got a job at CHUCK E CHEESE to see if SHANE DAWSON was right

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  • chuck e cheese and shane dawson, obvi watch this first ok folks, then you can add me on instagram for 34 cents i will send you by owl mail and if you want check out sophie she helped in this video
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    U even got 10k likes on the comment

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    That girl she was talking to On the phone is a liar

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    You never got to the point

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    Is that Kirstie Alley?

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    I had this question is chuck echeese realated to fnaf?

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    I swear chucky cheese will be Freddy fazbears pizza in the near future😂😂😂

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    i went to chucky cheese, ordered a pizza, licked all the pizzas, then left.


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    Is it wrong of me to be craving Chuck E. Cheese pizza

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    That is the same Chucky cheese I went 2 and the pizza was fully ok and not like it's but we ordered 10 pizzas

  • Gacha Girls Studios

    Joana Ceddia

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  • The Professor 8D

    What the f**k, where was the chuck e cheese job section?....................................................F*** YOU!

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    Stupidest video I have ever seen

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    LOve how they go into chuck e cheese with a mcdonalds bag in the back

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    is it weird I kinda wanna get some
    Chucky cheese pizza and investigate it?

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    13:47 me when I go to chipotle

  • fan art police and FBI

    What your mom says we can go to Chuck Lee chezz

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    u should collaborate w shane

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    this one of my new fav DEclipsrs i just started watching her today and i love her 😍😍

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    Like for PewDiePie comment for Tseries

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    This is chucke cheese not playboy

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    3:59 boo you ho

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    Who else forwarded to the end

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    Bro just invite Gordon Ramsey to cec he’ll know

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    Woooooo bish lasagna!

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    What re you doing to chuk e Cheese man ITS justt a pizza shop and its how the formation is made haha and this video is fake and not cool it not how big or small its how it was formed

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    Could of just someone who has worked there lol ... no they don’t I have worked there

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    It would be great if you had Portuguese subtitles 😍🥰

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    Click bait?

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    I love the editing in this new sub

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    First prison does not look like that -.-

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    "boobies or vagina"
    "bobs or vegana"

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    Shane is so cute ❤️

    Sadly I am not a boy and I am not gay 😔

    He is still a awesome person tho 😎

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    Even tho it was click bait I still enjoyed the hot tea and the drama

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    I believe that, yes they are doing it and no they aren't. I believe it's different at every location.

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    This is what I like go undercover to see the thruth xD

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    I love the way you went to apply for a job at Chuck e cheese and have a macd in the back of your car😄😃❤

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    We Got 10,000 Thumbs Up.
    Go Film It For Us.

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    i should've read the comments before i watched this..

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    maybe she got the "well cut" pizza just because there is no cust other than her? i mean in Shane video the place was really crowded and loud... in her video it was really quite and just two of them ordering pizza... it's just not relevan enough.. i thought.. maybe she should go to the crowded chuck E cheese one... where there's a lot customer who going in and out, eat and playing in there...
    and the clickbait really annoying

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    Hello people who have just come down to the comments to see if the theory is true!

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    The girls is totally lying in the face time and I think she is under a contract. She is also lying because she’s always looking away from the camera and awkwardly laughing 🧐🧐

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    You have wasted my time you didn’t even get the job ;-;

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    No more ball pit because assholes were putting blades and needles in there

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    Change title to “Tried to get a job at chuck e cheese and failed”

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    😂😂😂😂 This video is so amazing I could cry. Thank youuuuuu!!!

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    She kinda looks like Lana del Rey

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    okay but why does she look like lana del rey 🥰

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    Sub to me plz

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    That phone of you on the thumbnail is photoshopped. *no hate*

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    My child hood is over.never going there again

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    *CLICK . BAIT*

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    I would also like to say that ALL of her titles are clickbait, literally all of them, it’s part of her thing. Stop getting so offended over stupid shit.

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    Way more than 10K thumbs up, looks like she’s going to prison 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    I actually went to the prison in Philadelphia (just to visit). No one actually is imprisoned now just tourists go.

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    Well that video could have been 3 minutes long.

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    I actually live near the prison in PA! It’s a definite must see! They actually do a really creepy Halloween attraction but the tour is so amazing and you can even go into one of the cells! I highly recommend it!😊

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    Go to the jail!!!!!

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    You look just like Lana Del Rey

  • My Cristian Minecraft Server

    This is clickbate

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    Yes I can do a handstand, yes I do know all the lyrics to Bich Lasanga, and yes I’m subbed to Pewdiepie ( honestly WHO ISNT SUNBED TO PEWDIEPIE)!

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    Ick! They do! 🤮🤮🤮

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    Why am I getting so much weird ads? I legit got an ad for the buttster kickstarter campaign

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    lol you got joked..

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    Well U got famous from Chuck E Cheese where is the tattoo

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    Do you guys have ocd

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    Debunked lol

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    omg do u live in vegas???

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    I first robots of Chuck E. Cheese is CREEEPYY

  • All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

    So am i the only one that notices Blair is sniperwolf?? Jeeze Patrice just cut the Act Already

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    Why is no one talked about her eating hot Cheetos with chopsticks

    • Lacey Jade
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      Random Fan there’s a ton of comments about it. You’re scrolling wrong 😂

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    Did u notice how at 8:10 it gave u a time limit warning?

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    If you like her type of editing, you’ll also like ravonslyfe, Micarah Tewers, and you suck at cooking channels.

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    You remind me of Cher from ‘Clueless’ in a good way

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    I worked at Pizza Hut as a cook, and on the cut table some days. And I’ve never seen a pizza with different size slices like that.
    And we made the pizza by hand so that’s not the problem.

    • Nicole Gacha
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      My cousin works at pizzahut

    • It’s Jody
      It’s Jody Vor 18 Tage

      Kenadie Oliver oh shit really? I thought this whole video was on Pizza Hut.

      Yea my point was that making the pizza by hand doesn’t make all the slices different sizes. Little bit of common sense goes a long way...

    • Kenadie Oliver
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      this isn’t pizza hut though

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    I got a Chuck E. Cheese ad before this video.

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    Im in the weird side of the internet

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    I have adhd

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    she didn't get the job...

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    Asks for 10k gets 360k

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    Clickbait more like you applied and didn’t get the job

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    They changed the way they made their pizzas after Shanes video so they wouldn't get in trouble. I mean you can clearly tell that this pizza looks completely different to the one in Shanes video.

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    Literally I laughed out loud at the title alone. This is a beautiful concept 😂

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    But why were the cuts in the pizza not in line

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    My favorite part of the video is when you got a job at Chuck E. Cheese to test the theory...


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    Ok ok but explain the uneven cuts across the pizza. Like a cut should be going straight across but that shit wack

  • Shark Bait
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    " *APPLIED* for a job at chuck e cheese to see if Shane Dawson was right"