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  • WhatThyFuck
    WhatThyFuck Vor 4 Stunden

    the only reason you refuse to sleep is because you dont want your free time to end and tomorrow to begin.

  • Tre Davidson
    Tre Davidson Vor 11 Stunden

    7:21is amazing. I never thought if this!

  • Tre Davidson
    Tre Davidson Vor 11 Stunden

    6:21 is innacurate. It doesn't stand for anything, it's just TAG.

  • Tre Davidson
    Tre Davidson Vor 11 Stunden

    6:01 what?

  • R E E E E E E E E
    R E E E E E E E E Vor 14 Stunden

    Sleeping is one long unconscious blink

  • RTG clipzy
    RTG clipzy Vor 15 Stunden

    Hey I am doing a give away when I hit 100 subs so subscribe for your chance to win

  • Keira Monaghan
    Keira Monaghan Vor Tag

    7:18 did princess bubblegum write this

  • Sydney Trains info vids

    Our eyes become irritated when they come into contact with virtually anything. According to this, how is it comfortable to close our eyes, considering our eyes are touching our eyelids?

  • Diamond Ranch
    Diamond Ranch Vor 2 Tage

    Cinderella ; a story of a woman who lost her shoe and some man is giving it back to her,
    or foot fetish taken to the EXTREME

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper Vor 3 Tage

    11 should be onety-one.

  • NebulaFlame09
    NebulaFlame09 Vor 3 Tage


  • Firestar Studios
    Firestar Studios Vor 3 Tage

    You never stop seeing anything even wth your eyes closed you see black still.

  • ProtoGamma
    ProtoGamma Vor 3 Tage

    ‘For some reason your brain is disturbed by nightmares even though it literally decided to create them.’ Sorry to burst ur bubble but my brain gets disturbed by nearly all things that I do.

  • IllisMoreo 87
    IllisMoreo 87 Vor 3 Tage

    The dragon one was brilliantly lit XD
    3:49 YEP. ABSOLUTELY. I hate jumpscares with a passion because I can never not react to them.
    4:44 Not true. Our purposes of living right now aren't started from nothing & won't come to nothing after death. Simple logic. We have souls, & souls are not destructible. & we exist now so why not we existed before birth & will be existing after our death in this current realm? Ask yourselves that, & this is my own reply of shower thought :)

  • Bryan Huynh
    Bryan Huynh Vor 3 Tage

    0:45 gottem city

  • Talia Wolf
    Talia Wolf Vor 4 Tage

    I did the chim chimney thing on my pillow and it works wth

  • Donovan G
    Donovan G Vor 4 Tage +1

    the brain named itself

  • emctional
    emctional Vor 4 Tage

    I did the -2-2+= and it does sound like chim chimney

  • TheIonick50
    TheIonick50 Vor 4 Tage

    *NASA would like to know your location*

  • Cedric Yuille
    Cedric Yuille Vor 5 Tage +1

    Who else tried 6:34

  • James August
    James August Vor 6 Tage

    You CAN unpress an elevator button! Usually theres a 2-3 second window where if you press the wrong one, hit it twice fast and it will turn off.

  • Hayley Fiedler
    Hayley Fiedler Vor 6 Tage

    Do dragons have saliva in their mouths?

  • 22nd Pilot
    22nd Pilot Vor 6 Tage

    6:29 this Is actually true😂

  • Alex
    Alex Vor 6 Tage

    7:18 Indeed. Yay.

  • Insert Witty Username


  • Blob_of_Jello
    Blob_of_Jello Vor 7 Tage

    5:26 yea, thats why waiters and waitresses ask "how would you like it? Rare, Medium Rare, well done ect.

  • BenXVariety
    BenXVariety Vor 7 Tage

    6:34 I don't get this. Can someone explain this?

  • Kpoper 2987
    Kpoper 2987 Vor 7 Tage

    The length of th video is 9/11 hmmm

  • Will Cox
    Will Cox Vor 7 Tage

    We have an ocean our air is our ocean and we live on the bottom of our ocean

  • Elliot Beaudoin
    Elliot Beaudoin Vor 8 Tage

    I think the reason people have no problem with not existing before they were born is because they cannot change it. Irrelevant of how probable it is, their is a small chance that immortality will be created before some people alive today die. The chance forces us to care about it.

  • Idk Lol
    Idk Lol Vor 9 Tage

    If tomb is pronounced toom,
    And womb is pronounced woom,
    Why isn’t bomb pronounced boom?

  • TryHardSkeletnz _
    TryHardSkeletnz _ Vor 9 Tage

    Who realized that this video is 9:11 long

  • Captain Aloof
    Captain Aloof Vor 9 Tage

    If you were born in 1996 you’ve aged like a Pokémon not like Ash Ketchum.

  • Weird Kid
    Weird Kid Vor 9 Tage

    4:24 just made me pause the video and think that over.
    Plus, when you think about it, lucid dreaming is like controlling a nightly hallucination.

  • Eli Klein
    Eli Klein Vor 9 Tage

    tbh thats for real i didnt have male toy so i once cut a girls hair and got a sharpie to draw a moustache

  • Angel Leaf
    Angel Leaf Vor 9 Tage

    6:19 it actually stands for "The Assassination Game"

  • ChocolaTee
    ChocolaTee Vor 10 Tage

    Okay so-
    here is one i had since i was a kid
    *there is an endless supply of people that dont exist, dont know they exist, might never even exist*

  • My Name is THEMY And I Play ROBLOX

    1:43 that surprisingly makes alot of sense!

  • scuttle06
    scuttle06 Vor 10 Tage

    how do we walk

    9,999,999M views Vor 10 Tage

    Some of these got me f***ed

  • lonewolf711
    lonewolf711 Vor 10 Tage

    Dragons don't *breath* fire, they *exhale* it

  • XeroFang7
    XeroFang7 Vor 10 Tage

    7:44 so wait my birth?

  • AtomicWalker
    AtomicWalker Vor 11 Tage

    5:56 1.35 years, not 31.5

  • DIO
    DIO Vor 11 Tage

    O h m y g o d, thumb, no middle finger... I need to think about this-

  • MysticalDuck
    MysticalDuck Vor 11 Tage

    *hits blunt*

    The alphabet song is just a parody of twinkle twinkle little star

  • Ethically Explicit
    Ethically Explicit Vor 12 Tage

    im assuming the video length is irreverent -_-

  • Jacob Heffinger
    Jacob Heffinger Vor 12 Tage

    1:45 lol can't stop laughing.

  • Orppranator
    Orppranator Vor 12 Tage

    Actually, real sex feels four times better than jerking off- 4 times as much feel good chemical (whatever it’s called) is released when fucking one than when fucking one’s self.

  • Kross F7
    Kross F7 Vor 12 Tage

    I always told my small brother that we bought him in a Store, and he seems to be broken and always telling my mum to get a new one as they're made in big numbers.

  • Aish G
    Aish G Vor 12 Tage

    Lmao I’m 4’20

  • Mountain Wolf
    Mountain Wolf Vor 13 Tage

    6:33 holyshit true

  • Doofs
    Doofs Vor 13 Tage

    6:34 got me

  • I don't care
    I don't care Vor 13 Tage

    I miss CowbellyTV

  • Morningstar
    Morningstar Vor 13 Tage

    That last one hit me hard

  • no name
    no name Vor 13 Tage

    Every number added together is 0 but every number subtracted together is infinity

  • Zachary Bell
    Zachary Bell Vor 13 Tage

    If you got an award for being the least interesting person ever, you woudnt be able to keep it.

  • Lynx
    Lynx Vor 13 Tage

    5:33 Wouldn’t that just be us feeling safe from the elements then, no “conditioning”

  • PandaMonium
    PandaMonium Vor 13 Tage

    That last one made me depressed for that guy.

  • DeciNarx N/A
    DeciNarx N/A Vor 14 Tage

    Smart people set their alarm to go off thirty minutes early so they can snooze it six times and still get up on time, feeling like they just got SO much sleep

  • abdul alim khan
    abdul alim khan Vor 14 Tage

    *sees nightmare*When your brain is into bdsm but you are not.

  • Kinga Wilczyńska
    Kinga Wilczyńska Vor 14 Tage

    Omg it does sound like Chim Chimney :00

  • Konohanin YT
    Konohanin YT Vor 14 Tage

    Video length:

  • Byattack9
    Byattack9 Vor 14 Tage

    Everyday, when someone has a poo, they set the record for biggest poo that day

  • Byattack9
    Byattack9 Vor 14 Tage +1

    5:18 ok, meat and great dont rhyme, but neither do pony and bologna. Pony is pronounced "pow-knee" and bologna is pronounced "bol-on-ya"

  • chicken nuggets
    chicken nuggets Vor 14 Tage +1

    I hate how people ask for likes

    Like if you agree

  • Andres E. Gomez M.
    Andres E. Gomez M. Vor 15 Tage

    7:45 That's so freaking relatable to me. I'm graduated and I still think of embarassing things that happened to me in school. Sometimes I imagine possible scenarios that never happened and still cringe.

  • Mr. MemeLover
    Mr. MemeLover Vor 15 Tage

    Homosexuality was considered a mental illness in Sweden, so a worker could skip work by saying "I'm feeling a little gay today."

  • Christmas Noob
    Christmas Noob Vor 15 Tage

    Lmao.... the video is 9:11 long...

  • Laszlo Zolyomi
    Laszlo Zolyomi Vor 15 Tage

    0:18 Is actually wrong because that's not your last breath - it's your last exhalation

  • Gaming Girl
    Gaming Girl Vor 15 Tage

    No one knows the loneliest person, because the loneliest person is unknown.
    But spirits know the loneliest person, because the spirit watches over the loneliest person without being known.

  • _http.potato__ 150
    _http.potato__ 150 Vor 15 Tage

    The only this I got from this video is that I'm actually 4,20"

  • Elizabeth Grazier
    Elizabeth Grazier Vor 15 Tage


  • the grouch
    the grouch Vor 15 Tage

    I'm 4'19 IM SO CLOSE!!

  • Castiel Winchester
    Castiel Winchester Vor 15 Tage

    2:18 my baby brother was running away in that one thing that has wheels and I said run Forrest run

  • Twooter Dude
    Twooter Dude Vor 15 Tage

    Despacito on commercials for laxatives? oooo i get it cuz its shit.....

  • N Reid
    N Reid Vor 16 Tage

    3:10 *Brain explodes*

  • lol
    lol Vor 16 Tage

    If you can run 100miles per hour on a treadmill you run a tiny bit slower outside because on a tredmill you aren't slowed down by air above your legs.

  • Original Frisky
    Original Frisky Vor 16 Tage

    Sparkling water tastes like your transitions.

  • Keoni Clifford
    Keoni Clifford Vor 16 Tage

    So NASA actually stands for

  • paul jun
    paul jun Vor 16 Tage

    When you eat frenchfries and ketchup your actually eating potatoes and tomatoes.

  • paul jun
    paul jun Vor 16 Tage

    You ever just think about how you look from the outside

  • Night Blep
    Night Blep Vor 16 Tage

    *hits blunt*

    is the S or C silent in scent?

  • Lissie Cat 96
    Lissie Cat 96 Vor 16 Tage

    6:22 6439 I found out today just now! 😂😂😂

  • Gamer 15
    Gamer 15 Vor 17 Tage

    3:25 very true

  • KillBill Grill
    KillBill Grill Vor 17 Tage

    Watching this high is dope. I was like: Wooooooww tag means touch and go. But I didn't even know what a tag was...

  • Corbin Rigel-Skeens
    Corbin Rigel-Skeens Vor 17 Tage

    What I hate about this is these are all stolen from Calbel. Just go look at his shower thoughts series

  • Lane Dudley
    Lane Dudley Vor 17 Tage

    I Learned From This Video That TAG Stands For "Touch And Go". How Stupid Am I?

  • big bean
    big bean Vor 18 Tage

    I just tryed the -2-2-+= and it works

  • ShaneTheSavageProductions

    6:50 is the most relatable thing I have ever seen on the internet

  • Nicolas Garcia
    Nicolas Garcia Vor 18 Tage

    My shower thought: If Hermione was so smart, why wasn’t she sorted into ravenclaw?

  • Random Chicken
    Random Chicken Vor 18 Tage


    now they understand...
    now they understand.


  • James Horton
    James Horton Vor 18 Tage

    I like this one

  • Autumn Stark
    Autumn Stark Vor 18 Tage

    Holy shit thats what tag means I must tell everyone

  • Planet_ Zari
    Planet_ Zari Vor 18 Tage

    When I played with barbies, I playednwi th othertoys as w

  • WhatThyFuck
    WhatThyFuck Vor 19 Tage

    6:01 I looked up how high I was and I realised I’m 5’ 9”
    I’ve never been more sad in my life

  • Emma Gomez
    Emma Gomez Vor 19 Tage


  • Reise Rose
    Reise Rose Vor 19 Tage

    *b o n e l e s s s o f a s*

  • BandyaTV
    BandyaTV Vor 19 Tage

    Every slide can be my new bio

  • crazycreeper255
    crazycreeper255 Vor 20 Tage

    i am the loneliest person

  • Gloop
    Gloop Vor 20 Tage

    7:11 literally every fucking time
    I’m serious.
    I. Do. That. Every. Single. Time