CSKA Moscow - FC Bayern Munich Highlights | Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, RS Round 2

  • Am 10 Okt 2019 veröffentlicht
  • CSKA Moscow remained undefeated in the 2019-20 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Regular Season after downing FC Bayern Munich 79-68 in the Russian capital on Thursday.

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  • Artyom Ermakov
    Artyom Ermakov Vor 24 Tage


  • Istorija Evropskih Klubova

    CSKA !

  • Ruschischer Mafia
    Ruschischer Mafia Vor Monat

    CSKA 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • WuTangFan1000
    WuTangFan1000 Vor Monat +6

    Bayern has a great team, but this wasn't even close ! i really thought they would have more of a chance here

  • Игорь Селезнев

    ЦСКА с победой! Ну шляпа для Никиты - это фантастика.

  • Uncharted Man
    Uncharted Man Vor Monat +4

    Where is koufos?

    • Uncharted Man
      Uncharted Man Vor 25 Tage

      @Ion L. μην ασχολείσαι με τον κάθε ψυχοπαθή που κυκλοφορεί στο internet.

    • Ion L.
      Ion L. Vor Monat +1

      Μαζέψου λίγο γιατι μιλάς έτσι χωρίς λόγο;

    • Γεωργία Θανάση
      Γεωργία Θανάση Vor Monat

      Uncharted Man in your dick

  • Dima Simeonov
    Dima Simeonov Vor Monat +5


    • Ion L.
      Ion L. Vor Monat

      I don't even have a country for the last 40 years you idiot yet my basketball eats bears that's my call. Go for hybernation.

    • Dima Simeonov
      Dima Simeonov Vor Monat

      @Ion L. Re papara look your team you from Grecce so what is your mess call ?

    • Ion L.
      Ion L. Vor Monat

      No doubt you have a good team re malaka but why are u happy with our mess over here? I am happy and proud for CSK regardless on rivalry idiot.

  • Alex
    Alex Vor Monat +3

    Alba Berlin

  • Oktay Coşkun
    Oktay Coşkun Vor Monat +1

    cska bu senede işi götürecek gibi...

  • Bezrukov Andrey
    Bezrukov Andrey Vor Monat +6

    С победой!!!Классно видеть когда есть несколько опций в нападении. Не пошло у Джеймса, но нашлись исполнители со скамейки!!!

  • MS7 TV
    MS7 TV Vor Monat +3

    Bayern Munich is a eurocup level team

    • Daniel Srbija
      Daniel Srbija Vor Monat

      @Christian F Was meinst du?

    • Christian F
      Christian F Vor Monat +2

      Cska have Euro Challenge Fans

    • Daniel Srbija
      Daniel Srbija Vor Monat +3

      @Dim Fedoroff Piräus is in Basketball a bigger team than Bayern München!

    • Dim Fedoroff
      Dim Fedoroff Vor Monat +4

      You're the loser team level. As always. But nevertheless , CSKA - the best team in Europe....after Hkimki ;)

  • Labeling agent
    Labeling agent Vor Monat +5

    Good game coach Radonjic, come back to red star some day :)

  • Dackel Tytateki
    Dackel Tytateki Vor Monat +4

    Nice win

    DIMTOP DIMTOP Vor Monat +4

    Lets go