Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food

  • Am 10 Jan 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Simpsons food tried by Adults.
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    Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food
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  • Dimitra Herring
    Dimitra Herring Vor 6 Minuten +1

    The ribwich immediately made me think of a McRib

    REDIXS GT Vor 5 Stunden +1

    I don't get it.. when someone eats a food they automatically lost but they still don't eat the other foods. well sometimes.

  • The Destroyer
    The Destroyer Vor 7 Stunden +5

    If I were at this competition, I would have resist everything. Then at the end I get a Burger with Pork meat and I couldn't eat, because of my religion.🤣🤣🤣

    • Fan Pet
      Fan Pet Vor 6 Minuten

      Well, not because of my religion, but still-

    • Liam Evans
      Liam Evans Vor 2 Stunden

      Don't eat pork, not even with a fork. Can't touch this!

    • Jeliah Anna
      Jeliah Anna Vor 5 Stunden


    • Shivam Jain
      Shivam Jain Vor 5 Stunden

      The Destroyer, I’m sure they would’ve made an exception 😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • Fruppet Plays
    Fruppet Plays Vor 13 Stunden

    Great video :)

  • Jereth yew
    Jereth yew Vor 14 Stunden +4

    It wasn't wrapped in butter. The waffle was wrapping the butter

  • Jeremiah Lynch
    Jeremiah Lynch Vor 15 Stunden +3

    You guys should have done the hot chocolate from the Simpsons movie as the reward food

  • LegitMan335
    LegitMan335 Vor 23 Stunden +3

    Now let’s all go out for some FROSTY CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKES !!!

  • Gillian Garcia
    Gillian Garcia Vor Tag +7

    Is it just me but does anyone else wonder what happens to the food if they don’t eat it? Like can I eat it instead 🥴

  • Bianca Kelina
    Bianca Kelina Vor Tag +7


  • valerin Agui
    valerin Agui Vor Tag +3

    I love u guys videos

  • Vincent Williams
    Vincent Williams Vor Tag +7

    Will there be a Minecraft try not to eat challenge

  • Sadieoo
    Sadieoo Vor Tag +9

    Ive always wanted to try the hot cocoa that flanders makes for Bart in the Simpsons movie, it looks so good

  • Bobmarley 310
    Bobmarley 310 Vor Tag +2

    If I was there I wouldn’t eat the spaghetti bar.I wouldn’t eat the donuts either, cause I only like the chocolate kind.Why do I find liquid smoke a bit suspicious in waffles ? The nacho hat looks delicious, but I wouldn’t eat it since I’m lactose intolerant and I hate anything spicy.

    • Bobmarley 310
      Bobmarley 310 Vor 10 Stunden

      Ariana Grande Is My Queen well not necessarily.If I brought my lactaids, then it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

    • Ariana Grande Is My Queen
      Ariana Grande Is My Queen Vor Tag +1

      Bobmarley 310 lol u wouldn’t be able to eat like anything there if ur lactose intolerant

  • nightcore gamer2.0
    nightcore gamer2.0 Vor Tag +3

    Do Scooby Doo foods next 🐕

  • Toasted Watermelon
    Toasted Watermelon Vor 2 Tage

    Umm, here is the steamed hams

  • Sky_stider223
    Sky_stider223 Vor 2 Tage +3

    They better have the real nacho hat that fits a head lol

  • Carlos T.
    Carlos T. Vor 3 Tage +8

    How does a human being think Nachos are "overhyped" tf

  • ace 1939
    ace 1939 Vor 3 Tage +6

    I wouldn't even be able to enjoy the winning dish! I hate ribs

  • miranda romo
    miranda romo Vor 3 Tage +9

    Cool, but can I get a moon waffles recipe?

    • Oh now's
      Oh now's Vor 2 Tage

      @miranda romo it will make smell sounds and tastr colors

    • miranda romo
      miranda romo Vor 2 Tage

      @Oh now's will that be delicious or gross?

    • Oh now's
      Oh now's Vor 2 Tage

      Ah, thats just were homer hides his lsd stash.. Yes the old Liquid smoke bottle scheme.. GOT EEEEMMMM!!

    • miranda romo
      miranda romo Vor 2 Tage +1

      @Oh now's thanks, but how come Homer use liquid smoke to make a moon waffles?

    • Oh now's
      Oh now's Vor 2 Tage +1

      LSD , waffle, syrup(optional) 👌

  • Akashi 1412
    Akashi 1412 Vor 3 Tage +10

    5:17 Words of Wisdom

  • Emalee King
    Emalee King Vor 3 Tage +2

    Please sign me up for this, how do you get there please ... Can I join you 🤧💗😣😐😶😓

  • Brandon Howard
    Brandon Howard Vor 3 Tage +3

    Where the hell is the liquid smoke?

  • Robert Melgoza
    Robert Melgoza Vor 3 Tage +2


  • Midnight Wolf
    Midnight Wolf Vor 4 Tage

    Is dat daniel radcliff
    He looks like it daniel

  • Logan Mcleod
    Logan Mcleod Vor 5 Tage

    مرحبًا أنا لوغان أحب هذه القناة

  • Brian Mcmiller
    Brian Mcmiller Vor 5 Tage +11

    them cant hold back against a DONUT

  • Monkey buddy Games
    Monkey buddy Games Vor 5 Tage +9

    I'd rather get a donut from universal

  • Ko Ps
    Ko Ps Vor 5 Tage +5

    Is there duff

  • Roger Alaniz
    Roger Alaniz Vor 6 Tage +17

    You guys forgot the hot coco from the Movie!!!!

  • Finn
    Finn Vor 6 Tage +20

    I wonder if they get to eat it after the video is over

    • katie lake
      katie lake Vor 5 Tage +1

      they probably do so the food doesnt get wasted

  • david lee
    david lee Vor 6 Tage +8

    If it were me then i would just wait until binging with babish makes it

  • redmr2na
    redmr2na Vor 6 Tage +5

    I don't know what's funnier, Tori's reaction to the Rotten Sandwich or Jim's reaction to the Rotten Sandwich. Either way I'm crying with laughter from the Rotten Sandwich.

  • Gogeta Gohan
    Gogeta Gohan Vor 6 Tage +5

    Alberto shouldn’t be complaining about Ary peer pressuring him, he lick and that was his fault

  • Mr Awesome
    Mr Awesome Vor 6 Tage +3


  • yavuz uzunlar
    yavuz uzunlar Vor 6 Tage +2

    *cartoon* guy: EW *reality* guy: OMG *eats* aw man ı lost :(

    STETSON MCBROOM Vor 7 Tage +6

    My FAVORITE one is the nacho nacho man scene

  • Alan Perez
    Alan Perez Vor 7 Tage +14

    They should’ve done the hot coco from the Simpsons movie

  • Lil Illegal
    Lil Illegal Vor 7 Tage +3

    The Simpsons never predicted this video🤔

  • Garrett Messel
    Garrett Messel Vor 7 Tage +8

    3:15 tell that to alexei in the grave

  • felicity 🤩
    felicity 🤩 Vor 7 Tage +5

    my school makes ribwichs for lunch sometimes so i wouldn’t even care

  • Towka
    Towka Vor 7 Tage +10

    *Jonathans shirt is really catching me off guard.*

  • Braden
    Braden Vor 8 Tage +10

    No one:


  • Adria N
    Adria N Vor 8 Tage +28

    You can get huge Simpson’s doughnuts at Universal Studios

  • Spooney
    Spooney Vor 9 Tage +39

    Police officer is called Jim

    Jim hopper


  • Alyssa !!
    Alyssa !! Vor 9 Tage +39

    do try not to eat charley and the chocolate factory foods

    • ummno
      ummno Vor 7 Tage

      Alyssa !! I would eat it

    • Towka
      Towka Vor 7 Tage

      Alyssa !! *Charlie

  • Lyla B. Cancino
    Lyla B. Cancino Vor 9 Tage +22

    A really good prize would be the hot chocolate ned flanders gave to Bart in the Simpsons Movie

  • Maddy Weasley
    Maddy Weasley Vor 9 Tage +5

    Omg was Jim the officer on nailed it

  • Sloth Boi
    Sloth Boi Vor 9 Tage +8


  • Animation Awesome
    Animation Awesome Vor 9 Tage +4

    It’s hard not too

  • basonu
    basonu Vor 9 Tage +7

    Plz let kids be in these episodes

  • RawrKannibal
    RawrKannibal Vor 10 Tage +12

    I will try the donut, the waffle and the burger ♥

  • Haru- H
    Haru- H Vor 10 Tage +10

    Might as well eat it all

  • KrokslettNorskGaming
    KrokslettNorskGaming Vor 10 Tage +8

    When are you guys using different music?

  • Sebastian Harley
    Sebastian Harley Vor 10 Tage +9

    Who kept on tapping johnathon shirt

  • Sude
    Sude Vor 10 Tage +14

    literally in every video:
    *alberto accidentally does something*
    "does that count?!?"

  • Godzilla Spine Serafin
    Godzilla Spine Serafin Vor 10 Tage +7

    They eat because they don't have breakfast

  • 페레즈클라렌스
    페레즈클라렌스 Vor 11 Tage +8

    Please do kpop diet for a day please

  • Jason Vu
    Jason Vu Vor 11 Tage +8

    I wanted to see that one sandwich he made in the car 😂

  • Yeet Bow
    Yeet Bow Vor 11 Tage +2

    Regular Show Food

  • Chungus Toonze
    Chungus Toonze Vor 11 Tage +7

    Next do kids try not to eat spongebob foods

  • Joan Garcia
    Joan Garcia Vor 11 Tage +1

    Try not to eat juke food

  • Jennifer Charest-Rodriguez

    Yo did anybody see that Alberto at 7:18 wiped the cheese that was on his mouth and then wiped it onto the nacho hat?

  • scott Robertson
    scott Robertson Vor 11 Tage +5

    try not to use the satasfiying item

  • Nathaniel Nord
    Nathaniel Nord Vor 11 Tage +13

    When Ary said the treehouse of horror ones were her favorite I was not suprised

  • Rabin Timilsina
    Rabin Timilsina Vor 11 Tage +2

    They will just eat them all😑
    Wtf....Not even trying a bit??

  • Memez Boi
    Memez Boi Vor 11 Tage +2

    roses are red
    ketchup is too
    i’m gonna get
    some spaghett

  • Insidious
    Insidious Vor 11 Tage +2

    Anyone else think at first glance that Alberto was the Kinobody guy?

  • Lilja Karppinen
    Lilja Karppinen Vor 11 Tage +2


    • Lily Vilchis
      Lily Vilchis Vor 7 Tage

      Lilja Karppinen as a Simpson fan they wouldn’t even try

  • Ido Maimon
    Ido Maimon Vor 11 Tage +2

    Free food

  • MeatFinger-_- Chicken
    MeatFinger-_- Chicken Vor 12 Tage +3

    I saw tori's mouth open I think she going to eat fish😂😂😂🙏

  • Tim Hopkins
    Tim Hopkins Vor 12 Tage +8

    "As a police officer I don't want to be caught on camera eating a donut"... one if the best things I've heard this week

  • Toxic Boy
    Toxic Boy Vor 12 Tage +1

    Alberto snd ary are soooooooioooooooo cute

  • BAKE Krew !!!
    BAKE Krew !!! Vor 12 Tage +2

    Jim was on Nailed it!!! 🤩

    • Isabella Turk
      Isabella Turk Vor 12 Tage

      I thought I was the only one that noticed that lol

  • Im Fuuri
    Im Fuuri Vor 12 Tage