Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg Teach You English Slang | Vanity Fair

  • Am 23 Jul 2018 veröffentlicht
  • Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg teach you English slang words. They star in "“Mission: Impossible - Fallout" out in theaters July 27th.
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    Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg Teach You English Slang | Vanity Fair
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  • Joseph Steel
    Joseph Steel Vor 7 Stunden

    Henry says he’s a onion farmer so seriously

  • ungoyone
    ungoyone Vor 3 Tage

    Bell end?

  • John Marston
    John Marston Vor 3 Tage

    The amount of quasi witty, overly thirsty comments in this comment section is astonishing.

  • Wise Woman of the Woods

    This was not helpful at all. Why do I feel like they are making most of these up?!? 😆

    • red rosé
      red rosé Vor 3 Tage

      They’re all real 😂😂

  • EMS 76
    EMS 76 Vor 4 Tage

    Henry Cavill is just ... wow

    ΘΑΝΟΣ SERVICE Vor 6 Tage

    Simon end nick frost play mats more movie

  • Em Tegar
    Em Tegar Vor 6 Tage


  • B Scott
    B Scott Vor 7 Tage

    Ughhhhhh he’s so beautiful

  • charlie lamb
    charlie lamb Vor 7 Tage

    Am I the only British person that's only heard of one or two of these?

  • Max Caysey
    Max Caysey Vor 8 Tage

    Henry Cavill's a pretty buff dude!

  • li. luni
    li. luni Vor 8 Tage

    so sad that attractive and charming men dont like normal women...
    I mean makes sense of corurse, that all men whould do, but if you have to take was is left on the street (lol) like overweight, divorced, have children, underpaid, know-it-all, emotionless, unkind, unfunny... its kind of sad...

  • CGC Comics Blog Andrew R

    simon pegg signed comic cheap rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.ca%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F233137288641

  • Kay Guinyard
    Kay Guinyard Vor 9 Tage

    Henry 😍😍😍

  • Abigail Mark
    Abigail Mark Vor 9 Tage

    *Hwasa enters the chat”

  • random kid
    random kid Vor 9 Tage

    I’m British and I’ve never heard of half of this slang 😂

  • HaileeXoxo Roblox
    HaileeXoxo Roblox Vor 9 Tage +1

    Henry is my Daddy 💕💕👀

  • hubabakara
    hubabakara Vor 9 Tage

    rikkard ambrose?

  • Jennifer Bagwell
    Jennifer Bagwell Vor 10 Tage

    Henry Cavill would make a terrific Gaston!

  • Marilyn June
    Marilyn June Vor 10 Tage

    OH GAD HENRY !!! Don't lift up your eye brow 🙈🙈🙈❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • The100ark
    The100ark Vor 12 Tage

    Literally don’t use any of these lmao

  • Lulu Stylez
    Lulu Stylez Vor 13 Tage

    Knobheads. Also Henry's getting buxom.

  • Dmytro Coronado
    Dmytro Coronado Vor 14 Tage +1

    If Henry gets any more swole he finna start crossing doors sideways

  • Sheri Millner
    Sheri Millner Vor 14 Tage

    Love both Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg! Can’t have one without the other! 😉😀❤️

  • The Skullarmi
    The Skullarmi Vor 15 Tage

    dude, he’s hot.
    henry is ok i guess.

  • sporks
    sporks Vor 16 Tage

    love u simon pegg

  • yoyo lolo
    yoyo lolo Vor 17 Tage +2

    Me : watching Henry's face
    Me after 1min: listening to Beautiful by Christina Aguilera 😢

  • jmatt4life
    jmatt4life Vor 17 Tage

    What word do Brits use for a doorknob?

  • Manvendra
    Manvendra Vor 18 Tage +1

    His eyebrows can F me any day.

  • Jennifer Burwell
    Jennifer Burwell Vor 19 Tage

    Henry Cavill is just the poor man's Matt Bomer but with a sexier accent. It all evens out.

  • Avenger Fan
    Avenger Fan Vor 19 Tage

    What normal people see: Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg
    What superhero fans see: Superman and Scotty

  • Simon Willis
    Simon Willis Vor 21 Tag +2

    Is it wrong to be wanting both 😜😂

  • Joonha Shcal
    Joonha Shcal Vor 21 Tag

    Urban dictionary says that a tash is an unpredictable girl. Irish slang apparently.

  • NakiaSimone
    NakiaSimone Vor 23 Tage

    When he went in for the kiss lol

  • Cheyenne Takitimu
    Cheyenne Takitimu Vor 23 Tage +1

    That CGI moustache removal looks fake as

  • Khairuldin Fadzil
    Khairuldin Fadzil Vor 23 Tage

    0:05 they both slept

  • StratosphereSTUDIOS
    StratosphereSTUDIOS Vor 24 Tage +1

    I'm not homosexual but, Holy Sherlock Holmes, Batman! He is hot!!

  • 1987davidfish
    1987davidfish Vor 24 Tage

    The new bond and Simon Pegg

  • grace
    grace Vor 24 Tage

    bit of a damp squib innit?

  • Cynthia Borges
    Cynthia Borges Vor 25 Tage +1

    So.. Doofer es el equivalente a cuando en México decimos "pásame esa madre" "que es esa madre?" (Cosa)

    • Wise Woman of the Woods
      Wise Woman of the Woods Vor 4 Tage

      Cynthia Borges Or for us Puertoricans we don’t use any words, just point to it (la cosa) with our chin and lips. 😆

  • Stick-It Productions.
    Stick-It Productions. Vor 26 Tage

    Coulda sworn Henry Cavil had darker hair...

    • J
      J Vor 14 Tage

      Stick-It Productions. It's the lighting

  • emercycrite
    emercycrite Vor 26 Tage

    I'm just so thrilled I own the same shirt as Simon Pegg

  • Justice Rome
    Justice Rome Vor 27 Tage

    Do these 2 have makeup on???😯😯

  • chako yamba
    chako yamba Vor 28 Tage

    What's tash

  • OnTheRide1
    OnTheRide1 Vor 29 Tage +1

    idk why "ow me nob" made me laugh so hard lmao (at least that's what i think he said lol)

  • Pranan Subba
    Pranan Subba Vor Monat

    Sergeant Evans after ww2.

  • S.F Productions
    S.F Productions Vor Monat +5

    Just a couple of of nerdy nerds talking about how English they are...Brilliant!

  • Ashton Charwin
    Ashton Charwin Vor Monat

    Just saying that I’ve never heard anyone say any of these

  • Mish Mash
    Mish Mash Vor Monat +11

    Jesus. Henry was born to be Superman.

  • Sean Sutton
    Sean Sutton Vor Monat +1

    I would so watch that movie Hard Cheese.

  • HeWhoChills
    HeWhoChills Vor Monat +41

    Clark Kent does a pretty good impression of Henry Cavill.

  • Jem Jart
    Jem Jart Vor Monat

    henry cavill does not look british in the slightest fam

  • Y sh
    Y sh Vor Monat +13

    I thought Henry Cavill was American!!! Wow...

    GAY GOC Vor Monat


  • i dash
    i dash Vor Monat

    A number 3? Diarrhea? Just asking.

  • Dainjamouth
    Dainjamouth Vor Monat +1

    Henry Cavill is one good lookin dude!

  • Tamilka BubbleGum
    Tamilka BubbleGum Vor Monat

    Henry’s laugh is so cute

  • Fiona Tsang
    Fiona Tsang Vor Monat

    'It's because I'm an onion farmer.'
    Henry could say just about anything with that face and I'd be like 'I believe you, Superman!'

  • Yoshi Prime
    Yoshi Prime Vor Monat

    Did they use 3D animation to hide Henry Cavills mustache in this ??

  • Matthew Esslemont
    Matthew Esslemont Vor Monat

    glad they said english slang. 90% of these vids they say "british slang" then its all london patter

  • Sophie Mix
    Sophie Mix Vor Monat

    The fact I’m English and don’t recognise half of these 😂

  • Fruit Cat
    Fruit Cat Vor Monat

    The mutts nuts totally threw me off.

  • joyie
    joyie Vor Monat

    i need yall to get a pinoy ate and/or kuya up in this bunch to introduce everyone to some pinoy slang, grabe.....(i would happily fill those shoes hehe charot)

  • Matthew H.
    Matthew H. Vor Monat

    Lads, this is cringable.... 😣

  • Reza T
    Reza T Vor Monat

    must be hard to be taken seriously as a serious actor when your so ridiculously handsome as Henry Cavill. I wonder how many times he has been asked to audition with his shirt off! . Please read this scene with your shirt off. You have just stepped out of the shower and your all wet!! How any times he has to say , My eyes are up here!

  • Klady 80
    Klady 80 Vor Monat

    Henry Cavill is soooooo fine😳. Mmm Mmmm just yummy.😌😍
    Ayyyy Papiiii.

  • At Hunkydory
    At Hunkydory Vor Monat +1

    They need someone who isn’t posh on here - time to learn some road man language.

  • Rhea Naidu
    Rhea Naidu Vor Monat +19

    I want Henry Cavill to narrate a classic novel of sorts. His voice sounds so rich and deep like I'm ready to listen to him all day long.

  • Tanz Mim
    Tanz Mim Vor Monat +20

    Simon Pegg is a comedic genius, no doubt. But Henry Cavill surprised me with his pretty spot on but understated sense of humour

  • Bella Bennet
    Bella Bennet Vor Monat

    Henry cavill puede hacerme lo que quiera, cuando quiera. Que pedazo de hombre par favaaar

  • AestheticNIro
    AestheticNIro Vor Monat

    Supes can make you pregnant just by him looking at you!

  • Blair Bird
    Blair Bird Vor Monat +1

    This video has better CG mustache removal on Henry Cavill than Justice League did.

  • chev Danielle
    chev Danielle Vor Monat

    My husband on the left

  • Unrealistic Horse
    Unrealistic Horse Vor Monat

    There both so Beautiful and when Henry's eyebrow goes up ugh

  • Arina Azizah
    Arina Azizah Vor Monat

    "You say you speak English but you don't." askdhasdhkasjdh

  • Michael T.
    Michael T. Vor Monat +1

    Doing a number two should be "spend a penny and loose a pound".

  • Sıla Şahin
    Sıla Şahin Vor Monat +1

    Henry could be the most wonderful person in the whole world.. 😌💃🏻❤️

  • Kris
    Kris Vor Monat

    Jesus christ that shirt is too small for him.

  • Crazy 999
    Crazy 999 Vor Monat

    Simon would be A good Mr myxlplyx

  • Danni
    Danni Vor Monat

    Henry Cavill is British?????

  • Nikki Huertas
    Nikki Huertas Vor Monat +1

    I really just want Hard Cheese to be a real movie.

  • Marci
    Marci Vor Monat +1

    I can't pay attention to anything but those muscles.

  • smiley volcano
    smiley volcano Vor Monat

    Since when was Henry Cavill English?

  • LegoesZombiesEtc.
    LegoesZombiesEtc. Vor Monat

    Slang for stuff that's good: The bee's knees, the cat's meow, THE DOGS B*LLOCKS! I cracked up when I heard the unique slang! If only some of it was used in the Cornetto trilogy...

  • your fellow gopnitsa

    "not to be confused with tashe"😂😂😂

  • Jack Pettit
    Jack Pettit Vor Monat


  • John Boyega
    John Boyega Vor Monat +1

    The video I didn’t know I needed to see

  • Gurl-I-Drank-Thuh-Tea

    These comments are all so thirsty, that I feel my thirst levels rising too.

  • Underwhere5
    Underwhere5 Vor Monat

    Watching with the captions on makes this 10x funnier

  • J J
    J J Vor Monat +8

    Simon pegg...Worlds End...Best ever

  • Sarah Tonin
    Sarah Tonin Vor Monat +2

    If Sterling Archer was a real life person he’d look just like Henry Cavill

    • Sarah Tonin
      Sarah Tonin Vor Monat +1

      MyboiJAEGER I know but Henry somehow looks more like the character than the model does to me lol

    • MyboiJAEGER
      MyboiJAEGER Vor Monat

      they used a male model to create Archer

  • Psykel
    Psykel Vor Monat

    Everyone finding Simon Pegg hotter, raise your hand! ✋

  • 2crazy 4life
    2crazy 4life Vor Monat

    I'm English and I've hardly heard of any of these 😂😂

  • Ho Hill
    Ho Hill Vor Monat +1

    Fooking lasa sights

  • Therese ELF
    Therese ELF Vor Monat

    Henry should really be the next James Bond 😭

  • Max Chester
    Max Chester Vor Monat

    I knew all but 3, even though I'm closer to West Virginia than NYC. Perhaps all the BBC programs over the past 40 years

  • Merky Beam
    Merky Beam Vor Monat

    Too many southern slang words. Not representative of the rest of the country :D

  • savioursmesmerized
    savioursmesmerized Vor Monat +1

    Henry Cavill as Sterling Archer.

  • mynans lefttoe
    mynans lefttoe Vor Monat +1

    Hes built like a brickshithouse ent he

  • Elly Deane
    Elly Deane Vor Monat

    Translating argy bargy with agro, LOL. Only the Irish will understand that. V. funny 😃

  • Павел Коровин

    This is such a cool idea, so interesting)) Both guys are awesome, did a good job out there, liked it a lot.