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  • Emeraldstar716
    Emeraldstar716 Vor Tag +1

    I remembered I was so hyped for this fight

  • Facu Estradas
    Facu Estradas Vor 3 Tage

    11:38 Song?

  • Saim Naeem
    Saim Naeem Vor 5 Tage +1

    Remember this comment when jake paul beats ksi

  • wilheim wilheim
    wilheim wilheim Vor 6 Tage

    i dont like jake pool but gotta credit him with this work

  • Anastasia Golin
    Anastasia Golin Vor 7 Tage +1

    Who Watching this after Jake beat tf out of gib

  • MMS.16
    MMS.16 Vor 7 Tage

    I’m surprised Shane Mosley is actually training this joke smd he probably needed the money

  • Braydoo do It
    Braydoo do It Vor 7 Tage

    He looks like Bryce Harper

  • Tiger Savage
    Tiger Savage Vor 8 Tage

    Hey I'm tiger Savage


    hard to watch
    0:36 💝❣
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💓

  • That person in the corner

    Chilling in the hot tub is the most impressive training :o

  • Tyler Dean
    Tyler Dean Vor 17 Tage

    I swear you the next money maywether and i say that because you have the same mind set as money maywether for the sport 💯

  • Amy Squire
    Amy Squire Vor 23 Tage


  • A T
    A T Vor 23 Tage

    Jake should fight Z money the champion of cheapshots.

  • Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca
    Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca Vor 26 Tage


  • Cooper Aune
    Cooper Aune Vor 27 Tage


  • Cooper Aune
    Cooper Aune Vor 27 Tage

    U should shave ur berd

  • Skinny From the creek

    He taking this more serious then almost every DEclipsr

  • Sîhêm Nôûr-Elhouda

    This kid is victorious !! Good to see the good disciplined side of Jake. Thrive bro 🙏🙏

  • Wet Garbage
    Wet Garbage Vor Monat

    He sounds depressed

  • Hunter Loraus
    Hunter Loraus Vor Monat

    Plz go back to your old vlogs

  • Titanium Born
    Titanium Born Vor Monat

    Get real your no fighter

  • Demetrios Dimoulas
    Demetrios Dimoulas Vor Monat

    Shane Mosley is a wonderful trainer because he adapts the workout to a rhythmic flow that builds cardio and strength. Secondly teaching proper technique to an amateur and watching it in action in a real fight is a testament to his experience. Bravo

    • Totally not J
      Totally not J Vor 21 Tag +1

      Demetrios Dimoulas Yeah, with Shane Mosley there’s no way Jake is losing to KSI.

  • Cazziah Davis
    Cazziah Davis Vor Monat

    i feel yo pain my guy it’s gonna be alright

  • Hayden Quach
    Hayden Quach Vor Monat

    Hey jake Paul u suck

  • Realist
    Realist Vor Monat

    why did this comment get so many likes?

  • Jhea Mañacap
    Jhea Mañacap Vor Monat

    I kinna dont like jake now cus he has a beard and he chang a lot realy i dont like jake but i think his til a good man and hard werking youtuber but stil i now he can make a difrens and his good youtuber and his rising
    To the top

  • Charlie Murphy
    Charlie Murphy Vor Monat

    When do you fight ksi

  • Haleys homestead
    Haleys homestead Vor Monat

    Ugly freak

  • world order of gog and magog

    11:40 what is that song guys...p

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo Vor Monat


  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo Vor Monat


  • Pixeldiamond
    Pixeldiamond Vor Monat

    Ksi Ksi Ksi will knock you down easy clap

  • AbxndTV
    AbxndTV Vor Monat

    thumbnail is literally fisticuffs lol

  • Kahu Baker-Kirkwood

    How you robotic arm doing

  • Michelle Westendorf

    I love you jake

  • Ali Ash
    Ali Ash Vor Monat

    Jake Paul is gonna win Gibb is going to lose

  • Ibnu Bastistah
    Ibnu Bastistah Vor Monat

    this is crazy, his dead serious. And he deserve the W

  • Deanna Lavoie
    Deanna Lavoie Vor Monat

    If you read this call me Jake 207-240-9292

  • XxMatSnipes08xX Sports.

    Ok when I used to watch you 2 years ago you didn't look like Connor McGregor and bleeped the swearing.

  • rizz_flu
    rizz_flu Vor Monat +9

    He beat gib
    Now I’m waiting for Ksi vs Jake
    Jake has a good jab and combo he is fast
    Idk if ksi can keep up with Jake

  • Knowledge Is Key
    Knowledge Is Key Vor Monat +1

    *Watch the podcast with Jake and Russel Brand.*

    _Changed how I saw him, from expert d-bag to actual human._

  • Acka Dacka
    Acka Dacka Vor Monat

    JAKE, I’ve watched you for YEARS and the only reason I stopped watching you was bc you started growing a beard and get with other girls, if u got back with Erika and went back to the old Jake I would subscribe to you again

  • The trouble Makers
    The trouble Makers Vor Monat +3

    Congrats on jake winning the fight 😆🤣💪Still cant believe it lasted like 2 mins then he won from TKO 💥💫😆

  • Adrian Medina
    Adrian Medina Vor Monat

    Imagine jake Paul vs canelo alvarez🥶

  • 970Bros
    970Bros Vor Monat +2

    Honestly, this shit makes me so excited man! You are putting in the real work and I think KSI is just a stepping stone to what you’re capable of. Keep grinding because it’s super fucking inspiring and I love where your head and mindset is.

  • Conner Tabor
    Conner Tabor Vor Monat +1

    Fight KSI, I believe in you, you can beat that boy

  • Nate Arsenault
    Nate Arsenault Vor Monat +1

    I wonder how much he had to pay for lessons from the actual legend sugar Shane Mosley?

  • Kingmufasa99
    Kingmufasa99 Vor Monat +1

    Why do you keep hating him get a life guys

  • TheMolonana
    TheMolonana Vor Monat

    Congrats Jake you won

  • brown Lightning
    brown Lightning Vor Monat

    Different man it is cheers keep it up be humble bro

  • Fahim Chowdhury
    Fahim Chowdhury Vor Monat

    Keep it up Jake

  • GamingGodJon - Roblox
    GamingGodJon - Roblox Vor Monat +2

    I was never really a fan of jake until now keep up the good work

  • GamingGodJon - Roblox
    GamingGodJon - Roblox Vor Monat +6


  • GamingGodJon - Roblox
    GamingGodJon - Roblox Vor Monat +2

    12:11 bruh why he put murder music on LMAO nice vid though i enjoy these types of vids

    MIKE BLYTHE Vor Monat

    Your going bald

  • nickos890
    nickos890 Vor Monat

    KSI now Jake

  • Callum Martin
    Callum Martin Vor Monat +8

    Jake with that W tho

  • Stijepan Pitlovic
    Stijepan Pitlovic Vor Monat +2

    Its every day broooo

  • LJZ Racing
    LJZ Racing Vor Monat +4

    Your training looks crazy hard. Way to go!

  • Nexus OG
    Nexus OG Vor Monat +3

    12:53 damn he predicted it

    • UltimateBROS25
      UltimateBROS25 Vor Monat

      I love when someone backs up everything they said

  • AD'loading
    AD'loading Vor Monat

    Whats that song 11:40????

  • Harry and Corbyn Boxing

    0:52 what are those

  • towani awolalu
    towani awolalu Vor Monat

    Jake release some sparring footage of you

  • Liam Eriksson
    Liam Eriksson Vor Monat +1

    Lika om ni är svenskar

  • Sujal Katoch
    Sujal Katoch Vor Monat

    Gib : Imma do squarts

  • Original Keif
    Original Keif Vor Monat +1

    Of course it's in Europe the champion (KSI) was already kind enough to do 2 fights in USA, out of 3.

  • Tejas Singh
    Tejas Singh Vor Monat +38

    Who’s here after the 1st round TKO

    • Sameer Ibrahimi
      Sameer Ibrahimi Vor Monat

      But why did they choose gib to fight jake? They hyped him up so much he was squatting like a dancing crab in the fight

    • Prometheus
      Prometheus Vor Monat

      @HamzaManeka 99 hahahaha go cry kiddo

    • HamzaManeka 99
      HamzaManeka 99 Vor Monat

      Shut up man I am very sad SHIT

  • Gabriel Vlogs
    Gabriel Vlogs Vor Monat +4

    Who else is watching when he beat gib

  • Blake ._.
    Blake ._. Vor Monat

    Who is here after Jake beat gib

  • Haydon Wandahsega
    Haydon Wandahsega Vor Monat

    I miss old jake

  • Big Rage
    Big Rage Vor Monat

    Hey Jake I noticed u love boxing so do I I’m a currently going thru a lot of bs and life and damn near homeless I wanna box as well with you wassup let’s do it!!!

  • Dani Gonzalez
    Dani Gonzalez Vor Monat

    Your views and subscriber count don’t really add up

  • LiquidPiggybiffy Games

    Hope u win

  • Gargantuan Cheeks
    Gargantuan Cheeks Vor Monat

    I'll be honest Jake. I don't like how immature you are, but you did really good. It was very prominent how you were faster.

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley Vor Monat +48

    He was right about the prediction, the referee stoped the fight lol. Jake impressed me he’s got speed and most importantly mentality he’s ready for these occasion

  • Omar JR
    Omar JR Vor Monat

    Good to see he worked well with Sugar Shane

  • Pashalis
    Pashalis Vor Monat +187

    I never was a fan of Jake but in this vid I don't see Jake I see a completely different man

    • Izzi Walkz
      Izzi Walkz Vor Tag

      Thank u

    • martin ristic
      martin ristic Vor Monat +2

      I actually like the non cringe jake

    • synthwave
      synthwave Vor Monat +2

      Farhaan lmao jokes bc u sound like a fanboy for jake... nice.

    • Farhaan
      Farhaan Vor Monat +7

      @HamzaManeka 99 You're edgy af, KSI will get the shit slapped into him and he himself knows it, stop playing urself fanboy.

    • HamzaManeka 99
      HamzaManeka 99 Vor Monat +2

      Same but still I want to see ksi knocking the shit out of Jake Paul

  • Delton Lifeisgood
    Delton Lifeisgood Vor Monat +3

    Damn... This became really serious and inspirational.

  • Stay TRU
    Stay TRU Vor Monat

    That's bs.. rich boy walks his way in to a day vue.... come on

  • Gday Osandu
    Gday Osandu Vor Monat +2

    This video aged very well👌