freddy Mendez
      Freddy Mendez Vor 6 Monate +5

      Time is money? Lmao

    • GhostrRider
      GhostrRider Vor 6 Monate

      He wears to watches Because he can , Your out 😂

    • Michelle Lupa
      Michelle Lupa Vor 7 Monate +2

      Rob Tha God one is for USA time zone the other is for international time where he does a lot of business

    • Stephen Kelly
      Stephen Kelly Vor 8 Monate +1

      Rob Tha God it looks like the one on the left is an actual watch and the one on the right is more of a fitness tracker I think

  • AlTheRelic
    AlTheRelic Vor 8 Monate +1

    The sharks are all wearing way too much make-up in this video making them look embalmed & for that reason, I'm out.

  • Razin Rahman
    Razin Rahman Vor 8 Monate

    Funny how barbara thinks she's a shark

  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis Vor 9 Monate +1

    Barbara eye keep Twitching like the Seed of chucky! lol

  • DopeTrailerz
    DopeTrailerz Vor 9 Monate +7

    my eye keeps blinking *and for that reason I'm out.*

  • rand0msoldier997
    rand0msoldier997 Vor 9 Monate

    Why would you wear watch in both hands, that just looks stupid

  • Chihuahua Channel 0423
    Chihuahua Channel 0423 Vor 9 Monate +12


  • Laugher Nine
    Laugher Nine Vor 9 Monate +53

    Mark: "Look for new perspectives" Damon: "Surround yourself with like-minded people."

    • Zhao Gao
      Zhao Gao Vor 3 Monate

      Why do you think one has 14 times more networth than the other?

    • Keshav Garodiya
      Keshav Garodiya Vor 4 Monate +2

      Listen to Mark, he's richer

    • Charlie Sanders
      Charlie Sanders Vor 5 Monate +4

      Those two are not mutually exclusive...

    • Soulo Smith
      Soulo Smith Vor 6 Monate +9

      You can be like minded but still have new perspectives 🤘🏾

    BUMPGOOSE Vor 9 Monate

    Love it ♥️ thanks for putting this together!

  • SamT
    SamT Vor 9 Monate

    Shark Tank always interesting