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Medieval Log Cabin Door | Crafted from the Swedish Forest

  • Am 21 Apr 2022 veröffentlicht
  • I spent all winter learning and perfecting this craft by hand. This is my first door I have built. Everything is hand-made just from the materials I could forage in the Swedish forest. Except from the hinges and lock, I could have made these myself also but found them dirt cheap at a flea market. The nails, the wood, moss insulation, the key, the wooden handle and the handle on the latch made from a deer horn, is all materials made or forage by myself, (basically everything).
    Hope you like this video. I am finally learning how to edit properly, hopefully you notice the better quality. Let me know. This could have easily been a 2 hour video, on every step more in detail. I am thinking about starting a new channel which releases the full versions of my videos. Let me also know if this is something you would watch. Thank you.
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    The clothes I am wearing are from the Swedish brand Revolution Race!
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    This is their website:
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  • Dialon
    Dialon Vor 5 Monate +1361

    For those who wondering what was written on the doorframe at 5:37 it says " A tree, a saw, an axe made this doorframe"

    • Cur Etiam Hic Es
      Cur Etiam Hic Es Vor 18 Stunden

      And a man

    • Banzai Badger
      Banzai Badger Vor Monat

      @Tischler Tobi The screws attach the door, they don't make the door.

    • Naslia Ibrahim
      Naslia Ibrahim Vor 2 Monate

      Thanks dear 👍

    • Stranger
      Stranger Vor 2 Monate +1

      And an acetylene torch

    • Ту-160 РОССИЯ
      Ту-160 РОССИЯ Vor 2 Monate +1

      Мне 56 чтобы дом сладить инструментом, топор, пила, молоток, не каждый читающий сможет. У меня нет слов сделано все со вкусом и на века. Что сказать создателю этого шедевра, лайк и коммент. Благодарю за позитивное видео. Смотрю и отдыхаю мысленно тоже строю, только строитель там а я по эту сторону экрана. Все мастерски еще раз благодарю за видео. Ту - 160 Россия.

  • Right Sometimes
    Right Sometimes Vor 4 Monate +181

    This young man doesn't realize the joy and simple comfort his channel brings me. One of my favorite pass times is watching him create his master piece.

  • Angie Maggard
    Angie Maggard Vor 5 Monate +457

    Hi, Erick. I'm from Oregon in the US. I just have to say that I absolutely love watching your videos. Your cabin is gorgeous. The videos are so peaceful and relaxing to watch. I hope that you're going to make a video on the inside of the cabin. I can imagine you making a log bed and log table and log furniture. My son is your age. It just amazes me that you built this gorgeous cabin on your own. I watched that video. Was so intrigued by your hard work and watching you build everything by hand. Your dog is such a gentle lad. Please keep these videos coming. They're very therapeutic. Take care.

    • Hiram Abiff
      Hiram Abiff Vor Monat +2

      God bless you and your son, Angie. I'm sure he would love to spend a night in the woods in a cabin with his mom, ASK!!!

    • Drea Benson
      Drea Benson Vor 2 Monate +2

      Hi Angie I just thought I would say hi since I’m from Oregon too and you were the 2nd comment I read.

    • Занимательная гомеопатия.
      Занимательная гомеопатия. Vor 2 Monate +1

      @Альфия Жумабекова спасибо!

    • Альфия Жумабекова
      Альфия Жумабекова Vor 2 Monate +1

      Да,Анжи,хотела вам сказать,очень понравился ваш содержательный комментарий!!!🕺

    • Альфия Жумабекова
      Альфия Жумабекова Vor 2 Monate +2

      Я полностью с вами согласна,фильм действительно терапевтический..🎎

  • Becky Meyer
    Becky Meyer Vor 5 Monate +31

    We would watch the full version! Now when we have a problem on our farm to solve, we ask each other, "If you were a 20 year old Swedish guy, how would you solve this?" =) Thanks for posting - we love seeing the nature and the skill you use.

    • Elisa Schacht
      Elisa Schacht Vor 4 Monate

      Imagine spending 2 years of your life just watching his videos hha

  • Fon Hollohan
    Fon Hollohan Vor 5 Monate +144

    Haven't seen a door made with hinges properly like that in a long long time. You've done exceptional work on this cabin Eric great job the door and its door frame looks incredible..O btw looks like your pup is just about full grown he also looks very healthy. Eric..Take care bud.

    • Heretic Life
      Heretic Life Vor 4 Monate

      @Big Foot living rough like that at 35 or 40 he may be approaching senior citizen

    • Big Foot
      Big Foot Vor 4 Monate

      @emphotos103 and he’s like 22 imagine when he’s 35 or 40

    • emphotos103
      emphotos103 Vor 4 Monate +1

      @distortedinfo He is the axesman, and a great one at that!

    • distortedinfo
      distortedinfo Vor 4 Monate +1

      are the hinges supposed to be on the outside? i would think it makes it less secure and harder to close on a windy day.

  • Александр Б
    Александр Б Vor 5 Monate +34

    Великолепно, огромная работа и красивый результат!!!!! Спасибо

  • Amaryles Simmons
    Amaryles Simmons Vor Monat +1

    I wish I could properly describe what I'm feeling as I have watched this dwelling being constructed. I can think of one word "MAGICAL" with the artistry of a young man who can move mountains with his beautiful hands. Thank you so much for sharing the love of your country in such a creative way. It's been a pleasure watching you build such a lovely cabin. I also have enjoyed watching your beautiful dogs.

  • Teresa Łabuć
    Teresa Łabuć Vor 5 Monate +40

    Я в восторге от увиденного!
    СПАСИБО за очередной интересный ролик!

  • Laurie Davies
    Laurie Davies Vor 5 Monate +2

    Just watched the 2 year video & now this. When I watched you blacksmith your own nails... I thought: "Oh no. He didn't!" But you did & a key too! You make me want to be a better person. So many amazing skills!

  • Henrik Parksjö
    Henrik Parksjö Vor 5 Monate +346

    Going crazy with the axe on those logs, baking bread in a dutch oven, and even manufacturing your own nails. You are an absolute wizard when it comes to craftsmanship Erik! Sjukt bra jobbat! Varje klipp du laddar upp är som balsam för själen!

    • Lisa
      Lisa Vor 4 Monate +3

      @H what are you talking about?? Sounds like nonsense to me. The guy is just building a cabin in the woods. SMH

    • H
      H Vor 5 Monate +1

      @꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ i Really know america doesn't "do" kings. Really.
      I just unseated one in colorado - truth.

    • ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂
      ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ Vor 5 Monate +1

      @Roxy Stellar I think your comment got destroyed by the algorithm for saying the dreaded z word lol Google doesn't like ANYTHING negative being said about the group of men that start with a j and have big noses 👀

    • Roxy Stellar
      Roxy Stellar Vor 5 Monate +3

      @꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ concur , triggered me ha ! politics doesn't belong in this cool space ✋förlåt mig Erik

    • ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂
      ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ Vor 5 Monate +4

      @Roxy Stellar Yeah I'm thinking that's not going to last all that much longer. People are becoming very aware and very disgruntled lol

  • Josivaldo Cordeiro
    Josivaldo Cordeiro Vor 15 Tage +1

    muito novo , otimo no que faz,parabens, um encanto de trabalho.

  • dog tagged
    dog tagged Vor 4 Monate +8

    You have humbled and earned the respect of every craftsman that uses power tools, and have built one of the most beautiful examples of a Swedish cabin in the traditional manner. Outstanding filmmaking! An immersive silent narrative, as though watching you go about your tasks and life without your knowing is well…priceless. The masterful forging, styling, and axe work on the door, even the bread baking over an open fire, etc. are again, wonderful signatures of your craftsmanship, dedication, and knowledge.
    Thank-you so much for bringing us back and keeping us in touch with much of the essence Nature has to provide, and some amazing skills that should never be lost. 🌲 🪚 🪵 🪓

  • doowappable
    doowappable Vor 2 Monate +5

    Love how you keep everything authentic in this build. I am a builder myself, via modern ways lol, so I know it must be tempting sometimes to just use screws or fabricated nails or so. Great to see you make your own nails and so. We can tell you try to make everything 'old school' as much as you can. Most people who watch this are living their outdoors dream through you.

  • tykvulia
    tykvulia Vor 5 Monate +1

    не помню когда с таким увлечением я смотрела кино! а тут просто сидела с открытым ртом! ВОСХИЩЕНИЕ МАСТЕРУ!!!

  • Squad23jta
    Squad23jta Vor 5 Monate +217

    Another wonderful display of craftmanship Erik. Absolute joy watching you make the cabin closer to complete.

  • Gulbara Kipchakbaeva
    Gulbara Kipchakbaeva Vor 2 Monate +24

    Просто восхищаюсь! Молодец! Слов нет. Такой человек нигде не пропадет. Пусть бог бережет тебя!

  • Greg Jegstrup
    Greg Jegstrup Vor 4 Monate +23

    Wow, just when I think you can’t be any more of a bad ass, you make your own nails. Then you go even further and bake your own bread! You are seriously impressive.

  • Slava K
    Slava K Vor 2 Monate +21

    Восхищение мастерством этого молодого человека. настоящий мужчина. Сильный и умелый. Человек необыкновенный. Только восхищение и уважение.

  • Randomness & Restorations
    Randomness & Restorations Vor 5 Monate +18

    Wow that’s an amazing door, not because it looks great, which it really does, but because of the way you crafted it. I’ve enjoyed the the whole process of your cabin build. It looks so good.

  • Phil Copeland
    Phil Copeland Vor 5 Monate +25

    It is really good to see you back, Erik. I really like the massiveness of the door & its frame. Do you plan to built outside access steps?

    • Rebecca Burrow
      Rebecca Burrow Vor 4 Monate +1

      He probably plans to make a porch given the current structure and how high up the door is. He needs a place for a rocking chair. 😃

  • Еремей Парнов
    Еремей Парнов Vor 4 Monate +27

    Здравствуйте, Эрик! Ваши видео лечат душу. Тем более сейчас, когда очень тяжело переживать то что происходит на нашей земле. Спасибо!

  • anderson luiz
    anderson luiz Vor 5 Monate +1

    Parabéns você e um rapaz muito inteligente 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏sua cabana ficou top demais

  • Mark Peters
    Mark Peters Vor 5 Monate +41

    HOW ,HOW , HOW Does such a young man know these many skills to such a fine degree? He’s simply astounding to watch. So incredibly satisfying to binge watch !!!

    • Tom Brown
      Tom Brown Vor Monat +3

      He doesn’t. It says in the description he’s self taught. The idea is that he is smart and wilful enough to figure it out. He was mentored by his uncle somewhat, and no doubt used DEclips and the internet to help him here and there, but he didn’t learn a trade. He just figured it out as he went along. The same way our forefathers did. They didn’t take trade school or learn carpentry prior to coming over and being thrust into the necessity of just doing it. But they did it.

    • serioustrouble63
      serioustrouble63 Vor 2 Monate +4

      @biglollol Well, think I'm a quite experienced craftsman, but he's so young!

    • biglollol
      biglollol Vor 4 Monate +2

      said by anyone who never took time to learn a craft him/herself
      this comment is always being put under every video with a skill/craft that isn't frequent.
      sure, this stuff is exceptional. but jesus christ, most people can do this with the proper attitude, will to do it and brains to perform it.
      Maybe, Mark Peters, you should go out and learn a craft yourself.

    • Iron Viper
      Iron Viper Vor 5 Monate +3

      He is one of the kind, or from space, I have not second answer! 🙌🏻

  • Michel Lafleur
    Michel Lafleur Vor 5 Monate +851

    Wow, you did it again. What a nice and solid door. Very well achieved, plus, you made your own nails which is so cool. Can't get enough of watching your videos. Keep them coming and keep the super good work.

  • Gigi Van Heuverswyn
    Gigi Van Heuverswyn Vor 5 Monate

    Bravo j’adore ! Quel passionné vous faites et quel travail ! Je ne me lasse pas de regarder vos vidéos. ❤️❤️

  • H&M Science
    H&M Science Vor 2 Monate +2

    this is rlly so lovely you are actually so talented with everything you're doing to build this cabin etc. I love these videos so much

  • Jilte Onderwater
    Jilte Onderwater Vor 4 Monate +1

    Nice piece of work! I've always watch your video's with great pleasure! I was just wondering, shouldn't the door open inwards? If you get snowed in, you won't be able to open the door as it is blocked by the snow. Or is there no risk of that in your location? Or do you get out through the window when this happens? ;)

  • White Raven
    White Raven Vor 5 Monate +34

    In a world where social media has hijacked the loves of so many, particularly young people it is an encouraging sign that their are those who stand out . Erik, has shown us that one can make their way by determination, perseverance , and good old fashioned physical work. You are a diamond 💎 in these times and a pleasure to observe.

  • Johnny Guitar
    Johnny Guitar Vor 5 Monate +305

    Erik not only built his cabin, but he did what no one on YT has done, and that is build the roof *PROPERLY* and *INSULATED* the roof properly! This is something that all who are building their cabins have not done and unlike any of theirs with extremely insufficient R-rating and poor roof ventilation, this cabin will be the coziest of all.

    • Paul R
      Paul R Vor Monat

      A proper roof

    • Brad Beard
      Brad Beard Vor 4 Monate +2

      I love how he does not walk you through every thing he does. Just shows it. I love it.

    • Adrian Flo
      Adrian Flo Vor 4 Monate

      @RoboticFuzzBall not really, more like Rodney 0.85

    • RoboticFuzzBall
      RoboticFuzzBall Vor 4 Monate

      @Adrian Flo Rodney mullen 2.0?

    • 郭清瑶
      郭清瑶 Vor 4 Monate

      I agree with you.

  • genna carr
    genna carr Vor 4 Monate +5

    You didn’t just build a cabin- but with so many details, wasn’t expecting a lock and key. And you can make bread outside. Attempted to make bread twice- failed twice. You have so many good skills. 🙏

  • lieuwina lee
    lieuwina lee Vor Tag

    Thank you Dialon for the translation on the door frame. Erik what can I say you have perfected a lot of skills and the door is outstanding and I love the peep hole you have built in the door and those door brackets are beautiful not to mention the making of the key for the door lock. You are a very talented young man and I take my hat off to you for some one so young to have built this entire cabin by yourself in cold, rain, snow and sunshine. You can be extremely proud of what you have built. I am not getting notifications of when you have uploaded a video. Just happened to look you up again and was delighted to see you have made some more. It would be nice to see the full versions of your build and your editing is vastly improved though I always thought your editing was very well done. Thank you for sharing your build and look forward to the rest of your adventure in the build. Greetings from the UK.

  • Michael Cayer
    Michael Cayer Vor Monat +2

    Hello from Canada! Recently watched your cabin building video & had to follow-up with door vid, like I was building it myself. Not sure if you get tired of receiving the same compliments, but you are one seriously super-skilled young craftsman, and in so many diverse & unique ways. After watching these exceptional quality videos, especially as a parent of 2 kids your age, I think I am most impressed with your persistence - you have grit, son. It is an increasingly rare but refreshing virtue, particularly for a lad of your age. I am intrigued to hear you may soon offer full version videos, as they are as entertaining as they are educational. I also look forward to seeing the development of your cabin interior. Congratulations on an absolutely monumental accomplishment!

  • Altankhishig Nasanbat
    Altankhishig Nasanbat Vor 5 Monate +5

    Your video is charming in very simple way. Sometimes when i have too many distracting toughts watching your sheer dedication to building your own cabin log makes me remember to keep pushing forward. Works like charm. Goodluck in your journey Erik. Will be your fan even u achieve your dream :)

  • Paul Rogers
    Paul Rogers Vor 5 Monate +58

    Is there anything this guy cannot do? Impressive and inspiring.

  • The EPIC Gamer
    The EPIC Gamer Vor 5 Monate +20

    the fact that he made his own nails for the door shows just his sheer dedication to this project
    Edit: and the lock, he just made a key from scraps! massive respect for someone who is living someone elses dream life

  • North Fork
    North Fork Vor 5 Monate +5

    Loving the cabin! Just started fixing mine up again. Your giving me a lot of good ideas!

  • Josefa Jucélia
    Josefa Jucélia Vor 5 Monate +3

    Adoro seus vídeos, sensação de paz que lugar lindo 🇧🇷

  • Kari Bou
    Kari Bou Vor 5 Monate

    Hello Erik.
    You impress me as much as Thomas Pesquet do !
    I'd like you to provide all the content you feel comfortable with, no matter the duration.
    Hoping you stay safe and happy, i look forward to witness this great project of yours all along the way !
    Thank you !

  • TEKRific
    TEKRific Vor 5 Monate +122

    I been wondering for a year now when it was going to be time for a door build. And now that it's here and done and dusted, I can only say. Well done, it looks great, I'm sure it a great feeling having it, and now it's time to move on to other great and wonderful things for the cabin. Kudos for all your hard work with the build but also for the great video work you do! I wish you all the best! Framåt och uppåt, skogen väntar!

  • Kim Deannielle Dy
    Kim Deannielle Dy Vor 5 Monate +4

    Impressive work! I also hope that you'll post a video showing your errors and mistakes, frustrations, or parts of the log cabin that you had to redo all over again 🙏 All the best 💪

  • Mae Flowers
    Mae Flowers Vor 4 Monate +4

    Wow, I love your new door! I've enjoyed the journey along the last two years!
    P.S. Have you decorated inside yet and are you making steps? I'm too hyped for the next video!

    KOSTA PETROFF Vor 5 Monate +27

    Да, парень молодец, руки растут из правильного места.👍👍👍

    • Светлана Светочкина
      Светлана Светочкина Vor Monat

      Надо ещё и понять что это бревно не закручено,чтобы его расщепить!

    • Александр
      Александр Vor 2 Monate

      Да ,только каждый сможет из метрового бревна сделать зубочистку..

  • Денис Давыдов
    Денис Давыдов Vor 4 Monate +7

    Парень, ты крутой! Успехов тебе) Продолжай нас радовать качественным контентом🙂

  • T.N.X. Official
    T.N.X. Official Vor 5 Monate +72

    Wood master, blacksmith, chef and tons of other skills...Erik SUPREMACY! Fantastic work as always man!

  • Indigo Love
    Indigo Love Vor 2 Monate

    Incredible skill. I enjoyed this video. It would be enjoyable to see the full version, however you don't need to start a new channel, just show it on this channel. Thank you

  • Allen Gilby
    Allen Gilby Vor 4 Monate +1

    What a satisfying video series. I can only imagine the work involved. The work, being camera operator, and finally editing. Kudos to you!

  • MajorSebbaa
    MajorSebbaa Vor 5 Monate

    That is one impressive door!
    And I feel like you need a bigger hammer for those huge nails you are using, but somehow you're making it work. Mad respect!

  • Mats
    Mats Vor 5 Monate +3

    it's unbelievable what you've constructed in the last year's I love it and your videos.
    Can you show your tools like your axes, knives etc.?

    • 인천아저씨
      인천아저씨 Vor 5 Monate

      Probably he said no. Because it is his business secret.

  • Betty Johnson
    Betty Johnson Vor 5 Monate +45

    I enjoy your videos more than any others I follow. I so appreciate you don't add music while you are editing. It is so much more real, when we hear what you hear. Great job from the very beginning.

  • Ema Tique
    Ema Tique Vor 5 Monate +5

    This is very refreshing content. Makes me want to be a whole lot less materialistic. I know my partner would love to live like this one day and seeing how you did it makes it seem like it could be a possibility.

  • Elb rauschen
    Elb rauschen Vor 5 Monate +3

    I am totally fascinated by your work. I know 0 about handicrafts and still like to watch you for hours. You radiate an incredible calm. I would also watch the detailed videos. Can't believe you make things by yourself.

  • Joan Koser
    Joan Koser Vor 3 Monate

    Absolutely wonderful to watch.. Looking forward to more. What a fabulous young man & very talented.

  • Amber Nelson
    Amber Nelson Vor 5 Monate +4

    I am wondering if anyone can tell me if the wood-burning Erik does for the door planks is a traditional method of weatherproofing wood in Sweden. I know in Japan they have yakisugi which is burned cypress exterior siding...it looks similar (not exactly the same, but similar) to what Erik is doing...but does something like this exist in the Nordic countries as well? Thank you!

    • Bepdepavia
      Bepdepavia Vor 5 Monate +1

      In Germany and Katalonia ( Spain) yes. I supose across Europa it was the traditional way. Greetings from Germany.

  • Carl Fischer
    Carl Fischer Vor 5 Monate +65

    Erik, I am the same age as you and have always had the dream of building my own cabin. Your videos have greatly reenforced my confidence in my ability to acquire this dream. Thanks and good health to you!

  • Ribhu Biswas
    Ribhu Biswas Vor 4 Monate

    It's so relaxing to watch his videos! Waiting for the next one.

  • Never give up
    Never give up Vor Monat

    Красота, спокойствие, единение с природой 🙂🥰

  • Antonio Castellano Perez

    Enhorabuena 👏, eres un grandisimo carpintero y con medios convencionales de más de 200 años.

  • Ines Peña
    Ines Peña Vor 3 Monate +2

    Erick no me queda mas que felicitarte por tu trabajo, tu cabaña esta preciosa!!! Saludos desde México😍

  • Colin Flenley
    Colin Flenley Vor 5 Monate +38

    Looking fantastic Erik, come a long way since finishing high school and deciding to build a cabin, your skills and determination are still showing through. This cabin will stand on your family land for generations.

  • P Mue
    P Mue Vor 4 Monate +1

    Great Video. One of the best Doors I‘ve ever seen. It fits perfect and is quite robust.

  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel Vor 5 Monate

    This is fantastic content. Thank you so much!

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones Vor 5 Monate

    Yes, I would love to watch longer versions of your videos. Wonderful job once again - what a beautiful door!

  • Stomp City
    Stomp City Vor 4 Monate

    Glorious, mesmerising, peaceful…wondrous! Your talents, inspiring! Thank you brother 💚😊

  • Disco
    Disco Vor 5 Monate +74

    I've seen many people burn the wood boards but haven't seen anyone brush and clean them up to that extent, gives it a really beautiful color and look!!

    • clay carpenter
      clay carpenter Vor 5 Monate +2

      Looks better than bottled stain that you brush on. This guy is amazing

    • 4TgVYu9i
      4TgVYu9i Vor 5 Monate +11

      @Marina S yes, it won't rot as quickly, the charcoal on the surface protects it

    • Marina S
      Marina S Vor 5 Monate +1

      Why do they burn the wood? Does it have a specific purpose?

    • Anne Wilson
      Anne Wilson Vor 5 Monate +3

      That's because Erik Is A Genius !!🙂

  • Gida Darling
    Gida Darling Vor 5 Monate

    ohhh, come on! Bravo! I loved both the movies in this series, what an inspiration - but whenever I watch one of these kinds of movies, I am left wondering - whose land was it? And I now want to see the bathroom and kitchen installation + a bedroom and a veggie garden :-)

  • Catharina Bellekom
    Catharina Bellekom Vor 3 Monate +1

    This is a very beautiful and strong door. Amazing Eric! xxx

  • Mike Kerezsi
    Mike Kerezsi Vor 2 Monate

    This is exactly what some need to see and learn what hard work is !

  • Mirza Casili
    Mirza Casili Vor 5 Monate

    wow youre so creative i like my door that way so durable, feel safe i watch your videos again and again the best hand made cabin ihave seen

  • C0nstant1n
    C0nstant1n Vor 5 Monate +47

    Find yourself someone who loves you as much as Erik loves his axes .

  • Réka Gál
    Réka Gál Vor 2 Monate

    I'm in love with the way you work. My biggest dream is to someday have a log cabin in the middle of the forest... but as a girl, I still don't know how. The thought of building one born of my sweat and hard work makes me tingle... just like yours. 🥰

  • Knark
    Knark Vor 4 Monate +1

    I came across this channel awhile ago(sadly realized I hadn't subbed until yesterday) and I've watched every single one. Absolutely amazing.

  • Chuck B
    Chuck B Vor Monat

    That cabin is going to last forever, well done.

  • CupCake
    CupCake Vor 4 Monate

    Your brilliant. I'm not sure what else to say honestly. Just inspiring. I can not wait to see each and every thing you do, thank you. Never quit, keep your strength high!

  • bamereg
    bamereg Vor 5 Monate +39

    I would definitely watch videos with more details! Like other viewers I admire your craftmanship and appreciate the absence of music or other added sounds. You're doing a great job!

    • Lisa
      Lisa Vor 4 Monate +1

      Sorry but I would need my music on lol

    • Taneka
      Taneka Vor 5 Monate +1

      @Gambry Dew He doesn’t speak directly on camera that I have seen but I believe a few videos back there is one with his dad when he had to bring a tractor to the cabin and they were talking. It’s labeled “Building The Roof Structure” about 14 minutes in.

    • Gambry Dew
      Gambry Dew Vor 5 Monate +2

      @Richard Jones Is their any footage of Erik talking.

    • Richard Jones
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