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Crashtest Audi Q7 vs. Fiat 500



  • ratzupaltuf ratzupaltuf

    Der DEclips Algorythmus ist ech der beste xd

  • My Name
    My Name Vor 3 years +67

    The most important point here: The Fiat is reverted, i.e. it turns its direction of travel by 180 °. The occurring G-decelerations are usually deadly.

    • My Name
      My Name Vor year +13

      @Dom I can only agree with you. The problem is the high weight of >2.5 t. Another safety aspect is the obscuring of the view on the sidewalk when parking. Here, especially small people (children) are affected, who can not see over the car and thus their view is obscured when crossing the street!

    • Dom
      Dom Vor year +20

      And that is not because the Fiat 500 is unsafe, because SUV`s are dangerous for every other one.

  • Xaiano
    Xaiano Vor 11 years +12

    i'm really impressed at how well the fiat held up - 3 times less steel too.

  • demoniack81
    demoniack81 Vor 9 years +249

    Next up: Audi Q7 vs a 1600tons freight train.
    Let's see them rollin'.

    • Max Sageder
      Max Sageder Vor year +3

      @hamburger0456 x u can try it and tell us how it went ;)

    • hamburger0456 x
      hamburger0456 x Vor 7 years +5

      Q7 will beat the shit out of it! Q7❤️

  • Remco M
    Remco M Vor 11 years +32

    1:02 did I just see the airbag being ripped apart?
    If so, that's FAIL

  • TahreyUK
    TahreyUK Vor 11 years +2

    @Checkerholic My mother is about to buy one. Seeing this video, I'm more than happy to let her continue. The passenger compartment doesn't seem to undergo a huge amount of deformation - certainly not enough to seriously injure the occupants - and the dummies end up swaddled in airbags. Considering they've just had a 2 1/2 ton mobile portakabin run into them at a closing speed of about 50mph, it's pretty impressive. The Q7 drivers come off best, but they're never going to find anywhere to park.

  • zyxelenator
    zyxelenator Vor 9 years +19

    Audi is like 3 times heavier, so Fiat did pretty good. Plus in real life you try to avoid head on crash at any cost,and there more mid size sedans on the roads rhan full size SUVs, so you have more odds to collide with them. Honestly I feal safer im my little turbo fiat than when I had 03 Altima,which I crashed on hwy in heavy rain at high speed. It only had 2 airbags,(fiat has 7) mine did not deploy, passanger one did, main impact was onthe back,then front,then sides. Walked out with belt rush.

    • Hard Korph
      Hard Korph Vor 8 Monate +2

      Cool story bro.
      It's 8 yrs later now, and i guess the statistics according SUVs in the street have changed a bit.

  • fsjgw
    fsjgw Vor 11 years

    I like both vehicles, if I were spending my money I would get the 500. I think the 500 did very well in this test, structure performed as it should, although I would like to see how much intrusion the passenger cabin of the 500 suffered. Lets see the Q7 crash into an Iternational CXT, are you going to complain the Q7 is too small and light?

  • xIMyQIx
    xIMyQIx Vor 11 years

    I think the point about this test was, that the Q7 chassis is constructed relativly inflexible (quite common for SUVs). However, this leads to the result, that other cars are getting much more damaged than they should be. If the Q7 would bei able to absorb more energy as common in other vehicle categories, the crashs would be less risky for the other road users.
    Mercedes used a similar construction in the 80s til some people died due to unflexibel chassis (High force effect on occupants).

  • Austin Thomas
    Austin Thomas Vor 11 years

    Wow, I can't believe the deformation of the B pillar the Q7. That is pretty sad, but still I can tell you everyone in the Q7 at the very least survived (and likely with no injuries whatsoever) and everyone in the Fiat probably didn't, well maybe the passengers, but the driver is definitely dead. complete failure of the airbag, and a likely open head injury, well more like immediate death. Those things have horrid braking distances too. They sound like deathtraps to me.

  • superdalyarak
    superdalyarak Vor 10 years +42

    500's airbags failed 1:04

    • swordfish1986
      swordfish1986 Vor Monat

      @I'm Not Using My Real Name It's got nothing to do with the brand. Obviously the force of impact was too great for the airbag to work as intended. If you think it would be any different in a small car from another manufacturer, you'd be mistaken. The Fiat 500 was one of the safest superminis at the time. And a Q7 weighs like 2,5 times as much and sits much higher from the ground, which makes quite a difference in a crash.

    • I'm Not Using My Real Name
      I'm Not Using My Real Name Vor 2 years +8

      It's a Fiat...

  • Monterrayy505
    Monterrayy505 Vor 6 years +49

    If they were real people in that Fiat 500, looks they would have had broken necks.

  • Jigsjigz
    Jigsjigz Vor 11 years +1

    @rinomanfroni no it just shows how well built the audi is and how it actually compress's to absorb the impact as much as it can for a large 4x4 suv

  • dude2106
    dude2106 Vor 12 years

    @u1430 It is still a good real world test, because when you drive a Fiat 500 you don't only crash into cars of the same seize. This very well shows what car is the safest. I think the 500 did a good job, but the Audi really was unharmed. The front door bends slightly, but other then that the crumble zones did their job perfectly. Of cause this is what you would expect for a car that seize.

  • pimpb0tt
    pimpb0tt Vor 9 years

    Yeah, I was going to say that is the most glaring safety issue here. Seems that after the airbag failed, the crash test dummy's head went flopping around the inside of the passenger cabin.
    Seems that the body of the Fiat held up reasonably well.

  • Luzi
    Luzi Vor year +20

    Thanks DEclips recommendation. After twelve years I’m very interested in such a video

  • Stephen Schneider
    Stephen Schneider Vor 10 years +6

    I like these crash tests...
    They make me feel unsafe when I'm in my wife's car.

  • Luigi Pacetti
    Luigi Pacetti Vor 12 years

    Is it normal to make this test with lowered side windows? or is it to prevente injuries to the people standing by? Anyway could this affect in some way the final result?

  • Michael Kenny
    Michael Kenny Vor 11 years

    a conplete head on impact would have been more interesting, only drivers side taking full force. does crazy well considering.

  • Kirk Darnell
    Kirk Darnell Vor 11 years

    The Fiat actually performed better than expected. For those that say "Buy an SUV if you wanna be safe", if people didn't drive these in the city the problem wouldn't actually exist. It would be like driving a tank around because it's safe, or walking around with a gun in case you happen to get in a fight.

  • MissMercedes
    MissMercedes Vor 12 years

    @kristekk Actually just the opposite. Most SUV are built (excluding the new XC90 and a few others) with a high riding frame structure. When impacting a smaller car, this is what causes the majority of damage, the sheet metal is as weak as a wet noodle.
    Now in the new Volvo, they designed the frame and chassis to ride low like a small car would, so in the event of collision with a smaller car, the SUV's frame would be impacting the smaller car's frame rather than a higher place.

  • tiaopiak
    tiaopiak Vor 11 years

    @SoHoBoi Actually from top view, the fiat 500 has failed to protect the cabin area as front end just protrude into the passenger area.NCAP rating is based on a collision of vehicle of similar size, and the vehicle with the larger mass (Q7 in this case) holds the advantage.However this only holds true if the car is made in same era. A car of the 80's cannot compete with a 2010's car even if it's a smaller vehicle.Therefore, people needs to understand how the test is done and it's parameters.

  • m1tnick
    m1tnick Vor 8 years +73

    It is just me or did the Fiat behaved pretty well. It seems that its interior was not badly affected

    • swordfish1986
      swordfish1986 Vor 6 Monate

      @4ndr3g33 Imagine other supermini cars of the time. The Fiat was afaik one of, if not the safest car in that class back then.

    • Dom
      Dom Vor year +1

      @Martin Phillips But just because everyone has a suv type car it gets so dangerous. If it were not that way, there was nothing to fear. SUV`s are one of the most dangerous types of cars.

    • My Name
      My Name Vor 3 years +1

      The most important point here: The Fiat is reverted, i.e. it turns its direction of travel by 180 °. The occurring G-accelerations are usually deadly.

    • Jamie Stubbs
      Jamie Stubbs Vor 3 years

      Bruh the neck split open

    • 4ndr3g33
      4ndr3g33 Vor 3 years +2

      @P RD I read the test results elsewhere and the Fiat did not finish very well but extremely badly. The airbag burst, the passenger compartment was destroyed by the Audi's side member and the driver dummy had fatal load values measured. All in all in very poor deadly result

  • Gambini
    Gambini Vor 10 years

    Bearing in mind height, weight, purpose and origin of both cars. I think the Fiat performed very well.

  • Austin Thomas
    Austin Thomas Vor 12 years

    @McLarenMercedes The fiat looked pretty damn safe until the airbag burst and then I was like: High velocity rotational acceleration= massive concussion and spinal injuries. Honestly with an airbag like that it is almost safer not to have one. if they fixed the airbag it would probably be 10 times safer.

  • Claus Appel
    Claus Appel Vor 11 years

    @smpal I think it was made to show what happens when a small car like the Fiat gets hit by a big SUV like the Audi. It's not to glorify german cars but to show how dangerous it is when you sit in a small car like the Fiat in such a situation.
    BTW: I get scared when I see such an "all terrain monster" in the mirror, although I drive a Mercedes E class ...

  • leuvenlife
    leuvenlife Vor 11 years

    @smpal Such tests are done because accidents are random. Audi owners do not crash exclusively into audi's. The tests are done to see what large and small vehicles do to each other. The 500 is very popular, so using it is being quite realistic even. I was surprised to note that the airbag on the fiat burst, and wondered if this was caused by the height of the Q7 piercing the bag, so personally, I think this was a good choice of cars for this test. Another of these involved an S class and a smart

  • TahreyUK
    TahreyUK Vor 11 years

    @noarex2 No, he wants to see a crash test between the two of them to see which is the strongest.
    I may be biased, but I'd go with the Fiat. I've driven the Micra and ridden in a 500, and the latter seems a much more solidly engineered little go-kart. Better handling, too, if previous Fiat experience is anything to go by. The Nissan is all roly-poly (never actually tips or loses control, but masses of understeer and body roll) & gives an impression of being made from tinfoil. Fun to drive, tho!

  • DxCBuG
    DxCBuG Vor 2 years

    OMG - that last closeup from above. The Fiats Dashboard does scary moves.

  • HolyFuckinShitBatman
    HolyFuckinShitBatman Vor 12 years

    Just for a second I thought it was ACDC carrying out the test.
    Buying an Audi Q7? 40 thousand
    Buying a Fiat 500? 9 thousand
    Popping an airbag with your face? Priceless.

  • TahreyUK
    TahreyUK Vor 11 years

    @TitchTV :-D
    My little V.W. did an excellent job even on summer tyres. Low weight and skinny standard rubber... needs far less friction than a bigger car in order to stay in control. Almost like it had ice skates on.
    Then I swapped for a bigger Vauxhall on fatter, supposedly better tyres. Come the next major snow ... I had to abandon it in a train station car park I managed to slither into (with a bit of help). Could leave it idling in 1st gear with the wheels merrily turning, making no headway

  • xIMyQIx
    xIMyQIx Vor 11 years

    I forgot: One more point was, that the main girder didn't absorb that much energy (as mentioned before) and remained intact. That led to the point, that it just pushed away the engine of the Fiat 500 und would have caused fatal injuries to the driver due to total destruction of the leg area. Just like a massive spear. That should not happen under normal conditions.

  • gembol
    gembol Vor 12 years

    @DriftkingS2K you can see weight difference impact by the fact that Fiat is actually changing direction of move from some point of this crash (for example in first scene Fiat's starting to go back in 0.05). It's just a matter of momentum which is velocity multiplied by mass.

  • Ray Boccino
    Ray Boccino Vor 9 years +1

    This is unfair . ADAC said after the test ,that it would be ideal that the crash bars in every car be at exactly the same height ,no matter how tall and heavy the cars are . That's how protection comes ,said them .

  • Ryan Craig
    Ryan Craig Vor 11 years

    I love how the airbag actually pops...

  • AncientKapparition
    AncientKapparition Vor 12 years

    Both cars are good cars in there own right, the test was incredibly unfair. The Q7 weighs in at over 3.5 tonnes and starts at £40,900. Whereas the fiat 500 weighs in at just 1 tonne and costs only around £12,500. Of course the massive Audi comes off better! You've just got to try not to crash head on in to one at high speed, which, let's be honest, doesn't really happen very often.

  • TahreyUK
    TahreyUK Vor 11 years

    @lilpandaboyy So long as its cushioned your head from impacting the steering wheel hard enough to cause injury before it goes pop, its done its job. Many airbags are actually designed to deflate very soon after firing, in case of accidental triggering - if it goes off while youre driving along, you dont want to have your head mashed into the headrest, or to have a big ol' cushion obscuring your vision.
    Mind that most accidents happen in a fraction of a second, on the scale of a popping balloon

  • champagnero76
    champagnero76 Vor 11 years

    @xIMyQIx I don't think this is the case here. If you look at how much space is actually consumed by the crash in the Q7 you'd come to the conclusion that the Q7 is a "fair" crash partner. It's not Audis fault, that the fiat's bonnet is relativily small compared to the Q7's.

  • LukyPEF
    LukyPEF Vor 12 years +5

    Funny how the Headlight of the 500 flys away xD

  • andy993
    andy993 Vor 9 years

    1:01 Is it normal for airbag to rip open at the back like that??? Or was it just from the force of the drivers head smashing into it?

  • TWX1138
    TWX1138 Vor 10 years

    To demonstrate how a frontal-offset, a very common form of head-on collision, impacts drivers of both of these vehicles.

  • Matt Gelinski
    Matt Gelinski Vor 12 years

    The 500's airbag system isn't so good. In the moment of impact, the driver's airbag bursts, and it's very dangerous...

  • Schmatko89
    Schmatko89 Vor 12 years

    I think the fiat did a great job if you compare it to older mini cars. The frame is not too destroyed.

  • gman84
    gman84 Vor 11 years

    The Fiat 500 holds up quite well, considering.

  • Erik Hell
    Erik Hell Vor 12 years +1

    I like how the FIAT's airbag simply depletes itself... :-O

  • TahreyUK
    TahreyUK Vor 11 years

    @SuperBlizzard100 Basically this is more of a test of how the 500 reacts when run into a brick wall or other massive immovable object at the combined closing speed, than of it's vehicle-to-vehicle crashworthiness...
    Verdict: Pretty good. You want to smash it into a three-metre iron cube at 40mph? Go right ahead! Just don't expect your insurance to cover the £10,000 replacement cost, or counselling for PTSD.

  • counkev
    counkev Vor 12 years

    Wow did you see that the Audi is so big that the Fiat had to deploy its side airbags as well for just a front end crash !!

  • SkitzerPoindexter
    SkitzerPoindexter Vor 11 years

    @lucaseq77 It's obviously an unsafe car... It hit something!
    I've found that the cars that I drive seem to be the safest because they never hit anything. :)
    The driver is the most important piece of safety equipment in any vehicle, but it's also the one that fails the most offten.

  • morris327
    morris327 Vor 9 years +4

    What? 13500 euro for a new fiat 500. Over 50k for a basic model audi Q7.

  • stefanorso
    stefanorso Vor 11 years

    Especially in a frontal crash between two cars, mass does count!
    The laws of physics cannot be defied by technicians. The occupant of the FIAT would have probably suffered lethal wounds, whereas the ones in the AUDI would have faced much minor consequences.
    As for Italian cars, the are fashionable, but if you really want a sport car, you've got to knock at Britsh doors.
    Visit the Ultima cars website for instance.
    Fast cars must be light: so they aren't as safe as Volvos in crashes.

  • SuperNoob
    SuperNoob Vor 12 years

    I would say that the FIAT can be quite proud of the safety it offers. The airbag ripped at its base but did it's job before that, so I guess that's kinda forgiven.

  • relytv2
    relytv2 Vor 9 years +1

    I'd still rather have the Fiat, and just try my best to avoid hitting things.

  • vichog
    vichog Vor 11 years +15

    I like my Fiat 500, even after this vid ;-)

  • ShineGeeks
    ShineGeeks Vor 12 years

    @ronnysoeberg i agree with you regarding the design...maybe a little has changed(refering to the new WVs) , but the quality of the german cars is astonishingly high compared with french, korean, some american and some japanese cars. Lately I have seen a Merc from the early 90's which drove over 6 million km with the same engine and only the gearbox was changed after 4 mil. I wouldn't have beleived it if I hadn't sen it with my own eyes

  • Manuel Betancurt
    Manuel Betancurt Vor 12 years +1

    hi, very interesting!
    what was the speed of impact?
    of both cars ?
    same speed for each?

  • jarnoob
    jarnoob Vor 11 years +1

    @loppar3 :D i live in finland and we have about 30cm snow here at the moment and you totally don't need an suv for driving, you just have to know how to drive. I've never got stuck with my 950kg renault 19. skill and ground clearance is all that matters. I do admit that it's easier in huge pile dangerous crap, but not neccessary.

  • TahreyUK
    TahreyUK Vor 11 years

    @SuperBlizzard100 The cyclist would probably come off rather well, as euro cars also get rated on *pedestrian* safety in car-vs-human collisions.
    The plane however ... they're not known for their strength against stuff crashing into them. The general idea is to keep them well away from any potential collision. A cargo truck - assuming it was tall enough to even hit the plane's belly - would go straight through leaving a cartoonish truck-shaped hole.

  • Battlertrunk
    Battlertrunk Vor 9 years +3

    I looked at the safety ratings on fiat and it was has good safety for a small car (talking about 2013 fiat, not this the 2008)

  • janetsbrick
    janetsbrick Vor 3 years

    It is harder to keep shopping for a 500 after seeing this. I love the size but ouch.

  • Ryan Kerrigan
    Ryan Kerrigan Vor 12 years

    This cheered me up, two of my hated cars totalled :)
    Now lets see a Lada do it :P

  • TahreyUK
    TahreyUK Vor 11 years

    @kadvid Amen, one of these things would cut a 70s Caddilac in two, lengthways if they had a head-on. Though I'm not sure about the Volvo drivers dying, they *were* safety pioneers after all, and those 240s are pretty much indestructible - very rigid and absorbent of shocks. Probably seriously injured all the same!

  • Hugo
    Hugo Vor 12 years

    Wow, the FIAT's airbag kind of failed hard...

  • Hangry Hippo
    Hangry Hippo Vor 6 years +16

    q7 swallowed the 500 whole and burped

    • William Louwerse
      William Louwerse Vor 2 years

      brian salmon it did well for its size but the passengers would have been injured much more severely than in the Q7 the Fiats a pillar bent almost 90 degrees and the airbag failed, not to mention the fact that the fiat was driven backwards in the crash which would mean much higher forces on the passengers of Fiat and would mean severe injuries for the Fiats Passengers

    • brian salmon
      brian salmon Vor 3 years +3

      bullshit...the Fiat did excellent for it’s size...that dumb shitbox SUV is almost 3 times as heavy

  • LoveTheCity123
    LoveTheCity123 Vor 11 years

    The Fiat actually performed very well in this test. The roof structure did well (especially in this kind of test). The only thing that Fiat needs to work on is that airbag. If the airbag would have performed better, the Fiat probably would have received an excellent rating.

  • charlemagne83
    charlemagne83 Vor 12 years

    @lmazzavillani I disagree with you... It's good to compare this type of cars because it's a real life situation, and that's the only way they are going to be able to study and improve security in small or medium cars. You can't stop making large cars or stop SUV production, but you can find new methods of technological improvements for small cars...

  • sashcache
    sashcache Vor 11 years

    500's headlamp was completely fine, before landing!

  • meharidude
    meharidude Vor 12 years

    Yes a 5 star car is safer than 4 star, if they're from the same size class. The amount of stars are based on the car's size, so you cant say that a 5 star Smart is safer than a 3 star Audi. And yes mass influences on the safety. Read it on the NCAP site.

  • Eugenio A.
    Eugenio A. Vor 11 years +6

    Audi Q7: 2710 kg (empty)
    Fiat 500:

  • TahreyUK
    TahreyUK Vor 11 years

    @uprightbassmatt That's one of the reasons you have to have a license upgrade to drive anything larger than 3.5 tons these days, which is basically a small minibus, midsize transit, family saloon + caravan, or - if you're in the states - a medium-small pickup or SUV. The larger ones imported to europe have to be driven on what is technically a truck license and (don't quote me on this) probably have to have a truck MOT and abide by the lower speed limits... all in the name of safety!

  • kashahyah
    kashahyah Vor 12 years

    Headlights and mirrors(rear-view) detached so they dissipated crashing energy and force !

  • Julius
    Julius Vor 12 years

    most of the bags do that at high speed..... it does take away some impact though....

  • gembol
    gembol Vor 12 years

    @Stef3m if Fiat 500 is indeed a bit more safe than Audi Q7 (I saw Euro NCAP results and it says so) does it mean that if you HAD to choose to sit in one of shown cars to take part in crash test would you prefer Fiat 500 as a bit safer options? Don't think so! EuroNCAP classifies cars for a reason! Raw results of crash tests (no matter - stars or percents) reflect only a safety against wall which is not a likely scenario. I would even say - less likely than small city car against damn SUV.

  • laxwork
    laxwork Vor 9 years +110

    I will say rich alive poor dead!

    • Seung Hyun Sung
      Seung Hyun Sung Vor year

      @Reinulf yes, ex) like me

    • Reinulf
      Reinulf Vor 2 years +15

      The Fiat is an overpriced and unpractical car. Poor people will not buy it...

    • brian salmon
      brian salmon Vor 3 years


  • rheniformer
    rheniformer Vor 11 years

    Every thing's relative. Years ago I showed up at work with a shiny new small car. One of those guys that couldn't stand to see anyone happy began his campaign. "If you ran into a car like my Impala I what would you rather be in?" I replied "I would rather be driving a bus, so lets all drive buses and be equal, or maybe all small cars and be equal. Whats your point?" Every one laughed at him and he had no more to say. Crash tests are studies that lead to safer vehicles, however they do it.

  • Future Corp.
    Future Corp. Vor 10 years

    Nie jestem ekspertem w sprawach bezpieczeństwa, ale chyba poduszka powietrzna nie powinna wybuchnąć przy uderzeniu głową.

  • MissMercedes
    MissMercedes Vor 12 years

    @MrFerraristadoc While I agree with you. The problem here is that the Fiat weighs a whole lot less than the Q7, so while the Q7 should be less safe, in this crash it came out the obvious winner.

  • DaLaaNi Bombina
    DaLaaNi Bombina Vor year +1

    0:13 - headlight was like, “it’s time to dip”!

  • raffaele
    raffaele Vor 4 years +53

    Fiat ducato vs vw up ?

    • Gabryst2
      Gabryst2 Vor 3 years +1

      ahahhaahhahaha oh yes!!!

  • Silvester Humaj
    Silvester Humaj Vor 11 years

    The real joke is that here in the USA the Fiat 500 costs $22,000.
    What a joke, you can get a decent, mid-size car for that much.

  • Jim Xu
    Jim Xu Vor 11 years

    the fiat 500 actually does quite well considering its small size

  • peltsi40
    peltsi40 Vor 11 years

    i sat in Fiat 500 last weekend. Pretty stable car on a 180km/h

  • Richard Williams II
    Richard Williams II Vor 11 years

    That just shows that if you got hit by an SUV while driving your Fiat, you could be buried in it as well.

  • Michele_In3
    Michele_In3 Vor 9 years +5

    Iveco Stralis vs Vw Up!

  • Graham Pisano
    Graham Pisano Vor 12 years

    i love how the airbag in the fiat totally fail it broke open sending the head into the window sil and b pilar

  • Cactus9
    Cactus9 Vor 10 years +1

    I love how one of the Fiat's headlights just pops out

  • thatfraserkid
    thatfraserkid Vor 12 years

    the fiat went alright considering the enormous differences

  • Knapen Alexandre
    Knapen Alexandre Vor 9 years +1

    Audi Q7 is Between 2200 kg and 2600 kg
    Fiat 500 is 865 kg and 980 kg...
    Enough said... A crash test like that is pointless because you already know the result before starting it !

  • scooobyy69
    scooobyy69 Vor 9 years +5

    Marketing ....from VAG group...they should try the same test with Audi A1 or Vw up...

  • xIMyQIx
    xIMyQIx Vor 11 years

    It was a Test from the "National German Car associatio" and that have been the conclusion from the final report of that test. Furthermore they criticised in general, that SUVs are badly constructed related to their passive safety systems (pedestrian protection, force absorption). The tested Q7 had just minor damages on his internal structure, so the damage caused by the crash looks much heavier than it actually was (only the front axis seems to be damaged, Framework seems ok).

  • Michael Pearson
    Michael Pearson Vor 12 years

    I mean it looks like the 500 gets owned but all the airbags from the roof (50 seconds in ) really help to support the impact

  • gembol
    gembol Vor 12 years

    @Stef3m It is more safe indeed, just because its much heavier. If you'd crash test Q7 with something comparable in size the mass does not matter this much and it's up to safety devices to prove which one of two would be safer

  • AdrianC12345
    AdrianC12345 Vor 12 years

    Sure, so that way all of the energy of the crash can be transfered to you and the passanger, in which both have an even bigger chance of dieing. Plus with so little crumple space, the deceleration is way to fast for organs to take.

  • Electric G
    Electric G Vor 3 years +9

    absolut unnötig die großen SUVs

    • Frank Klein
      Frank Klein Vor year

      @Stuartre Noe ...Um einen Unfall unbeschadet zu überleben!

    • Stuartre Noe
      Stuartre Noe Vor 3 years

      @Bob der Braumeister Und warum sollte jemand freiwillig ein total unpraktisch zu fahrendes Raumschiff manövrieren anstatt ein kleineres Auto?

    • Bob der Braumeister
      Bob der Braumeister Vor 3 years

      @Stuartre Noe ja, das stimmt, aber viele kaufen sich einen protzigen SUV obwohl sie ihn nicht brauchen.

    • Stuartre Noe
      Stuartre Noe Vor 3 years +1

      ​@Bob der Braumeister Wir fahren selber einen Q7 e-tron und ich weiß nicht was du meinst. Audi ist eine solide Marke, aber das ist es dann auch. Innendrin viel Platz, riesiger Kofferraum, elegantes Design ohne viel Schnickschnack und hochwertige Verarbeitung.
      Wenn ein großes SUV ein Statussymbol wäre, wär's wohl ein Rolls Royce Cullinan. Audi ist schlicht und einfach eine solide Marke, mit Schwanzlänge hat das rein gar nichts zu tun.

  • fenrirthecount
    fenrirthecount Vor 12 years

    Good style is just a point of view.
    I think someone who buys a German car, expects it to be working flawlessly. And most of them has much more electronics, and stuff in it, so more parts=more chance something goes wrong. (I know it's not always true, due to engineering.)
    My point is, if you buy a cheap car, you are more prone to live with the car if small things break, but if you buy a more expensive car, you want it to be in 100% condition. That's just my opinion tough.

  • Thierry Roucourt
    Thierry Roucourt Vor 11 years

    damn, that q7 ate the f500...

  • Green Silver
    Green Silver Vor 11 years

    The Fiat airbag split and burst at 1:02 , now I can't see that as being too safe...

    KALLERKALLER Vor 12 years

    In fact they thought a law in Europe to force them to build SUVs with three load lines on the front that would ensure an optimal distribution of the impact.

  • dex der
    dex der Vor 3 years +12

    also ich sitz liber im q7 als im fiat

  • 12Achilleas
    12Achilleas Vor 11 years

    I didn't expect a small car as fiat 500 to be saw safe lol

  • 4rj0
    4rj0 Vor 11 years

    @wailingmongi Occhio che l'airbag ha ceduto solo perché nell'impatto il Q7 ha liberato uno spuntone metallico che ha rotto il parabrezza e tagliato l'airbag. Difatti il guidatore è l'unico "morto" mentre per il resto la 500 ha dimostrato che le 5 stelle le ha meritate tutte, mentre il Q7 ha dimostrato che per questi mezzi le normative non sono ancora adeguate, dato che pur classificate come auto hanno dimesioni e pesi maggiori di certi camion (2,7 contro 2,5ton).