The Restoration of Ave Maria Narrated Version

  • Am 7 Jan 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Follow along as Julian Baumgartner of Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration in Chicago works to conserve and restore this icon of Ave Maria. This piece was likely created in a workshop that specialized in religious icons for churches and was the product of several craftspeople and artists with no one claiming ownership or signing the work. These icons appeared commonly throughout Europe and were often lost during war or the closure or relocation of a church.
    This piece came in with very little provenance other than that the original owner was an antiques dealer who traveled extensively throughout Europe in the 50's and 60's collecting pieces for sale back in the USA. This was one that the dealer held on to.
    Covered in years of grime and linseed oil with extensive losses and instability this icon was at high risk for further losses if not complete destruction. The process of conserving and restoring the piece was delicate and tedious but the end result reveals how it might have looked to parishioners when it was first revealed.
    This version of the video includes a narrated walk-through of the work being performed. There is an ambient sounds-only version here:


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    Last night i was watching titanic documentaries. today , i am watching this. I'M FUCKING UNEMPLOYED !!!!

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    OMgosh! How terrifying the removal of grit grime dirt from the viewer's perspective. It drives home how you must communicate with the client to make sure all is understood as to the outcome. Also it is beautiful! I love watching these restorations. Thank you for the education!

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    Amazingly Done !!!

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    most excellent work. thank you.
    ignore the dime store "jokes" with the attendant "lol"s from the peanut (brain) gallery.

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    My soul hurts when I see damage like this. Wood borers 😭.

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    You are so inspiring and a master of your craft. Just magical!

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    Someone posted this on ifunny, apparently I have a new fascination...... this stuff is so freaking awesome to watch.

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    I live in the country where all aspects of life were fucked up by 90s bandits government, from science to religion, and from the society behavior to the arts. I started with the arts cause our painters restore every figure in a worse ways than this video. God I hate Russia.

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    You should of left ave Maria playing through the entire vid

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    Beautiful restoration and I love the narrative! You do such a wonderful job. Just one question, I’m curious as to the reason why you chose to retouch it in a way that makes it clear what parts have been retouched instead of imitating the style of the rest of painting to make it look as close as possible to the artists original work?

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    Wow, I don't think I've ever watched a video with more interest ❤️

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    Wow! What a fantastic e well done video and restoration. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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    I cannot stop watching this one. I have watched it at least a dozen times. This is the most amazing restoration I can imagine seeing, seconded only by the Assassination of Archimedes. You are a true master!

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    It's crazy how most people would consider this a lost cause, even myself who is very much an antiques man, I love collecting antiques, I even have a friend who is trying to get into restoration of antiques and of course this is an art piece so I suppose that is thought of differently but soemthing like this I would never personally buy due to the belief that it would probably cost more ti restore than it would be worth, though it is a painting and I suppose that means it needs to be thought of differently

  • Margarida Bento
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    Honestly I'm torn between 'yes that's a sensitive and respectful way to honour the artist's work instead of making your own pass as theirs' and 'homeboy probably can't paint for shit'

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    I watch this (and my fav the Assassination of Archimedes restoration) over and over. It's incredibly moving to see something that looks hopelessly broken treated with such care and its enduring beauty revealed. There's a compassion in preserving art.

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    I made an ignorant and rude comment on your off-narration version of this video. I can't find it to remove it, but I am very sorry. I didn't realize that the impressionist-like style was intended.

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    Hello Mr. Baumgartner. I, am a student of fine arts and have a keen interest to spend my entire life while restoring valuable artefacts around us. Currently, I am doing my bachelor with the specialization in History of art and simultaneously I am doing my interns in conservation from one of the organization in India. I am interested to work with you so would like to know how I can get in touch with you as well as I wanted to know if I need to do the specialization in painting. Your valuable response will be a great help. Thanks

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      The fuck is you sayin'? He explained everything he did in this video. Every single bit, he said it. Plus, if shitheads are going to attack him, they're embarrassing themselves and pisses many people who are actually EDUCATED with art. If they're going to complain without even knowing WHY he did it despite him saying it all, then why would he want them to stay to keep in bitching?

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  • Luis Miguel Sanchez Lopez


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