45 examples of what happens when you get too high

  • Am 30 Jun 2018 veröffentlicht
  • These people could use some fresh air. Enjoy the video
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    family friendly pg clean
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  • Cthlyrix GD
    Cthlyrix GD Vor 11 Tage +1

    Bruh, I can’t eat the crust. I have braces :(

  • Fyairred
    Fyairred Vor 14 Tage

    Hits blunt*
    How can an unvaccinated person spread disease if everybody else is vaccinated?

  • chinchenping
    chinchenping Vor 22 Tage

    do crabs think fishes are flying?

  • Armless Sonic
    Armless Sonic Vor Monat +1

    “family friendly pg”
    *first meme curses*

  • Maleficia
    Maleficia Vor Monat

    I know it's meant for joking, but you can't laugh at it if most of these can be a answered logically. Whatever pleases the mind, right?

  • Jonah Douglass
    Jonah Douglass Vor Monat

    it's temperature is its flavor

  • Bleached Soda
    Bleached Soda Vor Monat

    I actually want answers to most of these

  • Normal Human
    Normal Human Vor Monat

    *hits blunt*
    If hair are called hair is it because they are between head and air?

  • Piano Life
    Piano Life Vor Monat

    *hits blunt*
    If Spongebob cleans a plate with a sponge, does that equal to us doing dishes with a human?

  • Thanos
    Thanos Vor 2 Monate

    *Hits Blunt*
    Blunt: wtf why did you hit me bro

  • Ind0raps
    Ind0raps Vor 2 Monate

    * hits blunt *
    Are oranges called oranges because oranges are orange or is orange called orange because orange is the color of oranges?

  • Rickalicious1
    Rickalicious1 Vor 2 Monate

    *Hits Blunt*
    *Looks at a random girl walking* That lesbian is gay
    My friend: So that means she is straight.
    Me: You’re right. *Giggles like a maniac*

  • Benefits _ben
    Benefits _ben Vor 2 Monate

    Stop hitting the blunt it doesn’t deserve it

  • Malik Hoff
    Malik Hoff Vor 2 Monate

    Absoule nobody:
    Felt cute: might Delete later.

  • Malik Hoff
    Malik Hoff Vor 2 Monate

    Snakes are just long faces.
    That's why they never smile.

  • VrishTheFish
    VrishTheFish Vor 3 Monate

    How high are you

  • ellipticleek603
    ellipticleek603 Vor 3 Monate

    **hits blunt**

  • StrayChicken
    StrayChicken Vor 3 Monate

    4:41 why is there a granny

  • Purple Salmon
    Purple Salmon Vor 3 Monate

    Cold Zodiak its because Ger;man is Swedish for Gives;You, and men is german for man.

  • Purple Salmon
    Purple Salmon Vor 3 Monate

    that's not like it is at all, the voice is the best part its like hes turning s page and reading it omfg. anyways I don't get this

  • lil xtraxs
    lil xtraxs Vor 3 Monate

    *Hits blunt *
    If you where born deaf how do you know your deaf if you where born deaf

  • john johnny
    john johnny Vor 4 Monate

    Ordered pizza. Came out to just under $20.
    I had a $50, $20, and a $5.
    Couldn't give him the $20, that wasn't enough tip. Couldn't add the $5, that's too much tip. Hands him the $50...
    The pizza guy got a tip of over $20 because my brain just couldn't do math..

  • The Bleach Seller
    The Bleach Seller Vor 4 Monate

    the thinking dinosaur meme in 2019

  • GD Nautilus
    GD Nautilus Vor 4 Monate +1

    “How high are you”

  • Akshat anand
    Akshat anand Vor 4 Monate

    Hits Blunts Are SOOO DAMN FUNNY

  • candy moon
    candy moon Vor 4 Monate

    *hits blunt* if its winter do cows call their food iced grass.

  • Kishorekumar Sathishkumar

    Can you make a video just with the last song

  • mel
    mel Vor 4 Monate

    is this a frerard shipper?

  • Amberger
    Amberger Vor 4 Monate

    *Hits blunt*

    If you watch a DEclipsr
    You become the DEclipsr

  • - PlexorPlayz -
    - PlexorPlayz - Vor 4 Monate +1

    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt
    Hits blunt

  • Segatore
    Segatore Vor 4 Monate

    Glass slippers can not be bent so if her glass slippers fit perfectly, how did she get them on in the 1st place?

  • Some Nibba
    Some Nibba Vor 4 Monate

    Do more of "hits blunt". Part 100 coming soon

  • Isaac Pope
    Isaac Pope Vor 4 Monate

    I will never be able to sleep again, but lay in bed pondering the ideas brought up in this video

  • Cwossiant
    Cwossiant Vor 5 Monate +1

    *hits blunt*
    Blunt: ow

  • derp guy
    derp guy Vor 5 Monate

    *Hit blunt*
    You've basically participated in battle royal against your father's sperm to get born into the world

  • Blak Nite
    Blak Nite Vor 5 Monate

    There is a synonym for synonym. Look it up

  • B.J. Hubbard
    B.J. Hubbard Vor 5 Monate

    Hits blunt

  • B.J. Hubbard
    B.J. Hubbard Vor 5 Monate

    hits blunt
    What is a blunt? Isn’t blunt a describing word and not a noun?

  • B.J. Hubbard
    B.J. Hubbard Vor 5 Monate

    hits blunt
    Phineas notices/likes Isabella more than people on DEclips and Reddit notice/like my comments and reddit posts.

  • crows
    crows Vor 5 Monate +1

    if there is a little voice in your head is does that mean there also is a big voice

  • Hylius
    Hylius Vor 5 Monate

    If you can hit a person with a blunt object, can you hit a blunt with a person object ?

  • icewalow_come123
    icewalow_come123 Vor 5 Monate

    2:44 is definitely my favorite out of all of these

  • Bnut’s Vlogs
    Bnut’s Vlogs Vor 5 Monate

    *blunt hits*
    “HOW DOES IT FEEL HUMAN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

  • Never Fail Trick shots
    Never Fail Trick shots Vor 5 Monate +1

    5:16 I don’t think you should be dropping any soap I’ll tell you that much!! Not in a prison anyway. But if you do DONT PICK IT UP!

  • AnnieK101
    AnnieK101 Vor 5 Monate

    *hits blunt*

    When you look at a pint of orange juice, are you supposed to concentrate on it?


  • Ally _orwhatever
    Ally _orwhatever Vor 5 Monate

    hItS bLuNt
    Air pod users can't afford the wire ʘ‿ʘ

  • Kermit le frog
    Kermit le frog Vor 5 Monate

    Ok if I hear that man's voice again I am going to explode because it is so annoying!!!

  • Enochlo
    Enochlo Vor 5 Monate

    If you surpassed the last in a race, wouldn’t that still make you the last.

  • Enochlo
    Enochlo Vor 5 Monate

    Samuel L Jackson would lose in an argument with a stepfather cause he can’t say the m word.

  • Enochlo
    Enochlo Vor 5 Monate

    If you say this chocolate tastes like shit, would that mean you’ve tasted shit before?

  • Enochlo
    Enochlo Vor 5 Monate

    If you got the boot from boot camp, are you considered a graduate?

  • Cesar Zambrano
    Cesar Zambrano Vor 5 Monate

    Remember that God is timeless and infinite it makes more sense that way. If he sneezes it would just be the moment after that i suppose.

  • Cesar Zambrano
    Cesar Zambrano Vor 5 Monate

    3:26 Yeah wtf how can they read without knowing how words are pronounced?

  • MikiGamer 1987
    MikiGamer 1987 Vor 5 Monate

    4:58 Money is sometimes good, it depends on how you use it

  • //SuperAsh4U//
    //SuperAsh4U// Vor 5 Monate

    *Hits blunt*
    Oh fuck I didn't ask the blunt for consent.

  • Amina Krupalija
    Amina Krupalija Vor 5 Monate

    Hits blunt
    If some one dies in a living room is IT A DEAD ROOM

  • Gerard Is tired
    Gerard Is tired Vor 5 Monate

    4:15 dead the shell is connected to the spine

  • Gerard Is tired
    Gerard Is tired Vor 5 Monate

    I'm high asf rn this video is fucking deep

  • The_Peasant_Almighty
    The_Peasant_Almighty Vor 5 Monate

    The turtle is naked, homeless, and spineless.

  • Tia•gachagamer
    Tia•gachagamer Vor 5 Monate +1

    3:40 its considered leaf

  • Rin Feast
    Rin Feast Vor 5 Monate

    if i say new year new me how come i havent changed yet

  • Shotgun Pete
    Shotgun Pete Vor 5 Monate

    Is "euphemism" by technicality another word for synonym?

  • sam_png
    sam_png Vor 6 Monate


  • I F*ING LOV3 B00KS
    I F*ING LOV3 B00KS Vor 6 Monate

    Lol idk if this I correct but in my mind 2% milk = 2% milk 98% water
    Whole milk = 100% milk

  • Zygarde365
    Zygarde365 Vor 6 Monate

    this video enlightened me

  • aestheticxlly_plxeasing

    **hits blunt**
    *how did the person who invented the first clock know the time???*

  • ImpulseFTP
    ImpulseFTP Vor 6 Monate

    *hits blunt*
    *When liberating oil from other countries, America too has oil*

  • Alaska Ferris
    Alaska Ferris Vor 6 Monate

    It's actually quite simple, you're deaf but not blind so people could communicate with you through sign language and they could give you books to read and teach you
    For instance if you were in the UK you would learn English
    Korean in Korea
    Japanese in Japan
    Maori in New Zealand

  • Black Dot
    Black Dot Vor 6 Monate

    as retarded as the dope smokers that wrote it.

  • The Worshipper Of Memes

    the first one is attacking me

  • Landon Makpah
    Landon Makpah Vor 6 Monate


  • Mai Nyigguh
    Mai Nyigguh Vor 6 Monate

    Lol. Black people

  • Mercy Roque
    Mercy Roque Vor 6 Monate

    The sand one is Just like rust. Rust is red dust

  • revinevan87
    revinevan87 Vor 6 Monate

    it's called a dog pile when humans do it so why not any other creature?

  • GoatMan Man
    GoatMan Man Vor 6 Monate

    I once stared at a twizzler for a solid 10 minutes before tying it into a knot