45 examples of what happens when you get too high



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    Lol idk if this I correct but in my mind 2% milk = 2% milk 98% water
    Whole milk = 100% milk

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    this video enlightened me

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    **hits blunt**
    *how did the person who invented the first clock know the time???*

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    *hits blunt*
    *When liberating oil from other countries, America too has oil*

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    It's actually quite simple, you're deaf but not blind so people could communicate with you through sign language and they could give you books to read and teach you
    For instance if you were in the UK you would learn English
    Korean in Korea
    Japanese in Japan
    Maori in New Zealand

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    as retarded as the dope smokers that wrote it.

  • The Worshipper Of Memes

    the first one is attacking me

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    Lol. Black people

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    The sand one is Just like rust. Rust is red dust

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    it's called a dog pile when humans do it so why not any other creature?

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    I once stared at a twizzler for a solid 10 minutes before tying it into a knot

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    a synonym for synonym is poecilonym

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    You're all high

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    Synonym is synonymous with equivalent

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    *hits blunt*

    *james blunt*

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    This is freaking me out. What the hell?

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    4:14 the turtle literally *dies* their shells are part of their body

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    *if an tomato is an fruit is ketchup an*

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    **the moment we realize were just an* *dying rock flying through space **

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    *hits* *blunt*

    What if you actually hit a blunt?

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    Me: I don't like robot voice videos... *Hears end rap* Well, I guess I'm watching this the rest of the night...

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    guys can anyone give me the pictures they used i would to use them for research

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    Hots blunt

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    the fat isnt 2% of the milk. it's 2% of what it would be for whole milk.

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    Is my name the one my parents gave to me or is it brain? I've been questioning this for a while

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    *hits blunt* Shirts come out of the closet. Shirts are gay.

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    “how high are you?”
    “um like 5’2”

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    I eat the crust first.

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    High thoughts
    Hi thoughts
    Hi thots
    Hi sisters

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    did not need to get a blunt and still got high

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    5:24 milk in a nutshell

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    *Hits blunt* Isn't it weird that we have a little voice in our heads but we don't now how it sounds

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    do you mean hits "bunt" with the 'l'. "bLunt" is an adjective to describe something not sharp. a "bunt" is what you are tryna describe

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    5:03 water tastes like water it is a common misconception that water is flavourless, it's like saying what do strawberries taste like, assuming that nothing else tastes like strawberries, they taste like strawberries

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    4:17 both

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    1:49 *cracks fingers* actually trees produce apples so that animals, like us, eat the seeds and then shite them out into soil and that's why apples have a high sugar content, to attract carriers for its baby's and the thing that is sad about this is if the trees knew if we didn't eat the seeds and even if we did we defecate in toilets not on the ground.

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    *The more you know*

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    How high are you?


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    **sparks the biunt**
    if jake paul is logan paul's brother then how did they have incest sex to create eachother?

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    **Hits Blunt**
    Blunt: *Brah*

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    3:26 Sign Language.

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    1:49 Actually, trees want their fruit to be eaten. Wild animals would eat through the core and eat the seeds. Seeds are covered in a layer we can't digest. So I comes out the way they ate it. It gets planted within their poop. BOOM. Next generation.

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    **hits blunt** if more than one mouse is mice, why isn't more than one house hice?

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    A tail is just a soft leg

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    Lol I wish I knew peeps who question like this

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    *hits blunt*
    If you milk memes from Cowbelly, what would you call it? Stealing?

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    *Hits blunt*
    If it's called football, why don't you use ur feet?

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    50% of our DNA is shared with bananas.

  • kaminari says hai
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    why do we put the dollar sign before the amount of money, but with percentages we put the sign after.

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    2% milk
    98% cow sperm

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    3:29 So how does the baby talk

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    When you spin the fidget spinner..
    You become the fidget spinner *spinner*

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    I literally play tanx on line better drunk, I study better drunk, ride mx or mtb bike and play violin or guitar better stoned... like seriously...

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    If someone reads a book called mind are they mind reading
    Why are comment awards called comment awards when the comments aren't being reward just featured?
    Is a sausage a male pigs long penis
    Why are goosebumps called goosebumps when there are no birds on them
    If you paint a painting aren't you the painting

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    This video is sooo good👌😂

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    That was deep

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    3:43 its called *tea*

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    Dude i have gotten so high i tried to flush the toilet with the light switch and thought the flush plunger was broken when it wouldn't work

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    *hits blunt*

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    I am literally revising my life rn.

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    Wait wouldn’t we be as old as our parents too, considering we started from cells made when our parents were created?

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    this vid. drove me crazy. I told my mom some of these things and she said "Get away. You're messing up my brain." and then i sat down laughing. My bro was watching tv, and i was apparently laughing too hard. He said "BE QUIET! I"M TRYING TO WATCH POKEMON!" which made me laugh harder.

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    *This is beautiful*

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    If you mop with a mop, and you wipe with a wipe, why don’t you broom with a broom? -me being weird last night

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    Y’all the love of money is the root of all evil. Idiots read your Bible. lol and I know they were trying to be funny so you can hit me with the r/wooosh but I didnt deserve it.

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    I was watching this while rocked and I kept just saying "thats right bro, this guy knows whats up"

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    Bruh if spongebob is absorbent why doesn’t he absorb the water in bikini bottom?

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    I got high as a kite just from watching this video

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    Hits blunt
    Blunt: ouch plz stop

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    Rename the title "Question Reality Simulator" this is clickbait

  • HisEternity
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    "how high are you"

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    ok but IS there a synonym for synonym?

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    Brain.exe stopped working

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    *WHAT* ?

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    No it wouldn't be beef it would be beets 😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    1:06 WTH OMGG

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    As someone who never gets high before, I feel high af watching this.

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    3:17 No, you're just an unaware suicide bomber

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    *hits blunt*
    Would animals live better lives without humans or would life really suck without us?
    I'm really not good at this

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    What did I just watch??? 😂🤣😂

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    This shit got me questioning my reality

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    *hits blunt*
    If you wear a shirt inverted, the universe wears you

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    *hits blunt*
    Why the Fuck do people always get high in those tight ass hoodies

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    Like how do deaf ppl think without words, and how can I hear the voice in my head and not hear it at the same time

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    *hits blunt*
    since a blunt is pretty much flimsy (never tried hitting one, don't correct me) , you would have to hit it on a somewhat hard surface. assuming you hit it with your bare hands, it begs the question, do you feel pain or does the blunt feel pain?

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    *hits haunt*
    if ghost activity peaks at 3am, is it a wave of ghosts continuously being more active then resting, or does it happen at all at once, which might mean like, hell, I don't know, 11:00 am is ghost activity time in the pacific ocean?

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    the spongebob one is fucking stupid aint nobody puttin tampons in they ass

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    There's an actual account called **hits blunt**
    Me: **hits blunt**


    This video just blew my mind

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    -I’ve lost it!- *ive found it*

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    Wait if the the earth is round and light bends then would that mean if I look far enough I can see the back of my head?

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    Many of these are valid questions

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    *Hits Blunt*
    The Native Americans were mostly peaceful because they smoked so much weed. If the European settlers smoked weed they could've coexisted peacefully and EVERYONE could've enjoyed Thanksgiving.

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    Every time he says Hits blunt, hit yourself with a random blunt object

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    If you confuse a person who is confused and doesn't know if they are confused or not at the moment are you a confusion confusier?

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    I was watching this at 1 am and it is WAY to late for this kinda shit