Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Teaser: Happy Birthday [HD] | Netflix

  • Am 13 Sep 2018 veröffentlicht
  • A witch's 16th birthday is very special.
    The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina tells the story of Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka), a half-witch half-mortal teenage girl. She’s been waiting her whole life for her 16th birthday, but something wicked this way comes, forcing her to choose between the path of light and the path of night. A Netflix Original Series from the makers of Riverdale. CAOS arrives October 26th
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    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Teaser: Happy Birthday [HD] | Netflix
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  • Hoi Queen
    Hoi Queen Vor 4 Stunden

    The title is anything BUT "chilling"

  • The Deetrix
    The Deetrix Vor 4 Stunden

    Where's Salem ?

  • that90skid7
    that90skid7 Vor 5 Stunden

    Sally Draper wildin wtf!!?

  • MeghanIsBored
    MeghanIsBored Vor 5 Stunden

    I was actually looking forward to this, not anymore

  • Ddullie Dduddongie
    Ddullie Dduddongie Vor 6 Stunden

    And she's not Sabrina, the doll, either.
    If you know what I'm talking about. 😆 😂

  • André Garcia
    André Garcia Vor 6 Stunden

    no WTF, this was suppose to be a goofy sitcom more akin to HIMYM not a American Horror Story-Twilight hybrid , why Netflix WHY

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones Vor 6 Stunden

    Just like Universal fucked up Josie and the pussycats

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones Vor 6 Stunden

    Netflix had to fuck it up!

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones Vor 6 Stunden

    Netflix had to fuck it up!

  • ygnightkid
    ygnightkid Vor 6 Stunden

    *ok but why does it sound like antonio garza is the one singing*

  • Evan Sheehan
    Evan Sheehan Vor 7 Stunden

    Well, time to go demon hunting.

  • srt10acrx
    srt10acrx Vor 7 Stunden

    Riverdale the dark and unbelievable. Sabrina the dark and gorey horror.... What happened to Archie? You know. The klutz kid with an idiot best friend who eats a lot? I wanted to see him... That's all I wanted.

  • MArkis750
    MArkis750 Vor 8 Stunden

    Wow Sabrina the Teenage Witch took a DARK turn!

  • Lidser G-B
    Lidser G-B Vor 8 Stunden

    No no this is b.s. FUCK this occultic crap.

  • HassBRO.
    HassBRO. Vor 12 Stunden


  • shawn byers
    shawn byers Vor 13 Stunden

    Yooooooooo! ❤

  • Paul Schmick
    Paul Schmick Vor 14 Stunden

    So now that they're running out of things to remake and reboot they just take innocent programs and make them adult. Guess it's true. Hollywood is officially dead.

  • Ahmad Mahdee
    Ahmad Mahdee Vor 15 Stunden

    Fuken he'll this is the same Sabrina . .from sabrina the teenage witch

  • Lina Leeann
    Lina Leeann Vor 15 Stunden +1

    I’m willing to give this a chance if the acting and storyline is good:) oh yeah and as long as Salem still talks lol

  • Mondez Durden
    Mondez Durden Vor 15 Stunden +1

    so she can't just be a happy teenage witch?

    • Mondez Durden
      Mondez Durden Vor 5 Stunden

      +Maggie Newton thanks for explaining that to me. I never watched the old sitcom but I did expect a bit more cheery sense from it so it helps to understand that this is how the sun's material is. Thanks! You have a wonderful day.

    • Maggie Newton
      Maggie Newton Vor 9 Stunden +1

      no because this isn't a remake of the teenage Witch, it's based on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a dark comic. Maybe some day someone will remake the happy comic tv version but this was not based on that.

  • No One
    No One Vor 15 Stunden

    Yes yes and yes!!!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Dita Ardiani
    Dita Ardiani Vor 16 Stunden

    I love the Happy Birthday on the backround, whos the singer?

  • Pauletta
    Pauletta Vor 16 Stunden

    Can't wait to see this show! More tv series about witches? Yes, please

  • Desi Gamer
    Desi Gamer Vor 17 Stunden

    My list getting bigger and bigger....

  • The Valerie Lorenzo
    The Valerie Lorenzo Vor 17 Stunden +1

    Omgg is this a scary version of *Sabrina The Teenage Witch* ? One of my faves (cartoon, show and movies) from my childhood.

  • SwizzKid 316
    SwizzKid 316 Vor 18 Stunden

    Holy shit this is demonic as fuck

  • Andrew Nem
    Andrew Nem Vor 18 Stunden

    I’m getting ahs coven vibes 🧙🏻‍♀️🖤🖤

  • iflynoosa
    iflynoosa Vor 18 Stunden

    oh great, the joos are selling more satanic shit to our children, good work joooo`s

  • Mira Black
    Mira Black Vor 19 Stunden

    The only thing I paid attention to this trailer was that the actress who plays Sabrina is like the twin sister of Mackenna Grace.

  • Bay Street
    Bay Street Vor 19 Stunden

    Such satanic garbage. F NETFLIX!!

    • Bay Street
      Bay Street Vor 7 Stunden

      I don't respect content makers that choose to promote a satanic agenda disguised as harmless entertainment. Maggie Newton

    • Maggie Newton
      Maggie Newton Vor 9 Stunden

      I really hate shallow, whitewashed sitcoms, so I don't watch them but respect that some people do. Think you can respect the preferences of other viewers?

  • Frames Dean & The Sunsetters

    I'm intrigued 🤔 let's see where this goes..

  • scoutz0rs
    scoutz0rs Vor 19 Stunden


  • Gunner Chi
    Gunner Chi Vor 19 Stunden

    So Eleven is Sabrina the teenage witch now? Like this little girl should be in six grade, not on Sabrina.

  • Jewel's Life
    Jewel's Life Vor 20 Stunden +1

    Does anybody else think she looks like an older version on McKenna Grace?!😱
    Imma just like my own comment like everybody else😂

  • Rick H
    Rick H Vor 20 Stunden

    So Sabrina is gonna use her magic to kill and be vengeful? Good going Netflix.

    • Maggie Newton
      Maggie Newton Vor 9 Stunden

      or a Poe

    • Maggie Newton
      Maggie Newton Vor 9 Stunden

      how do you know that? Dark version doesn't mean she's evil. Maybe she fights evil, kinda like the dark version of Batman, you know? No happy, goodie Adam West, but dark Christian Bale.

    • Lg Tribuit
      Lg Tribuit Vor 18 Stunden

      They're desensitizing people to witchcraft because Hollywood is filled with witches and warlocks who worship Satan. You probably just think I'm a wacky conspiracy theorist, don't you?

  • shruti jordan
    shruti jordan Vor 20 Stunden

    First Archie now Sabrina. They are efficiently ruining my childhood. Keep it light people.sheesh

    • Maggie Newton
      Maggie Newton Vor 9 Stunden

      that's all it takes to ruin your childhood? Very sad.

  • Fernando Garnica
    Fernando Garnica Vor 20 Stunden

    Casual Satanism in what used to be a former family sitcom. And people wonder why the world is so screwed up.

    • Maggie Newton
      Maggie Newton Vor 9 Stunden

      wow. First, this is not a remake of that sitcom but based on the dark comic. And go back a bit further if you want to criticize origins. A family sitcom based on a witch? Weren't witches burned at one time just for being witches?

  • Marcos Mackey-Darden
    Marcos Mackey-Darden Vor 20 Stunden

    Oh so we going crazy crazy, like some hell hell type shi- im scared but... Im down. Ill pray before episodes

  • Kate V
    Kate V Vor 20 Stunden

    well there goes my childhood

    • Maggie Newton
      Maggie Newton Vor 9 Stunden

      well we do have to eventually grow up. Nice thing, though, we can cherish childhood memories without being stuck forever in them.

  • Ideas/Memories/Snapchat
    Ideas/Memories/Snapchat Vor 21 Stunde

    Riverdale Sabrina. Kill me.

  • Justin Sullivan
    Justin Sullivan Vor 21 Stunde

    Preeeetty disgusting

  • Fiorella Nava
    Fiorella Nava Vor 21 Stunde

    Teen titans has gone dark and now sabrina the teenage witch?? PLEASE STOP omg

  • Wendy Weissman
    Wendy Weissman Vor 21 Stunde

    Because everything has to be "dark" and "gritty" apparently.

  • Pamela Taylor
    Pamela Taylor Vor 22 Stunden

    that look like Sabrina the teenage bitc.............

  • balue707
    balue707 Vor 22 Stunden

    Alright folks....the real question is...THIS or the Charmed REBOOT!?
    -___- only choose ONE.

  • Rikku !!
    Rikku !! Vor 23 Stunden

    A satanic show trying to be appealing to the youth. Oh Netflix I see you there.

  • Rikku !!
    Rikku !! Vor 23 Stunden

    This is some satanic crap. Pass.

  • Ellie Renfro
    Ellie Renfro Vor 23 Stunden

    this better fuckin slap or imma cry

  • Sierra Martinez
    Sierra Martinez Vor 23 Stunden


  • Travis Johnson
    Travis Johnson Vor Tag +1

    You point out that there's an Archie show that's not about the love triangle, and people tell you it's still a valid adaptation. You throw one pentagram in a show about a witch, and suddenly it's "ruining everyone's childhood".

    • Maggie Newton
      Maggie Newton Vor 9 Stunden

      yeah, I love that ruined my childhood thing. wow. Small, small lives. Fear of anything different.

  • Andrea Shore
    Andrea Shore Vor Tag

    Can't wait I've read the comics and loved them

  • Jojo M
    Jojo M Vor Tag

    This doesn't look so chill...

  • Alexander Lex
    Alexander Lex Vor Tag

    "From the executive producers of Riverdale". Like that's something to be proud of.

  • superc37
    superc37 Vor Tag

    this is just gonna be riverdale 2 isn't it

  • Adam Hill
    Adam Hill Vor Tag

    More satanic agenda pushing bullcrap ,dont be fooled people jesus christ is the truth ,satan is a coward

  • Cecily Erker
    Cecily Erker Vor Tag

    Damn I’m tired of edgy remakes of happy shows, Melissa Joan Hart was iconic

  • Hannah Murray
    Hannah Murray Vor Tag

    Thank you for adding more sci-fi horror type of stuff into Netflix because I callus watch these any time.

  • Jennie's pink sweater

    everything has to be creepy and deranged these days to get an audience, I guess? Meh, I'll just rewatch the original, thanks.

  • The Wandering Soul

    So,i didnt watch sabrina the witch as kid or a teenager,so i have no background on this,the dark atmosphere seems interesting,however the actresses looking like edgy-wannabe teens that got their outfits from forever21 loses me.

  • Liloasai Blue
    Liloasai Blue Vor Tag

    Wtf! This aint Sabrina! I thought they were going to make a comedy remake! Dissapointed af. My childhoooood 😭
    By The way... Illuminati confirmed 😈

  • Ralf Rodriguez
    Ralf Rodriguez Vor Tag

    I thought this was Sabrina the teenage witch, the one from the TV, growing up. This is some dark creepy shit. I nearly crapped my self

  • Elia Fora
    Elia Fora Vor Tag +1


  • Shane Martins
    Shane Martins Vor Tag +1

    God is watching, Netflix.
    I'm not.

    • Shane Martins
      Shane Martins Vor 8 Stunden +1

      Maggie Newton, yes open minded indeed, God wants everyone to be saved. Why not take Him up on the offer?

    • Maggie Newton
      Maggie Newton Vor 9 Stunden +1

      he's watching it? Cool. Nice to know he has an open mind.

  • Tiawana Dunham
    Tiawana Dunham Vor Tag

    Tbh all they stop doing is sugar coating the show & displaying it as more realistic. Like name of show is Sebrina teenage witch.

  • Tony Xu
    Tony Xu Vor Tag

    Alright so we all know Oct.26 is her birthday. But who cares

  • Bly Guy
    Bly Guy Vor Tag

    Awesome, Sabrina has gone full blown satanic. This is exactly what young and impressionable minds need in 2018. That rascally hermaphrodite Baphomet should be a real hoot in this.

    • Bly Guy
      Bly Guy Vor Tag

      Seriously though, that this is being marketed towards teenagers should be a wake up call for all. If you think negative spirits, alternatively called demons/djinn/archons depending on the historical context, are actual entities that exist mainly in the 4th dimension, and the occult rituals seen in this show are actually used to invite them into ours. Making entertainment like this, that glamorizes such things, is gross.

  • Echoes Act 3
    Echoes Act 3 Vor Tag

    Haaaaaail Satan

  • zkingzHHH
    zkingzHHH Vor Tag

    ohhh the bahomet, what the fuck

  • nostalgicgem 14
    nostalgicgem 14 Vor Tag +1

    Isn’t this the same birthday song Betty sung to Jughead in Riverdale

  • nostalgicgem 14
    nostalgicgem 14 Vor Tag +1

    Why? Why ruin a perfect show! My hearts crushed

  • Lena Mk
    Lena Mk Vor Tag

    Don’t you dare touch Sabrina the teenage witch

  • Nina Galaxy
    Nina Galaxy Vor Tag

    For some reason it remained me of Happy death day

  • Stefan
    Stefan Vor Tag +1

    i jerking off on this series !!! HAppy too see this mmm

  • Michael Murray
    Michael Murray Vor Tag

    Why do they have to make our favorite childhood shows or movies in to horror shows of Terror?!
    This is almost as bad as when they made Teen Titans Go. Good God why did they make that show?😞😣

  • yellowhartt _
    yellowhartt _ Vor Tag


  • Fruzsina Mészáros

    Bleh.. no thanks....

  • Lex Leigh
    Lex Leigh Vor Tag

    Idk. A little too..satanic

  • MarkD1159
    MarkD1159 Vor Tag


  • Jametris
    Jametris Vor Tag

    That went dark real quick.

  • JCV
    JCV Vor Tag

    Why is everything edgy this days? This feels like it's going to be a Riverdale 2

  • Lavrista
    Lavrista Vor Tag

    I can't wait for Riverdale + Sabrina to be linked!

  • D!on D
    D!on D Vor Tag


  • Nevermind
    Nevermind Vor Tag

    I am seconding a popular comment here. Enough of the gloom and let's have some lighthearted comedy. I do miss curb!

  • Susie Westbrook
    Susie Westbrook Vor Tag

    Hell no

  • rachel
    rachel Vor Tag

    Betty singing happy birthday to Jughead is that you?

  • Yoli Prec
    Yoli Prec Vor Tag +1

    Here for sally Draper 💕

    • Maggie Newton
      Maggie Newton Vor 9 Stunden

      I love Kiernan S. She can act, not just a pretty face.

  • Amara
    Amara Vor Tag

    Rajense con una cuenta de netflix gente:((

  • TwilightLink77
    TwilightLink77 Vor Tag

    I wonder if this is Warner Bros first Netflix original show?

  • Hermes UL
    Hermes UL Vor Tag +1

    Apparently, the comic version makes this look like teletubbies


    Necesitamos segunda temporada de gypsy y everything sucks por favor Netflix 😥😫😣

  • Christopher Arocha

    Everything is getting so demonic

  • Kavita Iyer
    Kavita Iyer Vor Tag +1

    *Well atleast she still has her Salem Spellman the cat so I'm good, and up for this*

  • Camila Morales
    Camila Morales Vor Tag

  • Ken Wade
    Ken Wade Vor Tag +1

    If I get 100 subscribers with no videos out yet,
    I will give away $200 to 5 random ppl in a video October 5th.
    I'd never bullshit my subscribers.

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson Vor Tag

    LOL, not comedy shit anymore. It looks like a horror show which could be fun. Tho, when I was a kid I enjoyed the comedy one a lot. It's nice that they change it for the reboot tho. Adds a different twist.

  • KAFFE 101
    KAFFE 101 Vor Tag

    It comes out on my birthday!!!!!! Yay!!

  • 010190
    010190 Vor Tag

    Looks awful lol

  • Jorge Rios
    Jorge Rios Vor Tag


  • Cin P
    Cin P Vor Tag

    Yassssss plsssss