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Drinkable Water with Only Knife

  • Am 23 Apr 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Find more videos on my youtube channel. This is my first youtube shorts. Thinking this could be a "survival" tips series.


  • Nathan de Nachtkaars

    Me: Is it drinkable?

  • The CIA
    The CIA  +18

    Snow: "...am I a joke to you?"

  • Erik Schuster

    I really like that "👍🏻" at the end

  • Golem fossilisé

    He did the "👍🏻" thing, i am convinced now

  • Martin Blaney

    Okay, would you please do a knife sharpening tutorial, because your knives and axes and hatches are like RAZORS!!!!

  • Ron Wilson

    Erik, I really do enjoy how much you know about life and survival in the forest. How did you learn this knowledge of building, making, and living in the forest? I am extremely impressed. I have watched you since day one.


    You’re amazing. Can you do a video on what compelled you to build the cabin and how you came to acquire your skills? Every video had me in awe! What is your next project? Amazing! Thank you!🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Владимир Крылов

    Here in Russia we call it birch juice

  • Fabian
    Fabian  +3

    8 months later, oh its finally full

  • Ms Bananas

    At first I thought you were collecting sap but this is even cooler <3

  • Dodo
    Dodo  +3

    What? This is incredible, i think this is the most useful thing I've learned so far from DEclips.

  • Matt S
    Matt S  +56

    Nestle wants to know your location

  • Atari Russia

    I know how to get drinkable water withot a knife... you wait for rain and open your mouth.

  • azumi ayano

    Du bist mein Idol

  • Carl Struyf

    is there a Beer tree ?

  • N
    N  +1

    Watching him is like a therapy.

  • StevenSWM
    StevenSWM  +17

    Would that be your number 1 choice of knife to carry and use in the woods, or do you have a 1st choice, and if so, what is the Make/Model??? And as always, Love the vids! 👍

  • Mack Mack

    Saw this in the video 💛

  • Alan Shaw

    I’ve just come across your channel. Truly amazed by your skills and work ethic. I’ll go as far to say I’ve never seen anyone accomplish such a task single handily. Amazing.

  • Mila

    А глаза - то у тебя какие красивые.✔️👑👍