How To Care For Indoor Plants + GREENIFY YOUR SPACE

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  • 5 easy house plants you (probably) won't kill ➡
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    Not spon
    Check out Pop Wilder because they're great:
    Water meter:
    The songs are all stock music so don't even ask, there's too many to list hahaha
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    This was very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

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    Great little video well done, nice and natural

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    Do you have any info on rosary vine?

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    my Carnivorous plants: bow before me peasants

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    Beautiful. I'm thinking of planting something that I could eat as well.

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    Where do you get your pots??

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    Big like! I really appreciate you sharing all these helpful tips! ❤ New friend here to support! I hope we can stay connected! Much Love! XO ❤💕😘❤❤

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    I have to put all my plants on shelves because my bearded dragon will try to eat them 😂

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    John & Bobs's 100051285 Soil Optimizer 3lb, 3 lb

  • Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming!

    great video, but I'd recommend 'not' using a sphagnum moss pole, because the harvesting of the sphagnum moss is actually bad for the environment. Try wrapping some jute rope or string around a pvc pipe or make it out of something else you like.

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    Absolutely stunning🙏

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    My spider plant grew some thin spider web like. What should I do? Wash each leaves? Pls help. Im new at any type of planting.

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    How to get green thumb class 🤔

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    Hi, thanks for these tips. Where did you buy your white & natural 4 shelves from?

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    This has been so helpful - thank you! Is there any way of preventing plants from outgrowing their pots? I don't want them to get too big but I'm also worried they'll just die if I leave them where they are.

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    anyone have any good places to buy cheap plants?

    • Nicole Sophie
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      Pengwen H thanks!

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      Walmart garden center and Home Depot garden center are my favorites.
      I bought some little clearance plants from Walmart a few months ago $1-$5, and only lost a mini rose that was already half dead in the store ($1.50), but the tea cup it sat in was super cute. Just bought a quart of Madrid Lavender from the Home Depot clearance corner for $2 (the pint of the same brand was $5) most of the flowers were dead, but I took it home and "dead headed" it as Google told me to, and it seems pretty happy.

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    I just got into plants and this was loaded with great info , thank you so much for the good quality !

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    Hey! Love this video! I saw that you have a fiddle fig tree. I just bought one & the lady told me to just water it once a week. I tried that but the leaves started to look sad so I think it needs water more often... can you give me some tips on caring for fiddle figs tree?

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    i love you flower collection so satysfying

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    Great video! Just one thing. Remember that a genus starts with a capital letter. For example Tradescantia purpuria (second Word starts with lower letter and all the name is in italic style).

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    What is the name of the plant at 0:03 with the leaf that is half white?! I have never seen a half white leaf like that.

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    I just uploaded an "All my plants" video. It would be cool if yall could watch it it's my 6th video ever.

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    I would be so scared to have plants if I lived in Australia, I am deadly terrified of 🕷🕷 and would be worried they would stalk me in my sleep

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    Long-time subscriber; big time plant appreciator. This was the most informative and interesting video I’ve seen in ages. Such useful tips for those of us who love green indoors. I’m glad that one plant recovered. Your knowledge about the whole plant and one leaf is spot on. Thank you for what you do. 💕

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    Is it possible to permanently home plants in your bathroom or in your shower that love high humidity and darker areas?

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    Thank you so much! Very helpful and amazing to watch. I have a question, ihope you can help me :) my ceropegia woodii is growing many new leaves and vines, but all the ends seem to die... (they get dry, and brown) its only a month old but it shouldve adjusted to my room by now. What could be wrong with it? Its really saddening to see it get shorter instead of longer.

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    I've listened over and over and I can't understand all of your ingredients in your soil mixture. Could you (or anyone) let me know what all you used?

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    Thanks for such a great video - your plants are beautiful! I am from Australia too and I find it really hard to source the hoyas and others that aren't mainstream at Bunnings - could you share the online sources you use? I live on the north coast NSW and our selections are very basic xx

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    My mother used to set them outside or even shower her plants, for them to get rid of the dust on their leaves. She did that atleast twice a year and dusted the leaves in between. Another thing to make sure you do, atleast for the plants that are sensitive to too much water, put in a layer of hydro-pellets at the bottom of the pot. The pellets will soak up exces water and graduately feed it back to the soil

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