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Water rescues caught on camera in Orlando after Hurricane Ian

  • Am 28 Sep 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Katie Lagrone caught water rescues on camera in Orlando following Hurricane Ian. wfts.tv/3fvurOR


  • N Stark
    N Stark Vor Monat +94

    Devastating to watch, but the rescuers are devoted - heroes all!

    • bob2bobby
      bob2bobby Vor Monat +1

      Rescuers are real angels

    • Dane Bowen
      Dane Bowen  Vor Monat


    • Siry
      Siry Vor Monat +2

      Amen 🙏🏼 same here Be safe everyone!

    • Ruby Fearon
      Ruby Fearon Vor Monat +8

      Prayers for my family 👪 🙏 and all Floridians speedy recovery 🙏

  • Champaigne Nicole
    Champaigne Nicole Vor Monat +161

    The people who are declining rescue are in shock or praying that the water recedes quickly and when they snap out of it and realize thats not happening it’s a lot. This has been a very traumatic situation.

    • BossLady
      BossLady Vor Monat

      @Merza Ford yep some want to go down with the ship. We don’t know peoples reasons.

    • Merza Ford
      Merza Ford Vor Monat +1

      @BossLady some people do not want to leave because they only have a little bit left to lived off. They are already poor and yet they lost everything they owned

    • Gabesz
      Gabesz Vor Monat +1

      The people with private boats started to evacuate and help the people since Sunday. It's understandable they're don't want now the offial help.

    • BossLady
      BossLady Vor Monat +5

      They are hard core and just thinking they can handle it. They should be forced out.

    • The Quaalude
      The Quaalude Vor Monat +3

      They're just having fun playing in the water, leave em alone

  • daniel melo
    daniel melo Vor Monat +95

    Praying for those brave men !!! Who willing to risk their life to rescue others

  • Tricia inGeorgia
    Tricia inGeorgia Vor Monat +179

    There are many that just couldn’t afford to leave!!!! If I lived there I would have had to stay…because I can barely afford to eat, gas for work….much less my utilities! Praying for these poor people ❤️🙏🏻❤️

    • Lionel Pugh
      Lionel Pugh Vor Monat

      @frikinfrezy how could they pack up and leave if they are poor....have some empathy everything anit as simple as you make it...smh.

    • Magpie
      Magpie Vor Monat

      Many do not understand that .
      The wealthy just fly out the middle class will fill up their tanks and drive to a hotel ...the poor and disabled and seniors with no families have no money to pack up and go ....

    • Krazy Kozey
      Krazy Kozey Vor Monat +3

      @frikinfrezy all I can say is even with past disasters we're still one of the top fiscally responsible states. If we go down that rabbit hole I'll blow your mind with comparisons of how we don't waste federal money. You need the coastal communities here because of the federal taxes they provide. The insurance game here is extremely shaky I will agree to that but even with this current disaster we won't bankrupt the federal system vs 3/4s of the states. We live in a country now that when certain people run it prefer to give money to people that have nothing to do with our country. I agree we could definitely do more for our own but that means cutting the tit off from the other non citizens we funnel money too.

    • Ariana Moxie Loving
      Ariana Moxie Loving Vor Monat +3

      @frikinfrezy That's what you do if you haven't lived long enough to know better than to rely on any government to take care of you.
      Enjoy your naivette and quite ragging on the people who are doing their best to cope with minimal resources from your cozy distance.

    • Ariana Moxie Loving
      Ariana Moxie Loving Vor Monat +2

      @Zen Vibe Friends of mine who went to FEMA shelter post eruption of volcano in Hawaii were lucky they had family in Sacramento to get a flight to, because government-managed shelters did not have enough water, food or beds. And not everyone has transportation or health to get to such shelters!

  • The watchmen
    The watchmen Vor Monat +38

    To all rescuers. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO 🇺🇲

  • WDown317
    WDown317 Vor Monat +49

    Maybe that woman who refused the assistance was put off by the camera crew in her face. Believe it or not, there are still people in this day and age who value their privacy.

    • GettysburgBatle
      GettysburgBatle Vor Monat

      @Natasha Blackburn I wish I was in Florida helping but I’m in Seattle born and raised since 1990
      Only politics will make me move
      Luckily gun laws are better than Texas here
      No ccw no registration for my guns, I open carry .45 24/7 since 2010(age 20), I am au(tis)tic and refuse to be a victim for anyone or anything!!!

    • Natasha Blackburn
      Natasha Blackburn Vor Monat +2

      @GettysburgBatle That was my thought.

    • GettysburgBatle
      GettysburgBatle Vor Monat +4

      But more like she wanted others be helped not her maybe she’s used to this a lot of people want the rescuers to help the most needed

    • VanLifeCrisis
      VanLifeCrisis Vor Monat

      She also probably heard about the 'shelters' they took people to in katrina, with the rapes and theft. She also had a rifle and didn't want to be disarmed, which they for sure would have done.

  • D Season
    D Season Vor Monat +74

    This may not be Normal but i have to give huge praise to Floridians who know how to survive these storms because if it was in my State we all would be Panicking !! Prayers Florida 🙏🙏🙏

    • Marcia Forde
      Marcia Forde Vor Monat

      ​@Z Killa

    • Julia Weber
      Julia Weber Vor Monat

      I agree

    • Z Killa
      Z Killa Vor Monat +7

      Luckily I live in Central Florida and usually only have to deal with power outages and a tree or 2. But this hit us pretty bad and we were already overloaded with Water. I expect big trees to continue falling from the saturated ground. I got lucky and plan to donate my generator to someone who needs it.

  • Amy Falcon
    Amy Falcon Vor Monat +12

    Thank you for all you do men and women in uniform! So proud of USA 🇺🇸 @Ron De Santis! Learn from this experience! Prayers to all affected by this devastation! Hoping for a full recovery…🙏🙏🙏
    People has to accept rescue and help when offered! Don’t walk in the waters, alligators 🐊must be just prying for food!😮

  • KarenC
    KarenC Vor Monat +14

    Such wonderful people who are helping the rescue efforts

  • Michelle Odes
    Michelle Odes Vor Monat +15

    Hearts 💕 and prayers 🙏 for everyone who experienced and are experiencing this devastation.

  • Linda Starr
    Linda Starr Vor Monat +11

    These people just went through a traumatic experience. I have family members who went through a traumatic experience with Hurricane Harvey. Still to this day when it rains hard, they have a difficult time. It's sad that people have to stay because they just can't afford the expense of evacuation.

  • David Cardoso
    David Cardoso Vor Monat +27

    You know how upset I would be if I’m trying to get out of my flooded neighborhood and I have a news crew pointing a camera at me? Leave these people alone.

    • Nevaeh A
      Nevaeh A Vor Monat

      Fr!!! These people are so rude. And these poor rescuers look FED UP. “I had to say wait wait let me get the mic” 💀 like no ma’am these people need help NOW.

  • Angie Pangie
    Angie Pangie Vor Monat +60

    Lmao at the lady carrying the coolers and big ass gun 😂😂😂

    • Pepacheck
      Pepacheck Vor Monat +1

      @Kim D and it floats

    • Steve Oranges
      Steve Oranges Vor Monat

      @Karen Scales she's White so the chance she had anything stolen or illegal in her cooler are pretty darn low.

    • Kim D
      Kim D Vor Monat +2

      @Karen Scales It keeps stuff dry!

    • mel nelo
      mel nelo Vor Monat +1

      @Karen Scales That’s exactly what I was saying lol

    • Chelsi Waters
      Chelsi Waters Vor Monat


  • Sarah Chan-Reeves
    Sarah Chan-Reeves Vor Monat +8

    Prayers for ALL of you that are affected. I'm very scared for the elderly that were at home alone & no one knows they're there, coz they won't be able to get out. I'm also scared for the morbidly obese, cos they're not going to be able to physically do what they need to save themselves. The Mamas with small children & babies that, the people who where severely ill & unable to physically save themselves... There's so many more to be worried for, not to mention the pets. Material things can be replaced, yeah it's hard, but they can be. Lives can't be replaced, and floods like this are indiscriminate. They don't care how much money you have, how old/young you are, or if you're immunocompromised. My prayers go out to ALL of you 🤞🏻🙏🏻😢🕯️

  • Chris Bland
    Chris Bland Vor Monat +30

    Praise to the Rescue teams!

  • Tracey M
    Tracey M Vor Monat +41

    This poor family. I hope everyone is ok

  • Christina Perry
    Christina Perry Vor Monat +8

    Prayers for Florida 🙏 . Just goes to show we can't stop the Weather .

  • Patty Aaron
    Patty Aaron Vor Monat +36

    Those guys are heros as far as I'm concerned

  • 863Britt850
    863Britt850 Vor Monat +31

    As Floridians we never really take hurricanes seriously because we are so used to it. Hell some of the best parties are hurricane parties 🤣 We know about storm surges but its so crazy to see it to this extent. Prayers for everyone affected by this tragedy.

    • JC
      JC Vor Monat +1

      What's it gonna take for humans to realize they are just human. How's a human gonna fight what's far beyond the scope of their skills, strength, and abilities ? 👨‍💻⛪🕊

    • 863Britt850
      863Britt850 Vor Monat +5

      @The Quaalude apparently it wasnt his will Florida still standing!

    • The Quaalude
      The Quaalude Vor Monat +1

      @David Cousins this was God's will, turn Florida into Atlantis! 🙏🙌

    • David Cousins
      David Cousins Vor Monat +4


    • Yo J
      Yo J Vor Monat +6

      Ain’t no party like a Hurricane party

  • leslie sorady
    leslie sorady Vor Monat +108

    Hope no vibrio cases. I would be afraid to be walking around in that water with alligators and snakes. Anyone rescuing animals? Prayers for all the victims, what a disaster!

    • Hannah Christine
      Hannah Christine Vor Monat +4

      Tons of animal rescues are down there right now and on the way. Saw an animal rescue caravan coming from the west on Friday.

    • Melissa Copenhaver
      Melissa Copenhaver Vor Monat

      @Idotic Moron Idiotic Moron is the correct name for you among other names like POS, low life, jerk, SOB, etc.

    • Lazy Blazer
      Lazy Blazer Vor Monat +1

      @D A You wouldn't have a choice.....

    • Mary Ann Waters
      Mary Ann Waters Vor Monat

      @Idotic MoronWell well, why if it isn't our very own, little, in-house, Jeffrey Dahmer.🤔🙄 How many cats and dogs did you torture in your miserable existance? 🤔
      In life, what comes around goes around, tough guy. Karma is a bee- ach.

    • Ja T
      Ja T Vor Monat +3


  • Bless All
    Bless All Vor Monat +9

    You guys are the best! Great rescues!

  • Cherry joy balmediano
    Cherry joy balmediano Vor Monat +35

    I just left Orlando, moved back to Baltimore. Omg. I used to hate being called to sleep at the hospital for a hurricane...and often the hurricane turn somewhere...but now , I hope my friends are ok

    • sitdowndogbreath
      sitdowndogbreath Vor Monat

      @wagner Steve nah, Baltimore is pretty far from okay

    • wagner Steve
      wagner Steve Vor Monat +1

      They'll be okay for your and their loved ones cherry

    • sitdowndogbreath
      sitdowndogbreath Vor Monat +5

      Baltimore oh so nasty

    • Mr. Spock333
      Mr. Spock333 Vor Monat

      Baltimore!?$&@? why the fug would you ever leave anywhere in Florida to move to shithole Baltimore? it's one of the shittiest cities in America and don't tell me I'm wrong, I grew up born and raised in Philly not far from Baltimore butI've been in Florida for a few years now but I know Baltimore and it stinks! Most of Maryland sucks!

    • Heather Mattar
      Heather Mattar Vor Monat

      Very soon people will have to relocate and those lands will have to go into agriculture not safe for living anymore

  • Othneil Lammie
    Othneil Lammie Vor Monat +56

    Praying for Orlando viewing from Jamaica 🇯🇲. ;SAVING LIVES MATTER🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️💪

    • DA
      DA Vor Monat

      Love Jamaica.. I've been in a flash flood coming from Ochoa Rios some years ago.

    • Fishing Pinky
      Fishing Pinky Vor Monat

      thank you from flooded Daytona Beach.

    • scubi gaza
      scubi gaza Vor Monat +1

      blessings bredda naah lie neva expect dis innah Orlando place flood out 😭

  • Ruel 2012
    Ruel 2012 Vor Monat +58

    I have lived around Orlando 41 years and Never seen this much rain before ... I had 6 inches of water come into my Fl room... From noon Yesterday till noon today i had 11 inches in my rain gauge and that's not counting what blew sideways. I'm 25 miles east of Orlando everywhere around me looked like it is setting in a lake ....

    • Kim D
      Kim D Vor Monat +1

      @B L Exactly. We will have storms forever.

    • Victoria Love
      Victoria Love Vor Monat

      @LeAndra Womack yes exactly!

    • B L
      B L Vor Monat +5

      @Carlos Sebastian necrotic goth That is unscientific to claim this hurricane was caused by human influenced, climate change. We are still on an overall low trend the last 10 years when it comes to hurricanes and their strength.

    • LeAndra Womack
      LeAndra Womack Vor Monat +7

      @Carlos Sebastian necrotic goth Correction the Geoengineering and weather warfare of the climate!

    • Tukessa Housen
      Tukessa Housen Vor Monat +1


  • Spruzzatinias'Art
    Spruzzatinias'Art Vor Monat +14

    I was born,raised & still live on Dauphin island in Alabama..this is how we are..a lot of us cant afford to run from every storm we just prepare as best we can & stay to protect what we have worked our whole lives for and to help our neighbors that also cant leave. We are built tough from a young age and literally we are a couple miles and a short fairy ride to ft.Morgan Fl we travel there ALOT so we know Floridians and have a kinship and have lived through so many hurricanes its second nature🤷‍♀️

    • Spruzzatinias'Art
      Spruzzatinias'Art Vor Monat

      @Victoria Love 👏👍🏻

    • ARMYSenior
      ARMYSenior Vor Monat +4

      @Victoria Love "Superior and judgemental" for wanting people to evacuate and not put their lives and the lives of first responders in danger? How strange of you.

    • Victoria Love
      Victoria Love Vor Monat +1

      @ARMYSenior my, aren't we so superior and judgmental. Shame on you.

    • ARMYSenior
      ARMYSenior Vor Monat +3

      Going to shelters is free. This doesn't really apply to Orlando but the West Coast has no excuse. They were made aware, warned, and then begged to leave. They don't just put their own lives in danger but the lives of the first responders too. So selfish.

  • janet barker
    janet barker Vor Monat +12

    We have visited Orlando Daytona Tampa and St Augustine we have met people who relocated from New Orleans after Katrina and have struggled to make a fresh start in Florida.
    And now these poor people are in the same scenario our thoughts are with you

  • RL
    RL Vor Monat +1

    Thank you for the rescuers. They are selfless heroes.

  • Grumpy Iwegian Podcast
    Grumpy Iwegian Podcast Vor Monat +26

    Some of these people have nowhere to go andd no money to pay for anything, sop they are trying to get by with what they have and the fact that they are in shock. Have some pity and pray,

  • K M
    K M Vor Monat +4

    Praying for all these Floridians dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian 🙏🙏🙏

  • Monica W
    Monica W Vor Monat +3

    Wow, I used to live in Altamonte Springs and I've never seen just rain water that high.. that's nuts! And as far as the waters, I'd be scared to death of gators! We had a resident gator in the pond near our condo, so in all that water I'm sure there's some in there!

  • Purple Queen
    Purple Queen Vor Monat +6

    They don't leave for lots of reasons, mainly a lack of money or pets. It's terribly stressful to be displaced. I've lived there and we had to leave once. Much love to FL!!!

    • BeachGirl
      BeachGirl Vor Monat

      The shelters was taking pets also. Animal shelters was taken animals also.

  • Nik Nat Patty Wack
    Nik Nat Patty Wack Vor Monat +45

    This is the worse I’ve ever seen in Orlando …Unbelievable

  • Gina Quinn
    Gina Quinn Vor Monat +2

    Reminds me of the flooding in Houston after Harvey or in NC after Mathew. Inland flooding is always massive. You have to watch out for gators and snakes. Lots of lakes all over central Florida. They probably are leaving now because the residents have run out of food and water.

  • Maria Lambe
    Maria Lambe Vor Monat +3

    We lived in Fla. Even when there was a daily rain, it came down hard for a short time and had no where to go

  • donna ryan haynes
    donna ryan haynes Vor Monat

    Thank you for being positive about the rescuers Bless them

  • PM Pie
    PM Pie Vor Monat +15

    what about all the alligators and anacondas swimming around?! keep safe everyone!

  • Shawna Hess
    Shawna Hess Vor Monat +23

    I'm astounded at the arrogance of this reporter, judging people who stayed and now need help.

  • Tiffany Howard
    Tiffany Howard Vor Monat

    Oh wow I'm sorry this happened I have family in Orlando I'm glad to see they both got help

  • Lenda
    Lenda Vor Monat +13

    Done some rescue withswift water rescue group, in Texas. Down around Central Tx. Never seen anything this bad though. Praying 🙏 for Florida.

  • Michelle R Moore
    Michelle R Moore Vor Monat

    To all you rescuers thank youI’m in Louisiana went through this before But never as bad!!

  • Shelley
    Shelley Vor Monat +2

    My heart breaks for Cuba, Florida & South Carolina 💔💔💔

  • dilik mli
    dilik mli Vor Monat

    Hearts and prayers for everyone who experienced and are experiencing this devastation.

  • Kedo
    Kedo Vor Monat

    Praying for those brave men !!! Who willing to risk their life to rescue others

  • Estefana  **Check Me

    Praying for those brave men !!! Who willing to risk their life to rescue others

  • Lennice Smith
    Lennice Smith Vor Monat +10

    So grateful for the rescuers! We don’t know their situation. Also She may not want to be filmed and on DEclips……

    • Z Killa
      Z Killa Vor Monat

      This does not make her look bad at all. She seems grateful to be rescued. I didn't realize Orlando got it bad until seeing this. Im 1hr north and got lucky I guess.

  • bob2bobby
    bob2bobby Vor Monat +7

    Ian proved that nature has it’s own language, initially the path was also not clear and than the category was also not predicted correctly, just 24 hours before it was forecasted to be at level 4 and that proved to be disastrous for all concerned , very sad situation

    • Krazy Kozey
      Krazy Kozey Vor Monat +1

      @DA Aripeka is where I live. I totally agree it would have killed 1k plus here because no one we know here was willing to leave. My neighbors thought we were nuts for renting a uhaul when they had it pegged on us.....

    • Krazy Kozey
      Krazy Kozey Vor Monat +1

      Actually the reports we had here nailed it. 2 days prior they showed it could hit them. Also what the consequences of it turning into land sooner than Tampa. We live in a society that people believe it won't happen to themselves and some of them pay the ultimate price. We were the fortunate part of the coast that was spared. It cost me a week of work and money we didn't have but I would do it over and over again to live here..

    • DA
      DA Vor Monat +3

      I have to say I prayed real hard for it to turn from Pinellas county and Tampa because it could not handle this amount of water since we are so close to the Gulf.

  • Grams
    Grams Vor Monat +2

    Bless the National Guard for their Service!

  • Mary Valentine
    Mary Valentine Vor Monat +2

    Congratulation to those brave guys I pray safety for them as those people refuse to follow rules..

  • Alliejoplace Joe
    Alliejoplace Joe Vor Monat +8

    What about alligators or crocodiles? I would be afraid of walking through the water.

  • Florida Dad
    Florida Dad Vor Monat +17

    "What's she carrying" Ladies and gents, that's a shotgun on her shoulder. This is Florida.

    • Perry Utanis
      Perry Utanis Vor Monat

      That shotgun waiting for Cobra Anaconda and Crook attack !! nobody moves 💪⭐️⭐️🇺🇸

    • 863Britt850
      863Britt850 Vor Monat +16

      Exactly!!! I laughed when the reporter was in disbelief that she declined rescue. Lady she had beer in her cooler and a shotgun in her hand. She dont need any help. 😂

    • LS
      LS Vor Monat +3

      Gunshine State

  • B. Leary
    B. Leary Vor Monat +5

    Some people can’t afford to leave so they try to ride it out. 😢

    JO MAMA Vor Monat +11

    Great job guys ! ❤️🙏

  • Jean B.
    Jean B. Vor Monat +9

    I never realized Orlando would flood like this. But I have not been there in so many years. These might be areas that were not even built up yet when I left Fl over 35 years ago.

  • Alias Fakename
    Alias Fakename Vor Monat +1

    Reporter: "Why did these people wait so long?"
    "Having the money to escape natural disaster is a privilege."

  • Saraswati Sky
    Saraswati Sky Vor Monat +21

    People who are declining to be rescued are in shock the rescue crews should take the initiative to rescue them anyway.

  • Crissy Tucker
    Crissy Tucker Vor Monat +2

    One reason why I rather deal with cold and
    snow state year around this is scary and I pray for the people 😢❤

  • Karen Russell
    Karen Russell Vor Monat +18

    It is like the news is being produced by 4 th graders

  • PixelStacker
    PixelStacker Vor Monat +3

    Praying for Orlando viewing from Jamaica 🇯🇲. ;SAVING LIVES MATTER️️️ yes!

  • Adalyn Anna
    Adalyn Anna Vor Monat +1

    Josh Wins again at almost killing me with laughter. So many times in that video.

  • Susan
    Susan Vor Monat +7

    Amazing Heroes❤️🙏🏻

  • Elsie Schmaltz
    Elsie Schmaltz Vor Monat +6

    Prayers 🙏🕊️💗

  • Vickie Parry
    Vickie Parry Vor Monat +3

    Texas sees this all the time When we get a hurricane or a tropical storm. Here when we get that much water it rises higher afterwards.

  • magic4026
    magic4026 Vor Monat +3

    😢😢😢 I feel so sad 😢😢florida is the most blessed beautiful place to live with this historic event makes me think twice about living close to the beach

  • 💝𝐍𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐟𝐮𝐜* 𝐦E 𝐜𝐡𝐞С𝐤 -ɪᴛ in profile 💝

    There are many that just couldn’t afford to leave!!!! If I lived there I would have had to stay…because I can barely afford to eat, gas for work….much less my utilities! Praying for these poor people ❤🙏🏻❤

  • BGM Bia
    BGM Bia Vor Monat

    Pray for Orlando 🙏🏾

  • ranny natchelust
    ranny natchelust Vor Monat +11

    Most give these guys there props there most be crocodile in the water and these guys are given the lives just to save ppl who didn't want to leave

    • LS
      LS Vor Monat +1

      Alligators, even a shark in one instance

  • Miracle Morgan
    Miracle Morgan Vor Monat +3

    Thanks RESCUE One! We Love and Appreciate ya'll, ABC, Journalists and all Soooooooh Much! 🕐🏆🫀

  • Raelynn 🍆 29 y.0 -check My V!deo

    The people who are declining rescue are in shock or praying that the water recedes quickly and when they snap out of it and realize thats not happening it’s a lot. This has been a very traumatic situation.

  • Pinball Rick
    Pinball Rick Vor Monat

    I've said it before. I have no more sympathy for those who refuse to evacuate than I do for someone who dies after knowingly popping a fentanyl pill. With few exceptions, every person being rescued had every opportunity to evacuate before it was too late and chose to stay. Rescuers are heroes and will do all they can to help, but be assured that they are irritated or even pissed at the people they are having to rescue when these 'victims' had every opportunity to get out on their own but did not. You are not a victim if you made that choice unless you count being a victim of your own stupidity. You are told in advance to expect winds of 150MPH. "Duh, I didn't think the wind would blow that hard." You are told in advance how high flood waters would rise. "Duh, I didn't think the water would get that high." Duh! An evacuation is given for a reason dummies! People that ignore evacuation orders not only risk their own lives, but are unnecessarily putting their rescuers at risk. Reality check: You are not the indestructible star of a Bill Paxton movie braving a twister. You are a soft sack of meat that can die remarkably easy. How many times have rescuers been injured or killed trying to save some idiot that refused to evacuate? When they must be rescued these idiots should be held responsible for their poor judgement and be required to foot the bill for their rescue, any assistance they receive (food, water, shelter) and even be prosecuted should someone else be injured or die because they were too stupid to evacuate. It's too bad that refusal to evacuate doesn't also mean consent that you will not be rescued or receive any type assistance once you realize you screwed up. That rifle toting woman realized she had made a mistake in deciding to remain in her home, but at least she was getting out on her own.

  • slida emif
    slida emif Vor Monat

    crazy to see it to this extent. Prayers for everyone affected by this tragedy.

  • Emerson Ansley
    Emerson Ansley Vor Monat +5

    As someone from Tampa, you can evacuate but that doesn’t save you from the storm. Hurricanes move and change direction FAST. Most of the people that evacuated from Tampa are now stuck in Venice and Orlando bc the storm changed direction and hit there. Anyone who stayed in Tampa is doing fine. It’s a gamble to evacuate from a storm that’s constantly moving.

  • tedviens1
    tedviens1 Vor Monat +9

    Without the retention ponds nearby, the water would be one or two feet higher at this moment.

    • LS
      LS Vor Monat +2

      Yup 👍

    • Ruel 2012
      Ruel 2012 Vor Monat +2

      ted try over the roofs water levels it's self I had at least 2 feet all across my property only thing above water was my drain field when i moved here i had 160 sq. yrds. of dirt brought in, if i hadn't i would be setting in several feet of water ...

  • DJChina Blue
    DJChina Blue Vor Monat

    I pray that everyone in states affected by IAN understand that "unity" and being loving to your neighbors supercede any other earthly issues. Humanitarianship is what we all will need to do with climate change 🌎 globally.

  • Raynebowbrite666
    Raynebowbrite666 Vor Monat

    I've lived In Orlando for 30 years. I've never seen flooding like this here.

  • Arden's House
    Arden's House Vor Monat +1

    Storms are my worst fear but I love looking at the weather I want to be a meteorologist

  • Caroline Owns Caroline
    Caroline Owns Caroline Vor Monat +11

    Perhaps they're declining the help because they're declining the media publicity.

  • Deborah Caldwell
    Deborah Caldwell Vor Monat

    It’s amazing to see those who decline help. There are snakes, gators and sewage in that water!

  • Lillian Smith Whyte
    Lillian Smith Whyte Vor Monat +2


  • Barclay Matheson
    Barclay Matheson Vor Monat +7

    Florida woman waist deep in hurricane water. Do you need help? "Nope!"

  • machellep1
    machellep1 Vor Monat +7

    Unfortunately not everyone has someplace to go. the lady has a rifle case over her shoulder.

  • Carol Dawson
    Carol Dawson Vor Monat +1

    After the storm, many people thought they were safe. It was later that day that the flooding started and folks realized that were no longer safe.

  • N Bryant
    N Bryant Vor Monat +3

    Why is the reporter being so judgmental? They’ve repeatedly said this isn’t normal for this area so clearly people were caught off guard by it. That first lady might have hesitated to leave because of her bad limp. That second lady could’ve gone back to grab some things and did leave earlier, so why are they trash talking while filming her? Reporters lacking in common sense and empathy should stick to reporting the facts, not shaming people.

  • Angela Jeannine Shubert

    I would be terrified knowing there are gators and snakes without homes now too. They are going to be out there while people are trying to get through this water.
    What a scary thought

  • Brenda Hebert
    Brenda Hebert Vor Monat


  • Anisah Of Frugal Living

    Watertown, South Dakota had flooding like this in a warming spell, in late winter; then temps plummeted & it became a Froozen flood!! In homes and outbuildings at this depth!

  • Armii
    Armii Vor Monat +7

    to all the shitters complaining about people not evacuating in Orlando, we we given a less than 5% chance of flooding right before landfall and weren't issued flood warning until about midnight when we were in the middle of the storm. and also the gators aren't the worst thing in the water, it's the power lines that are more dangerous.

  • Sheila Gavin
    Sheila Gavin Vor Monat +8

    You should have asked Katie WHERE in Orlando she and team are located. SMH

  • Elsie Schmaltz
    Elsie Schmaltz Vor Monat +2

    So sad happened in Orlando.

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez Vor Monat +9

    What street is this located on in orlando

  • Krystal A
    Krystal A Vor Monat +1

    It is unfair if rescuers came to save you when it was safer and you decline and now you want help that put the rescuers back in more danger. That aint right they want to go home also

  • La khanh
    La khanh Vor Monat

    bruh u are just 5 k U deserve much more I am learning my line ups from you and brimstone bro

  • Carina Lundahl
    Carina Lundahl Vor Monat +1

    I felet so sorry for you people in Florida we are thinking off you 😢 vig hug Carina from sweden❤❤❤❤

  • zXisco77
    zXisco77 Vor Monat +2

    It’s crazy because all we got was just winds in Okeechobee and soo fsr just power outages but no water whatsoever

  • Annette Bodden
    Annette Bodden Vor Monat

    So sad i am from the cayman islands i have cousins in tampa they say they are ok i cant imagine what you are going through loss of life and homes destroyed

  • Rie Weems
    Rie Weems Vor Monat +29

    Some people don't have the money to leave

    • BeachGirl
      BeachGirl Vor Monat

      @Steve Oranges local shelters were taking pets. So many pets were left behind. They rescued hundreds the last time I saw. People shouldn’t own a fur baby if they’ll abandon them. A lot of them drowned that was left.

    • Steve Oranges
      Steve Oranges Vor Monat

      @BeachGirl What if their car is on its last legs and they don't want to break down in bumper to bumper traffic. What if they don't want to leave their pets. We lost power here in Orlando 24 hours BEFORE the storm was scheduled to arrived. Keep in mind people from Tampa were told to evacuate to Orlando.

    • Steve Oranges
      Steve Oranges Vor Monat

      @Shawn Mclean 🤨

    • BeachGirl
      BeachGirl Vor Monat +1

      That’s why they have shelters for the people who have nowhere to go or money to go

    • Bruce Rivers
      Bruce Rivers Vor Monat +1

      True but people need to have a natural disaster savings set aside so they leave. Like a hurricane emergency fund if you live somewhere in Florida or Louisiana because hurricanes season is a yearly thing.

  • Doretta Foster
    Doretta Foster Vor Monat

    I appreciate the crew following her ..just in case

  • marlene Gregory
    marlene Gregory Vor Monat

    You don't wait for the disaster to hit! You flee to safety!

  • Steve Santiago
    Steve Santiago Vor Monat

    The people were warned and they either dismissed it or their DNA didn't allow them to understand that when your told to evacuate, heed the EVACUATION warning. This seems to be a lesson that they can't, don't, won't learn. Just leave them to their own devices and don't drag others into dangerous situations because of your decisions.

  • shawil soluciones:Enrique liz marmomejos

    Atento ,!! Dios lo bendiga 🇩🇴😇

  • Elaine Ardeneaux
    Elaine Ardeneaux Vor Monat +1

    New Orleans was flooded by the levees breaking. Lake Pontchartain not the Gulf flooded the city.