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Alone Building an Off Grid LOG CABIN | Natural Wood Insulation

  • Am 7 Jun 2021 veröffentlicht
  • My Story:
    When I graduated high school I sought a big challenge in life. To alone, with only simple hand tools and raw power, build my own traditional off grid log cabin by hand from the materials of the Swedish forest. I film everything myself and edit these videos so you can follow my journey and hopefully learn as I do. I have no earlier experience in any of this, just a visualization of what I want to achieve and willpower to learn and improve everything necessary. So I enjoy reading good advice in the comments. Enjoy!
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  • Matthew Iglehart
    Matthew Iglehart Vor year +808

    Went down the rabbithole and binge watched your series! I've never been so proud of someone I don't know at all ❤🤌🏻

      MICHALA MUGGI ERNST Vor 6 Monate


    • Lady Aszneth
      Lady Aszneth Vor 7 Monate +1

      @andy wagoner - Yeah, repeatedly! I mean more than one occasion. Have you watched all his videos since the beginning? I am amazed at what this kid has done and growing from boy to man, swinging that ax and other various tools building up all the muscles. And I love how he lives off the land as much as possible.
      One of my Grandmothers taught me that and I grew up on a farm where ALL the pre modern things were like wood burning stoves. She taught me how to cook without electricity, on campfires with flat stones and sticks/small branches, etc. Maybe she foresaw our future doom, major power outages or something.
      But I can definitely appreciate what he's doing and I can wait to see what he'll show us next. Personally, for his root cellar, I think he should have left one wall as bare earth and perhaps a bit deeper, like 10-12 feet down. Only a little ways more and it is WAY cooler! Ours on the farm was like that and even during the summer months down here in Florida, it was always very cool down there.

    • andy wagoner
      andy wagoner Vor 7 Monate +1

      Same!! This kids gets into freezing cold water like it’s nothing.

    • Kasie De la fosse
      Kasie De la fosse Vor 8 Monate

      Isn’t he amazing 🤩

    • Lady Aszneth
      Lady Aszneth Vor 9 Monate

      Exactly how I am feeling right now Mr. Matthew! Talk about this young man's determination to complete this project? I wonder what we'll see him do once he's completed the dwelling. Perhaps in a year or two, he will want to add another room!
      I enjoy watching him work, although the Mother in me worries to death whenever I see him strip down to whatever and jump into the nearest freezing water! 🤨😲😳😬🥶🥶🥶

  • Chiara Schreibauer
    Chiara Schreibauer Vor year +779

    I love that your videos are always so quiet. No music, only the sounds of nature. It’s perfect for relaxing in the evening and calming down after a long day.

    • Connie Jones
      Connie Jones Vor year

      I love the quite,so you can hear the birds in all of their glory!! A word to Alice wouldn’t be too noisy though!

    • mario calle
      mario calle Vor year +2

      Eric I like your personality

    • Magnolia
      Magnolia Vor year +1

      youre right.

    • Fon Hollohan
      Fon Hollohan Vor year +3

      I was going to make a comment then I saw your's so I decided to refrain ..but yeah for sure. Seeing him bouncing all over the place put a huge smile on my face.

    • Brogan Ahlers
      Brogan Ahlers Vor year +13

      im literally laying in bed at night using this to chill and sleep to

  • David Payton
    David Payton Vor year +116

    This kid is a blessing to his parents, and a blessing to this world. Inspiring so many people it's really just amazing.

  • RickM
    RickM Vor year +302

    I have done quite a bit of remodeling and adding additions on to homes. So I am familiar with many techniques you have used, and I just want to say, my girlfriend and I are very impressed with your quality of work. Watching you build this cabin has been fantastic. You are quite an amazing young man!! Keep up the great work. Hoping you will bring us along during another build or maybe adding an additional room. I do think you are nuts for the cold water bathing...lol.

    • A Turner
      A Turner Vor year +1

      He’s training himself.

    • Richard DeBeer
      Richard DeBeer Vor year +6

      Ditto that on the nuts for the cold water. Fortunately the dog has more sense.
      Great job on the cabin!

  • My Dog & I
    My Dog & I Vor year +83

    I built my own cabin singlehandedly 38 years ago and you will always relive these days of building when you later in life look at the cabin. I am glad to see young people keeping the tradition alive. Well done.

  • Rafael Ruggi
    Rafael Ruggi Vor year +97

    best series of content I've seen in a while, the style and the building are amazing, keep it up!

    • Dean
      Dean Vor 11 Monate

      The building should stay up

  • Deborah Johnston
    Deborah Johnston Vor year +19

    What an ambitious young man you are. How wonderful in this day to see how you set goals for yourself and carry them out. My husband and I built a large log home in the United States in the state of Idaho. It was an awesome experience. He is gone now, but memories last forever. I bet your grandfather is so proud of you. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work. My the Lord bless you and your loved ones and keep you safe.

  • Jaydoff
    Jaydoff Vor year +22

    I love the choice of having no music or narration and letting the atmospheric sounds take over. I wish more videos were like this.

  • BJ Schutts
    BJ Schutts Vor year +22

    I can not get enough of this content ..... I continue to be awestruck with his precision and patience. A true craftsman!

  • Postal Jing
    Postal Jing Vor year +8

    Prosjektet er meget godt gjennomført. Jeg gleder meg å se finalen når alt er på plass. Godt jobbet ! :)

  • Andre Geldenhuys
    Andre Geldenhuys Vor year +27

    Wow Erik. This is absolutely magnificent. Hard work always pays off. You are a STAR in South Africa. Lots of people in SA are talking about your magnificent skills. Man, you are such an inspiration to all. Thank you so much for giving us something worth watching. All our love from everyone in South Africa 🇿🇦❤️

  • Christiaan v A
    Christiaan v A Vor year +110

    Insane how well you handled that ice bath! I've done it once in Finland while studying there. To be able to take an ice bath after a sauna, without hesitation, takes some training! (Or just being raised that way)

    • Lady
      Lady Vor 8 Monate

      @Gosha Letun AHAHAHAHA I live in Brazil, I don't think I can have that experience here. but now I'm curious. do you like it?

    • Gosha Letun
      Gosha Letun Vor 8 Monate +1

      @Lady Have to try it to understand. It is like being born again!

    • Florian Maschke
      Florian Maschke Vor 9 Monate +3

      @malelpn37 I's probably die trying something like that. Heart problems, kidney problems... tons of medication. I admire this young guy.

    • Lady
      Lady Vor year +4

      and what is it for?

    • malelpn37
      malelpn37 Vor year +8

      And NO heart problems!! 😂

  • Kenneth Lee
    Kenneth Lee Vor year +13

    Hey Eric....just got through watching this video....the amount of time and effort you put into getting your camera shots is amazing...you must really love what you're doing. And seriously, how cold was that water that you jumped into like it was nothing?

  • John Critch
    John Critch Vor year +31

    The dogs energy is amazing he has to run fast to keep up to your skiing ! And when he gets to cabin he immediately wants to play fetch !

  • Lady
    Lady Vor year +18

    Greetings from Brazil, Erik! 🇧🇷 Me and my family have been watching your videos all day (and I have to say I am a big fan of Alice, she's the cutest) we loved to see your commitment and dedication, speechless! nice to see your work, keep posting 💜

  • Roger Clarke
    Roger Clarke Vor year +63

    Hi from the UK. Really cool drone footage Erick. The house is really coming together nice. Thanks for posting.

    URMC CHROMEz Vor year +10

    I’ve been watching DEclips for years, but this is the only channel that has actually put a real smile on my face. Keep it up ! Love how you’re old school

  • Dennis Miller
    Dennis Miller Vor year +10

    This log cabin is coming together very nicely! Some people would pay a lot of money for a cabin like that, but it makes it even more valuable to you knowing that you built it. Keep up the good work!

  • Autumn Leaves
    Autumn Leaves Vor year +17

    You have made great progress on the log cabin. It's a major achievement to build this all by yourself with only a tiny bit of help from your grandfather. I wonder if you are planning to live in the cabin full time when you are finished, or will it just be for holidays ? Loved it when you plunged into the ice cold water, I couldn't fancy doing that myself !

  • Greg Curtin
    Greg Curtin Vor year +18

    Nice to see Alice again : ) I've never seen natural-wood insulation before but it seems like it is easy to work with and non-toxic? At first, I feared you were using latex foam insulation, which will rot and turn into little pea-sized balls. Love the updates and continued success. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Dennis
    Dennis Vor year +14

    Erik welcome back from your vacation. Your dog is super cool and adds a lot to the story (what is her/his name). I really like your drone shots because they give us a better understanding of the location and its beauty. A good friend of mine from Norway after the sauna rolls on the snow but you going into the ice cold stream is really hard core. Thanks for sharing!

    • SueSueper Sue
      SueSueper Sue Vor year +9

      Saw on his Instagram that the dog’s name is Alice 🐕

  • Stormatha S.
    Stormatha S. Vor year +10

    Just found your videos yesterday and I am absolutely in awe. Your axe skills are amazing. I'm totally hypnotized by your skills. Thanks for all the documentation of what you're doing. Its so inspiring. 🌱

  • 吳讚民
    吳讚民 Vor year +6

    I love this kind of video, especially with only ancient tools and a lot of raw power. Rarely people will do that for a commercial way, but you showed a lot of knowledge and wisdom when it is off grid. I can't imagine how Swedish ancestors overcome the cold weather since I grew up in more tropical environment. Good job!

  • K G
    K G Vor year +17

    Hello Erik, you are living the best life out there. God Bless you, keep making these types of videos. it is very relaxing

  • North Fork
    North Fork Vor year +15

    I am restoring an old turn of the century log cabin and will be posting my videos on the restoration soon, this channel has been an inspiration!
    keep up the good work!

  • Еловая Веточка

    I'm from Belarus and I don't know, how I got one of your videos in my recommendations, but thanks to DEclips for that, because what you do is really amazing. This is a huge job. When I see someone putting their whole soul into their project, it is insanely inspiring. Thank you for what you are doing!
    Р. S. I apologize for any possible mistakes. English isn't my native language :c
    P. P. S. Maybe you have an Instagram or any other place, where I and others can watch the construction process and you a little more often?

  • Greg Baumann
    Greg Baumann Vor 9 Monate +1

    Literally watching a boy grow into a Man before my eyes. I have never been so proud of someone I don't know. I enjoy watching your tool collection expand over time -- Fine choices- - you have an eye for "Old World Quality". Very well done young man.

  • Aaron Burns
    Aaron Burns Vor year +100

    This kid exemplifies the saying "actions speak louder than words". Remarkable.
    The dogs like "I'll follow you to hell and back, but ice water? Oh heeeeeeell no."

  • mira guedes
    mira guedes Vor 3 Monate

    Fantástica a construção, fantástico o lugar,e que coragem esse banho gelado😄...um abraço aqui do Brasil 🇧🇷

  • Gareth Desborough
    Gareth Desborough Vor 11 Monate +2

    Wow Erik. You are one capable and composed human being! Utmost respect 👏🏻

  • horatio71
    horatio71 Vor year +45

    Might be a bit late, but just as a suggestion, when insulating forest cabins it might be actually better to use PIR insulation as it does not attract mice. I'm just renovating an old log house in Sweden and have removed all rockwool insulation as there are endless little channels that mice have dug out over the years. And from what I know PIR insulation avoids this problem. But regardless great work, Best John

    • Chexit
      Chexit Vor year +3

      @gurty gurtrude sounded like he was using polystyrene insulation towards the end, so he's probably trying to stay as natural as possible but making some adaptations if required.

    • Ted Kopp
      Ted Kopp Vor year +8

      @horatio71 Right. My grandmother used to say, 'if a mouse can stick it's nose through it, the whole mouse'll get through it.'

    • horatio71
      horatio71 Vor year +6

      @The Latinist the rule for mice is: if it is wide enough for a pencil to fit through then a mouse will. Mice usually find a way.

    • The Latinist
      The Latinist Vor year +1

      I mice were the reason for the concession to steel mesh.

    • Stettafire
      Stettafire Vor year +2

      @horatio71 depends on locale too, mice not a problem near me but we have other pests

  • Christiaan Kruger
    Christiaan Kruger Vor year +6

    Hi Erik, greetings from South Africa. I am looking forward to seeing the progress on your log cabin. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  • rmona brown
    rmona brown Vor year +1

    Hi Erik! May I also add it’s amazing what you have achieve thus far! Man handling those logs not for the faint hearted. But I must ask Surely long term the pond/ stream not going to be where u take a bath? Where is your drinking water going to come from? Underground pump?
    Do you encounter bears or wild cats in the forest? Your dogs are cool
    Will you speak to us in your video?
    This will be great.
    Will u ever speak to us in your videos?

  • Chimera
    Chimera Vor year +132

    still can't believe your my age, this is incredible. You made me believe that people can do anytime if they just go for it and don't give up! I've been watching since the beginning and I just love these videos.

    • Sandy Green
      Sandy Green Vor 9 Monate +1

      @Dean reported based on what? Complete waste of time Lol the comment will remain and so will my account.

    • Dean
      Dean Vor 9 Monate

      @Sandy Green Sandy that’s inappropriate behaviour, reported.

    • Pamela Vance
      Pamela Vance Vor 9 Monate +1

      @zulma Bontiffe he is early 20's. He has true grit!

    • zulma Bontiffe
      zulma Bontiffe Vor 9 Monate

      @Dean he's in his 50s you said??? What??? Get out!! No, no.. that can't be. He looks like he's in his 20s somewhere. I'm stunned.. it must be the saunas and that ice water dipping He does.. you couldn't pay me to do that . He's amazing 👏 😍 ❤

  • Avvakum 144
    Avvakum 144 Vor year +1

    Eric, bravo! Both thumbs up! What I'd love to know, is how you come up with this idea to, let's say, seclude yourself in the forest wilderness?
    Throughout your life, when and what triggered your need of self-isolation? Idea os self-enrichment through nature? Books? Religion? Or, perhaps, social insecurities?

  • One Lost Texan
    One Lost Texan Vor year +1

    Nature is beautiful and I sure hope it isn’t intruded upon too much by people with rapid destructive construction. Your videos serve as Inspiration to me and I hope to someday do the same as you have done. That is some great work done by you.

  • Fjallräven
    Fjallräven Vor year +6

    Your little doggy seems so incredibly content to hang out with you! What an amazing bond - well until you jumped into that ice hole after your sauna. That's when your dog started to think you've gone off your rocker and needed saving like a little puppy! XD

  • Tumblo Dryay
    Tumblo Dryay Vor year +275

    19 minutes after publish and already 2k views.. Looks like I'm not the only one who loves these videos of yours Erik ;)

    • Dean
      Dean Vor 11 Monate

      U r alone. Always will be

    • Phil Cooper
      Phil Cooper Vor year +1

      Lol why would you be the only one

    • Bradley Holcombe
      Bradley Holcombe Vor year

      I'm at 12 hours and over 53,000

  • S M
    S M Vor year +1

    Awesome job and greatly done by yourself. A great achievement. Well done :)

  • yvanspijk
    yvanspijk Vor year +4

    It's amazing how much scripting, hard work and planning goes into making these videos, whilst everything you see feels as if the camera were just accidentally there. I love your videos and I love your brilliant log cabin project!

  • Creative Isolation
    Creative Isolation Vor year +70

    That was some epic product placement Erik, nicely done. 6:12

  • Andrew K. NI
    Andrew K. NI Vor year +5

    Another amazing video. Your building skills are superb. Great to see your Cavalier again. A lovely dog. :-)

  • Janet Tarantino
    Janet Tarantino Vor year +4

    Loved ur entire log cabin build. Very relaxing watching your craftsmanship!. The way u used the hand tools was amazing. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to see u finish the roof and see the 100% completed log cabin home! Ur an amazing man!

    TARA ERICSON Vor year +2

    I just love this. I've been following your progress! So totally awesome! ^_^

  • Undomesticated
    Undomesticated Vor year +19

    You are living the dream! Great stuff 👍

  • MrBostonBilly
    MrBostonBilly Vor 8 Monate

    I discovered your channel this morning and I haven't stopped watching all day, I have to say for a person your age to not only build this but also have the patience to build it is nothing short of magnificent you my friend earn all my respect, I don't know you but just the same I'm proud of you, I hope that one day you pass your knowledge down to others, I'd love to one day meet you probably won't happen though, you keep it up, looking forward to seeing what you do after this, again my sincere total respect 🙏👍👏

  • Brenda Wei
    Brenda Wei Vor 5 Monate

    I am so impressed that he takes his time to do things right, with no shortcuts that would crop up as problems later on. He seems very thorough in building a cabin that will be sustainable over decades or longer.

  • Paul C
    Paul C Vor 9 Monate +1

    I have been very impressed by your skill, endurance and motivation. Great to see old skills and knowledge handed down. A former chartered civil engineer and now a humble cabinet maker, I can identify with much of what you have done. One piece of advice above all is to look after your back. Having two prolapsed discs in mine, it limits what one can do and causes terrible pain and when younger, I thought I was invincible when I wasn't. Look after your back young man and it will look after you. Great work, you should be very proud of yourself😊

  • Kristy Jones
    Kristy Jones Vor year +3

    You’re doing an awesome job! I’m so proud of you! You remind me of My Self Reliance, he’s building off grid too & has a dog. I love that there’s no loud music in the background! Keep living the dream, & we will keep watching!😎👍🏽

  • Hannes Johansson
    Hannes Johansson Vor year

    Snyggt Erik! Hope you don't mind some questions!
    What is the wavy foamy layer called?
    What type of outer roof are you planning? Totally fine if you don't want to give away spoilers :)
    Congratulations on having your homebuilding-crisis early in life :) it's a lot harder with work/family/backpain :)
    Ser fram emot fortsättningen!

  • Mountain Mariner Off-Grid Alaska

    So what's next after the cabin is completed? Workshop, woodshed, shower/sauna? It will be nice to see you get get this big task completed, do a little living and relaxing in your cabin.

  • CmStormKwosr12
    CmStormKwosr12 Vor year

    Respect for what you have done, amazing 👍, a true example for this generation of people. Need more of you. 💪

  • Skizzy Smith
    Skizzy Smith Vor 9 Monate

    I started watching you a few days ago, very impressed at your calm way of working, get the feel of the forest and how you work without power tools. I'm thinking you are sensible the way you make progress, doing things in the right order and cope by yourself. Then today you go and jump in a freezing pond! I have to rewind to see if there are bears or wolves around, but no, you actually decided to do it! Hmm, I suppose if you are crazy enough to chop up trees to live in, you are crazy enough to jump into ice. I'll watch to the end, should be more fun ahead.

  • Obliquus Fasciculare

    In such situations I usually rather place the sheets horizontally in order to avoid cutting them by the longer side.
    Other than that, great job!

  • Luiz de Paula De Paula

    Que lindo exemplo voce oferece ao mundo. Parabens.

  • Quando c'è vò C'è vò

    The real hero is your dog: short legs but an iron will to stay with you!👌

    • Dean
      Dean Vor 11 Monate +1

      @TheDankLord I’d still rather have the armament of a MQ-9 Reaper, nothing like two AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and two GBU-12 Paveway II laser-guided bombs to eliminate wolves.

    • TheDankLord
      TheDankLord Vor 11 Monate +1

      lol we have .223 and #4 buckshot for coyotes and wolves, and slugs for everything else

    • Dean
      Dean Vor 11 Monate +2

      That dog is weak. Couldn’t kill an enemy threat. I’d want a predator drone guarding me.

    • Richard Lees
      Richard Lees Vor year

      @Robert J Williams Not the manly man breed I expected

    • Robert J Williams
      Robert J Williams Vor year +7

      Yeah the dog!! After watching this whole vid, I became obvious to me the real star is the DOG. What make and model is it.

  • Chris Goudy
    Chris Goudy Vor year +4

    It’s is awesome to see a young man with such a great work ethic. Keep up the great content. I have enjoyed following your adventures. The way you ended the video was awesome.

  • Craig Wilcox
    Craig Wilcox Vor 5 Monate

    Erik, enjoying your build for the third or fourth time. Hope you read/write English, or even American.
    What is the purpose of the wire netting at the base of the roof? Does it keep out squirrels, rats, mice? Outstanding job on the whole cabin!

  • StevenSWM
    StevenSWM Vor year +20

    Did you notice the bark from your dog when getting out of the freezing water? I think maybe it was a bark of relief, as the little dog viewed that as a dangerous situation! And then the opening of the pores in the sauna, and the roll in the ice to close them back up...or that's my guess. It was another interesting episode! Take Care!

    • Stettafire
      Stettafire Vor year +5

      Or a telling off 😅 My girl is a similar breed and I swear she tells me off sometimes. Spaniels tend to be very vocal.

  • King Thinking
    King Thinking Vor year +2

    Great video as always, Erik. You’re amazingly inspiring. Thanks for sharing it! ❤️

  • Demonking62 GD
    Demonking62 GD Vor year +1

    Having lived in a desert my whole life I couldn't help but think this guy's a madman

  • Gene MacRae
    Gene MacRae Vor year +3

    Mate, I love your dedication! Amazing work, all the best from NZ. Also, I grew up with Cav king charles dogs, I think your clips have made me want to get another one =D

  • Stories With Rose
    Stories With Rose Vor 5 Monate

    I'm binge watching your videos and I'm *in love*
    💕 We need more MEN like this.
    Jag vet att det var ett tufft projekt, men din prestation överträffade mina förväntningar

  • Bobby Gunder
    Bobby Gunder Vor year +1

    Great Job!! Love that Your Grandfather was Your Mentor. You certainly know what You are doing. The Insulation You used on the roof looks similar to Therma-fiber. It is the IMOST ITCHY Insulation we have in the United States,it stays in Your pores for years...the WORST! Anyway, Great Job!! Keep Up The Good Work!!

  • daghetnie
    daghetnie Vor year +6

    That's a big step, putting in the insulation! It's coming along very nice

  • Scott Redmond
    Scott Redmond Vor year +26

    On a hot/humid 90°F day here in northern NewEngland, that snow looks sooo refreshing! Thanks for the upload today! Stay safe!

  • EnthusiasticDroneTraveller

    First of All, you deserve my Biggest respect for building These great cabin. Its So impressive to See, What you achieved by yourself.
    One point, i have to criticized: in your last two Videos, building your cabin become more and more incidental.
    I wish me more content like in your Videos before🤷‍♂️

  • Chexit
    Chexit Vor year +2

    Been following from the start, good to see it's all coming along well. Can't wait to see it finished. Got anything you want to build next?

  • Marion Bartley
    Marion Bartley Vor year

    I enjoyed watching the progress on your cabin. Looking forward to seeing the continuation of it.

  • Sleepy Outcast
    Sleepy Outcast Vor 6 Monate

    Giving me inspiration to build something myself. Keep up the good work you are changing the world

  • Saj Mar
    Saj Mar Vor year +1

    Älskar dina videos, så himla mysiga och inspirerande! Denna typen av videos e det enda jag tittar på på youtube

  • jon prou
    jon prou Vor year

    It’s amazing to see all that hard work and see your body transform. Way to go.

  • Rotmosen
    Rotmosen Vor year +1

    Följt dig sen dag 1 vilken resa så sjukt imponerad utav dig, är glad att du även har fått en sjuklig mängd följare så du kan försörja dig påt 💪

  • Brian Greenstreet
    Brian Greenstreet Vor year +1

    You are incredibly talented. Your videos are very entertaining. Keep up the excellent work

  • William Will
    William Will Vor year +5

    you should recieve a prize for this video. it's amazing, i already wanna see the next one!

  • Colleen Dobbyn
    Colleen Dobbyn Vor year +10

    I have been watching your channel from the start of the building of cabin, you are doing amazing, I will keep watching as long as you film

  • Judith Brock
    Judith Brock Vor 9 Monate

    Erik, Ijust found your channel! You are an incredible stoic human in every way. .. Courageous, enormously skilled and creative. Its a gift watching you...beautiful video work. The first video I watched was you building the secret food shelter..Blown away at you breaking all those borders! Wow oh wow.

  • Anna Rosenberg
    Anna Rosenberg Vor year +1

    Erik...ett stort TACK för att du delar med dig av denna fantastiska uppgift du tagit dig an❤️ Varje episod är ren njutning att ta del av, skogen, årstiderna, hantverket, hur du utvecklas i det, stillheten, din beslutsamhet, framstegen. Du har fått mig, som avskyr att titta på skärm, att njuta av varje episod och verkligen se fram emot nästa.
    Alltigenom underbart!
    Goda tankar ☀️

  • Momma Strang
    Momma Strang Vor year

    Love it. Can’t wait to see what comes next 😊

  • Antoni
    Antoni Vor year +12

    The house is amazing, and the weather is beautiful

  • Stephen J Burkhart
    Stephen J Burkhart Vor 11 Monate

    Absolutely wonderful what you're doing.

  • Marcio Franca
    Marcio Franca Vor year +1

    Deve ser bem interessante esse estilo de vida

  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood Vor year

    Keep doing what you're doing man, love your videos

  • Vinessa campbell
    Vinessa campbell Vor 11 Monate

    Erik, was wondering what kind of insulation you are using in the roof outside. Never seen this before. It looks like good insulation. What is it.
    Fantastic job your doing there. Your an inspiration for many!

  • wtfBrad
    wtfBrad Vor year

    Home is coming along great!! Amazing job man!

  • Piddy 3825
    Piddy 3825 Vor year +6

    Looking good on the roofing! I knew you have your priorities straight when you took time out for a nice sauna!

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