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  • Roger Federer, a legend beyond tennis.💙
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  • Soumyajit Mandal

    "Habits never leave us, they never retire" - from one legend to another. Thank you Roger

  • Haider Ali Khan

    Roger Federer𓃵’s retirement takeaways:

  • Invincible

    Federer was the player who thanscends boundaries of countries. He was the fans favourite in every tennis stadium against any player throughout his career. He is the Atp Fans favourite for continuous last 18 years. People came to watch Federer in every corner of the World. Because of the popularity of Federer that tennis became a world wide phenomena. Nadal and Djokovic became what they are because they were competitive against Federer. Because of increasing popularity prize money in tennis increased 4 times during Federer time period, thats historic. Numbers are a no barometer to judge the impact of Federer on the game. Present day records held by any player is going to get passed in near future (except Nadal at French open), so statistics are not the only barometer to judge the greatness of a player. He is and always will be the GOAT.

  • King Trawal

    I know you ain't got the most Slams... but to everyone, you are the GOAT.

  • Sathvikesh Benhar

    Thank you, Roger! Tennis is proud you played it! ❤

  • Hudhayfah Rehman

    Can people take the time to appreciate the fact that no sporting hero has ever got this kind of tribute after retirement. Roger is just different. Muhammad Ali levels, peoples champions. Muhammed Ali, Michael jordan and Roger Federer greatest of all time.

  • Rudy Z.
    Rudy Z.  +4

    Federer has affected so many, not just tennis players, enthusiasts..all over...he's the true icon of the world.

  • Garth Webber

    I didn't realize that other sports figures were as inspired as I am by you Roger. So well deserved!

  • Jorge González Isassi

    The GOAT, thanks for everything Roger Federer.

  • Jonathan

    There is no better example of what it is being the GOAT! It is not about winning the most Slams, it is something beyond, i.e. being human, humble, honest and his everlasting contribution to Tennis. That makes the GOAT 💪🏻

  • Blossom Chinaka

    In times like this, you just find a way to be Happy. Tears of Joy or tears of pain or maybe tears of Joy with pain. It's so unbelievable to let Roger Federer go. We Love You, Roger.

  • Debanga Bhushan Sarma

    Legend never retires, besides he’s the GOAT ❤


    No words could possibly describe the feeling that I feel right now. Thank you for all these years of greatness. You were a true role model. Watching you through all the wins or the losses showed us how to deal with situations either good or bad. You are my model, my dreamed friend. Congratulations for such an immense career and enjoy your retirement!

  • Raghu T
    Raghu T  +12

    Thank you Roger !!


    He is everything for tennis.

  • Sydney Girl

    Oh, I loved this video. Thank you so much. We miss the Maestro already. 😢 We love him so much! We will never forget him! MaestroRF forever & beyond! ❤️

  • Awakened Bear

    Thank you Roger Federer!!! For everything you've done for tennis, charity and so much more. Wishing you a happy retirement and best of luck with your future endeavors.

  • Be Yourself

    Roger is such an amazing person and player…

  • John Maley

    This guy encapsulates sport, kids , don’t copy, but be the best version of yourself, this gentleman did, a total inspiration

  • Remedios Batucan

    Tears flowing while watching this tribute.. all the best Roger❤️❤️❤️