got a job at CHUCK E CHEESE to see if SHANE DAWSON was right

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  • chuck e cheese and shane dawson, obvi watch this first ok folks, then you can add me on instagram for 34 cents i will send you by owl mail and if you want check out sophie she helped in this video
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      Yeehaw 👌

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      blair walnuts they reheat the pizza and out new toppings on it so it's GNA line up with the pepperoni. What other pizza do you see that's not completely round??? What pizza do you see like that any where else and there's already another DEclipsr that did this and got a job and had to sign a disclosure agreement that's a da and he got fired for making a video in the kitchen and was threatened to be sued because the da he signed ... 100% they reuse and retooling it and reheat it... And the balls are gone because kids were getting lost hurt and leaving human feces and what not inside their it just wasn't sanitary and too hard to clean.

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      blair walnuts always was Chuck e cheeses

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    i just ate there pizza but mine was not even like a pizza it was like they reused it

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    *Or just go to little C’s for $5*

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    *Yee haw!*

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    Screw your clickbait bullshit.

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    Someone needs to show this to shane

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    I swear Gordon Ramsey needs to go to cec

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    This theory crap is getting on my nerves

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    You got 10k lifes

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    She’s sounds like SSSNiperwolf

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    girl pizzagate is a wholeeee other conspiracy :/

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    At my Chuck E Cheeses, the waitress cut the pizza in front of us..soo

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    Sneak 100

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    Don't have to be genuous to see that they serve old pieces pizza who don't make perfect circle. Case close

    • Fortnite Clip it
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      Why Shane don't make more conspiracy it's something strange.. I think it's silenced by elites to don't tell truth to people or .....?

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    That is garbage they serve u old pizza old pieces and match together after they were exposed they try to hide with piece to piece matching but only blind can't see that pizza isn't round... Don't eat garbage

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    Did they say a bad work or something?????

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    Order a unique pizza shove a coin or a paper or hot sauce mustardin the cheese while it's still hot put a wig on change your clothes and makeup give yourself A mole or something order that same pizza but half cheese too

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    You didn't get a job there

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    Uh, could you put the price lower for the bedtime peach merch

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    You should notice that the pizza was cut oddly, and the crusts looked different from each other

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    Click bait

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    Wonderful job. :)

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    This was back in 2000 my sister worked their in the 90s and they didn't do it but 100% they do it now

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    Hey I like the video but gotta point out the chuck e cheese was completely empty except for yall. nobody else to order pizza = no leftovers to reuse so they would have had to make you a fresh one regardless. The slices being different lengths cant be from doing the dough by hand, yes it may be uneven but it wont be sharp changes from slice to slice

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    Wheres the video of you going to the prison

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    I think the reason you had a decent pizza was, you were their first customer. The restaurant look pretty empty!
    Next time go in the evening on the weekends.

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    why do they always have to add dramatic music.

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    When she got rejected 😂😂😂

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    This video should've been named "Trying to get a job a Chuck e cheese" ect...

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    If she gets famous off the vid she gets Chuck E. Cheese tattooed on her 8.3 million views and 400k likes later

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    7:58 you don’t freaking make each slice by hand

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    I mean you did get 8 million views

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    13:36 When u try ur best but u don't succeed… 😂😂😂

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    shes so pretty

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    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I got clickbaited
    And you did too

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    What a waste of a video. Clickbaiting bs.

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    Shane Dawson is a bloody moron, if CEC really did that they would have been sewed years ago!
    Also the reason why the pizza doesn’t look perfect is because of the fact that the pizza cutter guy/girl half to rush because they half to get like 20 orders done in like 3 minutes!

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    The clickbait

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    Like is you noticed she saying drink some food?😐😐😑😑

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    Just reapply when they’re hiring again eventually they will hire lol or go to another one.

  • Jennifer Collier Sadoski

    Shane Lee Yaw or Shane Dawson is an American DEclipsr who has a theory about Chuck E. Cheese pizza. He was born in California in 1988 when chuck e cheese was a big hit. He has two channels with over 7 million subscribers on each channel. His conspiracy theory got over 7 million views in less than a day, Then two days later 17 million people saw it. Now, remember once you get 10,000 subscribers, you can get paid 100-300$ per sponsor. His video about chuck e cheese pizza was an hour long and you can expect 100$ from youtube ads depending on the sponsorship and the views. If he wanted the views, well he should have thought about the impact it can have on him and the CEC (Chuck E Cheese) business.
    He says it was just a theory, but it's now affecting business, reviews and the people who come there. I had asked one of the workers, they said they had customers try to record and trespass into there kitchen. Let's think logically if they had actually re-use pizza they would have to re-heat and re-adjust the pizza and that takes time, Why would someone leave their pizza out instead of taking it home or throwing it away and if this was true they would have more complaints and get shut down by health inspectors. Which they have been inspected frequently and they prepare their dough fresh.
    So why is it uneven? Well, the cook slides it on the cutting board and after it gets cut it slides on a tray. They also hand cut pizzas and the pizza is large and somewhat heavy, so there is usually a rush and it can be hard when they get newer employees, they have to learn. And the first slice sometimes gets squished into the center of the pizza when the employee is cutting. There is NO way their pizzas are re-used. A fired worker would have snitched already. I don't know how Shane Dawson thinks this is true because it is clearly false.

  • •Dino-Chan•
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    I went to Chuck E. Cheese the past month for my brothers b-day party
    One of the pizzas wasn’t lined up

    That was the one most the kids we’re eating off of

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    Time for that tatoo

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    what a waste of time lmao

  • Cinnamonbunnies Cream

    Yassss Joanna ceddia

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    That prison that Al Capone went to is Eastern State Penitentiary.

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    Anyone else think that the voice mail sounds like a robot? lol just me ok 😂

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    One more pointless video from yet another YT narcissistic loser. Get a life. And next time think about ordering a salad instead of pizza and hot cheetos.

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    yo thats tragic x_x oh yea and your editing is out of this app like WoAH

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    Did u get sude

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    total clickbait , not coming back to this chanel

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    That movie clip with the doctor was a clip from "look whos talking" when that women finds out shes pregnant its a good but old movie

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    When she put “conspiracy cracked” that screen and stuff is from MIB

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    You got a fresh pizza cause ain’t no one there

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    Come to my chuck e cheese
    We don’t use the leftovers
    Sign up here

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    This chick didn't get a job at chuck-e-cheez....don't bother watching.

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    Says 10k likes gets over 300k

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    don’t watch this video you will get click baited like i did

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    Even tho this was clickbait...this video made my day

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    Is this stoned history? Oh the truth is revealed. Its not reused. Its just messed up looking.

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    My opinion but why will a billion dollar company do that to a pizza??

  • The Blazing Reaper
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    *If Thanos were to talk conspiracy theories:*
    "...I never taught you to lie... That's why you're so bad it."

    Or maybe theyre just so bad at making pizzas that they look like they deserve a conspiracy theory

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    Wait you didn't even get the job? I'm confused.

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    I dont need to watch anything about Gloria going undercover as a playboy bunny I could just ask my grandma, who was a playboy bunny Lol

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    I just clicked on your insta to see the chuckycheese tattoo

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    Ur famous now time for ur tattoo

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    **shane dawson has entered the chat**

    **chuck e cheese has left the chat**
    **someone who sues people has entered the chat**

  • adi and esabella channel best friends forever

    My sister on August like that was my sister birthday and we had pizza I was like omg I do not want to eat this kind of one peace was big

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    Soooo...if you didn't get the job why did you say you "got" a job there🤔

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    idk but the guy she dating kinda looks like andrew siwiki??

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    You didn’t even work there lmao

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    Waste of time.

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    This girl looks so much like an actress, but cant think of who. Uggggh. Help me figure it out.

  • Morgan Leigh - Lecciones de Inglés

    When you click on a video about Chuck E Cheese’s pizza and they start talking about Playboy

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    OMG I'm 100% new here and I also have ADD AHHH IM SCREAMING

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    Bro omg today I went to Chuck E. Cheese and the pizza was uneven and cold

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    10k thumbs up, now u gotta go to the prison

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    Hmm who else just loves click bait?

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    That’s from drunk history 😊

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    /\__/\ this was a cat!

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    Waste of time.

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    So is she getting the tattoo

  • Rock N' Roll McDonald's

    Rock N' Roll McDonald's

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    I WOULD NOT pull out.!!!!😍😍😘

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    That is why my dad never got us nothing from chucky cheese

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    Its try

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    Waste of time

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    I'm going to chuck e cheese for my birthday

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    I already knew that they use the left overs

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    So strange

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    You do see the cut marks right? Because they don't add up