[MV] MAMAMOO(마마무) _ gogobebe(고고베베)

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  • [MV] MAMAMOO(마마무) _ gogobebe(고고베베)
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    In March when we can feel the spring coming, MAMAMOO comes back with ‘White Wind’ as the grand finale of the Four Seasons Four Colors Project. The ninth mini album ‘White Wind’ as the last part of the Four Seasons Four Colors Project was completed with Whee In’s signature color ‘white’ and her signature symbol ‘wind’ following the symbols of other members, ‘flower’, ‘star’ and ‘sun’. The album title ‘White Wind’ matches well with the pure and innocent image of Whee In and the album describes the group’s history from the beginning in a white canvas.
    :: iTunes : itunes.apple.com/album/white-wind/1456233895
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  • Lisa Jibooty no no
    Lisa Jibooty no no Vor 56 Minuten

    Hwasa's having parties in her bathroom and her bedroom! Sounds lit asf!

  • Sofia Novo
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  • - anime girl
    - anime girl Vor 2 Stunden


  • pan karmelek
    pan karmelek Vor 3 Stunden +1

    ok but can we talk about moonbyul

  • Laurie
    Laurie Vor 4 Stunden +2


  • Laurie
    Laurie Vor 5 Stunden +2

    Dear vi3wers please give a thumbs up before you leave the video, thanks 💚

  • Dayana HAB
    Dayana HAB Vor 5 Stunden


    PLUNK Vor 6 Stunden

    3:02 to 3:20
    This is how I felt when Kpop enter in my life

  • lemxntxast
    lemxntxast Vor 6 Stunden +2

    Don't know Mamamoo the well, but while are all of them are beautiful, the one in the suit is like the prettiest person I've ever laid eyes on-

  • Raidah Amin
    Raidah Amin Vor 7 Stunden

    swear this could be an ad

  • Normal Smasher
    Normal Smasher Vor 7 Stunden +1

    Hi MooMoos! This song is amazing! That's why I made a mashup with gogobebe, Snapping (Chung Ha), Alligator (Monsta X) and more songs. Please check it out, I would really appreciate it!
    I also have more mashups, one of them includes Starry Night, Wind Flower and Twit! Sorry for the self-promotion, I just want to know what you guys think so I can improve!
    Thanks for reading! :D

  • 조루왕.
    조루왕. Vor 8 Stunden

    짱가랑 ㅈㄴ 비슷한데?

  • lxoxvxe xyxoxu
    lxoxvxe xyxoxu Vor 8 Stunden +2

    Jun2019 and still listening. Let's support Mamamoo guys!

  • Shifra Park
    Shifra Park Vor 9 Stunden +2

    These is the group where i can't pick a bias cuz they are all amazing like duuhhh

  • Asma Ahmed
    Asma Ahmed Vor 9 Stunden +1


  • multifandom tbh
    multifandom tbh Vor 9 Stunden +1

    *mamamoo backwards is oomamam wich makes no sense just like people who sleep on them*

  • pika pika
    pika pika Vor 11 Stunden

    To think all of them wear hair extensions

  • Amber
    Amber Vor 15 Stunden

    The start of this sounds (melody-wise) A LOT like a English song but I can’t remember what, any ideas? I’m not saying that they copied, it just reminds me of that song and it’s killing me. It’s likely a coincidence
    The part I’m talking about is 0:14 - 0:19
    Again, not saying they copied it.

  • Gladdy Johnson
    Gladdy Johnson Vor 16 Stunden

    3:02 is the one with yellow and black stripes shirt alex christine?

  • Jemaria w
    Jemaria w Vor 17 Stunden +1

    Nice, this is my first time hearing about this group I like them!

  • Paul L
    Paul L Vor 18 Stunden +2

    *hwasa* is hot af 😏

  • carlina mejia miranda
    carlina mejia miranda Vor 18 Stunden +3

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  • Euclides Chavez jalca
    Euclides Chavez jalca Vor 20 Stunden +1

    Me encanta cuando moonbyul canta

  • milk'a'moo 123
    milk'a'moo 123 Vor Tag +1

    I mean if they walked into my house no doute I would threw my books and have a party with them

  • Sai Say
    Sai Say Vor Tag

    Love this song but first thing i noticed was that room 99 and 66 wouldnt be right next to each other 😂😂😂

  • Nour Hsn
    Nour Hsn Vor Tag +2

    For the new Moomoo:
    0:21 : Wheein (Dancer, Vocalist)
    0:26 : Solar (Leader, Dancer, Vocalist, Unnie)
    0:35 : Moonbyul (Rapper, Dancer)
    0:46 : Hwasa (Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae)

  • Stefanney Andersen
    Stefanney Andersen Vor Tag +1

    My queen

  • Amina Sadikovic
    Amina Sadikovic Vor Tag

    wtf that song reminds me of 'friends"...

  • Rayane Lima
    Rayane Lima Vor Tag

    Oi meu nome é kawany sou fã de vocês

  • Normal Smasher
    Normal Smasher Vor Tag +5

    Hi MooMoos! This song is amazing! That's why I made a mashup with gogobebe, Snapping (Chung Ha), Alligator (Monsta X) and more songs. Please check it out, I would really appreciate it!
    I also have more mashups, one of them includes Starry Night, Wind Flower and Twit! Sorry for the self-promotion, I just want to know what you guys think so I can improve!
    Thanks for reading! :D

  • ss rao
    ss rao Vor Tag +4

    I love this part 3:37
    Those hair flips are killing me


    ไทยค่ะไทยแลนด์ ปู้นนนนนนนนนนนนนดูทุกวันไม่มีเบื่อเลนแม่

  • Alexis Kang
    Alexis Kang Vor Tag +3

    This was a bop i will fight you stop haters you cant compare these queens to any other girls❤

  • cloven /
    cloven / Vor Tag

    omg the girl who fell down! i hope she's okay :((

  • Mutiara Aisha Anhal

    Luvu amattt virall nihh

  • Angeles D
    Angeles D Vor Tag +1


  • Leah Yueliang
    Leah Yueliang Vor Tag +2

    my girls are amazing and no one can take that away from them

  • Nikki Dimmie
    Nikki Dimmie Vor Tag

    This bumps

  • A r i x d n a .
    A r i x d n a . Vor Tag

    Las Mamamoo siempre sorprendiendome con sus canciones.
    Esta canción es A r t e uwu❤️

  • Vb Bhavana
    Vb Bhavana Vor Tag +6

    OMG I just realized that solar was watching Wind flower on the TV!

  • Blvck Swan
    Blvck Swan Vor Tag +3


  • JiMiNs HoE
    JiMiNs HoE Vor 2 Tage

    Did anyone notice solars hips they look padded

  • Kulove P.
    Kulove P. Vor 2 Tage +5

    *you're definitely **_Deaf and Tasteless_** if you don't like Mamamoo's music*

  • angie btw
    angie btw Vor 2 Tage +3

    They. Made. This. On. My. Birthday.

  • Natan natan
    Natan natan Vor 2 Tage +2

    Primeira vez ouvindo gostei

  • Karolina Hofman
    Karolina Hofman Vor 2 Tage

    Marshmello ft. Anne-Marie- „Friends”

    I luv Mamamoo buut this is very similar 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • All luvin
      All luvin Vor Tag

      It's not plagiarised if that's what your thinking. They got it from someone else but with their permission of course.

    • angelus_001
      angelus_001 Vor 2 Tage +1

      Friends sounds like this

  • Rorbirt Alied
    Rorbirt Alied Vor 2 Tage +2

    I bet solar is a tokyo ghoul fan😂

  • Manel boudjellaba
    Manel boudjellaba Vor 2 Tage +4

    I'm not a momooo but I really love them and support them ❤

  • Uwu cool
    Uwu cool Vor 2 Tage

    Estoy celosa del body de Hwasa :'( 💗💗

  • Suga//Xin Long BTS//BOY STORY

    i was fudging sleeping on MAMAMOO and im disapointed on myself

  • Laxy 100
    Laxy 100 Vor 2 Tage

    No, xiumin should be in the army by now... just no... why do i found him here :"v

  • армуха '
    армуха ' Vor 2 Tage


  • AxELr8
    AxELr8 Vor 2 Tage

    Miruku Remix😍😍😱😱

  • Nikki Y
    Nikki Y Vor 2 Tage +7

    I literally discovered Mamamoo today and I'm obsessed. I'd heard of them, of course. But today I decided to watch Egotistic and what have I been doing with my life? Moonbyul looks INCREDIBLE in this video

    • cloven /
      cloven / Vor Tag

      check this out: tinyurl.com/stanmamamoo

  • xPøør_Ëmpťý x
    xPøør_Ëmpťý x Vor 2 Tage +1

    10% english

  • potato chips
    potato chips Vor 2 Tage +1

    someone: **says they think mamamoo is bad**
    me: oh hey didnt see you there too busy *_mmmmblockin out the haters_*

  • Ella Natividad
    Ella Natividad Vor 2 Tage +1

    The rap of the song is nice go subscribe to PK CUBER it's a girl's channel

  • Jimin Park
    Jimin Park Vor 2 Tage +2


  • livia McVanilla
    livia McVanilla Vor 2 Tage +2

    Which one is solar and wheein?

  • Milla ila
    Milla ila Vor 2 Tage

    creo que debería existir una opción de reacción así como "me encanta","me facina","la he escuchado 300 veces ya"

  • elena mendoza
    elena mendoza Vor 2 Tage +1

    Si hay un grupo de chicas que amo es este son tan únicas estas minas que nose las amo loco son talentosisimas y tan buena onda tipo alta fiesta nos armamos ahr:)

  • Bangtan Is my KINGS
    Bangtan Is my KINGS Vor 2 Tage +2

    I never knew oversize tshirt and panties will be a good outfit like hwasa. Btw been loving this song

    YANA QTEA Vor 2 Tage

    Solar's beauty is my death

  • Ariana Briones
    Ariana Briones Vor 2 Tage +2

    This song is 2019!!!


    JO KWANG MIN Vor 2 Tage

    💞💞💞Me encanta 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • Buket Y
    Buket Y Vor 2 Tage +1

    ❤👑 Q U E E N S 👑❤

  • No Name
    No Name Vor 3 Tage +2

    Vocal Queens!!!

  • Conceicao Coelho
    Conceicao Coelho Vor 3 Tage +1

    Esperando vocês novamente no Brasil. ❤🎶

  • Kpop Dances Tutorials

    En el minuto 1:04 hasta el minuto 1:11 me suena el ritmo a la canción livin' la vida loca de Ricky Martin...

  • 김태진
    김태진 Vor 3 Tage +1

    I don't know why but Solar strikes me as more funny than sexy. Perhaps this is because I've seen how cranky she can be on her Solarsido channel?

  • jimin oppa army
    jimin oppa army Vor 3 Tage +1


  • F. R
    F. R Vor 3 Tage

    I thought Moonbyul looks like Minhyuk only.. But She looks alike to Xiumin more.. ♥

  • Daly_Fernández
    Daly_Fernández Vor 3 Tage

    1 día sin escuchar a MMM...
    1 día perdido.

  • Bwern
    Bwern Vor 3 Tage

    great song but the biting the finger choreo isn't really working

  • Mariana Calheiros
    Mariana Calheiros Vor 3 Tage

    A acabei de conhecer mamamoo

  • exo-l ikonic inner circle

    i think im inlove- 1:30 what's her name????? ;_;

    • Liam K
      Liam K Vor 3 Tage

      That's Moonbyul the rapper

  • [바부]영쬬
    [바부]영쬬 Vor 3 Tage

    Anne marie Friends 표절인것 같네요 ;;

    • Amanda L
      Amanda L Vor 3 Tage

      Both songs use the same music sample from another artist.

  • Syarifah Balqis
    Syarifah Balqis Vor 3 Tage

    Monbyul look like xiumin

  • Kim Leong
    Kim Leong Vor 3 Tage +2

    I am distracted by
    Hwasa's brows and sexiness
    Solar's waist and straight brows
    Wheein's bangs
    Moonbyul's boyish act

  • Eve Kate Hermann
    Eve Kate Hermann Vor 3 Tage

    Go back to barnhouse mama mooooooo 😂😂

  • Saffrion
    Saffrion Vor 3 Tage +1

    Them: Mamamoo can't dance
    Excuse u! They can! They just focus on their vocals instead of just dancing

  • otravná Lisa
    otravná Lisa Vor 3 Tage

    It kinda sounds like "Friends" by Marshmallow and Anne Marie, but I love it.

    • angelus_001
      angelus_001 Vor 2 Tage

      Friends sounds like this song

  • Lathifah 250712
    Lathifah 250712 Vor 3 Tage +7

    *_who thinks Mamamoo is better than other gg's?_*

  • ✰ DNA Dandelia ✰

    How come 66 and 99 are right next to each other? 🤔

    • Kookie Jeon
      Kookie Jeon Vor 3 Tage

      i heard that it was 9966 like 9o9o6e6e

  • Jiminie Mouse
    Jiminie Mouse Vor 3 Tage +7

    It’s 2019 and people are still sleeping on Mamamoo. I feel bad for them honestly.

  • I Need A Taespoon Of Suga And A Kookie For my Tae.

    I'm planning on stanning them.. can you help me?

    • Amanda L
      Amanda L Vor 3 Tage

      Go watch their immortal songs 2!!!
      And weekly idol.

    • Liam K
      Liam K Vor 3 Tage

      This PDF will help. Lots of info and links in it

  • nehir karadağ
    nehir karadağ Vor 3 Tage +1

    Güzel bence

    ARMY REVELUV Vor 3 Tage +3

    Lets go stream red velvet "zimzalabim" too

    • Devanshi Das
      Devanshi Das Vor Tag

      @000111 lmao okay. So you're some highly qualified music critic 😂 keep going

    • All luvin
      All luvin Vor Tag

      Do you even Stan Mamamoo? A genuine question.

    • 000111
      000111 Vor Tag

      @Devanshi Das musically speaking, it is. Kindly do not engage in this conversation if you lack musical knowledge.

    • Devanshi Das
      Devanshi Das Vor 2 Tage

      @000111 no you stated your opinion. How old are you? 5?

    • 000111
      000111 Vor 2 Tage

      @ayumie mirae I just stated facts

  • Huy Trần
    Huy Trần Vor 3 Tage

    Kiss and.....

  • Min Yoyoon
    Min Yoyoon Vor 3 Tage +1

    *What u did to me girl.*
    cries in mochi

  • ota rainbow
    ota rainbow Vor 3 Tage +3

    We love MAMAMOO 😘😘💕💕💓💓

  • j H
    j H Vor 3 Tage +3

    Song of the year 2019

  • ISwag Official
    ISwag Official Vor 3 Tage

    Why is no one talking about how this sounds exactly like 'Friends'

    • Wahyu Sanjaya
      Wahyu Sanjaya Vor Tag

      @ISwag Official did u know Friend s copied another song too ?? did u search that ?? so many song has similiar tone

    • Amanda L
      Amanda L Vor Tag

      Check out the comments:)

    • Amanda L
      Amanda L Vor Tag

      @ISwag Official actually two songs have similar introduction but there chorus and note are completely different.

    • ISwag Official
      ISwag Official Vor Tag

      angelus_001 lol it absolutely does. If you just search up 'gogobebe' and 'friends' literally tons of vids pop up - I'm not the only one who thinks this 🙄

    • Amanda L
      Amanda L Vor 3 Tage


  • Jevin Leo
    Jevin Leo Vor 3 Tage


  • Zhang Yixing1007
    Zhang Yixing1007 Vor 3 Tage +2

    I can and will never get over the bop
    My bias Wheein SLAYEDDDD

  • 전시은
    전시은 Vor 3 Tage

    한국인 저 밖에 없나요??

  • Kpop Eve
    Kpop Eve Vor 3 Tage +1

    Still a bop

  • まりMari
    まりMari Vor 3 Tage

    2:18 S-Solar?


    I love you !!

  • loonanolzasims
    loonanolzasims Vor 4 Tage

    Oof the title used to say something like "nobody stans racist" idk and I was like wtf. Glad it's back to normal. XD

    • loonanolzasims
      loonanolzasims Vor 3 Tage

      @Amanda L yeah they also changed the title for g-idle too I think it was hann i don't remember

    • Amanda L
      Amanda L Vor 3 Tage

      Because there's some toxic fans from other fandom(blackpink, nct, loona) change the title and description trying to pull Mamamoo down.