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Cutting Down Trees for Log Cabin - Axe Logging | 9.0 | - One Man Traditional Log Cabin series

  • Am 6 Mär 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Episode 9.0 on the traditional log cabin series!
    I just graduated from high school and want a big challenge in life. I decided that I alone with only hand tools and raw power was going to build my own traditional off grid log cabin by hand in the Swedish forest.
    In this episode I am cutting down some of the last trees for the log cabin with a felling axe. After this winter all of the logs will be prepared. So that I can finish the timbering during the spring and summer.
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    RESTORATION PROJECTS Vor 2 years +35

    Sounds so peaceful like going back in time to a slower pace of life

  • Larry325
    Larry325 Vor 2 years +16

    Erik great to see you back. Been looking forward to seeing you build again. It’s great to see you maintain nice sharp tools. Couldn’t believe how fast you cleaned up the first log. Must have had lots of coffee 😃😂. But seriously it’s a lot of work to get those logs out of the woods. You have my respect. Awesome job Erik!👍

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +14

      Thank you very much Larry. Yes it takes a long time but still I don't view it as that long. People can go many years in there life living/doing something they don't like. I am really passionate about this, just a small chapter in my life.
      It is the chaga tea that is my secret fuel.😉

  • Sigvard Björkman
    Sigvard Björkman Vor year +14

    You have a great aesthetic sense of framing your camera shots in this. You are a man of many talents. These videos are wonderful.

  • Ray J
    Ray J Vor 2 years +62

    Man, dragging those trees out of the forest by hand that's impressive. Respect.

    • patch mack
      patch mack Vor year +2

      @Gandhi Laya Andhi oh stop that - cutting mature trees is fine - replanting is great which if you have watched all this chaps vids you will see he has done his bit for the environment - don't forget tree huggers, its the young faster growing trees which use more CO2, as they age, they slow down that transfer, a bit like us, slowing down that is not CO2 intake, but i'm sure there are a few folk out there who will try this, please haha

    • Gandhi Laya Andhi
      Gandhi Laya Andhi Vor year

      No one is thinking about those trees😩😩

    • patch mack
      patch mack Vor year +1

      true grit and determination, stamina is impressive
      and where there's a will there's a way

    • Cabin Life
      Cabin Life Vor 2 years +9

      It truly is impressive.... stamina and endurance. the real deal.

  • Sue Norton
    Sue Norton Vor 2 years +29

    Its good to see you again Erik. I cant believe you pulled them trees out of the woods alone. Becareful.

      JUDY WAIKIKI Vor 2 years +6

      Amazing upbringing you must have had. Doing what you are passionate about is where it’s at. God bless you n all your endeavors in life🌻

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +20

      Thank you Sue. Everything is possible with time and patience, thats my mindset.

  • hemjl4
    hemjl4 Vor 2 years +3

    Good job on this project. Having pulled logs like this on the farm, I suggest an old truck fan belt. Strong enough, long enough to go around the log and loop through itself, and gives you a long handle to swing those logs like a pendulum between your legs. When you need to lift them up to peel them you can run a strong length of sapling through it to lift them onto your saw horses. Very kind to your back I found.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      Thank you for the advice, very appreciative. I have now come to use (don't know the english word but) webbing strap in a loop? thank you again, will try.

  • Jared’s Cabin life
    Jared’s Cabin life Vor 2 years +13

    I’m building my log cabin the same way you are the old traditional way all hand tools no power tools or machines. I think the cabin looks a lot better that way and you have more pride into it! Keep up the great work man your cabin is looking awesome good start

    • Suzanne Todaro
      Suzanne Todaro Vor 2 years +2

      @Frank Pohl Thank you very informative. I think quite a few of the time restricted cabin builders will definitely look up all that stuff. For the more traditional guys they like the harmony and peace and quiet of the forest and have time to dedicate themselves to the build.

    • Frank Pohl
      Frank Pohl Vor 2 years +1

      I love the diferend STIHL tools for working with logs and to build a log home. If time is a problem and not many hands on deck- then I am a friend of taking tools that save my time if I can work traditionel "old german style" Do you knwo what is a "Troghöhler" or a "Scheibenfräse"? That are tools for the STihl with wat you can "eat wood" verry fast. Go on YT "Troghöhler/Scheibenfräse/ Höhler/ Log Master mit Ketten Antrieb / from Gerber Motorgeräte. This tools can do work in 30 minutes that normaly would take 8 hours. There are some YTbers like the outsider that dont have a time plan and they work and work and work one day a week and wunder themself that the cab is not ready. Dick Proenecke (German roots) preperade 3 months and builded 2 weeks and then the rest step by step...

    • Bob Anderson
      Bob Anderson Vor 2 years

      @Jerry Johns Click on his thumbnail

    • Jerry Johns
      Jerry Johns Vor 2 years +1

      jared butler do you have a channel?

  • Tybet New
    Tybet New Vor 8 Monate

    I really enjoy to see the technique and manual method of your work. You are incredibly knowledgeable, and I feel as though I learn a lot from watching!
    If you don't mind me asking, what happened to your cut at 13:14 time? Did you lose the hinge wood? Did you cut more to make the tree fall? Was it the weight that made the tree spin at the end? I'm sorry, but it is hard to see what happened.

  • Autumn Leaves
    Autumn Leaves Vor year

    This is so impressive, building a log cabin all by yourself. It's amazing that you can drag those logs out of the forest all by yourself. Not many 18 year olds could do what you are doing. Will you live in the off grid cabin when it is finished ? I also like the way you have made your films without any background music, so we just hear the sound of your axe on timber and the birds singing. It's very calming to watch. You are a very talented young man and your parents should be proud of you.

  • Anthony Medina
    Anthony Medina Vor 2 years +6

    I'm amazed how you handle those huge logs. Your country is very pretty lovely forest. 💗

  • likmaerse
    likmaerse Vor 9 Monate

    Absolutely well done on the skills,awesome filming & to put together, kool man

  • Vania Garcev
    Vania Garcev Vor year +1

    Parabéns sou do Brasil estou encantada com sua casa se estou certa que chama assim ,é com sua inteligência 👏👏

  • Paul Machak
    Paul Machak Vor 2 years +2

    I am so glad to see you back at building the dream cabin. The temporary roof you built last fall has held up well. You are learning so much, from building techniques to videography. Looking forward to a very productive spring and summer.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years

      @Paul Machak Love mr. Chickadee channel one of my favourites.

    • Paul Machak
      Paul Machak Vor 2 years +1

      @Erik Grankvist Are you familiar with the Utube site named Mr. Chickadee? Like yourself, he only uses traditional hand tools and all of his vids are without narration or music. The only sound is that made by the tools.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years

      Thanks. Very eagered to start building again!

  • Joseph Martin
    Joseph Martin Vor 9 Monate

    Also, this is one of the most relaxing things I’ve seen in a long time!

  • Test Account
    Test Account Vor 2 years +2

    Do you protect your wood against beetles or fungi? Great work!

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      Not yet. Will do when they are built into the structure. I just have to debark them and store them off direkt kontakt to the ground and they will be fine until I start building.

  • Edwin Looy
    Edwin Looy Vor 6 Monate

    We just begun to check out your series about the build. Awesome job man👌 Entertaining to watch😊

  • Fran Manoulian
    Fran Manoulian Vor year

    Firstly , You will never know how much joy your videos bring to your viewership.
    You are doing what very very few can do ,as much as we would like to emulate what you are building ,we just weren't gifted like you .
    What is your background in cabin building ? Did you serve an apprenticeship ? Your mentor /teacher did a super job.
    Then the camera ,setting it up then moving it ,in addition to the build . WOW .
    I have so many questions to ask . Like the logs you cut down , did they come from a location higher than your build site .

  • David Lange
    David Lange Vor 2 years +1

    Eric nice to see you at it again. I really think you should take the time to look at one of my old you tubes on making a lifting device to help you o
    lifting logs up onto the walls. I made 3 you tubes 3 years ago They are Log cabin building- tour Log cabin building- step by step laying up the logs and log cabin building -hewing a log I built my cabin when I was just several years older then you. I made some mistakes but its still standing and looking good after 40 years.

  • My Log Cabin Granary
    My Log Cabin Granary Vor 2 years +2

    Your hard work puts me forward while returning my over 40 year old log cabin back to life.

  • Forsythe Bushcraft & Blades

    Subbed. Very happy to have found your channel and I'm really looking forward to seeing all of your videos. Very well done!

  • Gromosław Śmiały

    You brings me to my younghood, time when I cutted trees with my grandpa by axe, almost 35 years ago.

  • ruptura Batería
    ruptura Batería Vor year

    Mis respetos y admiración amigo, eres un ejemplo para la juventud de este planeta , saludos desde el último país del mundo CHILE , un abrazo ala distancia ..
    Mi nombre es , Luis Rodríguez Valenzuela ....

  • Joseph Martin
    Joseph Martin Vor 9 Monate

    Beautifully done!

  • jacqueline manzano
    jacqueline manzano Vor 2 years +1

    Hats off to you Erik. Real ingenuity and brilliant work, thank you for sharing.

  • Thomas Lemoins
    Thomas Lemoins Vor year +1

    Nice methodical pace and work...I assume you have previous experience..You move through the different phases of the construction like a professional..I am learning alot...Tak..Rigtige flot arbejd

  • Albin S Mathew
    Albin S Mathew Vor 2 years +5

    Determination and hard work, you are a real inspiration for doing what you love with such a passion. Thank you.

  • Angie
    Angie Vor year +5

    8:45 was so satisfying... I hope when a woman comes into your life, she respects you and doesnt change you because this is incredible!

  • Sorguais Qc84
    Sorguais Qc84 Vor year +1

    hi, can you give me the name of the axes and tools you use to build your cabin?

  • Craig Quilter
    Craig Quilter Vor 2 years +4

    I love my Gransfors Bruks tools, draw knife is awesome! Do you use the fro & adds as well? Keep up the awesome work & stay safe young man!

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +2

      Thank you. I do not own a froe but I want to. I have Gränsfors bruks "round" adze for shaping the logs when building.

  • Jason Wilson
    Jason Wilson Vor 2 years +2

    The day has gotten much better with your video. My day is complete. Awesome job!

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      Very happy to hear, Jason.
      Spread happiness.

  • Denys Tanguay
    Denys Tanguay Vor 2 years +3

    Je suis très impressionner, tout est fait à la main; aucune aide mécanique..... Bravo. Tout mon respect.

  • Myrna Rivera
    Myrna Rivera Vor 2 years +1

    Ohhhhh que hermoso se ve todo cubierto de nieve, amo tus videos me encanta ese lugar.❤

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years

      Thank you. Yes it is beautiful in the winter. 👍

  • Cabin Life
    Cabin Life Vor 2 years +2

    Hello Eric ... great job on moving those logs out of the forest... not an easy task. Even Shawn had to abandon that strategy and opted for cedar fence posts to build his cabin with, but you took the time and the hard road and lived up to the challenge like a true woodsman. We were talking about your skills and project during our live stream last week and shared a link to steer folks this way, so they can watch your build. Cheers from the woods of Canada. Glenn & Maureen

    • Suzanne Todaro
      Suzanne Todaro Vor 2 years +1

      It is great you supporting this young budding cabin builder. However Shawn is 30 years older than him so has to work differently or he would injure himself.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +2

      Thank you Glenn and Maureen. Amazing that you talked about me on your live stream. Truly happy for that. 👍. Which livestream was it, what's the title?

  • Aubrey Jollotta
    Aubrey Jollotta Vor 2 years

    Out of curiosity, why not use block and tackle? Love the video's!

  • Toby
    Toby Vor 2 years

    How are the regulations in Sweden about cutting tree's? Do you have to follow a course or is there a maximum you may cut down?

  • Juan Manuel Lago
    Juan Manuel Lago Vor 2 years +1

    Fabuloso lugar , saludos desde Argentina !

  • Radagast
    Radagast Vor 2 years +3

    You are lucky to live in a such beautiful and wild place.

  • McRocket
    McRocket Vor 2 years +3

    Hey...the nerdy woodsman is back!
    As I said before, I mean the term as a compliment.
    I am a nerd and I wish I had the skill and patience to build a log cabin.
    BTW - I like the slo-mo...nice touch.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +4

      @McRocket It was a friends drone and he drove it. After this I had to invest one into the channel. And yes you can program it to do that and much more, like follow you around. You probably noticed that there was no sound with the drone, I am going to fix that in future videos. Thank you.

    • McRocket
      McRocket Vor 2 years +1

      @Erik Grankvist BTW - really cool looking drone shot near the end (I made my earlier comment before I got to that point).
      Can you program it to do that or did someone else do it for you?
      Your dog perhaps? ;)

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +3

      Yes the nerd is back! Thank you, I like how it sounds in slow motion.

  • Larry Jacobs
    Larry Jacobs Vor 2 years +9

    This must be filmed in another country, besides the US! No young man your age would do the work you do in one day over their lifetime! Great job!

    • Frank Pohl
      Frank Pohl Vor 2 years

      @Just Bruce Being Bruce Yeah thats a fact! The scnadis have the same skills and love for a good solid home like germans.

    • Just Bruce Being Bruce
      Just Bruce Being Bruce Vor 2 years

      @Frank Pohl Scandinavian American here.. You would be surprised at what some of us Americans can do. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Frank Pohl
      Frank Pohl Vor 2 years +5

      One thing for sure: US americans are not good worker and even not a older men will or could work so hart like Eric. In the US only German rooted US cititzen love to build good like Matt Risninger and his build show. The majority of US americans love to build big fast easy and cheap and with alot of chemical stuff.They also build for 20 years and never stormproof. Many in the EU and scandinavians love to build traditionel smale but for 100 years.

    • Larry Jacobs
      Larry Jacobs Vor 2 years +3

      I would love Sweden especially when I was young! Great video thank you!

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +3

      Sweden. Thank you.

  • Finnish Playground
    Finnish Playground Vor 2 years +2

    Well done. It takes some time to do it all alone :)

  • Herman Rikheim Humborstad

    Inspirerende video 🇳🇴🕊 Fortsett å laste opp content 💪🏽

    • Herman Rikheim Humborstad
      Herman Rikheim Humborstad Vor 2 years

      Ser frem til når hytten blir ferdi ! 🔱💪🏽 Skal begynne å bygge etter Militæret, gønn på 👍👍

  • Linda Petersen
    Linda Petersen Vor year

    Erik you get stronger as you drang each and every tree on out of the woods and the branches can be your sticks to go into the logs as screw would for holding them together . I am old and wise like your Great Grandma but am looking forwarder to doing another cabin maybe get the logs done for who ever puts it together. Only takes 15 minutes to debark a log if wet or moist!!!

  • Toby Carvery
    Toby Carvery Vor 5 Monate

    How many trees did u cut down per day? I would love to do what u can do this has to be the most relaxing vids to watch

  • Patrick Rancore
    Patrick Rancore Vor 2 years

    I've always said that cutting down a tree with an axe is just too fast paced and what it really needs is slow motion.

  • Witali Bachmann
    Witali Bachmann Vor 2 years +1

    Gute Arbeit 👍

  • beachfiredude
    beachfiredude Vor 2 years +1

    Thank you for uploading this project
    Great sharing

  • Eero Laukkanen
    Eero Laukkanen Vor 2 years +3

    Hi Erik, good to see you working hard....again. The weather is Southern Sweden is turning Spring, good working weather. ...no moskiitos =), I will follow your journey, and...will fullfill my promise to you....soon !! Just...wait ;o)...Ps. you will get some nice pics also from my grandfather's work, and his brothers too.....

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +2

      Yes this time of the year is the best to work in the forest, perfect temperature and no mosquitoes. Thank you and waiting. Will be nice to see those pictures.

  • franz jimenez
    franz jimenez Vor 2 years +1

    Good Erik....! I want to ask you the time you let those logs to dry

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      I felled my logs in the winter and let them dry untill summer time where I am now building with them. 👍 So about 7-4 months.

  • Owen Jarvis
    Owen Jarvis Vor 2 years +2

    Very neat work!

  • Bradley Schneider
    Bradley Schneider Vor 2 years +2

    Nice Erik its soothing watching you shave the bark off not boring at all everyone want to see the progress in order even if you come back with another video say ending with you shaving completed and perhaps start a couple of logs on your build. Question do you cook out there while working or just bring a lunch with you.you should incorporate some cooking on the video we all know you have to eat even if it's just some brats over the fire.i think we're all drawn to you because of the fact your so dang young and skillful.ive missed seeing your videos and was very grateful to see this come out today.nice work kiddo be careful with your back your only young once! Can't wait for the next episode

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      Yes I take some lunch with me to the forest. Thank you for the idea, I will include me cooking my food over the fire in the next episode.
      Yes I have to be careful with my back, did not look to good in some of these clips.
      Thank you Bradley, it is so nice to hear how you all take your time and follow my journey.

  • Ken Marapese
    Ken Marapese Vor 2 years +1

    Excellent video.

  • jonathan olson
    jonathan olson Vor 2 years

    What brand and size log lifting tongs are you using?

  • Daz Boot
    Daz Boot Vor 2 years +2

    When you lifted that log I moved myself in coutch :)

  • paulobernardi2018 2018
    paulobernardi2018 2018 Vor 5 Monate

    Esses pedaços de casca retirado dos Troncos das Árvores depois de bem secos ao Sol e muitos dias seguidos podem ser usados para começar Fogo! Até da pra fazer uma caixa de madeira dentro do Piso da casa pra guardar essas cascas! Caixa de Lenha!

  • Jerry Johns
    Jerry Johns Vor 2 years +2

    New subscriber. Nice work. Beautiful country.

  • Lilla Vargen
    Lilla Vargen Vor 2 years +2

    Love your videos!

  • sumi
    sumi Vor 10 Monate

    Hi Erik, wonderful skills, must be kinda like past like timber man:) Is it possible in Sweden to cut the wood where one likes, or is it your property? all the best

    • sumi
      sumi Vor 9 Monate

      @Vic Sill North thank you!

    • Vic Sill North
      Vic Sill North Vor 9 Monate +1

      He has said in his comments it’s his familys property. You’re not allowed to go out and fell trees if you don’t own the property.

    SWAMPHUNTER644 Vor 2 years +2

    A high lift jack would make moving those logs around much easier on your back.

  • Jumpytravel
    Jumpytravel Vor 2 years +1

    Respect for your work

  • Rowan Fernsler
    Rowan Fernsler Vor 2 years +6

    Love it!

  • Bob Anderson
    Bob Anderson Vor 2 years +2

    Good to see you back, Erik. You've been busy! 👍👌

  • sergio quiroz
    sergio quiroz Vor 2 years

    vas muy bien muchacho sigue adelante quiero ver tu cabaña

  • Danish Javed
    Danish Javed Vor 2 years +1

    Good work and nice home

  • Miss MacIntosh
    Miss MacIntosh Vor 8 Monate

    Så vackra vyer och fantastiska videos. Allt ditt hårda arbete speglas verkligen i varje film och ändå lyser arbetsglädjen igenom hela tiden. En fråga bara: i någon av de först filmerna där du avbarkar så använder du en form av spade/blad på skaft, rött. Sen byter du till detta verktyg. Varför?

  • Buffalo
    Buffalo Vor 2 years +1

    Erik, what species of pine are the trees? Nice work!

  • whoviansam
    whoviansam Vor year

    what kind of trees can you use, cause i know some rot easy or warp?

  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis Vor 2 years +1

    I can't tell but is that head ( on the axe ) bigger than the average axe you get at hardware store like Lowe's

  • Paul Seitz
    Paul Seitz Vor 2 years +4

    Great Video! What is the green tent in the background for? Greetings from Germany!

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +4

      In the tent I have stored some tools and such. It has a wooden stove so it's nice to take a break in there and start a warming fire, the tough part is getting out and continuing the days work, haha.

  • DJB UK
    DJB UK Vor year

    I think I have watched all postings. When is the roof going on?

  • ozzzy
    ozzzy Vor 2 years +4

    Молодец, долго ждал твое видео, думал не увижу до весны

  • V_iktor93
    V_iktor93 Vor 2 years +2

    Manligt! 💪 Vad har du gått för utbildning?

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +2

      @V_iktor93 Jaha roligt. Visste inte att det fanns en timmermans utbildning.

    • V_iktor93
      V_iktor93 Vor 2 years +2

      @Erik Grankvist Vad najs, jag ska söka det skogliga basåret start nu till hösten för att bli skogsmästare, kanske ses där! Har även sökt till timmermansutbildningen i Avesta. Skogen är den bästa arbetsplatsen. (Y)

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +3

      Tog examen i naturvetenskapliga men nu vill jag verkligen göra denna resa, för jag känner att skogen är där jag hör hemma. Jag vill gå skogsmästar utbildningen SLU efter detta. Tack 👍

  • Turk 182
    Turk 182 Vor year +1

    *В России за одно срубленное дерево дают 2 года тюрьмы, как у вас этими законами?*

  • Vernon Vest
    Vernon Vest Vor year

    On your draw knife could one turn up the handles ,would that be better.

  • likmaerse
    likmaerse Vor 9 Monate

    How sharp are those axes kool

  • Vernon Vest
    Vernon Vest Vor year

    How did you learn not to get discouraged,one could learn a lot from you (patients) .

  • salm salm
    salm salm Vor 2 years +1

    Du bist sehr geduldig

    *ЛЕСНОЙ ДВ* Vor 2 years +2

    Good video👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Jappel
    Jappel Vor 2 years +3

    Good to see you are back with another video

  • Eva Karlsson
    Eva Karlsson Vor 2 years +1

    🤩 jag bara WoW 👏👏👏👏👏

  • jim brewer
    jim brewer Vor 2 years +2


    • jim brewer
      jim brewer Vor 2 years +1


    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      That sounds awesome. Would love to drag out my logs with a horse.

  • Erik Widlund
    Erik Widlund Vor 2 years

    Do you sleep in the tent when you work? Or is it just to keep your tools and have warm place to rest and eat ?

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years

      Keep some of my tools and have a warm and dry place to take breaks. 👍

  • Sunil Sgec
    Sunil Sgec Vor 9 Monate

    This guy built different ✌️

  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis Vor 2 years +1

    You should get a cherri picker ( ENGINE host ) and put car are truck tires on it and to pick this loges up before you hurt your self

  • Geoff Williams
    Geoff Williams Vor 2 years +3

    My sons are half Swedes-deras mama ar fran Skana (sorry no Svensk keyboard) so I have been there a lot. Where are you doing this? Looks kinda like Dalarna or around there? You do no talking and a lot of workstationing! Jetta bra!!

  • Jess tony Chavez
    Jess tony Chavez Vor 2 years

    Nice man Hardworking

  • Scott Redmond
    Scott Redmond Vor 2 years +5

    Best notification of the weekend!

  • Admiral Musclebeard
    Admiral Musclebeard Vor 6 Monate

    What type of tent is that being used? Thinkin of getting one fer myself

  • Ma Ha
    Ma Ha Vor 2 years +1

    10:15 -10:58 👍👍👍 more like this

    • Ma Ha
      Ma Ha Vor 2 years

      But slowly is also good👍
      So the People can feel and resume the Dimension of work what its all have been👍😉

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years

      Time lapse? Okej. 👍

  • Нурали Самат
    Нурали Самат Vor 2 years +1


  • eduardo ivan
    eduardo ivan Vor year

    i love it...super

  • John Doe
    John Doe Vor 11 Monate

    69 people crying their hearts out disliking this video: "why are you cutting that tree? It did not do anything bad to you... You hurt my vag..." :-)

  • DANIEL prihlaska
    DANIEL prihlaska Vor 2 years +1

    Hello .Timber is Fir or Spruce?

  • Andreas Otto Winckler
    Andreas Otto Winckler Vor 2 years +1

    Man, don't you feel cold? !!! he's just wearing a shirt, no jacket, it's freezing !!! hahahaha Strong hug !!!!

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +2

      Haha. You get warm when you work hard in the winter. ;)

  • Lars Kiel
    Lars Kiel Vor 2 years +2


  • kitouxxx
    kitouxxx Vor 8 Tage

    For once I'm not lost on DEclips. I'm exactly where I belong.

    ZEKİ TAŞER Vor 2 years +1


  • Ramon Bauti
    Ramon Bauti Vor 2 years

    💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻desde España

  • Marcus Dahlberg
    Marcus Dahlberg Vor 2 years +3

    Jäklar va du sliter med stockarna, du skulle skaffat en häst o dra fram stockar med! ;)

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      @Marcus Dahlberg Sant! Tack.

    • Marcus Dahlberg
      Marcus Dahlberg Vor 2 years +2

      @Erik Grankvist Fördelen med grållen är ju att den kan stå parkerad längre stunder utan tillsyn. 😉 Tills vidare får du kämpa på, var rädd om ryggen bara så du håller ihop!

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +2

      Ja vill väldigt gärna skaffa en nordsvensk häst. Skulle vara fantastiskt. Nu använder jag grållen ibland för att dra fram de som är längre bort, men det klassas kanske inte som helt för hand. Grållen kan heller inte ta sig fram överallt medans en häst är mer smidig. Så en häst hade varit idealisk.

  • Anonym person
    Anonym person Vor 2 years +1

    Vad heter verktyget 22:26? Bra video!🇸🇪

    • Anonym person
      Anonym person Vor 2 years


    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      Bandkniv. Detta är Gränsfors bruks bandkniv, riktigt bra, ett måste om man ska barka mycket, lätt att slippa upp igen.

  • Руслан Соловьев