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NCT U 엔시티 유 '일곱 번째 감각 (The 7th Sense)' MV

  • Am 9 Apr 2016 veröffentlicht
  • S.M.Entertainment’s new boy group, NCT’s debut single ‘일곱 번째 감각 (The 7th Sense) (Sung by TAEYONG, MARK, JAEHYUN, DOYOUNG, TEN)’ has been released.
    Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music smarturl.it/NCTU_The7thSense
    NCT Official
    NCT U 엔시티 유 '일곱 번째 감각 (The 7th Sense)' MV
    ℗ S.M.Entertainment
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  • eriya xo
    eriya xo Vor 44 Minuten

    It's been three years already, but has Jeremy opened his rice?

  • Wanna sprite cranberry?
    Wanna sprite cranberry? Vor 2 Stunden


  • Jungkookie and Jiminnie
    Jungkookie and Jiminnie Vor 2 Stunden

    This my favorite song of all and it ranks #1 for me while BTS songs are 2nd place but BTS is still cute * HOT*

  • —kaeno かえの
    —kaeno かえの Vor 4 Stunden

    2:48 AAH

  • Doyoung's smile
    Doyoung's smile Vor 8 Stunden


  • SM fans till the end
    SM fans till the end Vor 10 Stunden +1

    Grass fandom,please stream NCT mv,the nearest mv to 100M is NCT U-Boss,The 7th sense and NCT 127-Cherry Bomb.So we're more focus on that,fightiing💕

  • Doyoung's smile
    Doyoung's smile Vor 10 Stunden


  • Doyoung's smile
    Doyoung's smile Vor 12 Stunden


  • a l i c e
    a l i c e Vor 13 Stunden


  • None of ur business Okay
    None of ur business Okay Vor 13 Stunden +2


  • Disha Mishra
    Disha Mishra Vor 14 Stunden +4

    Only intellectuals are str3aming this

  • Shama Mushi
    Shama Mushi Vor 17 Stunden +5

    I was shocked to know that this is a debut song.

  • falikit seesongka
    falikit seesongka Vor 17 Stunden +1


  • Sharlene Fowler
    Sharlene Fowler Vor 18 Stunden +2

    Man this group right here man o man o man they are really really good damn this is 🔥

  • Alondra Valentin
    Alondra Valentin Vor 23 Stunden +3

    im new to this domain, who the smexy man in the white

    • DoTae have strongest bond in NCT
      DoTae have strongest bond in NCT Vor 3 Stunden

      Huhu my ultimate bias Lee Taeyong
      You should check out his pics on Pinterest
      And can i give you links for his fmv??

    • 1917
      1917 Vor 19 Stunden +4

      Alondra Valentin

  • SSN
    SSN Vor 23 Stunden +2


  • Nabilla Shafira
    Nabilla Shafira Vor Tag +2

    Remains a bop

  • moonjunnie
    moonjunnie Vor Tag +2

    3 years of the best debut on the music industry

  • For the Bees
    For the Bees Vor Tag +4

    they went so hard with this song. can't believe we're approaching the three year mark already !

  • Yangyang Lover
    Yangyang Lover Vor Tag +1

    68,374,450 9::49 GMT+7

  • Larissa
    Larissa Vor Tag +4

    i’m watching this once again in 2019 and i’m still never over how well this song was produced. The 7th Sense was ahead of her time

  • aninha sem amigos kpoper


  • Cherie Chanteur
    Cherie Chanteur Vor Tag +1


  • Goddess Kookie
    Goddess Kookie Vor Tag +4

    I just started stanning NCT and so far this is my favorite song ❤

  • Krishi Soni
    Krishi Soni Vor Tag +1

    NOBODY'S SEDUCED...I'm surprised..

  • vanphene
    vanphene Vor Tag +2

    the superior nct u song...smh

  • PERIODT !!!
    PERIODT !!! Vor Tag +6

    This song does not sound old at all!!!! I freaking love them 😍😂

  • Akira Joestar
    Akira Joestar Vor Tag +8

    I can't believe we've been with NCT for 3 years already. It feels like yesterday they shook the Kpop community with this amazing debut. Stan NCT forever!!!

  • Doyoung's smile
    Doyoung's smile Vor Tag +5

    Doyoung's part always gets me like does he know how powerful he is

  • Doyoung's smile
    Doyoung's smile Vor Tag +2


  • Sofia YaYa
    Sofia YaYa Vor Tag +4

    April 22, 2019. 1:11 AM.

  • belzinha 1901
    belzinha 1901 Vor Tag

    Incriveis 0 defeitos

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook Vor Tag +2


  • Harshita
    Harshita Vor Tag +9

    To all the new people who are coming after the Random Play Dance.
    NCT stands for Neo Culture Technology. It is a limitless group. A group without any limit on its members.
    It has 4 units as of now...
    1. NCT127 2. NCTDream 3. WayV
    4. NCTU (a rotational Group)
    Do give a listen to their other songs-
    1. 7th Sense
    2. Cherry Bomb
    3. Limitless
    4. We Go Up
    5. Go
    6. Simon Says
    7. Dream Launch
    NCT tries a lot of different and out of the blue music. I hope all those who’re curious about NCT will support and love NCT in future too. Thank you for your curiosity 💚
    And to the new NCTzen, welcome to the FAM 💚

  • Summer 1123
    Summer 1123 Vor Tag +6

    I can't believe this is debut song! So amazing!

  • TenTenforNow
    TenTenforNow Vor Tag +4

    pls comeback this sub unit

  • katia Haio
    katia Haio Vor Tag +4

    My favourite song 🤩

  • freakindreamie Z
    freakindreamie Z Vor Tag +4

    Rice openers where are u?

  • Army 4ever
    Army 4ever Vor Tag +2

    So the song is called 7th sense...

    Who knows the meme song 7th Element??

    Blll ah ah ah aaah ah aha ah


  • u_hav_been_yeeted
    u_hav_been_yeeted Vor Tag +2

    0:26 lil taaaay

  • Violet Xoxo
    Violet Xoxo Vor Tag +2

    so this needs more views 🤨

  • Isabell Lol
    Isabell Lol Vor Tag +4

    nobody :
    psychopaths in bird box: OPEN YOUR EYESS

    credits to original owner

  • Belle Actrice
    Belle Actrice Vor 2 Tage +1

    69M the soonest please.

  • Blow You Awei
    Blow You Awei Vor 2 Tage +4

    the main reason why i like this song is because the opening instrumental sounds creepy and that makes me like it 🌚

  • its me siti
    its me siti Vor 2 Tage


  • Mairely Alvarez
    Mairely Alvarez Vor 2 Tage +2

    Did anybody else hear the moan at 1:10

  • Ugh Not You
    Ugh Not You Vor 2 Tage +1

    We should get this mv to 100M 😔❤️

  • Ariana Deas
    Ariana Deas Vor 2 Tage +6

    I'm new to this fandom and I've gotta say, these boys really have talent👏👏

    • DoTae have strongest bond in NCT
      DoTae have strongest bond in NCT Vor 3 Stunden

      Yes extremely talented and hardworking group right now

    • Harshita
      Harshita Vor Tag

      Please give a listen to their other songs. I hope you like those as well and support n love NCT ❤️
      Regular, Simon says, boss, we go up etc etc.

    • Kiki Lala
      Kiki Lala Vor Tag

      Welcomeeeee 💚💚💚

  • Whereis thefrenchfries
    Whereis thefrenchfries Vor 2 Tage +4

    body wave
    VERY HOT😂🔥

  • Kamilla Kafarova
    Kamilla Kafarova Vor 2 Tage

    Джехён мой краш

  • GNI 09
    GNI 09 Vor 2 Tage


  • GNI 09
    GNI 09 Vor 2 Tage +1

    I f**king love this nct song

  • August G. Guerrero
    August G. Guerrero Vor 2 Tage

    Uhmm if I sound dumb tell me bc I’m just stanning them, but what’s the difference between NCT127 and NCT U??

    • 1917
      1917 Vor Tag

      August G. Guerrero
      nct is a group with unlimited members (21 now )that are divided into different units , nct has 4 units now

      1- Nct 127 , a unit based on seoul with 10 members ( 2016)
      2 -Nct dream , a unit for teenager members only ( 2016 )

      3- Nct U , a rotational unit every comeback the members will change according the song concept and which members suit it the best (2016 )
      4- WayV , nct chinese unit (2019)
      NCT 2018 is the name of the project when they release an album/yearbook with all units in it nct 2018 has ( 18 members ) they released an album ( nct 2018 empathy ) , so this year nct 2018 will change to nct 2019 when they release an album/yearbook for all units and new members can be added ( nct = nct 2018)
      [ members can be in more than one unit if the concept of the unit suits them like mark / haechan .... ]
      hope u can understand it

    • Harshita
      Harshita Vor Tag

      There are 4 units. 127, Dream, U and WayV.
      127 - is the longitude of Seoul and they aim to spread out to world from Seoul.
      U is a rotational Group. From the whole NCT, any member according to the concept can come into NCTU. So, U isn’t a fixed unit. Member change according to the music concept.

    • Kiki Lala
      Kiki Lala Vor Tag +2

      NCT is basically a group with limitless number of members aimed to "localise" kpop in different regions around the world;( I say it's more of a brand or system). Currently with 21 members, it is divided into 4 sub units.
      NCT U-the rotational group. It means any member can be added or removed based on the song concept. Most songs are more experimental and very different with each other because they want to experiment with different types of music.
      NCT 127 - is the fixed group where members can be added but not removed. They are more similar to the typical kpop boygroup sound but very rap centered.
      NCT Dream - Teenager's sub unit following a graduation system . Meaning no adults are allowed. Have a youth concept.
      WayV/WeishenV/NCT China - the newest sub unit but Cpop. The name differs from it's brother group because of the hallyu ban in China and the group will be managed by label V (a label SM created specifically to promote WayV)
      NCT 2018 - is a project that includes all 18 members of NCT to promote together in 2018. The name will change according to the year. So we're waiting for NCT 2019 too.

  • riyaaax
    riyaaax Vor 2 Tage +1

    still one of the best kpop debut songs to this day

  • TaTa the cutest
    TaTa the cutest Vor 2 Tage

    My fav part is when they said *EaT JiN aNd oPeN uR eYeS*

  • melody ruin
    melody ruin Vor 2 Tage


  • Fercha Montero
    Fercha Montero Vor 2 Tage +2

    Let's get this to 100 M!!!!

  • Doyoung's smile
    Doyoung's smile Vor 2 Tage


  • SSN
    SSN Vor 2 Tage +1


  • Chaïmat
    Chaïmat Vor 2 Tage

    Open your eyes
    *Heart breaking*

  • *vroom* *vroom talk show*

    HOTTEST DEBUT IN KPOP . THIS SONG IS UNREAL . OUT OF THIS WORLD. even the name is not ordinary "7TH SENSE". Even if tried this legend can't be reincarnated.

  • Café _Osh
    Café _Osh Vor 2 Tage +8

    This remains as the best debut song in kpop. The song from the choreography to the aesthetics of the mv everything is absolutely perfect.

  • Spotify miau
    Spotify miau Vor 2 Tage +4

    2O/O4/2O19 - 11:15
    still giving views

  • Freedom T
    Freedom T Vor 2 Tage +3

    I love NCT/WayV they are really talented...Especially TEN!
    When I started getting into NCT, TEN was the first member who caught my eye. I will admit that I thought he was gorgeous at first. But then as I got to know more about NCT, I realized just how much talent he has as a vocalist. TEN has such a beautiful voice.
    (I remembered when the first time I saw the "Dream In A Dream" MV, I was hypnotized by Ten's voice...he has amazing breathtaking, mesmerising voice I'm amazed!) Damn boy. Plus don't count out his rapping,...
    Then there's his dancing. It's perfect. He has so much versatility in his dancing. I admire him very much.
    ***Check out Ten's effortless Hit The Stage performance:
    And check out his amazing moves in #TEN#Choreography:

  • run niharaf
    run niharaf Vor 2 Tage +3

    this is malysia
    1 selamat pagi good morning
    2selamat malam good night
    3 gajah elephant

  • run niharaf
    run niharaf Vor 2 Tage +4

    this is scarry video but i like this video

  • SSN
    SSN Vor 2 Tage +3


  • Faith Chong
    Faith Chong Vor 2 Tage +3

    the visuals of this video is crazy

  • Maliwan Nakono
    Maliwan Nakono Vor 2 Tage +2


  • pastrie __27
    pastrie __27 Vor 2 Tage +2

    Can watching in 2X speed count as a view-_-|| halp???

    • pastrie __27
      pastrie __27 Vor 21 Stunde

      +Nabilla Shafira ofc i do enjoy it

      I was just curious😅

    • Nabilla Shafira
      Nabilla Shafira Vor Tag

      Please enjoy the song too

    • pastrie __27
      pastrie __27 Vor 2 Tage

      +Carlin Vivian sure😊

    • Carlin Vivian
      Carlin Vivian Vor 2 Tage

      +pastrie __27 i think? But you do need to delete it from history and then spare some 9-15 minutes before going back so it can load again

    • pastrie __27
      pastrie __27 Vor 2 Tage

      +Carlin Vivian if i play it in 2X speed w/out skipping then it would count right😌

  • St Ar
    St Ar Vor 2 Tage +5

    I OPENED MY EYES NOW WHAT??????????? TELL ME MARK AND TAEYONG HOW CAN I SERVE YOU GUYS??????????????????????????????

  • DEAN trbl
    DEAN trbl Vor 2 Tage +9

    This MV always will be ahead of its time .

  • acne
    acne Vor 2 Tage +4

    it has been a long ass ride

  • Cuppa Lattae
    Cuppa Lattae Vor 2 Tage +1

    is ten mark's double cuz every time he raps in this song and I'm not watching the mv I think like, "Where's ten's lines at?"

  • Grace Danseur
    Grace Danseur Vor 2 Tage +1

    Jaehyun looks like a puppy with this hairstyle. So cute.

  • Kira Vang
    Kira Vang Vor 2 Tage +4

    Plus I keep thinking about the psychopaths in bird box meme! Lol😂

  • hipstersheep
    hipstersheep Vor 2 Tage +1

    can someone please tell me who the blonde haired one is because holy hecc-

    • Caitlin Lo
      Caitlin Lo Vor Tag

      +stan qian kun cowards 😂 gurl same but here it is 01:34 pm

    • stan qian kun cowards
      stan qian kun cowards Vor Tag

      +Caitlin Lo ugh this is why i shouldn't be up at 12 am 🤠

    • Caitlin Lo
      Caitlin Lo Vor Tag +1

      +stan qian kun cowards 😂😂 calm down mate i know is hair is white/silver ish the comments just said blonde so still love you tho❤😂

    • stan qian kun cowards
      stan qian kun cowards Vor Tag

      +Caitlin Lo oh sorry for the inconvenience mate 😔

    • Caitlin Lo
      Caitlin Lo Vor Tag

      +stan qian kun cowards yeah white blonde its the same my dude😂

  • Ty Track
    Ty Track Vor 2 Tage +5


    BOOMOON Vor 3 Tage +1

    2:05 most iconic line in this song blah blah blah

  • Mariajose Muñoz Foitzick

    2019 aun sonando en latino america

  • Big Tonka
    Big Tonka Vor 3 Tage


  • Infires Boi - Suga
    Infires Boi - Suga Vor 3 Tage +1

    I read some conspiracy theories about this and its kinda scary tbh.
    Link to post for the conspiracy theory :

  • Nutz Menz
    Nutz Menz Vor 3 Tage +1

    Always my favourite song..

  • lauren
    lauren Vor 3 Tage +3

    i can't believe ten was one of the first members to debut but is not a official member of nct 127

    • lauren
      lauren Vor 2 Tage

      +Carlin Vivian Yes, they for sure were saving him for NCT china but i still wish he would be part of 127. Well, at least he now is part of a fixed unit

    • Carlin Vivian
      Carlin Vivian Vor 2 Tage

      I think SM kinda save him for China though? EXO was really famous in China and they have a huge fanbase there. Maybe they did target China market since then?

  • Pardon. Kookie
    Pardon. Kookie Vor 3 Tage

    Omg I just realized this song came out on my bday. I fucking love my bday now. I share a bday with 2 of my favorite kpop idols, exo released their debut song on my bday and now NCT. I love my bday

  • Laura Lopez
    Laura Lopez Vor 3 Tage

    Is the one at 2:34 Ten?

  • KanMola
    KanMola Vor 3 Tage

    Best 👑

  • Maria Eduarda Clemente
    Maria Eduarda Clemente Vor 3 Tage +3

    One of the best kpop songs for sure!

  • NCTEA _
    NCTEA _ Vor 3 Tage

    this is three years ago

  • Julie B
    Julie B Vor 3 Tage


  • uma Monbebe
    uma Monbebe Vor 3 Tage

    Qual é seu bias?👀❤

  • Mon lubs You
    Mon lubs You Vor 3 Tage

    Long ass ride

  • chershoe
    chershoe Vor 3 Tage +4

    this is the best kpop song that's ever been released, i don't make up the facts honey

  • Lex P
    Lex P Vor 3 Tage +2



  • Meedy
    Meedy Vor 3 Tage

    New here 🙆🏻‍♀️ can someone tell me who is who?

    • enjoycaraffee
      enjoycaraffee Vor 3 Tage +1

      At 1:25, from left to right:
      Jaehyun (curly hair), Ten (half shaved hair), Mark(hat on), Taeyong (white hair), Doyoung (mask on)
      Welcome (hopefully) to the NCT family 😊

  • Xiioh
    Xiioh Vor 3 Tage +2

    Is it me or this has a clean japanese vibe to it

  • rubi cobo
    rubi cobo Vor 3 Tage +5

    Alguém é brasileira (o) ksksksks


  • hobi’s supreme gun
    hobi’s supreme gun Vor 3 Tage +3

    _tHats a l0nG a$s riDe_

    INDIAN ARMY Vor 3 Tage


  • nunui wASSabi
    nunui wASSabi Vor 3 Tage +3

    Imagine if this song was released in 2019
    it would outsold the whole kpop industry