Gamper & Dadoni - Bring The Love (Official Lyric Video)



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    🎶~Musically & Lyrically~>Delicious!!! .. A 7th Heaven Dance Delight! .. "Deep Soul Centered Chunky Honey Funk" ... And that "Bouncing Sexy Grinding Sax add Piano ? I Mean Stopit!!! I Just Wanna Drive to the Nearest Deep Oz Bush Party .. Kick Up the Dust and Really Milk This Baby!!! Another Regal Remix From Gamper n Dadoni' Whom I Affectionately Refer to as Grandpa & Dad Only Since My Ancient ( Not 'Quite Yet' In the Geriatric Sense )~>Beloved⚘Belle First Blessed My Inner Dance Nodes With Their Ever Blossoming Remix Bliss! Thus My Inner Honey Funk & Nada Nodes Have Come to Feel Em' Like Fam' ... La Casa Nostra ~>Pero In Senso Di Miele Musicale' .. Hai Capito? 💥GnD You Love'n Little Funk Rats Take Dis From My Deep Deep Inner Dance Abyss~>💋!!! And Geriatric ⚘Belle? Please dont let It Come to That .. Or This~>😲Noooooh! Etc .. Just Funk & Rewind and 🐝Here More Than Less 🔊Now! .. You Just Lay Back 9...🐝Hive Your Self .. I'll Drive .. Lets Merge Dance & Bless Our Earthearts Bliss!!! (aka~>Just Pick a Number Between 15 nd 17 .. Do That and 🐝the Title My Beloved Rascal Angel and? 🔊💋BRING IT BABY💋!!! ~>🔥LOVE🔥 YOUR EVER LOVING ⚘Hari~⚘Belle ... P.S~> YUM TIMES THE POWER OF LOVE IN 💋DANCE💋!!!

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    Bon son

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    diuuuuus menudo temon

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    Yasss. Esta super buena 🔥🔥🔥🎼

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    T H A N K Y O U ! :) We are happy to be part of this channel again! We hope you all enjoy our new single "Bring the Love"!

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    Happy pride month everyone!

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    Oh yes

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    I love...

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    like it!

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    Can i use the songs on the channel? I wil give you creditz!

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    God I missed Tropical House!

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    What is life 🙃

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    Massive legend

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    I love this

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    i live in Berlin : D

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    hoy, feel free to check out my music :)

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    18 Como drive

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    Gamper, Dadoni, Summertime love and fine music from MrRevillz. Can't ask for anything more. 'Scuse me while I dance...

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    Did someone want summer? Here you are satisfied 😎❤︎

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    Love it really nice full support on my next mixtape

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    truly a great song but a stolen idea from "Bakermat - One day"

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    MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (^v^)

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    That 2014 SAX Vibes! 😍🙌🏼🎷

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    Top song

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    Bring the love to Revillz :D

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    Goooood vibes with this song!!

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    *nice summer, Gamper & dadoni*

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    I love You💖

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    It's so fantastic!!

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    Black man speeching ✔
    Sax ✔
    Video of diverse people dancing ✖

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      Nifty Technology | What?

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      Retard commenting to make the video look unacceptable and not up to par ✅

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      Het recept voor n geslaaagd nummer

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    Who's bringing the love???

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    This is sick btw😂❤❤

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    Great job :-DDDDDD