The Planets of Star Wars Battlefront

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  • Explore the planets:
    Prepare to be transported to a galaxy far, far away and fight in epic multiplayer or intense missions on Hoth, Endor, Tatooine and the previously unexplored planet, Sullust. Let’s Play Star Wars™.
    Star Wars™ Battlefront™ is available November 17th on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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  • Renato Collantes
    Renato Collantes Vor 11 Monate

    Hi im from te future.. Clone Wars in Battlefront 2. Ya all happy?

  • Murtaza Rizvi
    Murtaza Rizvi Vor year

    what? none of the amazing planets from the prequels

  • Super Jon
    Super Jon Vor year

    There are only four of them

  • Aarón Cardoso
    Aarón Cardoso Vor year

    We have acomplished nothing buddy, as the statement says "the ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date". They didn't remove the sistem from the game, they will just wait for you to buy the game and, think about it, they say this and now all gamers will buy it thinking they have removed this or that it will only have cosmetic changes WHICH HAS NOT BEEN STATED BY EA, once you buy the game, they could care less about their promise, you have already spend 60 bucks to buy their game (or your local country currency). THIS IS NOT A WIN, NOR EA SAYING SORRY, this is just a way they can ensure you will buy the game day one and keep sales asured. Don't buy the game, grow some balls, if we as users continue to keel allowing this kind of practices by large companies they will keep doing them, GIVE THEM THE FEEDBACK THEY REALLY NEED, NOT WITH COMMENTS, BUT WITH YOUR WALLET. GAMES HAVE MICROTRANSACTIOS BECOUSE YOU BUY THEM (cosmetic changes only is up to, given the fact it does not affect gameplay, and many games that immplement this method are free to play), and if you stop buying this kind of games we will stop seeing such greedy practices

  • Nunni and Zippy D

    And yet here we are now...with the amazing STBF2 planets

  • Die nervigste Person
    Die nervigste Person Vor 2 years

    and thats it

  • MatrixisReloaded
    MatrixisReloaded Vor 2 years

    Wow 4 Planets. crazy:)

  • Isaac Urrutia
    Isaac Urrutia Vor 2 years

    Only 4 planets. But to get 4 others pay 50$

  • Luke Rupprcht
    Luke Rupprcht Vor 2 years +1

    Best graphics in a game.....facts!

  • Palp
    Palp Vor 2 years +1

    Endor's not a Planet..

    • Nikolaus Wantland
      Nikolaus Wantland Vor 2 years

      +Sharris alright sorry dude haha my bad haha

    • Palp
      Palp Vor 2 years

      It's a Moon

    • Captain Ah Vong
      Captain Ah Vong Vor 2 years +1

      A moon? But to be honest, I'm satisfied with it being called a planet or a moon.

    • Nikolaus Wantland
      Nikolaus Wantland Vor 2 years

      Yes it is. Ok so what is it then? If its not a planet what is it?

  • Skyztekk
    Skyztekk Vor 2 years

    Cela aurait été cool dans Tantive IV !

  • Luke Rupprecht
    Luke Rupprecht Vor 2 years +2

    So much detail!!!

  • SWBF News
    SWBF News Vor 2 years +2

    So well done!!!

  • Nobod-E
    Nobod-E Vor 2 years +7

    When you realize Infinite Warfare announced space battles before battlefront


    Death Star dlc probably has it

    KBARNAG Vor 3 years


    KBARNAG Vor 3 years


  • Chuglet
    Chuglet Vor 3 years

    "the planets of star wars battelfront" lmao there are only 5 planets in the game. I am not including Jakku because it is basically Tatoonie but with lighter colored sand and it is the worst map is the game.

  • Ryan Manit
    Ryan Manit Vor 3 years

    If only the graphics really looked like this. Especially for Xbox One.

  • Nickolas Jackson
    Nickolas Jackson Vor 3 years

    If in 2005 (year battlefront II and CoD 2 were released) someone were to tell me that the next SW Battlefront would be released without a single space battle mission or game mode along with a Call of Duty that's based on multi planetary space flight and combat I would've laughed in your face...

  • Leftwitch
    Leftwitch Vor 3 years

    Dice didn't have enough time, money or resources to make this game... Why can't anyone look at this from the devs prospective. I still bf2 (never played bf saidly) but this was a reboot!! Dice wasn't making a sequel, they were making this game from scratch but since they were going to bashed by pc players for making a "battlefield with a Star Wars skin" they tried something different and look what happened. So stop judging THIS game so much and start judging the next game, because now that DICE has heard from community a thousand times they have no excuse to mess the next one up.

  • Justin Dittman
    Justin Dittman Vor 3 years

    The graphics tho

  • cbangbang7
    cbangbang7 Vor 3 years

    We need a free roam star wars game and you can chose to join the Republic or the Empire, or just do what the hell you wanna do and fight both. Or chose to be a bounty hunter, or just a soldier. We need something like that

  • Jack Vaughan
    Jack Vaughan Vor 3 years

    The graphics for this game is outstanding the sound is so good too I love this I really wish I had the game 😟

  • Bos3 Mode
    Bos3 Mode Vor 3 years


  • Gian Chana
    Gian Chana Vor 3 years

    Star Wars battlefront please add a survival on Death Star mission maybe on the Death Star dlc

  • Samuel Runner
    Samuel Runner Vor 3 years

    Tauntauns! oh wait.... 0:11

  • Liam Gallagher
    Liam Gallagher Vor 3 years

    So beautiful, yet so terrible.

  • Matt
    Matt Vor 3 years

    Can we play in a star destroyer

    • Leftwitch
      Leftwitch Vor 3 years

      Can we play as a Stormtrooper?

  • RainbowThe Gamer
    RainbowThe Gamer Vor 3 years +2

    EA I have this game and I love it so much I love you so much EA

  • RainbowThe Gamer
    RainbowThe Gamer Vor 3 years +2

    EA I love you so much I have this game EA I love you so much

  • Detective Big Flops
    Detective Big Flops Vor 3 years


  • StarWars Battlefront News

    you have this videos download from a internet web side

  • RainbowThe Gamer
    RainbowThe Gamer Vor 3 years +1

    I love the mosic

  • OCtaveBgood
    OCtaveBgood Vor 3 years

    I'm a fuking noob french player who can help me?? watch my vids!

  • DugZ
    DugZ Vor 3 years

    Wait, I just heard an animal that you can hear on Dagobah play at the end,

  • Matthew Rzesz
    Matthew Rzesz Vor 3 years


  • Josh Elba
    Josh Elba Vor 3 years

    Are you currently working on a skate 4 ??

  • BigOrton
    BigOrton Vor 3 years

    What is the music in this video?

  • Armando Rivera
    Armando Rivera Vor 3 years

    Aprendan a ser un juego de star wars la verdad que los otros eran mejores ahora lo que quieren es dinero ya no se enfocan en hacer un gran juego EA Electronic Arts me mama las pelotas

  • Armando Rivera
    Armando Rivera Vor 3 years

    The others battlefront have 12 maps for mode
    Star wars Battlefront is a SHIT

  • Armando Rivera
    Armando Rivera Vor 3 years

    4 planets 4 PLANETS REALLY NIGGA!

  • The Lego Seraph
    The Lego Seraph Vor 3 years

    new mode: listen up EA
    Creature Fights.
    Allow me to explain. Hero hunt except an AI is a creature native to it's planet and must be destroyed by a small squad of troops on either rebellion or empire. Time limit could be a good motivator for the creatures destruction........

  • None of your fucking business

    I find your lack of prequel DLC and space battles disturbing

  • You !
    You ! Vor 3 years

    PLEASE +EAstarwars make Star Wars battlefront on Xbox 360!!!! PLEASE.

  • Alpha Beta
    Alpha Beta Vor 3 years

    In the originals there are much more planets as you think, there are of course Tatooine, Endor, Hoth, and Sullust, which is only mentioned in RotJ, but there are Dagobah, Bespin, and the moon Yavin IV! Alderaan and Dantooine are mentioned too, I always asked myself, how Dantooine actually looks like, I mean, Sullust was not shown in the movies, too, with a little of fanasy, Dantooine could become the fourth DLC.

  • Joseph Kovalchik
    Joseph Kovalchik Vor 3 years

    Looks amazing

  • Gospel Gerry
    Gospel Gerry Vor 3 years

    OMG 420TH DISLIKE!!!!!!

  • BB-8 Awakens
    BB-8 Awakens Vor 3 years

    What kind of Tatooinne animal makes the noise at 0:20????

  • Mahmoud Al-Benet
    Mahmoud Al-Benet Vor 3 years

    Wow lots of content. 4 planets really...

  • Lord Eincrad
    Lord Eincrad Vor 3 years

    I wanna see Supremacy on the Death Star , Where the imperials must defend the Battle Station and Rebels must Destroy it , Vehicles are Accessible , And There will be Special Vehicles , Luke's Fighter and Darth Vader's , #JUSTDOIT EA!

  • Ethannex
    Ethannex Vor 3 years

    F*ck you EA, SW:Battlefront is Beautiful and the Worlds are amazing, but not near enough content to keep me entertained, seriously all you had to do to make SW:battlefront a masterpiece was to add more content

  • WalrusMan12
    WalrusMan12 Vor 3 years

    I will sub with 3 accounts if you sub to me.

  • Nicolas Sevilla
    Nicolas Sevilla Vor 3 years

    can some one pls tell me the name of the song

  • Ruben Denton
    Ruben Denton Vor 3 years


  • nomoi
    nomoi Vor 3 years

    more maps plz

  • nomoi
    nomoi Vor 3 years

    more maps plz

  • Vali Rusev
    Vali Rusev Vor 3 years

    The thing for now that I hate is how so many people who haven't watch the 5th film take the snowspeaders from me

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln Vor 3 years

    why wont everyone just compare this to the OG Battlefront instead since this is a reboot. The camparison will only be a little smaller but still

  • BadIdeaGaming
    BadIdeaGaming Vor 3 years

    wouldn't the clone wars be such an awesome setting for this game! too bad EA only cares about money and will probably put it in the sequel! oh boy i get to spend more money! (sarcastic)