Zuri Marley’s Guide to Making Acne-Prone Skin Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

  • Am 13 Feb 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Ahead of Valentine's Day, rising singer and DJ Zuri Marley takes us through her meticulous glowing skin routine for the big night.

    Filmed at The Williamsburg Hotel
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    Zuri Marley’s Guide to Making Acne-Prone Skin Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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  • Lechiffresix six
    Lechiffresix six Vor 4 Tage

    she looks like a younger Serena williams. same type of african features

  • blackpetals_redessence

    She’s so cute!! Love her bubbly personality 💖

  • Mayayaya
    Mayayaya Vor 10 Tage

    Love her sm

  • na Ni
    na Ni Vor 19 Tage

    hahaha "More blush... Just a little bit" lol She is so adorable

  • Jive Jacob
    Jive Jacob Vor 19 Tage

    she's so fun and adorable!!!!

  • Drnn Hrsha
    Drnn Hrsha Vor 22 Tage +1

    I start doing my make up when I'm 13😎

  • Abigail T
    Abigail T Vor Monat +1

    Wow, finally someone I can totally relate to for having an acne prone skin! Such a queen, Joba is super lucky to have u

  • Maritza Guadarrama
    Maritza Guadarrama Vor Monat

    She so beautiful!!! And i love how she does her makeup omg

  • Tatyana Payton
    Tatyana Payton Vor Monat

    i hate that they dont list the products used ugh

  • Katie Jones
    Katie Jones Vor Monat

    Trying to figure out her accent 😅American English or Jamaican 🤷🏻‍♀️also beautiful personality and looks 🧡

  • Onaopemipo Odumade
    Onaopemipo Odumade Vor Monat

    She's such a sweetheart!😍😍😍😍

  • Egyptian Lady
    Egyptian Lady Vor Monat

    I really get a feminine vibe romantic.. than all the other celebrities

  • Beau
    Beau Vor Monat

    Joba joba joba

  • Tierra Bernice
    Tierra Bernice Vor Monat

    I’ve been needing to get that blush forever now and I need to know those brushes 💕

  • wolfbabe
    wolfbabe Vor Monat

    She said "find your cheekbones everyone has them." haha Just because everyone in your family is blessed with gorgeous, prominent cheekbones doesn't mean everyone has them hihi. She's cute.

  • Xococ xoxoxo
    Xococ xoxoxo Vor Monat


  • FentyWapp
    FentyWapp Vor Monat

    hi how have i never heard of her i love her

  • Anastasia Lestari
    Anastasia Lestari Vor Monat

    Okay, I'm a fan

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay Vor Monat +1

    Jamaican me proud

  • Amy Ward
    Amy Ward Vor Monat

    If she says ‘a little bit’ one more time istg

  • Hagar Al Qasimy
    Hagar Al Qasimy Vor Monat

    Loved her so much though i don't know her 😍😍😍🤗

  • Lilliz91
    Lilliz91 Vor Monat

    Yess someone with acne . Something that I can actually gain something in this video. I’m a very oily pale gal.

  • Claudia Okyere-Fosu


  • Emily hancock
    Emily hancock Vor Monat

    She seems really lovely

  • Minchos
    Minchos Vor Monat +1

    Uh the hair dark roots are ugly

  • Christopher Amaro
    Christopher Amaro Vor Monat

    So cute

  • t e a
    t e a Vor 2 Monate

    MAN in times i hear people tell me not to do glow-ish makeup because of my acne-prone skin, she's out here slaying thanks a lot sis

    HELL0NESSA Vor 2 Monate

    She has a hybrid accent. It's so cute. It's like majority American mixed with sprinkles of Jamaican and English. She's so adorable 😍

  • Neya Ahmed
    Neya Ahmed Vor 2 Monate


  • Ellita Rose
    Ellita Rose Vor 2 Monate

    My friend of 19 years old is still like that ‘this is my good side’ 😂 She’s funny and lovely and beautifuuuul.

  • Riotgrrrrl1
    Riotgrrrrl1 Vor 2 Monate

    Wow, is that Caitlyn Jenner?? She looks just like her OMG!

  • Priscila Desouza
    Priscila Desouza Vor 2 Monate

    Do Ryan Destiny next !!

  • Tata Corneh
    Tata Corneh Vor 2 Monate


  • Sugenja Sri
    Sugenja Sri Vor 2 Monate

    Lol this girl is amazing

  • Gabriela Meza Armenta
    Gabriela Meza Armenta Vor 2 Monate

    omg she annoying af

  • Eloisa Mariano
    Eloisa Mariano Vor 2 Monate +3

    Love her skin! Love her make-up! Love her personality! Love her!

  • bianca lima
    bianca lima Vor 2 Monate +2

    i love the fact that she isn't using lots of makeup, I love that natural look. it's one of the best videos

  • i cry
    i cry Vor 2 Monate +4

    i understand why joba loves her shes beautiful inside out omg

  • bailee geml
    bailee geml Vor 2 Monate

    Anybody know what all the products are?

  • Abel Paradissa
    Abel Paradissa Vor 2 Monate +1

    She's so hilarious, her personality, accent, everything everything, I love herr ! 🤪😍

  • Blair Henry
    Blair Henry Vor 2 Monate

    So proud of you Zuuu!

  • Genesis Palmera
    Genesis Palmera Vor 2 Monate

    I just love her

  • Dana Contreras
    Dana Contreras Vor 2 Monate

    i loved her personality and this video her makeup looks bomb!

  • unnchy
    unnchy Vor 2 Monate

    Why is she this cute?

  • misoxxi
    misoxxi Vor 2 Monate

    She’s soooo cute

  • leafs autumn
    leafs autumn Vor 3 Monate


  • n
    n Vor 3 Monate

    i love zuri with my whole heart

  • Jade Walker
    Jade Walker Vor 3 Monate

    Her nails are amazing

  • Vanessa Torres
    Vanessa Torres Vor 3 Monate


  • Suo Senpai
    Suo Senpai Vor 3 Monate

    I love her and how bubbly,real, and positive she is`!!!

  • andrea
    andrea Vor 3 Monate


  • jungkuwk
    jungkuwk Vor 3 Monate

    she's the sweeeetest

  • Lipok Jamir
    Lipok Jamir Vor 3 Monate

    73 questions with Taylor Hill

  • Ipopzee Gaming
    Ipopzee Gaming Vor 3 Monate +2

    It’s funny how her name is “Zuri Marley” and my name is “Marley Zepeda” our names start with M’s and Z’s😂

  • Felicia Fuehrer
    Felicia Fuehrer Vor 3 Monate

    I'm also going to continue on my journey with blush also! ("WELCOME TO JAM ROCK!")

  • leila
    leila Vor 3 Monate +1


  • leila
    leila Vor 3 Monate


  • Nini Mf
    Nini Mf Vor 3 Monate +2

    That accent tho 😍

  • bella rousseau
    bella rousseau Vor 3 Monate +2

    mom u made it

  • 264aub
    264aub Vor 3 Monate +1


    SPICY TYRA Vor 3 Monate +47

    I love her half british half jamaican accent 😍😍😍

  • 蓝筱樱
    蓝筱樱 Vor 3 Monate +3

    She makes me feel more excited to see the gloss 😂😂😂

  • Viktorija Gurajūtė
    Viktorija Gurajūtė Vor 3 Monate


  • kyla
    kyla Vor 3 Monate


  • mjordie97
    mjordie97 Vor 3 Monate +21

    Her accent is so uptown Jamaican...soo cute

  • Zee P
    Zee P Vor 3 Monate

    She’s so cute!!

  • carolina
    carolina Vor 3 Monate +5

    I love her personality 😊

  • Tosha Crooks
    Tosha Crooks Vor 3 Monate

    How was ur v.days these past 5)) years.........

  • Jesse Meyer
    Jesse Meyer Vor 3 Monate +4

    You are a real sweetheart, Love your vibes girl! So free and positive, love love love it! This is what makeup is about.

  • Ashutosh Prakash
    Ashutosh Prakash Vor 3 Monate

    Millie Bobby Brown next PLEASE!!!

  • Arijit Biswas Makeup
    Arijit Biswas Makeup Vor 3 Monate

    I can relate with her makeup application. I have same concerns. Although I prefee estee lauder double wear for foundation and I use mac studio fix powder as my bronzer. Although I never contour.

  • Icey8682
    Icey8682 Vor 3 Monate

    She’s super cute

  • Diced Pineapple
    Diced Pineapple Vor 3 Monate

    i don't know who she is but she's so pretty and she actually has one of the best personalities that i've seen on this channel!!!!

  • sophia g
    sophia g Vor 3 Monate

    her eyes are beautiful

  • Bianca Culpo
    Bianca Culpo Vor 3 Monate

    She’s beautiful 😍

    AFNAN NAN Vor 3 Monate

    omg i love her 💕💫♥️💕💫

  • mijadane
    mijadane Vor 3 Monate +1

    The aunt she mentioned... could she be Lauryn Hill?

  • Abby cadabby
    Abby cadabby Vor 3 Monate +3

    Is it weird I really like her voice 😅

  • Kihi J
    Kihi J Vor 3 Monate

    Blush is blush, blush is life 😘

  • M
    M Vor 3 Monate

    She has the best personality and I assume she’s music royalty which is almost as cool as she is! Bravo with this one, Vogue!

  • Lamia Lola
    Lamia Lola Vor 3 Monate

    She’s so cute

  • Kayla Hill
    Kayla Hill Vor 3 Monate +5

    she talks like she really thinks about what she says before. It’s effortless but you can tell she chooses her words wisely.

  • IVink .com
    IVink .com Vor 3 Monate +1

    She talks way too much but did a great job with the candlelight look. The blush for her really brings it together. I can see why she loves it so much.

  • *Pamela Hay*
    *Pamela Hay* Vor 3 Monate


  • A Richards
    A Richards Vor 3 Monate +1

    YES Zuri !

  • Liza Dzhus
    Liza Dzhus Vor 3 Monate

    So simple and relaxing, and I very excited about it 😍

  • hannah p
    hannah p Vor 3 Monate +1

    does anyone know what product the face gloss is!!

    • zoe chuang
      zoe chuang Vor 3 Monate

      hannah p milk makeup i think?

  • Nika
    Nika Vor 3 Monate

    adorable personality!

  • Nihel
    Nihel Vor 3 Monate +5

    when she gets excited about the face gloss, same sis same

  • Leann Danielle
    Leann Danielle Vor 3 Monate

    Russell is lucky

  • Stephanie Urrutia
    Stephanie Urrutia Vor 3 Monate

    ME with my blush!!!! My ultimate fav 😍

  • Leann Danielle
    Leann Danielle Vor 3 Monate


  • Tysann Johnson
    Tysann Johnson Vor 3 Monate

    She's using Jeffree cosmetics lip scrub

  • paz 6
    paz 6 Vor 3 Monate +7


  • Ecenaz Demirkan
    Ecenaz Demirkan Vor 3 Monate

    Blush is lush !

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    Hamdah Alamri Vor 3 Monate

    Do Vittoria Ceretti PLEASE

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    katelyn victorino Vor 3 Monate


  • Diane Mallari
    Diane Mallari Vor 3 Monate

    I like how her foundation isnt thick

  • Cristina
    Cristina Vor 3 Monate

    Her nails are perfect

  • Unpopular Talk
    Unpopular Talk Vor 3 Monate +1

    Who is she?