Crazy Family Experiences That'll Make You Love Your Own

  • Am 28 Jun 2018 veröffentlicht
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  • Marcos Armendariz
    Marcos Armendariz Vor 3 Tage

    2:16 Wallice will be hunting him down
    Wallice and gromet

  • Grace The True Tortured Soul

    My great-aunt has a cupboard full of jam packets that she takes from Johnny Mars “just in case”.

  • Raven the Collie
    Raven the Collie Vor 3 Monate


  • Naomi Harris
    Naomi Harris Vor 5 Monate

    I see this as an absolute win!

  • Aion Zurvan
    Aion Zurvan Vor 6 Monate

    1:52 bruh

  • Yua the Tsundere
    Yua the Tsundere Vor 6 Monate

    When I was a kid, every time we went for cracker barrel for breakfast and I would drink the little cups of milk used for coffee, my dad would whisper "shots shots shots!" while I would drink it

  • Zoya & ze Pancake
    Zoya & ze Pancake Vor 9 Monate

    When I was Eight, there was some Indian movie on the TV and a song came on. My dad really loved that song so he danced along. At the point where the Hero takes off his shirt, my dad does 2 (at the time) year old brother proceeds to tickle him. Never laughed so hard

  • Belvie
    Belvie Vor 10 Monate

    My parents were both married before and after they had both divorced and married each other their ex partners also got each other. Like some real life wife swap shit.

  • blackhawks81H
    blackhawks81H Vor 11 Monate

    0:15 Grandma is a fuckin master troll.

  • Alana Castillo
    Alana Castillo Vor 11 Monate

    I do the taking-my-own-cutlery thing bc the ones at restaurants are fucking massive and also I find it disgusting to use the same thing someone else has put inside their mouth

  • whoop-dee-doo
    whoop-dee-doo Vor year

    My family is Asian and when we saw a redhead in China my grandmother reached out and touched his hair.

  • rania zahra
    rania zahra Vor year

    my dad was sleeping while sitting on the couch (like dads do) and I took all my hair ties and made tiny little ponytails in my dad’s hair and his hair has never looked more colorful (I don’t know how he didn’t wake up he’s a deep sleeper)

  • Elliott Tilton
    Elliott Tilton Vor year

    2:06 thats not how thc works...

  • Tyler E.
    Tyler E. Vor year

    My mom got a new pair of Luna sandals and in the box there is lottery ticket for sandals and when she scratched it she got excited because she won another pair of sandals for free

  • Zephi Pakpahan
    Zephi Pakpahan Vor year

    2:10 almost 100% fake which makes me sad cuz now most are probably fake

  • Amber Greenwood
    Amber Greenwood Vor year

    since when do you have to get married? is there apparently some age you get to and have to be married because that's dumb af 1:07

  • E Alex
    E Alex Vor year +1

    2:17 no wait this is a great idea

  • Ian Santos
    Ian Santos Vor year

    Imagine the first one, you are teaching your nephew and others how to drive in the cemetery. They run over someone who are visiting a friend (dead person)
    Police Officer 1: Where is the place of death again?
    Police Officer 2: *choking and laughing* the cemetery.
    Police Officer 1: No, seriously
    Police Officer 2: I am serious...

  • ozlemashi Miamoto

    Who the fuck doesn't celebrate their dogs birthday?!

  • Big Dick George
    Big Dick George Vor year

    Many of these strike me as implausible..

  • Nat Chan
    Nat Chan Vor year

    My family does the same thing as the meow thing, but instead of meowing we make bird noises

  • Madison Donaldson

    My mum comes up with really creative insults. My favourite is when she called my step dad “the dick cheese no one wants”

  • Js Yall
    Js Yall Vor year

    The thing is in my country tipping isn't a thing

  • [lili]
    [lili] Vor year


  • Madison Kuhle
    Madison Kuhle Vor year

    Every time my dad and I are in the car and we pass a field of crops, he asks “mads what crop is that?” and points out the window, and if I get it wrong he goes on and on about how the daughter of someone raised on a farm should be an expert at crop identification

  • Mitch Sorenstein
    Mitch Sorenstein Vor year

    3:48 well your dads fucking awesome

  • Mr. Doctor
    Mr. Doctor Vor year

    *Yeen’t* -Yain’t-

  • Ny- Ny
    Ny- Ny Vor year

    Theres a lot of people in the clique with weird familys

  • Ike Christensen
    Ike Christensen Vor year +1

    No, I still hate my family.

  • Kent, God of Destruction- Eater of Pussies

    Well Iam kinda jealous because they have a family

  • Minecraft Gamer
    Minecraft Gamer Vor year

    Community garden + stealing crops = stupidity

  • Azuurite
    Azuurite Vor year

    That outro is lit af

  • MaxNMotion
    MaxNMotion Vor year


  • A human
    A human Vor year

    My mom got an ipad mini for her birthday to look up recipes whilst making stuff in the kitchen.
    I walked in her once whilst she was making dinner and she was watching ''Funny Baby Vines'' on youtube and laughing her ass off.

  • Wodinn
    Wodinn Vor year

    "kids that should be married but aren't" table? I'm very glad my family doesn't do this. I'd probably be sitting alone.

  • Otakubunny xX
    Otakubunny xX Vor year

    Meowing thing is funny but what is smarter is Store Marco Polo works wonders when no randos mess with you

  • Potato Cheese
    Potato Cheese Vor year

    1:48 how

  • TheRedEncryption
    TheRedEncryption Vor year

    2:07 I'm dying XD

  • avocado
    avocado Vor year

    Why do I sadly relate to a lot of these

  • Cool Cheese
    Cool Cheese Vor year

    Reasons I'm not going to hell:
    I murdered 75 people
    I've been to jail 18 times
    I've robbed 56 banks, 27 donut stores, and 3 gas stations
    Reasons I am going to jail:
    I stole a piece of my brother's garlic bread

  • asukigi /
    asukigi / Vor year

    one of my little cousins didn’t know what a 3ds was and how durable it is so of course he had to drop it off the top floor (four floor building) at the family reunion

  • Saeyoung Choi
    Saeyoung Choi Vor year

    When I cant find my mom at the store I just yell
    "Mother of a disappointment where have you gone?"

  • Jojo the Swede
    Jojo the Swede Vor year

    My dads work takes him around the world and once he came home from south korea with a robot dog

  • PixelatedVaporeon

    @ 5:00 can someone with a community garden tell me why taking some of the crops is bad? Cuz I always thought it was a way to have fresh fruits and veggies of the people growing them.

  • Shmaddy
    Shmaddy Vor year

    Every Christmas my grandad would deliberately by me 50 nail polishes of different colours. I bite my nails...

  • Eclipsethedragon13

    My dad has a princess leia cut out from when she was jaba's servant. he had it in his office for years. when he moved offices he brought it home it sat in the garage for a few weeks.

  • kingdirtgoblin
    kingdirtgoblin Vor year

    whenever my dad and i go on a road trip, we kazoo to whatevers on the radio. as loud as we can.

  • Dylan Noah
    Dylan Noah Vor year

    4:05 ayyyye, clique ||-//

  • Queen Molly
    Queen Molly Vor year

    My grandma always drives me to counseling every other week and afterwards we always go to McDonald's drive-thru for coffee. I always order a caramel frappé, and she always pronounces it "cermal flatte"

  • NullLex00
    NullLex00 Vor year +1

    My father raised every single of his children like dogs. I've got no bloody idea how, but when he whistles four specific notes, all of us recognise it as him calling us.
    One time when my sister was like 5, she got lost in a clothes stores. Her mum was starting to stress the fuck out, my dad simply whistled and my sister came right back to him.

  • Angsty Prince
    Angsty Prince Vor year

    Random Thing I Wanna Do
    With Me
    If I ever become a parent and it’s Christmas morning, and the child isn’t up yet, I just wanna silently go into their room with a speaker and bLAST CHRISTMAS MUSIC AS LOUD AS I POSSIBLY CAN TO WAKE THEM UP-
    that would be hilarious to me

  • Justin .Y. EET
    Justin .Y. EET Vor year +1

    When we can’t find our mom we just scream KA-KAW

  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Artist Vor year

    1:31 i do marco polo

  • Spirit006 The Assassin

    4:37 My grandma did this too!!

  • Josh Herbert
    Josh Herbert Vor year

    okay the dad at 3:42 sounds pretty rad tho

  • Josh Herbert
    Josh Herbert Vor year

    I prefer my cake boneless.

  • Spooky Rylie
    Spooky Rylie Vor year

    2:08 why do you have weeb..
    Weeb...Really autocorrect i meant weeb.....Im SO DONE WITH THUS

  • crocs
    crocs Vor year

    4:23 that's fucked up

  • Yhenestik
    Yhenestik Vor year +1

    3:33 is even better because it is written by a Ravenclaw

  • Bro
    Bro Vor year

    When we drive past hay bales we all wave and say hey hay