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Machine Gun Kelly - Taurus (Feat. Naomi Wild) [From the Motion Picture Taurus]

  • Am 22 Nov 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Stream Machine Gun Kelly’s “Taurus” from the motion picture ‘Taurus’:
    ‘Taurus’ directed by Tim Sutton and starring Colson Baker, Megan Fox, Naomi Wild and Ruby Rose is available in theaters and on demand now. For more information visit taurus.official.film/ .
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    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Taurus (From The Motion Picture Taurus). © 2022 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


  • Mataveli_
    Mataveli_ Vor Tag +1

    "Afraid of having kids, I’m scared I’ll be just like my parents” felt that.

  • Lindsey Showman
    Lindsey Showman Vor 19 Stunden +18

    Whatever "genre" you fall into at the time, at the end of the day you are a lyricist/poet. Beautiful

  • imnoop Shorts
    imnoop Shorts Vor 19 Stunden +12

    We need more songs with the same vibes as this song ❤️🔥👀

  • Mike Raymonds
    Mike Raymonds Vor Tag +13

    I can't even imagine what this man goes through with all the hate he gets much respect for him

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body
    Come Fast To Get Into My Body Vor 21 Stunde +491

    "Remember the feeling of being alone in a home as a kid every night with the struggle of having no one to cry to Growing up and having trust issues now to everyone I say bye to"

  • Gerald Lamb
    Gerald Lamb Vor 19 Stunden +32


  • Basel Khartabil
    Basel Khartabil Vor 21 Stunde +422

    I love how poetic he is whether it’s rap or pop punk. He’s not just saying random words. It’s all very personal and real.

  • Samir Stevenson
    Samir Stevenson Vor 19 Stunden +6

    I actually teared up what a supportive woman, mother, and she feels and sounds so war when she says so loudly AND YOURE MY SON! Kai was so excited and so was his mom. Im so glad that they could celebrate like that. I hope they have a long and heartfelt life going forward. :/ :/

  • AC
    AC Vor 21 Stunde +7

    This just hits right. Love this kind of music with MGK. He never left. You just think he did. Let's go. 🎸 🤘

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze Vor 19 Stunden +7

    Damn I wasn’t expecting him to snap like that in the third verse. I had heard the first two verses and already liked the song, this sealed the deal. 🔥

  • José manuel Rivera

    Tú música nunca desepciona estás en otro Nivel 🔥

  • Austin Kellum Music
    Austin Kellum Music Vor 19 Stunden +27

    "Find you, just to remind you, that when you're born an anomaly nowadays it's probably gonna be hard to define you". I really needed to hear that! This song is a masterpiece. Much love, Colson 🙏

  • Nick Sibilla
    Nick Sibilla Vor Tag +370

    "My happiness is bankrupt but my credit card's unlimited." Kels always delivers, stoked for this new album.

  • Keenan Valentine
    Keenan Valentine Vor Tag +2

    The real accomplishment wasnt him getting over the mountain, it was him getting nominated for an Emmy. So incredibly proud of you Mark, youre an icon for us small creators to show where we can all go if we just keep trying. Thank you for everything and I hope you get that award you so deserve! :) :P

  • Rachel Ruiz
    Rachel Ruiz Vor Tag +3

    This song hits hard! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 <---- Lyrics and beat on point! I definitely relate "Remember the feeling of being alone in a home as a kid every night with the struggle of having nobody to cry to. Growing up and having trust issues now to everyone I say bye to

  • eckonut72
    eckonut72 Vor 21 Stunde +3

    This makes me even prouder rocking my XX tat. This song speaks to me in so many ways. Thank u kells for creating music that's relatable. You are a blessing to this world and your lyrics are our script!

  • mefijiboy
    mefijiboy Vor 21 Stunde +98

    Can switch genres and still make bangers. That’s what you call an artist

  • Bjørn helge Svenskerud
    Bjørn helge Svenskerud Vor 19 Stunden +17

    i'm a big eminem fan..he helped me through a dark childhood..but even eminem has to sit in the car and love this song✌🏻so let them create peace in a world where there is little peace🙏🏻 two of them in one album would have been perfect and maybe what the world needs now.✌🏻🙏🏻🇳🇴

  • TriStateMusik
    TriStateMusik Vor Tag +357

    Kells has always been in a league of his own. Records like this are what solidify his legacy. Such deep rooted and very well put together lyrics. It’s truly admirable to see him turn all that negativity people throw towards him into a straight gem 💎, each and every time. Stay focused Kells!

  • Ekwizz
    Ekwizz Vor 21 Stunde +6

    Everytime you think MGK can‘t get any better he puts out another masterpiece🔥🔥