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Reaction to scary injury to Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins loss to Bengals | Colin Cowherd Podcast

  • Am 28 Sep 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Colin Cowherd reacts to the concerning injury to Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa and addresses the controversy surrounding the decision to start him in Thursday night's NFL game against the Cincinnati Bengals. He also reacts to the game and to the performance by Joe Burrow.
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  • Sacramento King

    The NFL’s nightmare on full display.

  • craig mccann

    Prayers to Tua. Can’t help but think last week he was failed by everyone..

  • Dominick Toran

    I think he wanted to play because the world keeps doubting him and he feels his job on the line .😢

  • Henderson Galbreath

    Get better, Tua. Screw the NFL and the Dolphins for allowing this to happen.

  • Andrew Smythe

    There is like 8-9 former team doctors on Twitter questioning why they are putting him on a plane. That is borderline negligence.

  • dee5tank
    dee5tank  +269

    Any signs of concussions should automatically be 2 weeks off. Average time to heal from a concussion is 7-14 days.

    LE MATT  +18

    That injury was terrifying. Wishing health and speedy recovery to Tua

  • don
    don  +135

    Hopefully Tua has people in his life who care about his best interest.. he's going to have to make some really hard decisions.. about his life vs career

  • About Dad Life

    Something is seriously wrong with Tua, the media is gonna run with the slam to the turf angle of the hit, but they’ll be wrong imo. If you pay attention, Tua was lights out before he hit the ground. Look at his body going down, it was already locked up. Guy might need to call it quits sadly. I honestly thought dude was paralyzed. He don’t need to touch a field again until he gets real answers about his spine, brain, whatever it’s all connected.

  • bobi miiu

    I feel really bad for this kid. So much promise yet way too injury prone. I really hope he is ok and hope he can have a full career.

  • Lawrence Franck

    I see it all the time. Players slapping downed players hands away from their head, lineman holding up players that are wobbled. I hope nothing but the best for Tua

  • The Mann Show

    This injury just makes me feel sick inside. No idea why Tua was allowed to continue to play in the 2nd half of week 3 and with only 4 days of rest for week 4. The NFL has a lot of explaining to do with this investigation. Much love towards Tua. I hope him the best recovery so we can see him play some great football. Wonders happen when you have a coaching staff that actually believes in their own QB! Much Love all and keep safe out there

  • Minnesota Momma

    100% agree with your "wobble rule", these guys have a life after football and it shouldn't be all about the game. It should be safety 1st. A head injury is nothing to blow by, It can have lifetime repercussions

  • Jumper
    Jumper  +10

    Prayers to Tua and hid family. Tua seemed to finally catch his stride.

  • craig mccann

    Boxing have a wobble rule. I remember watching Zab Judah getting knocked down in a championship fight. He went down, got up, then fell down again. The announcers explained that if you get up and fall back down you’re out. Sounds logical to me.

  • Cincinnati Pedal Steel

    We may very well get the “Tua Rule” from all this mess.

  • Adam Berendt

    How can the nfl concussion "protocol" not cover a player losing balance after a hit already?

  • Jetplane Hollywood

    I'm a diehard Bengals fan but tonight's victory feels a little hollow. I hate to see injuries period, I hate to see brain trauma even more, and tonight I saw brain trauma clearly enabled and exacerbated by the Miami Dolphins and NFL. Disgusting

  • Jacob Nevzoroff

    Nobody wants to be judged potentially like Jay Cutler. RG3 the very next year fought through a knee injury ruined his career. I don’t k ow if he wanted to be tough, but someone needed to protect Tua. This was horrible

  • America 1st

    they already have a "wobble" rule in affect by having an independent "Dr" having the final say. It's crazy that millions of people watching tua last week could tell he was in bad shape, yet the nfl and dolphins couldn't.