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Leaving Log Cabin for an Adventure into Sweden.

  • Am 4 Mai 2021 veröffentlicht
  • In this video I leave the log cabin build for a while to take a holiday, for once. Me and my family visits a ranch in Vemdalen Sweden. Here I meet the amazing Johan and Hanna who have built this ranch, "Trumvallen Horse Ranch". It was a huge inspiration both to see the passion to the horses and what they have achieved with this lifestyle. Now I really want to have horses myself in the future. If you are in Sweden and want an adventure of a lifetime then visit "Trumvallen Horse Ranch" fjallridning.se/?lang=en
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  • Kai Bjerget
    Kai Bjerget Vor year +487

    You gotta appreciate how Erik sets up all his shots, goes back to film himself and basically doing double the effort.

    • David Faulkner
      David Faulkner Vor 5 Monate +1

      I have been binge watching your videos today. Your videos are a pleasure to watch . Are you also a film maker other than the cabin build ? You certainly have your building skills down to an art .

    • Hayley Downes
      Hayley Downes Vor 6 Monate +2

      More than one camera...

    • Bat pengen
      Bat pengen Vor 6 Monate +1

      Les Stroud did the same thing filming survivorman

    • Christian Reed
      Christian Reed Vor 6 Monate

      @Erik Grankvist are yo going to put in a wood stove? If so, could I buy it for you?

    • Christian Reed
      Christian Reed Vor 6 Monate +2

      @Erik Grankvist I just wanted to tell you, I have a man crush on you. I was inspired so much, that I finally felt “man enough” to build my own Porta potty. Im so proud of myself. Love you 🤗

  • Erik Grankvist
    Erik Grankvist  Vor year +129

    In this video I leave the log cabin build for a while to take a holiday, for once. Me and my family visits a ranch in Vemdalen Sweden. Here I meet the amazing Johan and Hanna who have built this ranch, "Trumvallen Horse Ranch". It was a huge inspiration both to see the passion to the horses and what they have achieved with this lifestyle. Now I really want to have horses myself in the future. If you are in Sweden and want an adventure of a lifetime then visit "Trumvallen Horse Ranch" fjallridning.se/?lang=en . Next video will be back to a log cabin build episode.

    • Andrew Burton
      Andrew Burton Vor 3 Monate

      You have amazing skill, attention to detail and determination Erik! Thank you for sharing part of your life with us, I appreciate your videos very much!
      Andrew - Toronto, Canada.

    • Aloha Véra
      Aloha Véra Vor 5 Monate

      Horses are so useful, brave and kind. If you want some horses, don t you need somebody to help you ( Hay, horsemanship etc ) ?
      You may prefer to live all Alone. Nothing to compare but how longtime can you adapt yourself to cold water ?

    • Dee Dee
      Dee Dee Vor year +5

      I love the doggies in the video, the little teeny tiny King Charles Cavalier is adorable, just love watching the little doggy running in the back ground as you ski across fields of snow....biggest problem now is I have to wait for the next video...

  • Greg Bowman
    Greg Bowman Vor year +174

    Eric, in the last two videos you plunge into icy water, I cringe and shutter...I know it's healthy to do that, but I would probably die. You are an amazing human being. Thanks for taking us along on your holiday.

    • Sylvia Arbie
      Sylvia Arbie Vor 4 Monate

      @Dave R. That is such a mood

    • TheTanelChannel
      TheTanelChannel Vor 9 Monate +2

      Yeaah that takes some balls to do it :D but he had a Sauna nearby so its good, atleast I think it was nearby lol

    • justabit
      justabit Vor 11 Monate +2

      @Brian Holt Not so much about genes as just getting used to the climate. 5 years in northern Sweden and you'll feel the same.

    • Brian Holt
      Brian Holt Vor 11 Monate +4

      migraine inducing for me.
      not sure how he sleeps under a single blanket with no fire, either.
      I'm genetically related to Scandinavians, but maybe not those particular genes

    • tigress63
      tigress63 Vor year +5

      Greg, I feel the same way. I have Raynauds so having my hands or feet in cold water for about 60 seconds turns them purple then that yellowish-white and non-functional - what would happen to the rest o my body in an icy stream like that who knows!?!

  • Maccadole
    Maccadole Vor year +20

    What a beautiful video and adventure. As a Swede I'm grateful for the holiday recommendation as well. I have been riding horses since I was little and I would love to visit that place one day.

  • Keith Kuckler
    Keith Kuckler Vor year +62

    I love your whole series of videos, your part of the world looks just like mine. I live in the extreme north east tip of Minnesota, on the north shore of Lake Superior. We have the same plants, mosses, trees, and, geology. Skiing and dog sledding are the norm here rather than the exception. Our area was first inhabited by the native americans, then the Nowwegians came for the herring and trout fishing on the lake. Later the Swedes came to log the virgin forests and saw the timber. Now our main industry is tourism, and, we have many cultural institutions, for artists, ect. We have a folk school called NorthHouse where you can take all kinds of classes from log cabin building, to sausage making, as well as wooden boat and canoe building. My town is called Grand Marais, you should check it out.

    • Miggy716
      Miggy716 Vor year +2

      Reminds me of Northern Michigan. Also had Swedes and Norwegians, but also Welsh and Cornish families for the iron ore mining. And let's not forget the many Slavic families, which is my ancestry!

    • classic287
      classic287 Vor year +1

      Kokt korv

    • Mary Pearling
      Mary Pearling Vor year +3

      My dads family originated from Sweden to Minnesota where my dad was born in Duluth. I'd love to learn more about his family but he passed 21 years ago.

  • Spaz Goof Goof
    Spaz Goof Goof Vor year +25

    You live in such a beautiful country. Sweden is truly a breathtaking wonderland. My husband has been to Sweden through his job. I hope to visit someday in the future.

  • Ponto
    Ponto Vor year +50

    The way your dog sniffed at the water when you went under at the end was adorable. Dogs truly are human’s best friends.

  • Larry325
    Larry325 Vor year +15

    Erik absolutely incredible video. Loved every minute of this. I can’t believe how that little dog keeps up. Scenery is beautiful. 👍👍. Also I enjoy whatever your content is!!!!

  • Forau DNB
    Forau DNB Vor year +70

    A well deserved holiday :D
    Norway and Sweden are my two favourite countries, I hope to return soon!

    • Forau DNB
      Forau DNB Vor Monat +1

      @Clint Billton lmao. You know literally nothing.

    • Clint Billton
      Clint Billton Vor Monat

      If you want to visit Sweden go NOW!
      In 10 yrs there will be no Sweden no more. Sweden will be a nordic kalifate with civil war, much like Afghanistan, Pakistan aso. Swedistan. No joke.

    • Gleichtritt
      Gleichtritt Vor 9 Monate

      @Monkey Actually that is not even true. It would exclude Denmark too. But the north tip of Finland is part of the peninsula, even touching the scandinavian mountains. So no matter what makes a scandinavian country a scandinavian country, Finland can be counted in.

    • Forau DNB
      Forau DNB Vor year +2

      @Monkey yeah I know, it's not on the Scandinavian peninsula ;) as my original post said; sweden & norway, that's where my heart aches to be back at. :)

    • Monkey
      Monkey Vor year +2

      @Forau DNB hate to be that guy but Finland is not a Scandinavian country but a nordic country

  • Jacob Jackson
    Jacob Jackson Vor year +18

    What a beautiful place to live. I’m so envious that you get to enjoy it out there everyday. Glad you got a much needed vacation from all the hard work you’re doing. Looking forward to the rest of the project and videos

  • Andrew K. NI
    Andrew K. NI Vor year +8

    A great video Erik with gorgeous scenery. A real adventure into the wilderness :-)

  • David Williams
    David Williams Vor 8 Monate +1

    Erik dude, love your dog! I also like and appreciate how much fun one can have with horses, especially in cold and snowy conditions. You are the man! Excuse me for asking the following, numerous questions: where in Sweden is your cabin, your family and that horse ranch located, i.e. where in relation to Stockholm are y'all located? Is your cabin located on your parent's property? What proportion of the Swedish population lives in the rural areas and which live in the cities? Have you built your front door yet, and how about your front porch? That would be the best place to start every morning, sitting in a rocking chair and enjoying my first cup of coffee, or the second and third one as well. Hang loose and enjoy!

  • Stan Katsura
    Stan Katsura Vor year +14

    Thanks for taking us along. Fun for us to be able to see the horses and dogs too. My dog was also a drama queen and would cough if I scratched that area too hard. And fun to see you taking the dog for a ride in that trailer. Looked beautiful.

  • The Railrodes
    The Railrodes Vor year +10

    Hello Erik, I love your videos, your really good at what you do.

  • wtfBrad
    wtfBrad Vor year +4

    Looked like an awesome vacation. So much amazing scenery!

  • P K
    P K Vor year +7

    Those horses are healthy, clean, well behaved, and well fed 👍

    • wholeNwon
      wholeNwon Vor year +4

      And it takes a LOT of work to keep them that way.

  • King RAFA
    King RAFA Vor year +48

    No rush in finishing the cabin Erik because we can wait. Just took some time off and do the things what you want away from building 👍🇵🇭

    • Procyonblack
      Procyonblack Vor 10 Monate

      Sure, as long as he keeps posting various videos in the meantime...

    • Jerrid Parmeter
      Jerrid Parmeter Vor year +1

      Lol I agree with both of ya.. I'm impatient wanna see that beautiful cabin finished outside and inside but he deserves a break too ... Lol 😆

    • Elias Emanuelsson
      Elias Emanuelsson Vor year +1

      I do not agree 😂

  • Col Day
    Col Day Vor year +21

    Received my hoody from your suppliers today. Very pleased with it. Very warm, very comfy, well made and understated, unlike most 'merch' produced by youtubers. I shall likely be buying some more! Excellent channel. What a wonderful country,

  • LionHeartZ
    LionHeartZ Vor year +11

    When I saw the shepherd got their own cart on the back of the sleds I nearly died at how adorable it was.

  • Amanda B. Recondwith

    I would die of the cold, but it is very beautiful, and it's nice you enjoy your family together. What an absolutely perfect day to go to the mountaintop. You could probably see the Sea from up there!!

  • Ron Wilson
    Ron Wilson Vor year +14

    I have enjoyed watching your adventure since day one. You are a very brave young man.

  • taylor ammons
    taylor ammons Vor 9 Monate +1

    Unbelievable! So amazing! Thank you for sharing your talent and fortitude for traditions that I was convinced have long disappeared. It is so refreshing and exciting. I feel like I'm watching something wonderful from days gone by, yet here in 2021! WOW! so amazing! THANK YOU ERIK! THANK YOU!

  • snirzo Firnisio
    snirzo Firnisio Vor year +15

    what a magic place...simply awesome...i cant see nothing in this video that is not perfect....really congrats from switzerland...

  • Steve and Jenny
    Steve and Jenny Vor year +42

    The mountain ride to the top was fantastic. The Australian shepherd is beautiful dog.

    • PimpKing
      PimpKing Vor 9 Monate

      @Geyji BILL1 he went on a vacation from his build

    • Marcus Berg
      Marcus Berg Vor 11 Monate

      @Geyji BILL1 It's a different cabin.

    • Geyji BILL1
      Geyji BILL1 Vor year

      how did his cabin went from nothing to a loundge ? he skept some steps ??

  • Pink Velvet
    Pink Velvet Vor year +1

    So beautiful even though it's cold. I like to experience even once like that too. I was born in one the tropical islands of the Philippines and now living in this somewhat desert environment of So. California. So all I experience is heat. Rarely see the snow.

  • taylor ammons
    taylor ammons Vor 9 Monate +1

    AMAZING! AMAZING! I came across your videos on youtube by chance several days ago....and now I can't stop watching them!
    Erik, you are a master craftsman as well as talented with your shots, setups, and editing!

  • Sagalaya
    Sagalaya Vor year +17

    The scenery looks like other planet for me who lived in equatorial, amazing view...

  • scottnyc
    scottnyc Vor year +3

    Excellent videography!!
    I would love to get to see this beautiful country sometime.The mountain top had a stone monument at the peak.Its a world that looks so far away so long ago.Amazing!!Thanks

  • Littlehonda125
    Littlehonda125 Vor year +1

    You earned a great deal of respect from me when you got into that water at the end. I have fallen through frozen lakes a few times, but never volunteered! It's good though, you are really awesome. And this one made me really miss my horses.

  • Marshall Suber
    Marshall Suber Vor year +15

    Skiing behind horses!!! Who would have thought. Beautiful countryside. Be well. Blessings from New Orleans.

    • Erlinda Tanyag
      Erlinda Tanyag Vor year +1

      What a wonderful view.that's right eric... take your time we can wait for your next vlogg.all we want us take time out for a while.watching from philippines.your subscriber.

  • Jim S
    Jim S Vor year +1

    Erik, nicely done! I was freezing watching you submerge in the creek. I guess know you have a hot/warm cabin to go back to is always nice.

  • 22vx
    22vx Vor year +3

    Thank you for sharing 👍 Safe travels 🌏

  • Alaina da Costa
    Alaina da Costa Vor 10 Monate +2

    Your little dog is so cute ~ I love how she went to check on you when you got in the water at the end

  • Ceez B
    Ceez B Vor 5 Monate +1

    Yo bro you and your family/friends are a bunch of geniuses… you guys really know how to enjoy & respect nature while using resources in a responsible manner.

  • Carl Morrow
    Carl Morrow Vor year +4

    Great content Eric, the horse trekking through that kind of landscape must be really relaxing.

  • David Adams
    David Adams Vor year +4

    Epic travels! Plunging in the frozen creak, not sure I would survive! Amazing

  • We The People
    We The People Vor year +2

    I noticed that all the entry doors to the cabins are short. Wonder why?
    BTW great job on building the cabin!!!

  • Phil Copeland
    Phil Copeland Vor year +2

    It's so good to see more of your beautiful country, Erik.

  • L M S
    L M S Vor year +3

    I look forward to each and every video! I love escaping into your world. Thank you!

  • Hugues Alaric
    Hugues Alaric Vor year +2

    When I see men and women like these, I trully have a great hope for a bright and great Europe in the future, a real motivation !

  • Ozzie Pilot
    Ozzie Pilot Vor year +5

    For us that live in tropical/temperate climates watching you plunge into icy water is chilling to say the least :) these video insights are remarkable and thank you for sharing.

  • Ukiyo
    Ukiyo Vor year +16

    I always enjoy these log cabin videos

  • Dave Houser
    Dave Houser Vor year +1

    Really nice drone footage and great camera stability with the rest. Beautiful footage of the horses and scenery. Sorry, no critical stuff this time :P

  • Steven Noel
    Steven Noel Vor year +3

    Erik this is a Splendid Video such a beautiful location where you live ! thank you so much for making your excellent video content it is always most enjoyable , I am looking forward to your next offering I hope it will be soon my friend . please keep well and safe .

  • K G
    K G Vor year +2

    That dog running side by side a horse is the coolest thing ive seen today. WOW

  • SST
    SST Vor year +1

    Brilliant l have never seen anyone work like this amazing craftsmanship 💚

  • Erika Alexandre
    Erika Alexandre Vor year +2

    Linda paisagem Erik mostrando um pouco do seu lindo país e cutlura

  • Merfy
    Merfy Vor 11 Monate

    Love these videos. For some reason I imagine Erik doing all meticulous activity but with excruciating arthritis

  • valdeci miranda
    valdeci miranda Vor year +4

    I started watching the videos this week. I can't wait to see the next one.
    Greetings from Brazil.

  • King Thinking
    King Thinking Vor year +1

    Your videos are so peaceful. You are an amazing artist. Thanks for sharing!
    Love from Brazil.

  • Roberto Calvo
    Roberto Calvo Vor year +1

    You gotta admire horses, such amazing animals

  • Helmut Aarts
    Helmut Aarts Vor year +2

    I have hiked there nearby, Fettjeåfallet. My most amazing hike to and over a waterfall is Yxingåfallet. Truly a very surprising 5 step waterfall. Took me 2 trips to find it.
    Now you have a future project, building housing for a horse or 2, 3......

  • BJ Schutts
    BJ Schutts Vor year +7

    A nice break for you ... great camera work and interesting content. 😎

  • michaelrck
    michaelrck Vor year +2

    It is good to have a break Erik. Thanks for sharing. Keep them coming.

  • Rochelle Whitney
    Rochelle Whitney Vor year +8

    I'm impressed as always with your lifestyle! Must say you freak me out at the end but you surfaced or this wouldn't have been posted! :D

  • Alouna
    Alouna Vor year +2

    Great expérience, the ski horse, the ride ,after the sauna and the cold water perfect for me ,it is my dream to do it once in your country🙏👍🌺

  • Scott Culver
    Scott Culver Vor year +2

    What an epic adventure!
    And all that to find a place to walk the dog!

  • owl3764
    owl3764 Vor year +1

    Nice holiday, or vacation...
    I always loved being on the family farm with all the animals. I'll upset the twitter users if I list them all.
    Snow was never a thing where I grew up though, or deliberately making oneself warm then super cold. Warm good, cold bad... but each to their own.

  • Sorin Iulian Cantoreanu

    Amazing !!!
    Erik just reminds me up lifestyle as it was long time ago in my granpa.s village, wich i felt it and live it on my skin as well in 60s & 70s. I know how it is. Recharging your soul & mind. Offering relaxation and peace.
    Puttin together old way (horse and carriage) and new way (with motors), he wanted to show us life in mountain side from his country as it is, but also the beauty of winter as well.
    This is FREEDOM my friends.
    Taking life the way it is, making things simple (coffe at wood fire), love for animals, beeng together with nature .... THIS my friends is definition of freedom.
    Congrats for this video Erik !!
    Just only wait to see you in action at log cabin again ...
    RESPECT !!!

  • Flávia Gensem
    Flávia Gensem Vor year

    I hope I get to go to Sweden one day. It has been a dream for years. What a beautiful plase. ♥️🥰 Love from Brazil.

  • Autumn Leaves
    Autumn Leaves Vor year +4

    Another superb film from Erik the adventurer. You have a great way of life over there in Sweden. I was truly impressed by your efforts in building a log cabin more or less by yourself. You are a very special human being and your parents should be proud of you.

  • ExAnalogia
    ExAnalogia Vor year +15

    What a lovely end of the clip.
    The question is: What happend next .....
    That is a really nice cliff hanger that Erik Grankvist did there.
    When he is tired of the cabin building. I guess he can take a work as movie producer.

  • baum stamm
    baum stamm Vor year +2

    amazing area! thank you for this video, again!

  • Alexandria Naujoks
    Alexandria Naujoks Vor year +1

    Now this is the kind of life I want to lead. I think my soul is slowly dying from living in suburbia.

  • Kasey Thomas
    Kasey Thomas Vor year +1

    Wonderful adventure!
    Beautiful country!
    "Then we never saw him again!"

  • Himes
    Himes Vor year +1

    how much of the equipment have you upgraded since you started to build your log cabin? (I.E. camera, drone, computer, etc.)

  • Tim Obrien
    Tim Obrien Vor year +1

    That place is paradise. Beautiful country!

  • W&C
    W&C Vor year +46

    annnnnnd hes back!
    the fact you can ski anywhere is so damn cool! Australia needs more snow!

  • Ginni Colee
    Ginni Colee Vor year +4

    Just wow. You're an inspiration and amazing young man

  • Maria Josefa Martinez
    Maria Josefa Martinez Vor 5 Monate

    Es un lugar hermoso y amo los caballos, ! Un placer verlos

  • Pedro Ferraciolli
    Pedro Ferraciolli Vor year +1

    Muito loucooo🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Outdoor Kohai
    Outdoor Kohai Vor year +4

    You're a brave man, that looks cold!!! Great video, thanks for bringing us along!

  • jrbship
    jrbship Vor year +2

    Came for the cabin build, stayed for the doggos

  • chris craft
    chris craft Vor year +14

    Eric is officially the “ Ice Man “
    He has balls of steel or will one day when his freeze and fall off into a stream somewhere.

  • Jackie Lowrey
    Jackie Lowrey Vor year +3

    Love the Australian Shepherd running beside the horse.

  • Dale Black
    Dale Black Vor year +5

    Amazing place! Thanks for sharing.

  • Stephen Ayer
    Stephen Ayer Vor year +1

    Loved the skijoring, reminds me when I would skijor with my Siberian husky Max here in Canada!

  • Augustus87 Heron
    Augustus87 Heron Vor year

    I'm impressed. A steady cam on that snowmobile ride? That's the only way I can account for how bumpy the hills were and how smooth the camera view was.

  • lee cockrane
    lee cockrane Vor year +3

    What a beautiful life!

  • Dixie
    Dixie Vor 9 Monate

    I am thinking back in the old days, probably my own family in Gotland Island, did some of these same things too. But you are a one man construction company!!! How did you learn all these old world building techniques?

  • Jean Burgin
    Jean Burgin Vor year +2

    The country side is beautiful. Love the horses too, we have beautiful horse farms here in Kentucky. Love your faithful sweet dog, Is he a King Charles Spaniel? Oh know, not the cold water again. lol

  • Lorenzo Marchegiani

    i'm glad you gave yourself a break, well deserved. New energies to end the building stage!

  • Brittany Babe
    Brittany Babe Vor year +15

    A well earned break for you Erik but I was starting to feel a bit sorry for Alice 😔

  • ART Nzo
    ART Nzo Vor year +3

    merci pour les paysages magnifique.

  • Dyslexic Mitochondria
    Dyslexic Mitochondria Vor year +425

    His mom told him to go play outside he never came back

  • Marion Bartley
    Marion Bartley Vor year

    Looks like you had a good Adventure Eric.

  • SeaKnightVirchow
    SeaKnightVirchow Vor year +1

    Beautiful and I could only wish I could have been on the sleigh ride. skiing, and riding a horse through the snow. I’d pass on the frozen skinny dip.

  • classic287
    classic287 Vor year +1

    The land is so beautiful, but the water must be so cold 🥶

  • Christy Dunlap
    Christy Dunlap Vor year +4

    I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA and when I seen you jump in that ice batch at the end I ABOUT SHIVERED TO DEATH AND LITERALLY SAID IT LOUD YEP HE'S CRAZY AF. 70 F° is chilly for me 🥶🤣🤣🤣

    EMRE MLADIC Vor year +2

    Only those who have tuff nuts will understand diving into icy water.. well done

  • 천팔삼
    천팔삼 Vor year +1

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  • Lynia Squires
    Lynia Squires Vor year +1

    Nice video Erik, keep it up. I love that dog so much btw.😃😍

  • Andreas Nilsson
    Andreas Nilsson Vor year +6

    Sverige är fantastiskt.

  • P32
    P32 Vor 9 Monate

    That's a long trek in such deep snow for a little pup!

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee Vor year +6

    wow there is a sauna in the middle of all that wilderness in a log cabin and after that you go and dunk yourself in a frozen river....one extreme to another...love it.

    • Chris Duckett
      Chris Duckett Vor year +1

      Whim Hoff worthy and he didn't even flinch!

  • Lucas Luan de Melo
    Lucas Luan de Melo Vor year +1

    Oh gosh, If Erick start a farm we could call the video series of "real life stardew valley".

  • Charlie
    Charlie Vor year +10

    Surprised little dog was able to keep up breaking it's own path rather than staying in your tracks

  • HotelGolf718
    HotelGolf718 Vor 8 Monate

    The mountain top was incredible. Bliss.

  • C M
    C M Vor year +10

    You have better luck skiing with a dog than I did. My Samoyed was always intent on catching the tips of my skis.

  • The dork in the woods

    Kul att se hur din kanal växer, och hur du gör dina videos!:D Var det mannen från cowboy-kåken?