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    Ruswai Is An Incident That Changes Lives Of Many
    Ruswai depicts how a tragedy can change relationships and people’s perception of the victim. The concept of watta satta is an integral theme of Ruswai, as it shows how problems in one marriage can have a huge effect on the other.
    Sana Javed as Sameera is a beautiful and intelligent girl. She is a doctor by profession. Her life is perfect until a tragedy strikes.
    Mikaal Zulfiqar as Captain Salman is a complete charmer. He is a pilot by profession. He loves Sameera who is his childhood friend and wants to get married to her.
    Minna Javed as Wardah is the younger sister of Salman. She is a simple girl who is in love with Hamza, Sameera’s brother.
    Osama Tahir as Hamza is the older brother of Sameera. He is a very straightforward guy who is close to his family. He takes all his responsibilities seriously.
    Sameera and Salman who loved each other immensely slowly start drifting apart as Salman is not able to accept Sameera after the tragedy.
    The bitterness in Salman and Sameera’s relationship also affected Wardah and Hamza’s relationship because of their watta satta marriage.
    Mohammed Ahmed as Mehmood and Seemi Raheel as Zakiya are the parents of Sameera. Mehmood loves Sameera the most amongst his children.
    Natalia Awais as Rohina is the younger sister of Sameera. She was a cheerful girl, but her personality gets changed after the huge incident with Sameera.
    Usman Peerzada as Ariz Khan and Irsa Ghazal as Salma are the parents of Salman and Wardah. They have strong family ties with Mehmood and Zakiya, Sameera’s parents.
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    Sameera who was once very close to her father blames him for the incident that happened to her. Their relation turns sour from then onwards.
    Shermeen Ali as Pinky is the friend of Salman.
    Adnan Jafar as Dr. Feroze is Sameera’s friend and doctor who helps her come out of the mental trauma after the incident.
    Directed By: Rubina Ashraf
    Written By: Naila Ansari
    Sana Javed as Sameera
    Mikaal Zulfiqar as Captain Salman
    Osama Tahir as Hamza
    Minna Tariq as Wardah
    Mohammad Ahmed
    Seemi Raheel
    Irsa Ghazal
    Usman Peerzada
    Shermeen Ali
    Adnan Jafar
    Durdana Butt
    Natalia Awais
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  • Mehreen Khan
    Mehreen Khan Vor 9 Stunden

    Oh really hamza apni bv k lia mar ra hy ..

  • Ambreen sajjad
    Ambreen sajjad Vor 10 Stunden

    Hmza must have 2nd marriage , chahay Warda remains de first one and is nt divorced. Bt salman s mother must have de grief of her daughter till de last breadth. Baishak khuda ki lathi bai awaz hai

  • Ifraa Nawaab
    Ifraa Nawaab Vor 10 Stunden

    Humzaaa 😭

  • Ambreen sajjad
    Ambreen sajjad Vor 10 Stunden

    V.nice episode. Excellent dramatization. It doesn't feel bad and neither any pity comes over Warda s crying. It is she who even after mishap with sameera kept on enjoying life without feeliny her slightest grief. Nw it is de turn dat she must weep and her mother and bother specially must weep.sameera s father did good to his friend s daughter. Bt he got nothing except ruswai. And nw same may b de lot of hamza. It is proved that a momin is not stung two times by de same hole

  • asgher ali
    asgher ali Vor 12 Stunden

    Hamza ni mrna chahye😭😭😭

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    Guys please give it a view! It’s really important for us to know about these things before it’s too late! Thank you..

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    Anxiously waiting for the next episode 😬😬..

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    Hamza is alive or not ,? Any comment??

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    Hamza or warda dono mar jayen gy or ye bacha sameera paalay gi. This is the end !!!

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    Konsa drama zyada acha hi??
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    Great episode

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    Hamza should not die

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